St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

1 May 2019

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection

“Forgive and Forget” No, not really.

The Resurrection stories in the Gospels are a little odd – not quite as straightforward as the rest of the Gospels usually are.  To appreciate them, we need to put ourselves in the story even more than usual.  For example, in next Sunday’s Gospel Jesus ‘confronts’ Peter about his three betrayals during his Passion.  Peter’s denials were tragic. In a teen movie terms: ‘BFF denies knowing you to people who aren’t important, not once but three times! The friendship was DEAD’.  In Jewish terms, three times met the decision was irrevocable.

But this is the Christian story.  Jesus returns risen, feeds the disciples on the beach with a cooked breakfast on the beach.  All is forgiven, yes…but not forgotten.  Peter isn’t let off that easy.  Jesus confronts him but not in the way we would.  He doesn’t go back over the details of the betrayal but cuts right to the heart.  He asks Peter three times, three times, if he loves him.  Peter can barely get the words out saying that he does.  Why? Because he knows that his actions have said exactly the opposite. Each question cuts deeper into Peter, uncovering the mess and, dare we say, meanness of his heart. By the time Jesus asks the last question, ‘Do you really love me?’ Peter is laid bare, ‘Lord, you know all things, you know I love you.’  Peter cannot trust himself but throws himself on Jesus’ knowledge of himself.  He can’t reverse his actions – but Jesus can.  

I think the saying, ‘Forgive and forget’ is silly.  ‘Forgive, learn and move on’ is much better.  Too often, in the process of forgiveness, we go over the ‘offending actions’ and only open the wounds even deeper.  What we need is the wisdom that Jesus showed: a sifting of the heart to find the roots of the wrongdoing and to discover that love, true love, is even deeper.   Betrayal and hurt then becomes stages of growth in our love for each other.

Loving Father, you know how we hurt each other, sometimes very badly.  Give us the wisdom of your Spirit that we make sift through the hurt and pain, and find underneath it all real love.  Let Jesus’ forgiveness of each of us guide us through the mess.  We ask this in his name confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb

A message from the Principal

Thank you to the many students and families of St Joseph’s Wandal who participated in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and/or March last Thursday. As always, despite the somewhat overcast weather, it was a lovely day on which we remembered all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service. We were very impressed with the strong turnout of our students and their impeccable conduct.

Thank you to the many parents who attended a Parent Teacher Interview on either Monday or Tuesday afternoon. I hope you found the opportunity to ‘catch-up’ with your children’s teachers useful. Meaningful relationships between parents and teachers are vital for maximising learning and wellbeing outcomes for students. Research identifies the benefits of continued parent engagement throughout schooling for student learning outcomes, self-esteem, school attendance and behaviour. John Hattie (2008) estimates that effective parent engagement can add the equivalent of 2 or 3 extra years to a child’s education. So, from all of the staff here at school, thank you for taking an interest in your children’s learning progress.

This week we welcome back our Tuckshop Convenor, Mrs Gail Brady.  I thank most sincerely, Mrs Nicole Newton, who stepped in for Mrs Brady, while she was recovering from some surgery. Welcome back Gail, and thank you Nicole.

Good luck to our two Speech Choirs competing in the Rockhampton Eisteddfod tomorrow!

Athletics Carnival - an update and an explanation

Congratulations to our 10-12 year old students who competed for a district nomination place in the 800m, 200m and 100m running events on Monday at Kettle Park. Paper notes have been distributed today for students who have successfully qualified for the District Athletics Carnival.

We were so disappointed to cancel last week’s interhouse Athletics Carnival and we know that a number of our students and parents were just as disappointed. Upon inspections of the field on the morning of the carnival and after checking the forecast for the rest of the morning, we decided to cancel, primarily due to safety concerns. The tracks were slippery, and the ground soggy in places including where over 300 children would have sat for the day. We were also conscious of not damaging the Kettle Park Fields which The Cathedral College had so generously offered to us for our use. Usually, we would be able to reschedule an event such as this but with the National Titles being held earlier in the year than normal (due to being in Darwin), our district nominations were due in on Monday. This meant that as soon as our races were run on Monday, we were phoning results back to school to make the submission time. We made it, just.

 As we mentioned last week, our Prep – Year 4 students will be having mini races in their PE lessons. We have rescheduled some aspects of the carnival such as our Ball Games and War Cries, to coincide with our St Mary of the Cross Feast Day celebrations  to be held at the Rockhampton Heritage Village on 8th August. Students will be able to wear house coloured free dress  on this day and parents will be welcome to join us. Start practicing your war cries Penola, Mackillop and Tenison! Further information will be distributed closer to the time, but you might like to flag this date in your calendars.

 I also wish to congratulate those students who represented our school yesterday at the District Cross Country Carnival. We were so proud of the perseverance and good sportsmanship displayed by our students. A special thank you to our PE teacher, Andrea Rutherford for planning and coordinating these events.

