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We would like to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we gather on. We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of the Kaurna people to country and we respect and value their past, present and ongoing connection to the land and cultural beliefs. 


  • Friday May 19th - Walk Safely to School Day
  • Monday May 29th - Year 3/4 Arbury Park Camp
  • Monday June 5th - Year 3/4 Woodhouse Camp
  • Friday June 9th - Pupil Free Day
  • Monday June 12th - Kings Birthday Public Holiday
  • Monday June 19th - Mr Huff Incursion


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome back for term 2! It has been terrific to welcome students back for the start of what promises to be a busy and productive term. I am not sure about you, but I certainly wasn't quite so prepared for a cold and wet week to kick things off! Despite this, classes have been very focused and on-task to start the term.

I would like to acknowledge the students who represented our school this week at the district cross country event on Tuesday. Although weather conditions were somewhat challenging, the students conducted themselves and represented their school in a really positive manner. Thanks to Mr Martin, Ms Burford and Mr Charlton for your work with the students.

For families with a child who starts secondary school in 2024, this week you should receive a transition pack with information and instructions about the statewide process to register your child’s 2024 secondary school enrolment. Information will include an online form for your child. Please ensure you complete the online registration form by 26 May to ensure your child’s place in the statewide process.

This term we have a student free day planned for Friday 09 June. Our staff will be engaged in professional learning that aligns to the site improvement plan with a particular focus on our literacy and numeracy targets. Other student free days are planned for Monday 11 September and Friday 03 November. We will provide further details on the focus of the day as the term progresses

Later this term, we will be conducting parent, teacher and student interviews. They will be held in week 9 and 10 of the school term and coincide with handing out mid-year reports. You will receive a timetable from your child’s teacher closer to the time, with instructions on how to book an interview. Of course, if you have more pressing matters to discuss, you are most welcome to make a time with your child’s teacher earlier in the term.

With regards

Matthew Champman



Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As part of National Road Safety Week Friday 19th May is Walk Safely to School Day. The two main messages are “Active Kids are Healthy Kids” and “Until they’re ten, children must always hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road”.

On Thursday 18th your child may bring home a temporary tattoo which you may choose to allow them to wear to school on Friday 19th May. (This is the only day that this may be worn to school). We would encourage you and your children to organise to walk to school or to walk part of the way to school, weather and circumstances permitting. This may include parking a little further down the road.

We are currently running weekly school tours for prospective families. If you know anyone who is interested in enrolling for 2024 or beyond please ask them to contact the front office via phone or email.

On Monday of this week it was lovely to see all the students out flying the kites which they had made during Japanese lessons. Thank you to Wallis Sensei and Gray Sensei for all their extra work to organise the incursion and picnic. It was also great to see the parents who could join us and brave the cold weather.

Thank you very much to all our volunteers who ran the Mother’s Day Stall on Thursday. A special mention to the Fundraising convener Mel Vlachos for all her work, including all her “running” around on Wednesday.

 Happy Mother’s Day to all those caregivers out there who provide “mothering” to our wonderful students. They are a credit to your care and compassion.

Kind Regards,

Andrea Hayden

Deputy Principal


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back for term 2. I don’t know about you, but lately I have been getting a lot of Ads/Article’s pop up on my Social Media feeds about parenting and how to stop the yelling cycle. I read a few articles and started to watch some of the videos but found that they didn’t actually tell me anything or go anywhere. In the front office we now have a selection of parent guides that offer some practical suggestions to help with a range of different parenting topics. One of them is ‘Positive approaches to guiding behaviour (2-12 years)’.

Below is a brief summary of ‘Positive approaches to guiding behaviour (2-12 years)’ Parent Guide.

