Newsletter Term 4 | Week 4

Message from Ms D'Aloia

Dear Parents and Community Members,

It was wonderful to come together as a community for Sports Day this year!  As mentioned at the oval, this was made possible with significant preparation behind the scenes!

Thank you to Denise Tarrant and Bec Keller for working through our COVID plan and ensuring that Sports Day could include family members! 

Thank you to Maria Apostolou for advertising and responding to community members with various requests!

Thank you to our sports captains who led their teams with vigour and passion!

Thank you to our wonderful students for participating so wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, and to staff who assisted students on the day! 

Appreciation and thanks to the Parents and Friends committee who creatively fulfilled the restrictions of the COVID plan by arranging to have individually wrapped donuts available for all!  Great initiative! 

Thank you to Rebecca for organising an awesome Sports Day!!

An enjoyable day was had by all!

God Bless

Sports Day Results

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Satisfaction Survey 2020

In a previous edition of the newsletter it was mentioned that parents would be asked to complete a survey compiled by Curtin University, aligned to the Living Learning Leading Framework.  At this stage, this survey will not be ready to trial until next year. 

As your feedback is truly valued and appreciated, a school generated survey has been organised for this year.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the survey by Friday 27 November.  There will be an incentive for the first class that has 100 % parent responses! 

We are a school committed to continuous improvement!  We would love you to provide us with feedback to make St Joseph’s Hindmarsh even better!

You can complete the Preschool Satisfaction Survey here

You can complete the School Satisfaction Survey here 

Nominations for OSHC Committee

The OSHC committee meets on occasion to support the Director in ensuring the service meets all regulatory requirements as outlined in the National Quality Standards document located on Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website . 

For the past couple of years Tamara Petersen, Tania Daniele, and Carla Martelli have been the parent representatives on this committee.  As with other Parent Committees nominations are open each year.  If you would like to join this Committee in 2021 can you, please complete the nomination form. 

I take this opportunity of thanking Tamara, Tania and Carla for their contribution to our OHSC service.  Parent support and participation is always highly valued. 

School Fees

Term 4 school fee statements have been sent out via the post.  The due date for payment is Friday 20th November.  As this is the final school fee account for 2020, all outstanding amounts must be paid by the due date.  If you are experiencing difficulty and need support or an extension of the due date, please contact Karyn Burlow at


Kiss and Drop Zones

We continue to experience traffic congestion!  Parents and members of the local community continue to be exasperated by this.  I remind you all that if your child is not at the Kiss and Drop area on your arrival, you are only able to remain in the “kiss and drop’ zone for 2 minutes.  It may be inconvenient, but you will need to move out of the ‘kiss and drop' zone and go around the block.  Please note that supervision is provided from 3:10 pm until 3:30 pm.  You may wish to stagger your time of arrival to avoid the traffic congestion.  I have been informed that parents and local community members have expressed their frustration with both the local council and the police.  Please adhere to the time limits to avoid a traffic infringement notice and approach our neighbours respectfully, ensuring our vision of 'in all things love' is witnessed by all.


Congratulations to Lila and Leo on the arrival of their new baby sisters, Ava and June, who were born on 19th October. Please join us in extending our best wishes to the family.

Rest in Peace

Please keep the Venizelou family in your prayers due to the passing of their grandmother recently.

Ms Carmody on Leave

Kay Carmody will be on leave for the remainder of 2020. We wish her all the best. 

We welcome Reanna Arthur who will be covering some of Ms Carmody's time in her absence.

2021 School Board Nominations

This year we are seeking 4 nominations to the School Board, nominations close on 1 December. If you are interested please fill out our digital nomination form by following this link.

Role and Function of School Board

Each diocesan School Board has delegated responsibility from the Archbishop for the overall well-being of its school, within South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) and diocesan policies and guidelines. In practice, this means that in a spirit of partnership, the School Board acts to:

  • develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school;
  • develop the relationship between the school and the local Church;
  • promote educational excellence within the school;
  • support the administration of the school;
  • foster harmonious and positive collaboration within the school community;
  • protect children;
  • monitor buildings and grounds development and maintenance;
  • exercise financial stewardship of the school; and
  • ensure compliance with legal obligations.

School Boards are important as they bring together, in a formal setting, the significant parties concerned with the provision of education of young people in the school.

The structure of the School Board includes:

  • Parish Representative
  • Chairperson
  • School Principal as the executive officer
  • Elected Parents
  • Staff Representative
  • Parents & Friends Representative
  • Preschool Parent Representative

The School Board is a partnership between parish and school, parents and staff, the school and Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) as a whole, and between the school community and the broader Church Community and society.

Currently, School Board meetings are held each month.

Membership of the Board will be for a period of two years for elected, nominated and appointed members. Members (other than Ex-Officio Members) should not serve more than six consecutive years.

The Criteria for membership is as follows:

  • possess an enthusiasm for and willingness to promote the mission of Catholic schools;
  • bring to the Board their gifts and skills;
  • desire to give service to their school community;
  • have an ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all Members of the Board
  • be prepared to undertake formation;
  • have an ability and desire to uphold confidentiality in Board matters;
  • have sufficient time to devote to Board duties; and
  • have a current police check clearance for the Screening and Verification Authority—Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide.

There are three vacancies. If you are interested in being part of the School Board please nominate. If you are interested in being on the School Board please complete the nomination form. Should there be more than three nominations a vote will take place.

