Issue 11: Wednesday, 22nd July 2020


Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

Welcome to Term 3.  I hope that all of our families have had a wonderful break and are now ready for a challenging and engaging Term 3 at BPS.  I would also like to warmly welcome those families that are new to our school this term. 

 As we return to a near normal term, our planned major activities already in our Term 3 calendar include:

·         House cross-country carnival.

·         NAIDOC Week.

·         Interschool cross-country carnival.

·         Book fair.

·         P&C Fathers’ Day stall.

·         K – Year 6 disco.

·         House athletics carnival.


During the holidays we had some high pressure cleaning of concrete paths and our limestone walls.  My sincere thanks go to Mr Roland Abel (Abbie & Liam Lyall’s grandfather) who donated his time and equipment in cleaning the limestone!  My thanks also go to our cleaning and gardening staff who as usual, have ensured that we have returned to a very clean and professional looking school.


This term we are reverting to most of our regular operations and processes.  This means that all parents and carers will be able to be back on school site during drop-off and pick-up times.  However, we ask that you do not enter classrooms unless it has been pre-arranged.  This is to allow us to ensure that we are able to meet the 2 square metre rule currently in place for schools.  Children that need to leave school early can be signed out at our reception and then collected by their parent or carer.


Our cross-country races are scheduled for:

Wednesday 29th July

Kindy 400m (1 lap of the oval)

PP 800m (1 lap of the oval)

 Friday 31st July

Year 3/4/5/6 1.7km (lap oval, around school, turn again near point post to finish)

Year 1-2 1.2km (1 big lap around school, turn again near point post to finish)

 Further information regarding the day and the approximate times of races will be provided.


Please note that our next school development day is on Monday, 24 August (Week 6) where children do not attend school.

 Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the term.

 Craig Ashby





Welcome back! As we commence Term 3 please remember that our school day starts at 8.30am, with students expected in class by this time. 

 Medical update forms have been sent home to all students with medical conditions on file.  Please complete these forms and return them with any updated medication by Friday, 31 August so we can continue to manage student medical conditions throughout the school day.  Note that we cannot accept or administer medication without these updated forms.  This is an annual process.  

 We still have a concerning number of unexplained absences from Term 1 and 2.  Please contact your child’s teacher to clear this.  You can do this by:

·         Sending a Seesaw message

·         Replying to the SMS on the day of absence

·         Emailing

·         Returning the Unexplained Absences letter

·         Contacting your child’s teacher.


Mrs Kiera Slade, Mrs Jane Weir, Mrs Cathy Stott, Mrs Aimee Coffey

Deputy Principals

Better Buddies

Today is the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic! Bertram Buddy Day is fast approaching- 28th July 2020 (our annual Teddy Bears Picnic). Please wear purple and bring your teddy bear to school with a gold coin donation. Bertram Buddies is our anti bullying program which supports the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Students will participate in a range of anti bullying activities in class and there will be a range of fundraisers available.

 During the week students have the opportunity to visit Mrs Quinn or Miss Vinci to be a Buddy, which means helping younger students and learning friendship skills.

If your child has trouble making friends and is in year 2 or older  please speak to your child's teacher and send them our way. They may simply just want to help the younger students learn to play. 

Miss Vinci

Kindergarten 2021


Term Three 

Monday, 20th July - Friday, 25th September

School Development Day - Monday, 24th August 

Term Four 

School Development Day - Monday, 12th October 

Tuesday, 13th October - Thursday, 17th December 


MondayPrimary Music Institute (PMI) Keyboard/Guitar 
WednesdayAssembly (see Assembly timetable)
WednesdayToasted sandwiches/pancakes
Thursday Book borrowing and storytelling 
ThursdaySchool Banking 

Book Fair Wednesday, 26th August - Tuesday, 1st September 


Wednesday, 29th July Junior Assembly presented by LA 26 
Wednesday, 5th August Middle NAIDOC Assembly 
Wednesday, 12th August Junior Assembly presented by LA 36
Wednesday, 19th August Senior Assembly presented by LA 40 
Wednesday, 26th August No Assembly - Book Week Parade
Wednesday, 2nd SeptemberNo Assembly - Open Night 
Wednesday, 9th September Middle Assembly presented by LA 13
Wednesday, 16th SeptemberJunior Assembly presented by LA 25 
Wednesday, 23rd SeptemberSenior INDONESIAN Assembly 


