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St Patrick's Day 17th March


Principal's Report

If it takes a village to raise a child, then the communication between home and school will contribute to the successful learning of our students. St Brigid’s is always looking at ways we can improve our communication to you. We will be moving to the SimonEverywhere App soon which will allow you to do all of the PAM activities from your phone and receive notifications.

In addition to this improvement, we held a Year 7 Parent Welcome dinner last week and it was wonderful to see so many new and ‘old’ faces gathering again. On this night we offered a PAM workshop for parents and we will provide more guidance in the coming weeks.

To further build positive relationships, I remind parents of students studying a VCE subject that next Tuesday (22 March) we have Parent Teacher Interviews and these can be in person or via Zoom.

St Brigid’s is always looking to continuously improve and as always I would appreciate any feedback you have or concerns you wish addressed to be  emailed to me or through a phone call. In addition, we have relaunched the Parent Representative Group email address where you can send questions or ideas through to Jo Martin who leads this group via .

Most concerns you have can be quickly sorted out with open dialogue. Do not let worries build up; let us know so that we can respond.

There are so many opportunities for students at St Brigid’s to be involved in and these are published on the Student and Parent Notices on SIMON . I congratulate all of our swimmers who performed today in the interschool competition and the volleyball players yesterday. In addition, I congratulate Sean Makoni, Christopher Jarvis and Isaac Arnold  for representing the College in an interschool eGaming competition over the last few weekends.

Keep safe

Gerard Raven

Senior Pathways Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interview bookings are now open on PAM for students in Year 11 and 12, as well as Year 10 students studying a Unit 1/2 subject. These Senior Pathways Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday 22 March, 4.00pm to 7.00pm at St Brigid's College. Please note: All parent/guardians attending must show proof of COVID double vaccination (green tick ) upon entry through the main office.

RAT Survey

Rapid Antigen Test Survey

Our  school has been identified as one of the schools invited to take part in this survey seeking feedback on the RAT program.

Each of the surveys are entirely voluntary and anonymous.

Your assistance is requested in completing this survey

Rapid Antigen Testing in Schools Survey - Parent Survey

Parish News

From the Parish

St Paul VI Parish Survey 2022 

Our Parish Council are wanting your feedback on how you as a Parishioner feel we are going at the moment. 

We are hoping you can find the time to complete the short questionnaire we have compiled so we can get a sense of what is working well, and the areas we need to improve. 

To provide your feedback simply enter the following web address into your internet browser and complete survey- 

Parishioners have until Sunday the 20th of March to provide feedback. 

Student News

Young Vinnies

Yesterday our Young Vinnies group met with Pat Strachan from the Horsham St Vinnie's Conference. Pat spoke to the students about ways they could help them through fundraising, sponsoring a student, our Giving Mass (where the school community provide nonperishable foods) and a Winter Sleepout. The students informed Pat that they had successfully baked and sold pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, which was the first fundraising event held for the year. Thank you for your time Pat!

Maths News!

Mrs Gaby Schultz's Year 9 students were busily engaged in a hands-on problem solving activity as part of their Maths class.

Japanese visit


Due to travel restrictions imposed by the local Board of Education in Japan, we will be unable to host our Japanese sister-school student visitors this year. Over the years we have enjoyed sharing our College and showcasing the Wimmera to our dear friends/extended family at Matsudo Kokusai High School and we look forward to being able to do that again in the future.

Teen Writing Bootcamps

Do you have a notebook full of script ideas? Have you dreamed of becoming a successful editor or been intrigued by the world of slam poetry? Chase your passion and develop your skills with these digital resources, designed for budding writers of all backgrounds and levels! The Teen Writing Bootcamps will run from March to June 2022. All Bootcamps are open to teens aged 13 to 18 years old from all around Australia. They are free to attend but require consent from a parent or guardian. Don't miss your opportunity to strengthen your creative muscles!

1, 8, 15, 22 March: Contemporary fiction with Emily Gale

3, 10, 17, 24 March: Own voices writing with Nevo Zisin

26 April, 3, 10, 17 May: Science writing with Alicia Sometimes

28 April, 5, 12, 19 May: Screenwriting with Nova Weetman

24, 31 May, 7, 14 June: Non-fiction/journalism with Leah Jing McIntosh

26 May, 2, 9, 16 June: Slam poetry with Maxine Beneba Clarke

Visit Teen writing boot camps - for more information.

If you attend any of these bookcamps, Mrs Dooling ( would love to hear about it!

