St Bishoy- Imagine

November 2019

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Staff and Students of St Bishoy,

As we now approach the end of the year, it is time to reflect on the accomplishments that we have achieved in 2019 with a reflective and critical eye.

2019 certainly has been a busy year, as the College has met further milestones in consolidating sound academic literacy results in both the primary and secondary College. Strengths in numerical programming continues and with planned upgrades to our technology infrastructure, we see this only continuing.

As we approach the end of the Higher School Examinations, I am sure that you join me in praying for the academic success of our Year 12 students.

We are blessed at St Bishoy with a zealous and committed parent body that works hand in hand with staff to ensure the best interests of our students. Parents and students are blessed with an amazing staff team that genuinely cares for the social and academic well-being of our students- with no job too big or too small, and parents and staff are blessed with students that genuinely want to achieve and to better themselves.

I am proud to be a member of the St Bishoy community and as we approach the end of the year and the celebration of salvation in the birth of Christ Jesus, wish you all individually, a joyous and blessed Christmas and New Year.

Important Dates

Tuesday 19th Nov- 2020 Kindergarten Orientation 1

Tuesday 26th Nov- 2020 Kindergarten Orientation 2

Thursday 28th Nov- Primary SBC's Got Talent

Wednesday 4th Dec- Last Day of Term 4


Primary Debate

A debate was held this month about the topic of technology. Both the affirmative and opposition posed great arguments. Congratulations to both teams for putting in so much effort and a huge thank you to the teachers who organised the debate session. The affirmative won the debate.

God bless!

Congratulations to the Debate Teams!

Gold Achievers

Congratulations to Adriana Khalil and Salina Mekonnen for achieving the Gold level achievement. 

Year 7 TAS Sustainable Textiles

Year 5 and 6 Camp

Yr 10 "Girls in Science" Excursion

Year 12 PDHPE

Year 12 PDHPE students went on a 14km bush walk from Spitt Bridge to Manly Beach. The boys used this opportunity to explore the effects of exercise on the body. 

2020 SRC

Mathematics Competition

Congratulations to all the Mathematics Competition achievers. It was great to see so many students participate in the competition. 

Year 1 and 2 Elizabeth Farm Excursion

Year 6 Graduation

Year 12 Formal

Year 12 students had their Year 12 Formal at Fairfield, Paradisio. It was lovely to have their teachers, parents and friends celebrate this event together with the students.

The students had a great time, sharing a meal together, having photos taken at the photo booth and socialising. The students presented the teachers with a gift and the students each received a graduation photo.

St Bishoy College would like to congratulate each Year 12 student for all their hard work and service to the College. May God bless them and guide them all throughout their lives. God bless!

Kindergarten Orientation

Year 7 Drama Class Puppet Show

Year 9 Geography Excursion

Primary Christmas Assembly

Presentation Day 2019

Primary Alcoves

Thank you to the High School students who had the Primary alcoves painted. God bless!