Monday, 20th July Term 3 commences for all staff and students 
Tuesday, 28th July Bertram Buddy Day - wear purple 
Wednesday, 29th July Kindy/Pre-Primary Cross Country 
Friday, 31st July House Cross Country (Year 1-6)
Monday, 3rd August P&C Meeting 
Thursday, 13th AugustDenim Day Choir Fundraiser 
Friday, 14th August KSSA Interschool Cross Country 
Tuesday, 25th AugustEar Screening for Indigenous Students 
Wednesday, 26th AugustBook Week Parade 
Tuesday, 1st September P&C Father's Day stall 
Wednesday, 2nd September P&C Father's Day stall 
Wednesday, 2nd September Open Night 
Friday, 4th September P&C Father's Day stall 
Friday, 4th September K-6 Disco 
Thursday, 10th September RU OK? Day 
Monday, 14th SeptemberSchool Board Meeting 
Wednesday, 16th SeptemberJumps & Throws 
Wednesday, 16th September Men's Shed Year 1-6 Boys 
Friday, 24th September Last Day of Term 3 


Term 3 2020 Parenting Workshops

KEYS Workshop Overview Term 3 2020


During an emergency, one of the best things you can do for your safety is keep informed about where the danger is, what is happening and what to do.

DFES recommends that people use a range sources of information about an emergency.

This includes:

  • using to access warnings
  • staying in touch with neighbours, family and friends
  • being alert and aware of your surroundings
  • tuning in to ABC local radio
  • listening to 6PR if you are in the Perth metropolitan area

If someone you know alerts you to a possible emergency, or if you can see or smell something that might be dangerous, that’s your warning.

The warnings information contained on this website is also provided via the DFES emergency information phone line (13 DFES or 13 3337), to the media and via DFES’ Twitter account.

Never rely on any one source and remember, you know best what is happening in your immediate surroundings.

If you believe you may be in danger, act immediately for your own safety.

In a life threatening emergency call triple zero (000).

Refer to the menu on the right for detailed information about warning systems.

Your feedback on this content is appreciated




Using Consequences in Behaviour Management

Consequences make it clear to a child what not to do, so they’re handy to have in your behaviour management toolkit. You can tailor consequences to different situations, but consequences are always best when combined with a focus on your child’s positive behaviour.


About consequences

A consequence is something that happens after your child behaves in a particular way. A consequence can be positive or negative.  There are times when you might choose to use negative consequences for difficult behaviour. For example, you can use negative consequences to enforce limits and reinforce rules when simple reminders haven’t worked.  It really pays to put some thought into how and why you might use consequences. If you overuse negative consequences or use them inconsistently, they can have surprising and unwanted effects.  It’s always best to focus more on giving your child attention for behaving in ways that you like. This usually means you’ll need to use negative consequences less.

 Behaviour and consequences

When it comes to consequences, there are three common scenarios:

·         Your child behaves in a particular way and gets a positive consequence. This increases the likelihood of the behaviour happening in the same circumstances in the future. For example, you praise your child for sitting and eating his meal at the table.


·         Your child behaves in a particular way and avoids a negative consequence. This increases the likelihood of the behaviour happening in the same circumstances in the future. For example, your child takes her muddy boots off at the front door, so she doesn’t have to help clean the mud off the floor.


·         Your child behaves in a particular way and gets a negative consequence. This decreases the likelihood of the behaviour happening in the same circumstances in the future. For example, your child throws a toy, and you put the toy away for the rest of the day.


All children from Pre-Primary to Year 11 are eligible to dental treatment at the Wellard Dental Therapy Centre located at Wellard Primary School.

Contact details:

Wellard Dental Therapy Centre

25 Breccia Parade 


T: (08) 9553 0610