Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 19, Friday 25 June 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy Friday - it’s the last day of term 2 and the end of semester 1 - how time flies!!!  

It is the perfect time to reflect on the year to date. Although we have spent most of 2021 onsite we still operate with CoVID looming. The flash lockdown in term 1 and the most recent in term 2 seem to continually halt us in our tracks. The beginning of term 2 saw Class Reps up and running, PFA events, Library Working bee, grounds Working Bee, parent helpers return to class and more activity around the school. 

The development of a Connected School working group and the feedback we received through our survey work has been great to work with and the actions are coming together nicely. We just need CoVID to allow us to continue to reconnect and regain that sense of community connectedness that we are so proud of at Parkhill. 

I would like to thank the staff for a successful semester! 

You will have received your child’s report Wednesday - please take time to meet with your class teacher if there is anything you would like clarified. 

We were able to host our first musical instrumental soiree yesterday. This is the first since 2019. We could not host onsite but rather ran the performance via Zoom which worked really well for a first attempt. It was just lovely to see the children perform and to hear the talent that is scattered through our school - a massive well done to all involved!

Next term will see the start of our Kinder Foundation transition program kicking into action. Story times are already published through our community with sessions starting next term. We will have our Y5 students visiting the local kinders to connect and bond with their upcoming Foundation buddies. Exciting times!

At this stage I have no further news regarding the appointment of an Acting Principal in my absence. The process was lodged with the DET some time ago and will shortly be advertised and filled through their normal principal appointment procedures. At this stage the DET communicates directly with Dan Edwards, the School Council President. Due to conflict of interest I am not involved in the process. If you have any questions I am sure Dan will be more than happy to chat if you can catch him. 


The Amigos! Best of the Best! Team Amazing! You may have heard some of these names bandied around by your kids on a Tuesday after school. These are just a few of the student-selected names of our care groups this year.

What are Care Groups?

While they sound very new, Care Groups are actually an evolution of our long-running buddy program.

In previous years our buddy program saw classes paired together into 'buddy grades' and students matched and paired together. While this old system worked very well in some cases, we found that it lacked flexibility. For example, older students were automatically expected to be 'leaders', but not all students are always developmentally ready for this role. Also, as 'buddies' students spend all their time building a relationship with only one other person. This sort of strong 1:1 relationship is actually highly beneficial for a child just starting school, which is why we have retained this model for our Foundation and Y6 classes. But other students are ready for a more diverse experience. A key difference of care groups is that non-F/Y6 care groups are comprised of a mix of Y1s to Y5s. And rather than being matched and paired, these students are all given structured opportunities to build relationships more broadly. Rather than having set roles that a younger student/older student pairing packs them into, more students are able to experience the role of leader, expert or carer. Another benefit is that teachers can build and strengthen relationships with students across the whole school as care group members and their friends interact with their care group teachers in the yard!

In short, our aim is to foster student connectedness.

So what does it look like?

Every Tuesday at 3:00pm, all the care groups spend the rest of the school afternoon together in structured sessions that centre around special events and the Learner Profile of the week. We've made wreaths for our ANZAC Day service while learning about 'Principled', and students co-created their own Acknowledgement to Country while learning about 'Communicator', just to mention a few things. Lessons are discussed and planned by our Y6 Care Group Leaders and the SRC under the guidance of Alex Davies, so the students have a strong voice in care group activities. Additionally, the care groups model allows further opportunity by providing groups for other whole-school activities like Twilight Sports and Diversity Day.

It's been terrific watching care groups evolve this year. Students have come up with some of the best and whackiest names for their care group and some individuals have even been inspired to design logos! We're definitely very excited by the differences these small changes have made and the opportunities it presents for students at Parkhill.


We have confirmed the swimming dates and times with Huntingtower for our program in term 3. The letter will come home today. Parents are welcome to come along and watch the program and session from the balcony area at the pool, but should not be on poolside unless they are an allocated helper.

Our Y4/5 cohort will make 2 groups for swimming purposes.  Mr Davies’ class will be split. Further information about your child’s group will follow. 


  • We will be running a second working bee early next term with a focus on the front of the school - watch out for more details coming your way but please do save the date: 29th July 9:00am.

  • In term 3 we will hold our whole school assemblies on a Monday afternoon. Assembly will start at 3pm as usual. We intend to move afternoon tea break back by 10 minutes to allow us more time in the assembly space. The movement of our assembly was in response to feedback we received and is a trial. The children are more attentive and can participate on a different level on a Monday afternoon. To try and help support parent participation we will publish the dates of upcoming assembly items so you can arrange to attend. It is super important to remember that primary schools are busy places and things do change!

