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Term 1 Week 8 - 19th March 2019

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Student of the Week

Gotcha Draw winners

Newcastle Zone Soccer

Parent Q & A session at Lambton Public school for Year 7 2020

Cyber-safety Talks

Aboriginal Meet the Community BBQ

Assembly - Week 9

School Disco

Premier's Reading Challenge 2019

Athletics Carnival

Scholastic Book Club

P & C Easter Raffle

Student Banking

Canteen Roster

Upcoming Events

Principal's Message

Good afternoon everyone. On Thursday this week, we tackle the next of the major school sporting carnivals – the school Athletics Carnival at Glendale. I’m looking forward to another enjoyable day that breaks from our regular routine. I hope that if you are free you will come out to Glendale to join us and cheer the students on. Thank you to those families that have already returned their child’s permission note and money. As of this morning, there were still quite a few children yet to return theirs. To assist us with ensuring the activity is well organised, can I please ask that those that have not yet returned notes and money, to do so tomorrow as a matter of urgency.

 Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a number of conversations with parents and staff members in relation to ongoing concerns about the impact of traffic on our school and the safety risks that come with high volumes of traffic. There have been a couple of near misses in Croudace Street that concern me and I’ve been in contact with the Director for Schools Infrastructure to continue discussions around what other safety measures we could look at implementing to improve safety around our site. Following the State election this weekend, there will also be the opportunity to invite the State member for Wallsend to a P&C meeting to discuss how they can offer their support. Achieving better outcomes I feel is possible, but it will undoubtedly take some time to achieve them. For now, I’d just like our community to know that I am committed to working with the key stakeholders to seek safety improvements for our school. Please trust that I will be persistent with those that can help us; I'd just ask that you be a little patient as we proceed. In the meantime, it would assist me if you are able to report to me any near misses that occur on Croudace or Armstrong Streets that you observe or are aware of. We will continue to remind students of road safety strategies and messages.

 Finally, you may be aware that for some time there has been a school Facebook page that was established and maintained by the former principal Mrs Partridge. School Facebook pages are common and are great ways to upload good news stories about what is happening at school. The challenge for all schools is to assist parents by ensuring school information is accurate and up to date for whatever channels of communication are used (not always the case). At the moment we have been trying to keep information up to date on the school website, the Skoolbag app and Facebook. In my mind this is one platform too many and there have been occasional problems with making sure the information communicated to parents is accurate across all three. From the school perspective, Skoolbag is a much better and more efficient tool for schools to communicate with because that is what it was designed for. For this reason, and after discussion with the executive team, I’ve decided to close our school Facebook page. Moving forwards please look to Skoolbag and then the website as our primary source of communication (and for good news stories). To assist you further, the office staff will this week update the Skoolbag calendar so that all families can see all of the important and upcoming dates about school events for your diary. Our aim is to continue to maintain high levels of communication about school events and activities in this way.

 I hope to see you on Thursday at Glendale. Have a great week

David Holland


Gotcha Draw Winners

At assembly last week, we conducted another ‘Gotcha’ award draw for the term. Congratulations to these four students whose names were drawn out:

River Smith 1/2N           Hamish O'Dell 2M            Braith Lewis 4/5P       Hayley Clancy 5/6K

Gotcha draws will be conducted each fortnight at assembly with two names drawn out for K-2 and two for 3-6 with the winners receiving a canteen voucher. At the end of the term, all Gotcha’s will be placed in a big box and we will do a similar end of term draw. 

Newcastle Zone Soccer

Congratulations to Wyatt Finlayson who last week was selected into the Newcastle PSSA soccer team.  He will now play at the Hunter trials next week.  Well done Wyatt and best of luck.

Parent Q & A session at Lambton Public School for Year 7 2020

The Deputy Principal from Lambton High School, Megan Fletcher, will visit our school to hold a Parent Q&A session for all parents enrolling (or considering enrolling) their child in Year 7 2020 at Lambton High School.

This is an opportunity for parents and carers to ask questions and receive answers in a less formal setting.

To assist with catering, please RSVP to the office by 3pm Wednesday 20th March 2019.

