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Newsletter 2019 Term 3 Week 2


Dear families of St Bernadettes,

Welcome back to Term 3! 

I hope that you all had a lovely break and it was so lovely to be welcomed back by the children’s great smiles. After being away for 5 weeks in a European heat wave, it was lovely to come home to milder weather. 

This term is shaping up to be just as busy with various gala days, Voice of Youth (a public speaking competition), colour run, canteen days and our whole school swimming program to close the term.

I would also like to take a moment here to thank Keiran Byrnes and our great staff who soldiered on through the tiring last few weeks of term 2 so diligently. Reporting time is never easy and add to that a few system glitches and it just adds another layer.

As you are aware I am taking up the role of Principal which is effective immediately. I am proud to take up this role and I look forward to continue to lead our amazing school. Thank you for all of your well wishes and support as St Bernadette’s has always held a very special place in my heart.

Love & Light

Lisa Gerrard


Sunday, 4 Aug 2019: Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

Both the first reading and the psalm response speak about the transitoriness of life. Life is all we have and it is so fragile, so fleeting. When we realise this, we may fear that in the end we will have nothing to show for our lives. Such thoughts show that we have not learned the most basic lesson of life – life is to be lived!

The goods of the earth are both good and essential for survival and advancement. However, they do not satisfy the deepest longings of the human spirit. They provide us with pleasure and challenge, but they cannot shield us from the transitoriness of life itself. In the face of such impermanence, they are ultimately worthless. Life itself is the far greater good; goods only enhance life.

Recognising the transitoriness of life and the vanity of goods, we come to see that the only reality worthy of our total commitment is our relationship with God in Christ. Though made of dust and thus subject to perishability, we are joined with Christ and are promised imperishability. Having died to the vanities of this world, having taken off our old selves with their evil desires, we can now live as a new self, in generosity rather than greed, with openness to others rather than religious or gender or social biases. In our commitment to Christ we will discover that we can transform what is transitory in life by giving it away in love. If we can live in this way, life is anything but vanity!

© Dianne Bergant CSA

PARISH: Altar Servers' Roster July 6 - Nov 3, 2019



Upcoming Events for Term 3

1/8 - Confirmation Classes 4:30pm & 6:30pm 

2/8 - Census Day 

2/8 - Whole School Mass 

2/8 - Assembly 2:30pm  

2/8 - Confirmation Classes 4:20pm & 5:20pm 

6/8 - Zone Athletics Carnival 

6/8 - Hot Dog Meal Deal Day 

8/8 - Pyjama Day 

8/8 - Confirmation Classes 4:20pm & 6:30pm 

9/8 - Year 3 Class Mass and Reconciliation 

9/8 - Confirmation Classes 4:20pm & 5:20pm

12/8 - P&F Meeting 6:30pm 

2019 Term 3 Parent Calendar


Principal Awards

Kindergarten - Gabriella F 

Year 1 - Massimo C 

Year 2 - Eva L

Year 3 - Sonia B 

Year 4 - Eamon B 

Year 5 - Rick A 

Year 6 - Sienna B 

Happy Birthday

5/7 - Mia G 

8/7 - Massimo C

9/7 - Layla S 

12/7 - Christian P 

16/7 - Aaliyah M

19/7 - Noah A 

19/7 - Tahlia N

19/7 - Henry S 

25/7 - Ayden H

25/7 - Nicolas C

28/7 - Jayden E 

29/7 - Orlando V 

01/8 - Renee T

PBS4L Update

Star token tally up to Week 2 


Our focus for the next two weeks are ‘We move safely and quietly around the school’. 

Last Thursday it was the Francis house which were rewarded for their positive behaviours. They chose to enjoy a free afternoon in a classroom and many brought games and snacks to share with their friends.

Wearing our uniform with pride

It has come to my attention that some students are not wearing the correct school uniform. 

The wearing of full, correct school uniform is compulsory. It supports our “wear my uniform with pride” goal as a part of our PBS4L framework. So it is important that students wear their correct uniform on the appropriate day.

Please ensure that all items of clothing must be clearly marked with the child’s name as we find it difficult to reacquaint lost items with their owners.

To demonstrate school pride uniforms should be kept neat and tidy - 

  • shirts tucked in and buttoned

  • ties correctly worn

  • shoelaces tied and shoes polished 

  • for safety reasons only plain stud / sleeper earrings may be worn to school

  • hair of collar length and longer, should be tied back with maroon/blue ribbon, scrunchie or headband 

  • haircuts should not be extremes of fashion 

  • predominantly white sport shoes are to be worn only on sport days, with black shoes to be worn on all other days 

  • children may only wear school tracksuit pants on sports day 

  • school hats offer some protection from the sun, all children must wear a school hat when outside. Children without hats will have to play in the shade.