Positive approaches to guiding behaviour aim to meet the needs which can drive children’s behaviour rather than just trying to change the behaviour itself. It’s not an easy option or a ‘quick fix’, and it’s not about letting children do whatever they want. It is about communicating expectations and guiding behaviour. Positive approaches involve seeing children’s ‘misbehaviour’ as an opportunity to build their skills and strengthen your relationship, rather than a potential for upset or a battle. This Parenting Easy Guide provides parents and carers with practical strategies and ideas to help manage their children’s challenging behaviour in a positive way. Some of these include: pausing before reacting to behaviour, help children calm before addressing the situation, understand what is driving the behaviour and problem solve together. Using positive approaches doesn’t mean there will never be difficult behaviour or stressful situations but it provides a strong foundation for dealing with them.

For more information on guiding positive behaviours follow the link below or grab one of the guides when you are next at school.



Aaron Charlton

Wellbeing Leader /  Year 5/6 Teacher


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing holiday break and I trust it was a time of recharging and spending time with family or friends. I was blessed to be able to explore Tasmania with my husband for two and a half weeks, and a few of the things we got to enjoy while we were there were Kayaking on a still glassy river in a remote area, getting to hold a seahorse, and riding the steam train on the ABT railway at Queenstown, which is the steepest in the Southern Hemisphere. It was a lovely time away, but it is nice to be home settling back into the day to day of living, which means I am back at HCEPS on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This term I will be running a small group on friendship, reading “The Road to Regulation” in a class, and engaging the children in connected activities or discussion, along with interactions with students in the yard, or being available to spend time with students who need some extra support. I will also be attending the Pastoral Care Conference on Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday the 17th of May; this will be a time of professional development.

Something else I would like to share from my time in Tasmania is the story I heard of perseverance when everyone else said building a railway over mountainous terrain couldn’t be done. The ABT railway in Tasmania from Queenstown to Strahan was built with the purpose of hauling copper from the inland to the coast. One man was determined that this could be done even across rugged mountainous terrain. It took some hard work, but from this the ABT Railway from Queenstown to Strahan was born and used successfully. The men working on this railway had a motto which was basically, “find a way or make it (ABT SYSTEM).” This story of the railway certainly shows that perseverance and determination can achieve something that seemed impossible, when everyone said it was not possible. Isn’t this true of life at times? It can offer challenges that seem insurmountable and it can be hard to see a way through. However, I do hope you find this story of perseverance encouraging to just keep taking one step at a time, and if you are finding things overwhelming or difficult, that you would seek to connect with others who can join you in the journey you are on.

Please feel free to connect with me through calling the front office or emailing Erin.Finch444@schools.sa.edu.au

Have a great weekend!

Erin Finch


We are continuing to provide the quality educational 2023 program planned for all students at Hallett Cove East Primary School.  To allow our program to be sustained we ask families to support us by clearing outstanding accounts as soon as possible. 

The Year 3/4 camps are 4-5 weeks away please make payments ASAP.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties we ask you contact the Business Manager via email to dl.1053.finance@schools.sa.edu.au.

Imelda Jolly

Business Manager


On Monday 8th of May, we had our Japanese Picnic Day. Students made 'Koi no bori' carp fish kites in the lead up to our special day, decorating them with pens, paints and streamers. At the beginning of the day,  we had a Japanese themed assembly.  We listened to the Japanese National Anthem, followed by the 'Ebi to kani' Shrimp and Crab dance, in which all students participated.

Throughout the day, classes went to the Wasabi Kids performance, by Aiko san and her puppet friend Taro . She taught classes about Samurai and Ninja, Japanese festivals and told the story of 'Omusubi kororin' The Rolling, Rolling Riceball'. Students were selected to participate in activities throughout the performance.

At 12 noon, all classes arrived the oval to fly their 'koi no bori' fish kites. All the kites looked amazing flying around the oval. Afterwards, students headed to the Cola for a picnic lunch with their big and little buddies. Some students ordered sushi through the canteen from Sushi Arari and others brought obento style lunchboxes, filled with delicious sushi and other Japanese delights.


By Abigail and Raya 9N

Letter to Residents from Marion Council

Please download the links below for information in regards to road closures on Barramundi Drive & Quailo Avenue interection.


