St Andrew's Primary Marayong Newsletter

2020 Term 1 Week 8 19th March

From the Principal - Mrs Baird

This week I sent out a letter outlining all the events from now until the end of the term that have been cancelled. I have copied this information below so all parents can access this information. 

Over the weekend the Morrison Government has implemented further restrictions to hopefully restrict the spread of COVID-19. 

 As  a community, and especially at this important time of the Liturgical year, we had planned to hold many celebrations.  Unfortunately due to advice from NSW Health, the following events have been cancelled or postponed.


Harmony Day as per advertised. – INSTEAD - Children are invited to attend school in their cultural outfits or in the color orange. The children will experience activities in class to promote the spirit of Harmony Day.

Kindergarten Parents Welcoming Afternoon Tea 3rd April

Whole school Stations of the Cross 9th April

School Discos in Week 10

Grade Mass/ Reconciliation


Our Monday morning assemblies will be organised differently.

As of next Monday, all children will line as per usual , except the children who have been selected as student of the week. They will come to the office area.  Parents are invited to stay in the COLA area as our assembly will be broadcast over the PA system.  Students of the week will announce what they received their award for over the main PA system.  Parents then have an opportunity to take photos with the Principal.  

Afternoon pick up: Parents can collect children from their classroom. This will be the same as wet / extreme weather once the bell rings.

Friday Whole School Assembly, 27th March

This will also be cancelled. We will hold a short assembly similar to our Monday morning assembly  at 2.30 pm, where the children will have their name called over the school PA to celebrate their achievements.  Parents of children receiving awards are asked to wait in the COLA area where photos can be taken.


Open Days on the 19th and 26th of March

Cross Country trials

Sick  children:  If possible, we ask that children who present with a cold or cold like symptoms, especially a fever, stay at home until they feel well.  This is just good infection control procedures.

Holiday break adventures:  We ask parents to please follow guidelines set by NSW Health regarding overseas  travel. If parents and families intend to travel during the break then the expectation is that you self isolate for the 14 day period on your return.  Please inform the Principal if this is the case.

Parish Masses:  Children attending daily Parish Mass are cancelled until further notice.

Holy Week events in the Parish: These events are currently under review.  Further information will be forwarded to you in the coming days.

SayWat- youth program in the parish- this also has been cancelled until further notice.


I thank parents for understanding the stresses that all schools and communities are under at the moment.  We are working solidly to ensure all advice is actioned ASAP and that we make changes to the way we work when needed. Most changes can be managed very quickly, however some require more thought to ensure the safety of all community members.  I thank you in advance for your support in allowing us to make the right changes for our students and families. 

There has been a lot of talk about schools closing and what this means for our students. 

The staff have been strategically thinking about how we can still continue the learning in a virtual way to try and minimise the disruption to the learning cycle for our children.  I am confident that the learning would not be as rigorous as what they would receive face to face but considering the situation, we will attempt to support the children as best we can.  Now in saying that, St Andrew’s Primary School is open and we continue to engage the children in their learning and enjoy our community and the gifts they bring each day to make this a very rich place of learning.  The decision to close the school will be directed by the Chief Medical Officer if needed. My message to the community is that we are working on trying to maintain the learning for the children if they are at home but until that occurs the learning and safety of all members of our community is our priority. 

If you are not already I encourage all parents to please sign up to the Skool Bag app. 

App Store (iOS) for Apple Iphone and Ipad

App Store

Play Store for Andriod 


Any urgent communication will be delivered via this platform. 

The children have been very diligent  in continuing good hygiene practices. I thank the parents who have kept their children at home if they have felt unwell. This will support the safety of all community members.  

I sincerely wish to thank all our community for the support and understanding during this time.  Our goal has always been to build a loving and Christ centered community and it is times like this ,  the community works together to ensure that we continue to flourish.  

Office News

School Fees are now due, if you have paid, thank you, if not, would you please arrange payment as soon as possible or contact Reshma for further details.

2021 Enrolment forms are now available from the school office. 

As the cooler weather approaches can we please ask parents to have a spare set of clothing in your children's bag just in case of an accident.

Parent Calendar

Student Of The Week Term 1 Week 6 & 7

Kindergarten Students

  • Sophia Dawson
  • Joshua Sun
  • Aarav Rawat
  • Anton Bauskis
  • Name Withheld
  • Annika Malaviya
  • Gabrielle Lanosga
  • Ava Axiak

Year 1 Students

  • Thomas Yuan
  • Macy Lingad
  • Allan Futialo
  • Phoebe Andrew
  • Lucia Ballena Gomez
  • Natalia Hanna

Year 2 Students

  • Aarika Yashik
  • Annabelle Demian
  • Suraj Patel
  • Ruby Gater
  • Sylvia Kunwar
  • Marcella Arshillo

Year 3 Students

  • Mark Hourigan
  • Christopher Asiegbu
  • Jamia Zapanta
  • James Pisansarakit
  • Avika Chaturvedi
  • Erin Ankrett

Year 4 Students

  • Angeline Rentoy
  • Haylee Marks
  • Jasper Brignell
  • Miriam Bols
  • Jarryrd Pasinos
  • Chloe Mates

Year 5 Students

  • Saige Prats
  • Keanna Guerrero
  • Francis Fornah
  • Name Withheld
  • Jasmine Cubillo
  • Keshav Sharma

Year 6 Students

  • James Ilagan
  • Alexis Bigeni
  • Robson Carrier
  • Hayden Bilbie
  • Michael Kerry
  • Heidi Kam

This Week's News Update

Upcoming Events

Coming up

    • Harmony Day
    • Easter Raffle

    See the school calendar for more information.

    Parents & Friends News Update

    A letter from the P&F Association president:

     The Parents and Friends association is the perfect opportunity to network, build friendships and get involved in the school. It is a great way to show children the importance of creating friendships and developing school spirit by working together.

    Why do we volunteer:  for me it’s about demonstrating to her that I value her school and the community and this is one way I can show her this. We are role models for our children so what better way to display the school values and mission.

    It’s not about helping at every event or attending every meeting, If you can only dedicate 1 hour over the whole year or dedicate more, any help will be greatly appreciated, as EVERY PAIR OF HANDS COUNTS.

    I would like to think that myself, like the rest of the committee are very approachable so if you see us in the playground or you are curious about how you can help or want to know more about what we do, come have a chat or reach out to us.

    Looking forward to the year ahead.

    Angela Hickey


    St Andrew's Primary School Marayong

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