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Term 2 Week 10 - 3 July 2020

Dates for the Diary

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Carers and Community,

What a term it has been! The highlight, by far, has been the return of all our students to face-to-face teaching. Many aspects of our school’s operations are still evolving and will continue to be under the Department’s safety guidelines in Term 3, in order to continue keeping the whole school community safe. However, the value of human interaction – friends reuniting, the laughter of children playing and watching the children rekindle their relationship with their teachers, has been priceless. And that, by far, has been my personal highlight in Term 2.

The staffing unit at the Department of Education recently gave us the go ahead to advertise for a permanent classroom teacher position. This position recently became vacant when Mrs Alam officially received a transfer at another school. A panel has been formed, the position has been advertised and we aim to have this position filled by early next term. I will inform the community of the outcome, once this process has been finalised.

Certain events/processes will return next term, including Scripture/Ethics Classes in Week 2 and sporting events. More information will be issued next term as to what these events will be. Our annual Open Day event is scheduled for Wednesday 5th August in Education Week. It will be very different without community participation. However, we will run a similar schedule as previous years, with performances and class activities. And it will be recorded, ready to share with our community on a digital platform.

We have been informed that there will be a strong police presence in early Term 3 around our surrounding roads. Parents and community members are strongly advised to follow the road rules – not just to avoid being fined, but most importantly, to keep our children and our community safe.

There will be lots of activity on the school grounds over the school holidays, including:

·         tree loppers

·         installation of automatic gates – for the carpark and main entrance on Stanley Street

·         plumbing maintenance near the grass area.

Semester 1 reports were issued on Wednesday, 1st July. If you wish to discuss the report with your child’s class teacher, please contact the school to arrange a telephone or on-line interview.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the many complexities that we have faced together this term. I wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday break with your family, friends and loved ones.

Ms A. Vountoulas


Concord Public School 

Parking and Traffic Rules

Driving Offences in School Zones

Student Awards


To the following students who have or will be receiving a Principal Award or Principal Pennant.

Principal's AwardsPrincipal's Pennant

Grace J - KG

Ananya F - 1-KZ

Scarlett L - 1D

Alonzo S - 4G

Levi L - 4G

Owen O - 5M

Sophia S - 1-KZ

Mariano S - 1D

Eloise F - 2T

Edie B - 3VM


Cottage Bear Super Hero Fundraiser

The students and teachers looked fantastic, as they took part in the Cottage Bear Super Hero Fundraiser. Thank you to our SRC for organising this event. We raised $300 for the Bear Cottage.

WSPSSA Sport and Zone Athletics Carnival Update

It has recently been confirmed that both the WSPSSA Zone Athletics Carnival and Winter PSSA competitions scheduled to take place in Term 3 have been cancelled.

While there are no regional, state or national pathways for athletics, Concord PS staff are exploring options for athletics events that comply with current guidelines outlined by the Department of Education to minimise COVID-19 risks.

2021 Kindergarten Enrolments

Applications are now being accepted for Kindergarten 2021. If your child turns 5 before July 31, 2021 they are eligible to start school next year. Telephone the school on 9744 8427 to make an appointment with Mrs Coco. 

From the Office

Entering onto the School Grounds During School Hours

Please ensure that you come into the office, if you need to give something to your child, or if they have forgotten to bring something to school. The office staff are more than happy to pass the item on.

If you need to see your child or pass on a message to them, the office staff can help with that too. We encourage parents to allow us to pass on messages during break times, so that your child's learning is not interrupted. All visitors must sign-in at the office and wear a visitor's sticker. This is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all.


When making a payment online you can only pay up to 3 DAYS before the due date of the payment. This is due to online transactions taking 48 hours to process. 

Other payment methods such as cash or cheque can also be sent to the front office and placed in the blue box labelled “School Post”.

Please note that we do not accept online payment for uniform or canteen orders. Please see the uniform or canteen order  form for payment details.

Permission Notes 

If you have more than one child we need to have a note for each child, not all on one note please.

Change of Contact/Address details  

Please inform the office immediately if you have changed your contact or address details, so we can contact you in case of an emergency. 

Bicycle and Scooter Guidelines

If you give permission for your child to ride a bicycle or scooter to and/or from school, and store it on the school grounds, please carefully read and sign the ‘Bicycle and Scooter Guidelines’ document (obtained from the Front Office). These signed forms are to be returned to the office. Once we have received the signed documentation, the school will record that your child has permission from you to ride to school. Please see Mrs Vermiglio or the office for details.

P & C

From the President

Hello all

Thanks to every one for working together and observing the School, Dept of Education and Dept of Health recommendations. Lets hope next  term continues to allow more safe and free movement. Still it has been  a very busy term in many ways with the added hurdles posed by Covid 19  restrictions. All the same, together we have made it.


The P&C has been active working with the School Executive and Educators to bring about more inclusive and accessible learning and school experiences through the projects it scoped last October. We  have delivered funding to the school to purchase the following:  

* Laptops and Web cams - that will help facilitate a broader approach to interactive learning which brings about many exciting possibilities  for the future including remote learning going forward.

* Purchase of sporting goods to help the children learn different  sports for greater participation in sports carnivals.

* Something special for year 6 that we cannot talk about at present as it will ruin the surprise.

Next term when the children return they can expect to see some 21st century learning furniture for the stage three classrooms. All  children will benefit from as they move through the school.


We have some very exciting plans for a First Nations to the future interactive inclusive Sensory Garden and teaching space. This space covers a large and under utilised part of the school grounds.  A working committee of 8 inclusive and mainstream teachers along with  the school’s executive has worked with the P&C executive to come up  with an extensive plan.  Hand in hand, the school and the P&C are funding this project. We have  acquired a grant from West Connex along with funds earmarked from our  projects budget to help fund this. There is another significant grant  we will apply for in November which we have high expectations of  acquiring. We will be asking the school community to help in our  planning and more widely will approach local First Nations people to  help in the process. More to come on this. FYI attached is a plan  which has been endorsed by the committee for ratification with the  whole school staff.    

Uniform Shop News

After our call out two weeks ago, we are pleased to announce and welcome Jamilee Kassem. Jamilee is taking over as uniform shop coordinator. We are grateful for her time and contribution so far. Training has begun to ensure a seamless handover. Leah Wicks who has been involved with this service for the past 4 years is training  Jamie. I would like to acknowledge all volunteers but at this time  especially Leah who is stepping back.  

Canteen News  

Unfortunately I cannot announce the same for the canteen. It is with despair for all parents who rely on this service that I have to inform  you that the Canteen will be closed for the foreseeable future. After  our call out to take on the Coordinator’s role we have had no formal commitment. Ideally this role should be split between two or three people so the time required is not carried by just one person.  We will evaluate the situation early next term and work out how and in what form we can attempt to keep this service running.  More later. If you do have an interest, text me on 0425 231 082.    

Going Forward  

Term 3 should avail us to more ability to meet as a community whether by physical or electronic processes. We are working on this and will inform you further as we work through this. Interesting times to say the least.  

Enjoy your holidays  

Malcolm Buchan