Congratulations to our 2019 Age Champions

2007 BOYS


2007 GIRLS


2008 BOYS


2008 GIRLS


2009 BOYS


2009 GIRLS


Communication Reminders

Feeling like you do not know what is going on at school? Communication between the school and the home is of vital importance for our students' educational success. Here at school, we engage a number of platforms to get news home. These include: the school app (this remains our primary and most utilised method of communication), email, SMS, school website, Facebook page, Information Station noticeboard outside the office, online learning portfolios such as Seesaw and our LED sign on the corner of Herbert and Rundle Streets. Please ensure you are accessing each and every weekly Wednesday newsletter to stay up to date. We try to give our families as much notice as possible of upcoming events, but unfortunately there are times, such as our recent cancelled Athletics Carnival, where last minute changes need to occur.

A Cyber Safety Reminder

Attached to this link is information from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner relating to the Momo challenge. This disturbing on-line character has infiltrated popular apps and internet forums such as YouTube and encourages young people to hurt themselves – and each other. Whilst we have sent out this information previously, we thought it may be timely for parents to once again access some assistance in helping to keep our kids safe online.

High Tea - less than two weeks away!

Our biggest annual fundraiser is less than two weeks away. Has your family completed the 'revised' e-form (on the skoolbag app under 'e-forms') indicating how you can help? We are quite urgently seeking donations of  multidraw prizes, baking and cash donations towards our grazing table. Some tickets are still available - we would love for this event to be a sell-out! 

Thank you to those who have donated prizes already, your generosity is much appreciated.  Photos of these, along with some photos of our food from last year are attached below, for inspiration!

A book of Multi - draw raffle tickets will be sent home today with each family (5 tickets at $2.00 ea) to be returned by next Wednesday 8 May. If you require extras, please let us know. 

School Photos

Our School Photo day is Thursday 30 May. Order envelopes have been distributed with your child today, and must be returned on photo day.

Mother's Day Stall

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we will once again be holding our Mother’s Day stall here at school. Students are asked to donate a gift to the value of $5-$10. On Friday, 10th May, students can purchase a gift for their mum (or other special person in their lives) from the stall for $5. This stall is organised and staffed by our parents and all proceeds go to the school. Please note, if your child wishes to purchase two gifts, they are asked to donate two gifts also. If you can offer some time to assist with this, please contact the school office at your earliest convenience.

Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson.

From the APRE

Term 2 Details

Date Claimer

The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph’s will be hosting the Ecumenical Service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on Sunday 26th May at 2.30 pm. Bishop Michael will be the presider at this service. All are invited.

Prayer Assembly

Please join both Year Two classes, Mrs Brightman and Mrs Moon as as they lead prayer this Friday in the Under Cover Area at 8.35 am.  Prayer will focus on a special meeting with Jesus through Baptism.

Prep Classes will lead a Mother’s Day Prayer Celebration on Friday 10 May at 8.35 am.

Confirmation Preparation Afternoon

A reminder that on Saturday 11 May a Confirmation workshop will be held from 2.00 pm- 4.00 pm at the Kevin Castles Centre for families to attend in preparation for the Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Please also add these dates to your diary:

18 May St Joseph's Cathedral 2pm to 3pm Family Practise for Confirmation

19 May St Joseph's Cathedral 9.30am Mass Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation

Children's Liturgy of the Word

A reminder that Children’s Liturgy is held most Sundays at St Joseph’s Cathedral at 9.30am during the school term.   Please click on the link to access Mass times.

With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr.

From the APC

NAPLAN Online Information for parents

This year, NAPLAN will be conducted in an online format.  An information session for parents outlining this change will be held on Thursday 2 May at 6:00 p.m in the Be-Hive.  This is specifically relevant for parents of students in years three and five, but all parents are very welcome. 

Weekly Awards

Congratulations to our Award Winners. Follow this link for details 

Eisteddfod News

Year Three and Four Novelty Choirs

Students in years three and four will be competing in the local eisteddfod in novelty choir sections.  

Year Three will be competing in the P to 3 choir section on 20 May at 1:30 p.m. 

The students will need to wear beach gear (not swimwear) - board shorts, sarongs, snorkels etc.

Year Four will be competing in the 4 to 6 section on 22 May at 10:00 a.m.  The students will need to wear something that gives the impression that they are a musician - something formal as a classical musician, or something punk, or rock inspired.  It is up to (you) and your child.

Students can come to school ready for the performance, and do not need to change upon our return, unless they wish to.  Students will travel to and from the Pilbeam Theatre by bus.

Child Safety Curriculum

All Catholic schools in our diocese teach the Child Safety Curriculum as mandated by our local Catholic Education Office.  Classes will begin in Week Two of this term.  Details of the specific content in each year level will be provided in your child's class newsletter.  The Curriculum is based around three key messages: Recognise, React and Report.

• The Recognise message encourages students to be aware of their surroundings and to recognise warning clues.

• The React message helps students to consider choices that may keep them safe or help make them safe again as quickly as possible.

• The Report message encourages students to report unsafe incidents to an adult.

We strongly advise all parents to familiarise yourselves with the following fact sheet:

Donations Required

Year One is asking for donations of material, fabric scraps, old dress ups or costumes.

Donations can be handed to the Year One classrooms.   Thank you in advance.

Calendar Dates

Please follow this link for term dates.

National Road Safety Week