I hope you all have a wonderful break and stay safe!

Best wishes,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Monday 12 July - Curriculum Day - Students do not attend school on this day

Tuesday 13 July - Term 3 begins for students

Friday 23 July - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Tuesday 27 July - Swimming program begins for Y4-6 students

Thursday 29 July - Working Bee & Story Time Session 1

Friday 30 July - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Wednesday 4 August - Swimming program begins for F-Y3 students

Friday 6 August - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 9 August - ICAS Writing (selected students)

Thursday 12 August - Story Time Session 2

Friday 13 August - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 16 August - ICAS English (selected students)

Monday 23 August - ICAS Science (selected students)

Thursday 19 August - Y4-6 Swimming program ends

Friday 20 August - F-Y3 Swimming program ends

Tuesday 24 August - Friday 27 August - Y5/6 Camp Candlebark

Thursday 26 August - Story Time Session 3

Monday 30 August - ICAS Maths (selected students)

Wednesday 1 September - Thursday 2 September - GATEWAYS Eureka

Wednesday 8 September - Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 14 September - F/Y1 Mini Concert (information to come)

Friday 17 September - Term 3 ends at 2:30pm

The first day of term 3 (July 12) is a curriculum day. Students do not attend school on this day!

Student of the Week

F/1A - Sunny X

F/1B - Poppy G

F/1C - Layla R

2/3A - Patrick M

2/3B - Jaymierl S

2/3C - Connor W

4/5A - Holly L

4/5B - Carmen B

4/5C - Orson F

6A - Jack R

6B - Shahida M

Swimming Program

Please find attached the permission form for our Swimming Program. This program is for all students.

Superhero Day!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s Be a Superhero Day at Parkhill Primary School!

Congratulations to everyone who dressed up to support The Edge Community Fund. We ended up raising almost $220.00 thanks to your generous donations. It was wonderful seeing all the cool and quirky costumes and hearing the giggles and laughter in the morning and throughout the day. There were lots of capes, masks and other cool props, some really fun and creative costumes that spoke of students’ risk-taking ability and sense of humour - and a massive abundance of spidermen in the lower school! (Move aside, Superman, there’s a new favourite superhero in town!)

What a great way to end a busy, rollercoaster of a term! I hope all our Parkhill Heroes continue their good work in the holidays.

Alex Davies

4/5 Teacher and SRC

Y4/5 Maths Rotations

Rock Painting Galore!

What a great vibe there was in the art room this week as families joined us to paint family rocks for our dry river bed. Careful design choices, colour combinations and letter styling were negotiated between siblings and put together to form some very creative rocks for our outdoor space. Thank you to all the families who have taken part and will leave a little bit of themselves to brighten our yard. I can’t wait to see the rocks concreted in place and for our students go hunting for their own contribution.

Watch this space, we will let you know when the rocks are position and ready for viewing.


 Andrea Crane and Sasha Guy

Performing Arts - Parent Help Required for Making Costumes

We are seeking some costumes for an upcoming F/Y1 mini concert that will be happening at the end of term 3 (stay tuned for further details about that to come!)

We need some help to source or make the following costumes: 

  • 1x Pirate captain costume 
  • 1x Pirate first mate costume (like Mr Smee in Peter Pan) 
  • 1x Parrot costume 
  • At least 2-3 Dolphins costumes 
  • At least 5 Fish costumes 
  • 1x Octopus costume 
  • 1x Shark costume 

If you have any of the above lying around in your costume tub at home, or if you would like to volunteer to do some costume making, could you please email Mrs Eriksen – 

Your assistance is greatly appreciated! 

Carlie Eriksen

Performing Arts Teacher 

F/Y1 LOTE Assembly Item

F/Y1 students are excited to perform two family member songs that they have learned during LOTE next term at the school assembly. It is scheduled for the assembly in week 3, term 3. Further information will follow.

Shuoyin Tu

LOTE Teacher

NAIDOC Week During School Holidays

As school holidays approach, there are plenty of ways that the Parkhill community can get involved in this year’s NAIDOC Week (July 4th- 11th). This year the NAIDOC Week theme is ‘Heal Country, heal our nation’. This means embracing First Nation’s cultural knowledge and understanding of Country as part of Australia's national heritage.