Photographic Competition

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION | Courage to Care is delighted to be running this photographic competition for both students and adults across Victoria. Courage to Care is founded on the belief that ordinary people have the power to make a positive difference to the lives of others by being what they call 'Upstanders'. Taking inspiration from real-life extraordinary acts of courage, their Upstander Programs inspire people to make a real difference in their community by standing up and taking action and creating real change. Their Upstander Programs educate participants on how to counter the dangers of racism, prejudice, discrimination and bullying. An Upstander is a witness who chooses to take action to create positive change. All students are invited to demonstrate Upstander behaviour through their photography! For Further information on this theme and competition please check out SIMON's Daily Messages or refer to

Creative Writing Competition

CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION | The Write4Fun Writing Competition is now open! All students are encouraged to enter this writing competition by either entering a 500 word original short story (on ANY topic/theme and in ANY style) OR a 16 line original poem. Amazing prizes are up for grabs!Win $1000 in cash and your choice of:$500 Rebel Sport gift card OR Nintendo SwitchOR $500 JB HiFi gift card OR $500 Apple gift card! Get your creative juices flowing and contact Mrs Dooling ( if you would like to enter this competition by no later than March 25th. For further information about this competition, go to

Careers News!

Careers Newsletter
  • University campus tours – running during the term break
  • Career events
  • Career events for students who love being creative
  • VCE Careers Expo
  • 5 amazing careers working with wildlife
  • Find your Careers Crush – take the quiz!
  • STEM articles
  • Focus on the amazing myfuture website
  • Passionate about sport? Check out these three fantastic programs
  • La Trobe University – new program for Indigenous students.
  • Please click on the link to view the Weekly Careers News:

TA Reports Schedule

Library News

Premier's Reading Challenge has begun for Year 7 students and will end in September with a celebration and awards.

Year 7 students will be shown how to log on when there class visits the library but can obtain their username and password from Mrs O'Beirne at any time. 

Number of books: 15

Number of books from the Challenge book list: 10 or more

Most of the books you read should be from the Challenge book lists. The PRC website can tell students if the book they are reading is on the list. The rest can be any book you choose.  The Library is full of PRC books and are easily identified by a sticker on the spine. 

You can read books on the book list for your year level or a level above and they'll count towards your Challenge total. You should check with your teachers or parents if you're not in year 9 or 10 and want to read a book from that list. This list includes titles for mature readers. You can read a book from a level below your year level if your teacher agrees. You still need to read the number of books for your year level to meet the Challenge.

You can also count the books you read for the MS Readathon in the Challenge. More information regarding the MS Readthon will be available in August.

Students can obtain St Brigid's College commendation points for the number of books they read. 10 books per semester = 20 commendation points

Any students not in Year 7 and wish to participate can contact Mrs O'Beirne in the Library and she will register them.

Quote of the Week

"All readers are good readers, when they have the right book"

Upcoming Events

2022 Calendar Dates:


Senior Pathways Parent / Teacher Interviews
Tuesday 22 March

Athletics Carnival
Thursday 31 March

Last Day of Term 1
Friday 8 April


Student Free Day | Staff PD Day
Tuesday 26 April

Students begin Term 2
Wednesday 27 April 

Open Day
Wednesday 4th May


Black Ranges Volleyball

Intermediate and Senior Girls and Boys. St Brigid’s College entered four teams into the Black Ranges Volleyball held in the St Brigid's Stadium on Thursday 17th March. Congratulations to our Intermediate Girls who have won through to represent the school at the Greater Western tournament held on Tuesday 3rd May held in Horsham.

Senior Boys – The Senior Boys team lost a very close battle with Holy Trinity (lost both sets) and came out victors in their game against Horsham College (won 2 sets to 1). All the boys worked very well together as a team.

Senior Girls – The Senior Girls once again had a fantastic day on the court. They were successful in their match against Holy Trinity (won both sets) and lost to Horsham College (lost both sets narrowly). The girls rotated throughout the court extremely well.

Intermediate Boys – The Intermediate Boys had a wonderful time throughout the day and you could see they were having a lot of fun with some excellent use of the whole body to keep the ball in play. With only six players, there was very limited time for rest. The boys lost their matches against Holy Trinity and Murtoa College.

Intermediate Girls – the girls had a very strong team. Once again they rotated well around the court and had some notable servers.

Congratulations once again to our winners on the day. These students will now progress through to Greater Western Regional Level. 


With our Athletics Carnival fast approaching we thought it was fitting to take a moment and celebrate former student, Daisy Sudholz who is making waves in some pretty big Track and Field events! Daisy has recently won two State Titles in the 1500m and 3000m at the Victorian Track and Field Championships and is now heading to Sydney at the end of March for the Nationals. Congratulations Daisy! We are so proud of you and your achievements and look forward to cheering you on for Nationals: Supplied. (Images of Daisy at her recent State wins)

Community News

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