Nominations close on 1 December 2020. An online voting process will also take place along with the voting slip in this newsletter to ensure that everyone has the opportunity of participating in this important decision.

The School Board Manual is available on request or you may wish to have a conversation with me or a current member of the School Board if you would like more information about what the role involves.

Nude Food Days - Tuesday & Thursday

The SRC have reinstated ‘Nude Food Day’ this term. They are encouraging people to bring a lunch box that has no wrappers in in it.

SRC are keeping a record of the number of nude food lunches. Each nude food lunch box generates a point for the student’s House Team. The point will go towards our Community Team of the Year at the end of the school year.

This term, Nude Food Days will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Lost Property

Please name containers and uniforms, parents can come and check our lost property baskets in the front office. If items are not collected after a period of time they will be donated.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to another year of reading.  You should be very proud of your achievements in the 2020 Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Certificates and medals have been handed out.  If you have any queries about the award you have received, please see Mrs Melis as she has the official list from the Premier’s Reading Challenge Government Department.

Happy reading, Kay Carmody - EALD/Library

Highlights from Sports Day 2020

SAPSASA State Carnival

Congratulations to Scala, Keira, Isabella, Sienna, Victoria, Lucas, Aaron, Jacob and Laurence who represented our school at the Western SAPSASA Athletics District Carnival today.

Special mention to our school captain Scala who placed first in all three individual events and was selected to represent the Western District at the SAPSASA State Carnival in a few weeks time. 

PE WEEK - Week 5

As there will be activities run all week to celebrate PE Week, students may wear PE Uniform all week.

Mon-Thurs - Lunchtime activities

Fri - SRC 'Wheels Day; further information to be communicated next week.

Class Masses and Liturgies

Sacramental Program

Please keep Sebastian M, Ruby, Lina-Marie, Maria, Alexander C, Shayla and Luca in your prayers as they prepare to receive the Sacraments of Eucharist.

Important Dates

First Communion: 22nd November @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

All Saints and All Souls' Day

Sunday 1st November was All Saints’ day, this day was the first of a 2 day celebration of those who have died. The second celebration was All Souls’ day which was on the 2nd.

During November we turn our hearts to those who have fallen asleep in death. We remember all saints, including our school patrons and all family and friends who have died.


God of grace and wisdom,

You continually raise up good people who show with their lives that they follow a holy and loving God.

Let our lives be true to all that our faith teaches,

So that we will grow more and more in your Son’s likeness.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Eternal rest grant unto them, O’Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen

May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

St Joseph's Mini Vinnies

St Vincent de Paul Cooking

Mini Vinnies will recommence cooking for Fred’s Van this term. Any donations of fresh vegetables will be greatly appreciated.

Preschool at Sports Day

 Our school Sports Day was full of fun and excitement. With the red team Mackillop taking out the shield this year. A great 2020 community event! 

Our children drew detailed recounts of the day that featured their favourite events such as the races, obstacle course and bean bag throw. 

Sports Day Recounts by our Preschoolers

Busy Little Creatures

Insects in our garden and a green caterpillar have sparked an interest in minibeasts. This week we featured stories that focused on insects. 

Busy Little Creatures features colour, pattern, size and number and Caterpillar and Butterfly features a fearful caterpillar who transforms into a brave butterfly. 

The children were invited to create butterflies with symmetrical designs and on Friday they created butterfly costumes with brightly coloured scarves and fabric. 

Latitude Recount by Sienna C

On Monday we went to Latitude. First, we went rock climbing. Then we went jumping and we had a photo taken. It was so fun. Then we had a race at the air bag bubbly jump stuff. The race was so much fun. Then we did dodge ball then after we had free time and did sky walk. Latitude is so much fun. I went with my class. We had lunch at Latitude, we had sandwiches and fruit. It was very yummy.

By Sienna C

Latitude Recount by Manuela

On Monday the Year 1/2 classes went to Latitude for most of the day. The Latitude workers gave us Latitude socks with grip so we don’t slip. They were bright orange, pink and black. Then we did rock climbing, we need shoes though. Next we jumped on the trampolines. That was one of my favourite activities. Then we did the airbag. We jumped and then jumped into the airbag. How fun! For the last activity, we played dodge ball on the trampoline. Then it was free time. It was so much fun. Lastly, we had lunch and then went back to school on the bus and ate our recess.

By Manuela

Year 1/2 Latitude Excursion

Giving Back to the Community

Congratulations to the Students of St Joseph’s School OSHC for receiving a Personal letter from the Prime Minister of Australia 

On the 10th July 2020, the children at St Joseph’s School Vacation Care engaged in giving back to the community work. They prepared thank you cards for those who have kept us safe during this pandemic, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, politicians etc. The children took the initiative to prepare thank you cards for the Prime Minister and wrote personal messages to him. The Director mailed these cards to the Parliament House. On Wednesday 7th October, we received a letter from the Prime Minister Scott Morrison with a nice message to our students.  

Term 4 OSHC Highlights

Parenting Insights

Article: Give kids a thumbs up for the the right things

Parental recognition on its own is a sufficient driver of children's behaviour most of the time. When children require more, parents can encourage positive behaviours without bribery, rewards and incentives.

Article: A flexible approach to raising kids

Many parents struggle because they use an inflexible parenting approach. Knowing how to adapt parenting styles to different situations is key to meeting kids' needs and increasing parent satisfaction.


We've been asked to advertise the following:

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