  • Beanies and scarves are not allowed unless they are maroon.

It is suggested that: summer uniforms be worn in the first and fourth terms, 

winter uniforms in the second and third terms.


Summer blue dress (knee length). White socks. Regulation black school shoes. Maroon school hat/legionnaires cap with school crest. Regulation school bag with school crest.


Winter maroon and grey dress (knee length). Long sleeve sky blue blouse with maroon tab tie. Maroon jumper / cardigan with school crest. Long grey socks or stockings. Regulation black school shoes. Maroon school hat / legionnaires cap with school crest. Regulation school bag with school crest.


Maroon and sky blue sports cool mesh polo top with school crest. Maroon pleated skirt or school shorts. White socks. Mostly white joggers. Maroon sports pants or maroon skort. Maroon school hat / legionnaires cap with school crest. Maroon tracksuit with school crest (Winter). 


Grey regulation school shorts.  Short sleeve sky blue shirt with school crest.  Short grey socks with maroon and sky blue striped band.  Regulation black school shoes. Maroon school hat / legionnaires cap with school crest. Regulation school bag with school crest.


Grey regulation trousers. Long sleeved sky blue shirt. Maroon and blue pinstrip pre-loop school tie. Grey socks with maroon and sky blue striped band. Regulation black school shoes. Maroon school hat / legionnaires cap with school crest. Regulation school bag with school crest.


Maroon and sky blue sports cool mesh polo top with school crest. Maroon shorts. White socks. Mostly white joggers. Maroon school hat / legionnaires cap with school crest. Maroon tracksuit with school crest (Winter).


To protect children’s uniforms from paint splashes and mishaps during art and craft activities, children are asked to have at school an old long sleeved shirt or t-shirt to wear over uniforms. 

WET WEATHER GEAR such as lightweight raincoats and hats- with names on them, are necessary during inclement weather. These should be kept in your child’s school bag.

Staffing News

As we move forward into Term 3 we welcome Mrs Mary Elliott back. Mary will be our Learning Support Teacher until the end of the year.

As I have now been appointed permanently as the Principal we will be advertising for a permanent Assistant Principal in due course.

Japanese Exchange Students

This week we welcome 20 Japanese students to St Bernadette’s. These students are here to learn English and more about our Australian culture. This is a fabulous opportunity for all as we learn more about each others culture and school life. 

Sincere thanks to all of the families who were able to welcome some of these Japanese students into their homes. Your generosity is overwhelming. 


Pyjama Day - Thursday 8th August 2019

The theme of this year’s Vinnies Winter Appeal is ‘The Pain of Poverty’, with a focus on the impact of poverty on older Australians. Poverty often comes with the added burden of loneliness and social isolation. This is particularly true for older people as their mobility becomes limited and their social network  decreases.

On Thursday 8th August we will be putting our values into action by raising money and awareness of the realities of poverty.

The children are invited to wear their pyjamas on this day, in return for a loose change donation, in solidarity with those impacted by poverty and isolation. On this day the children will participate in writing a letter to someone in need this winter to let them know they’re not alone.

As a Community of Learners

This term holds a lot of interesting learning for both staff and students. Keep your eye on our most up to date digital calendar for events such as Pyjama Day (a Social Justice event), Colour Run, Canteen Days, Fathers Day Celebrations, Book Week events and the swimming program just to name a few. 

As a staff we continue to look at giving purposeful feedback to our students to assist them in goal setting.

Safety First

As you are aware the front of the school is where staff park their cars while they are at work. A number of times recently I have been approached by staff members being unhappy that their cars are being damaged by people sitting or leaning up against cars while waiting for their children in the afternoon. 

I’m sure that just by bringing this up that we will be able to ensure that this practice stops. 

Thanking you in advance for your support.

Toys at school

In recent months, there have been quite a few toys brought to school by children, particularly in the infants classes. Although St Bernadette’s does not prohibit children bringing toys to school, we do encourage children to engage in cooperative and social play activities on the playground. 

There are times when toys can be a source of conflict amongst children and loss or damage is something that can happen at times, which can be distressing to a child.

Please be aware of the following school guidelines:

  • Children are not to bring toys to the playground before or after school, unless under the direct supervision of a parent or carer

  • When lining up for class during the day, if a toy becomes a source of distraction for a child it will be confiscated and kept in the school office until afternoon dismissal

  • Toys are not to be brought into the classroom, unless for a specific purpose such as for a news item.