Date:               Thursday 21st March 2019

Time:               6:00pm

Venue:             Lambton Public School Library

 Maria Lantz

Cyber-safety talks

This Friday, the students in Stages 2 and 3 will have a visit from representatives from the Newcastle Knights who will be coming to talk to them about cyber safety. The content of the talks will include information about anti-bullying strategies and reporting inappropriate use of social media as well as how to stay safe online. There is no cost for the students to participate and permission is not required as it occurs in school and relates to the PDHPE curriculum. We are sure you will agree, that any opportunity to hear about staying safe online is in the students’ best interests. Parents, you might like to ask your children what they talked about around the dinner table on Friday night. Thanks to the Newcastle Knights for supporting our school through the provision of this program.

Aboriginal Meet the Community BBQ

Parents and extended family members of our Aboriginal students are invited to join us for a meet the community BBQ on Wednesday 10th April outside the hall starting at 5pm. We would love the opportunity to meet with you, hear what ideas you have for Aboriginal Education at our school and share with you some of the ideas that the Aboriginal Education Team have had so far. The BBQ will be followed by the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to write their PLP (Personal Learning Plan) goals for 2019. Personal invitations for each Aboriginal family will be sent out later this week; please RSVP once you have received it. We really hope you are able to join us. 

Assembly - Week 9

Parents just a heads up that our next whole school assembly on Thursday 28th March will be led by the students of 5B. Parents and relatives of the students in 5B are most welcome to join us in the audience at the rear of the hall.

School Disco

Save the date - The P&C run school disco is scheduled to take place in Week 10 on Thursday 4th April. Information notes will be sent home very soon containing all the details you will need. 

Athletics Carnival

The annual school Athletics Carnival is scheduled to take place at the Hunter Sports Centre, Glendale this Thursday 21st March. The carnival is for all students K-6 with competitive events for students 8 years and older and a range of events and novelties organised by the K-2 staff for our younger students. Please note: 8 year olds who are in Year 2 will be able to compete in the competitive 100m running event at the carnival, but will then join their peers for the K-2 novelties events. Only the 100m is a specific age race, all other events fall into the junior category which means the 8 year olds compete against 9 and 10 year olds.

 The Hunter Sports Centre at Glendale is an all-weather athletics track. In the event of inclement weather the carnival will proceed, however students’ safety is always our priority, if there is a risk to student safety please check the Skoolbag app on the day of the carnival for an update on whether the carnival will proceed as planned. Please note: pre-qualification for the finals of some events, such as high jump, is being conducted at school leading up to the carnival. 

P & C Easter Raffle

It is time for the annual Easter raffle. YAY!!!
The raffle works like this - Parents and carers donate Easter eggs, baskets and Easter related items. They can be brought to the office, and they are made into lovely prizes for the Easter Raffle. Please bring your donations to the office by Friday 5th April.
We sent home raffle tickets yesterday which are 50 cents a ticket, and are in books of 10.  Please return your tickets and money to the school no later than Tuesday 9th April.
The prizes will be drawn at assembly on Thursday 11th April.  We will send out a flyer later this week asking for volunteers to help with wrapping. 

Student Banking

School Banking is a fun and engaging way for young Australians to learn about money and develop good savings habits.  

Run through participating primary schools nationally, children who deposit money into their Youthsaver account through the program earn Dollarmites tokens which they can redeem for exciting rewards. 

Our school banking day is Monday, just bring your Dollomite banking book to the office each Monday morning with your deposit filled out and money included and we will bank your child's money each week.

Canteen Roster

Wednesday 20th March - Deb, Jade Delaney

Thursday 21st March - Athletics Carnival NO CANTEEN

Friday 22nd March - Deb, Nicole Slater, Jaimie Bartlett, Mandy O'Donoghue

Monday 25th March - Barb, Jessica Woodford, Marcella McTurk

Tuesday 26th March - Barb, Kirsty Stewart, Sarah Scudds

Upcoming Events

Thursday 21st March - Annual Athletics Carnival at Glendale Athletics Track for the whole school

Thursday 4th April - P & C Disco night

Friday 5th April - School Cross Country at Lambton Park for all Years 3-6 and any 8 year olds that enjoy running

Friday 12th April - Last day of Term

Tuesday 30th April - Term 2 Student return