Here are some main events that you can attend:

  • Flag Raising Ceremony- Monday 5th July. NAIDOC Week officially commences with a flag raising ceremony on the front of Federation Square (further details to be announced closer to date due to COVID restrictions).
  • ‘The March’- Friday 9th of July. The highly attended march kicks off from VAHS. This includes a pre-march concert, march, protest, then finishing at Fed Square.
  • Bunjilaka (a permanent exhibition at Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Melbourne Museum). This is an exhibition focusing on creation stories that are central to the Woi Wurrung and Boon Wurrung peoples. The exhibition showcases the vibrant cultures of Indigenous Australia with its rich traditions of performance, storytelling and artwork.

To find out more about these events visit:

If you attend any of these events, please be sure to send our Koorie Education Ambassador photos which will be shared in our newsletter (

We will be extending the NAIDOC Week theme on our return to school by delving into more learning about Koorie culture and specific story telling from our local area.

Have a safe and happy holiday,

Bella Crowe

Koorie Education Ambassador

Scholastic Book Club

Hi Parkhill Families,

The year seems to be rolling by pretty quickly, and the school holidays are upon us once again.

Thank you for your orders from Brochure 4 - we appreciate your support as every Book Club order earns Scholastic Rewards for us to purchase resources.

And I am pleased to say that the book orders arrived early. Trish K (Matthew’s mum, 4/5A) assisted with the sorting of book orders, and all orders were sent home Wednesday. It will be a wonderful opportunity to get some reading done, especially on cold, rainy days.

Wishing you happy holidays and hoping you have a safe and wonderful winter break!

Angelita Williams


Afternoon Soiree

On Thursday afternoon, we held our first soiree back for 2021 via Google Meet. It was a resounding success.

It was wonderful to see the students having the chance to perform in front of a live and virtual audience all at once. We could see proud parents smiling on the screen.

Thanks to our music teachers David, Andy and Julie for their efforts bringing the students up to performance standard, and thanks to parents for your support.

We have recorded the performance and the link was sent out this morning. If you have not received it and your child performed, please let us know and it will be sent out to you.

Chaplain's Corner

Thanks to you all for the well wishes and messages I've received over the last few weeks as I prepare to depart Parkhill.

It's been a privilege to be able to lend a hand and lend an ear to so many of the children, staff and parents over my time at Parkhill.

I will miss your lovely faces but I am certain you will keep on being the fabulous caring community that looks after each other long into the future.

I’ll leave you with this quote that’s been on my office wall for a long time now, reminding all who enter in that they matter. It’s from Dr Who:

In my case, in 9 ½ years at Parkhill Primary School I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important. Take care and see you around.


Suzanne Carmody


ICAS Assessments

We are running the ICAS assessments in August at Parkhill. ICAS assessments are great if your child loves a challenge!

You can sign up your child for any or all of the assessments - Writing, English, Maths and Science. Payment will be through an online portal this year.

Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal

Please see the above link for information from the Department of Education regarding student wellbeing during the school holidays.

Policy Update - June 2021

A fortnight ago, the Anaphylaxis policy was recently reviewed and mentioned in this policy update in the newsletter.

The Anaphylaxis policy details procedures around managing students with anaphylaxis - identification of anaphylaxis, setting up Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plans, locations, risk minimisation strategies, emergency procedures and staff training.

It is important that if your child presents with anaphylaxis that you regularly check Individual Action Plans and Management Plans, as well as the expiry of the epipen. Please liaise with the office staff to manage this task.

Remember, anyone is welcome to join the Policy committee - we are keen for new eyes! Send through an email to Michelle at to find out all about it. All of our policies are available on our website at


Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal

Wonder Recycling Program

Great news, Parkhill! 

Parkhill has registered for the Wonder Recycling program. As a community we can recycle more plastic and turn our bread bags and tags into new sports equipment for the school.  

Get collecting and deliver your bags and tags to the office collection box. 

Together we can make a difference to the environment and our school. 

Andrea Crane

Learning Support

2021 T3 YE After-school STEM Lab- Parkhill PS FRIDAY - Learn, imagine, build and explore with our STEM program. Our world-class programs are designed to enrich the students’ knowledge in STEM through the use of K’nex®, LEGO® bricks, coding and robotics techniques making it possible for the students to understand and solve a problem by practical application of theoretical concepts. This is what makes the Young Engineers a pioneer in education.

Fun - Professional - Educational Soccer X Pty Ltd is a Professional Soccer Coaching providing fun & educational programs for all ages & abilities. See Programmes Certified Professionals Our coaches are UEFA certified, trained in First Aid, child protection, and safeguarding. Training ove ...

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