When referring to toys, it is mainly plush toys and figurines, such as dolls and action figures that this applies to. 

Ideally, as they become accustomed to the school environment, children will no longer feel the need to bring toys to school.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this area.

Attendance Matters

A reminder to parents that supervision does not start in the morning until 8:30am. Please do not leave your child at school any earlier than this time. If you do require care for your child in the morning please consider contacting our COSHC to see if there is a place available for before school care.

The bell for class will ring at 8:55am.

If you arrive after this time your child must be brought into the office by a parent and signed in before they can go to their classroom. This ensures your child is not incorrectly marked absent on the class roll.

Did you know that if your child is 5 minutes late each day, that equates to 25 minutes per week and 250 minutes a term!

Every minute of school time is important. Please make an effort to be on time!

Tell Them from Me Survey

Thank you to all of those parents who took the time to complete this survey. Over the coming week as a staff we will be unpacking the reports and looking for ways to ensure that our students continue to be provided with engaging learning tasks.

We will also be addressing any concerns raised around transparency in keeping our wider community informed of events and projects undertaken at a school level.

ACARA Collection Student Background Data Notice

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) collects data from schools to determine the Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA). CEDP is currently working to provide relevant details to the Catholic Education Commission of NSW.  Data collected is de-identified of personal information​​.

Parents and caregivers must advise their school if they don’t want their child's data included in this report by 30 August 2019

Copies of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) Standard Collection Notice and Privacy Policy can be obtained from the school office.

Privacy Policy


Standard Collection Notice


A message from the P&F

There have been some concerns raised over the colour fun run ingredients.

We would just like to clarify that the colour powder used for the colour fun run is non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly consisting of 98% cornstarch & 2% food colouring.

We will do our best to throw the powder at the torso, and NO child is to be throwing powder, this will be done by staff and volunteers.

Each child will be provided with UV glasses to protect their eyes. Based on toxicology profiles of the powders used, it is considered safe for use.

Should you wish to view the ingredient listings and risk assessment of the powder, please see or contact one of the P&F members.

SRC Update

Welcome back everyone to Term 3! We hope you all had a good holiday and that you are  excited about all the activities that have and will take place this term. 

We would just like to remind everyone that the suggestion box is back. We would like to advise that the box is now covered in clear contact.

The chess club is now starting up again and it is every Tuesday at lunchtime. It is welcome for everyone from Years 2 to 6. It is open for both beginners and experienced. There will always be SRC members to help you play chess and to answer any questions you might have.

We have been very blessed to have 22 Japanese students come to our school this term. 

They will be here for 1 week and have already been here for 2 days. This is the first time we have had students from different countries come to our school and experience Sydney. We thank all who hosted and was a buddy, we are so thankful.

We are very grateful that they have come to Australia and hope that they enjoyed their stay.  


On a number of Wednesdays this term, Years 4, 5 and 6 go to St Patrick's to practise and play touch footy. In Week 6 we will train and Week 8 we will compete in a tournament. We are fortunate to have Year 10 students teach us how to play.   

Thank you for reading this newsletter piece for this week. Have a good term!

Will, Melanie, Lauren and the rest of the SRC


Mackillop Softball

Congratulations to Lily P, who recently represented St Bernadette’s in the Parramatta Softball Team. She has now been successfully selected to play in the MacKillop Team!

What a wonderful achievement, we will wish Lily well in the competition to come.

Children's Corner

Year 1

During Mathematics, Year 1 enjoyed learning about the value of money. At the end of the week a class shop was created and this gave the students an opportunity to use the money to buy and sell groceries. 

The students enjoyed being both shoppers and shopkeepers. 



On behalf of the P&F and parent community, we would like to congratulate our new Principal Lisa Gerrard. We wish you success in your new role and look forward to working along side you in many years to come

Hot Dog Canteen Day

Our hot dog canteen day will be held on Tuesday 06th August. Whilst we understand some students will be away, this term is absolutely jam packed and we promise we will make up for it with another canteen day later on in the term!

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

Thank you to all the parents who have dedicated some time to help us on Sunday August 18th at Bunnings Rydalmere. We would still love a hand from some parents around lunch time as well as cooking the BBQ! If you are able to help out, please send your note into the office as soon as possible. Thankyou !

Colour Fun Run

Thank you to all who have set up their online profiles ! If you haven’t set yours up, we encourage you to do so! This will help us to keep track of how much is bring raised, and at the end help with prize ordering. We look forward to see how much we can put towards our new playground ! Happy Fundraising!!!


Two Part Seminar - Understanding Family Law


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