Volunteers Wanted !!

Volunteers are important to our school community. Our canteen relies on help from volunteers to deliver a meal service to our pupils.

To enable us to provide a varied recess and lunch menu offer to our pupils we really do need your help.   

If you have a spare hour or more we would welcome your support.

Not registered with the school as a volunteer?  Volunteer application packs are available from the front office containing all the information you need to submit your registration as a volunteer...... WE NEED YOU


Are you free one morning (8.30-9.00am) a week or one afternoon (3.00-3.30pm) to open the uniform shop, then please contact Mel Vlachos on hcepsfundraising@gmail.com It would be great to have the shop open on a different day other than Wednesday to help those that can not get there on that day.

Clearance - ALL shorts, skirts & skorts are just $ 2!

Open every Wednesday 8:30-9am and 3:00-3:30pm in House 1 - first building near the gates at the drop off/pick up point.  The shop is stocked with a variety of second hand uniform items. The money raised is given back to the school and utilised in fundraising projects. Remember that if you have any uniforms that no longer fit or are not being worn and in good clean condition, we'd love to receive them. Thank you.



Please refer to the important Community Notification letter included in this Newsletter, regarding road closures in Hallett Cove.

MOVIE NIGHT FUNDRAISER - Hosted by Rimas Luncheon

Enjoy a lovely evening viewing the new romcom "Love Again"

DATE & TIME:  Wednesday, 17th May at 7:00 pm

WHERE:  Event Cinemas at Glenelg

COST: $30 + booking fee

Proceeds will be donated to the Centacare Cooklock House

Tickets includes: 1 movie pass to "Love Again", 1 glass of champagne,  1 entry for raffle prize and complimentary lolly bar and desserts.

To buy tickets visit www.eventbrite.com/e/movie-night-fundraiser-hosted-by-rimas-luncheon-tickets-614937804527


Term 2 Clinics (6 weeks)

When:  Every Wednesday 10th May - 14th June

Time:  4:00 - 5:00 pm      COST:  $65

To book or find out more visit: www.fhgc.com.au/golf/junior-golf


Resilience Confidence Discipline Fitness

  • Children can start at age 5
  • Self defence and anti bullying program
  • Non-contact Training
  • Experienced WWCC Instructors
  • Sports Voucher approved provider
  • Olympic Sport
  • Beginners welcome anytime

Enquiries: info@worldtaekwondo.com.au  Ph: 0412 909 500

Website: www.worldtaekwondo.com.au 

Sports Voucher Approved Provider



Hallett Cove East Primary School:

  • Learning for tomorrow’s world
  • Working together
  • Valuing each other and our future

Our Mission is to ensure that our students are able to successfully interact and achieve within andbeyond their own community, now and in the future.

This may be evidenced by:

A Strong Sense of Identity
  • Students will be resilient and reflective, confident in their own opinions and provide leadership.
Creative Thinking
  • Students will be creative and critical thinkers who draw upon a range of strategies to deal with new situations or information.
Success in Interactions
  • Students will value diversity and successfully interact with others within and beyond their community in a collaborative manner.
Preparedness for the Future
  • Students will demonstrate initiative, enterprise and adaptability and will be able to successfully manage change within their own lives and as part of a global community.
Skill in Communication
  • Students will be able to successfully communicate in a range of settings within and beyond their own community.
Success in Learning
  • Students will develop and apply knowledge, competencies and skills, which enable them to be successful now and in the future.
Self-Directed Learners
  • Students will be able to initiate and implement their own learning plans. Based on constructivist theory, students will be supported in self-assessment procedures in order to reflect on and guide future learning.

The school Values identified by the school community are reflected in the everyday language atschool by staff, parents, students and community members. The Values are

  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Our ongoing commitment to our Values is reflected in our Student and Staff Wellbeing programs including the Year 7 Student Leaders program, Buddy and assembly programs.

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