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2019 Term 4 Week 8 - 5th December 2019

Message from the Principal - Mrs Baird

Dear Friends,

 As   I sat at my desk writing this last newsletter for the year , I reflected on what I was going to say this year to the community to capture the kind of year we have lived in 2019.  As I wrote, many students who visited the sick bay or were in the office for different reasons would come in and say, “Hi Mrs Baird, how are you today?”, “Are you having a good day today?”.  

I realised that the message I need to send to our community is simple- Our children are true gifts from God.  Each child has played a significant role in our school and has contributed to the loving community at St Andrew’s.  Our children are the reason that we are here. The reason that we put so much time and effort into the learning agenda, and building a rich Catholic school community. 

 Our school mantra- Growth in Christ, has really rung true this year.  Our students have worked towards understanding what is means to be a learner, what it looks like, feels like and sounds like. Although learning is important, how we use what we have learned is the true sense of change and transformation in living the mission of Christ.  A question I ask myself regularly is, - How have I changed my world by living as people of God? A question I wish our children to think about during and after every interaction they have.

I wish to congratulate the students for being Jesus like in all they do and say.  The happy faces I see each day is the motivation we all need to do our work even better. 

 There are many things that happen behind the scenes at a school to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.  I wish to sincerely thank our administrative staff Mrs KIng, Mrs Camilleri, Mrs Muscat , Mrs Kerai and Mrs Inglis for being the face of our school.  The work they do each day is so important and they always do it with such enthusiasm and dedication. God bless you all.  

Teaching is a very hard job.  It takes hours of planning and hard thinking to ensure the teachers are able to cater for all the different learning needs at St Andrew’s.  Our teachers are highly gifted and I am so blessed to work with such great faith filled people. The success we have both intellectually and spiritually is due to their constant strive to do things better for the children in our care. I am truly blessed to have so many dedicated and compassionate people at St Andrew’s and I am looking forward to experiencing another great year in 2020. 

I am the Principal at St Andrew’s, but I certainly do not run this school on my own.  I wish to sincerely thank the school executive, Ms McDonald, Mrs Whiticker, Mrs Brewer, Mr Haynes Miss Figuero and Mrs Ross for their expertise and total commitment to this school.  A great team and a great result this year. I wish to single out Ms McDonald for her guidance and support this year. I have been truly blessed to work with such a talented and dedicated educator.  

Our teachers also have special helpers, Mrs Sharp, Mrs Duncombe , Mrs Antony and Mrs Rush, who go out of their way to ensure the teachers and students are supported. No task is ever too much for these ladies and the dedication they give in supporting the children is second to none.   

There is a very special person on staff who is a real quiet achiever.  He works tirelessly for our community.  Mr Mario is so dedicated to this school and to our families.  We thank him sincerely for all he does each day to keep our school safe and clean.

Monsignor Ron is a true gift from God.  I am blessed to be working with him and I have learned so much from his ability to lead a faith community. Monsignor Ron has worked very closely with our school this year and we have been richer for it.  I also with to sincerely thank Fr Luis and Fr Flor who also give so freely of their time to our school. It has been a real pleasure working alongside our esteemed clergy this year and I look forward to continuing to build our relationship and community next year. 

This time of the year is always filled with mixed emotions as we come to that moment that we need to  farewell our dear friends, teachers and students.

I would like to start with our beautiful Year 6 students.  You have all really stepped up to the mark as school leaders.  It has been a pleasure to see you grow and mature. The schools that you will be attending next year are really privileged to have you. 

If I can just borrow some very special words that we use in Mass – go forth to love and serve the Lord.  Being at St Andrew’s, love and service are two actions that I hope have filled your hearts and head and that as you leave, you know what it means to love one another and the importance of service to our community and our world.  Year 6 please go in peace to love and serve the Lord. 

I sincerely wish to thank the parents for their continued support and trust.  Our school is only as good as the parents who support it. We are so blessed to have you here with us and the children are such angels because of you .  You are their first teachers and we support you in this role for 7 short years. Together we are an awesome team. 

I wish to thank the Parents and Friends Committee for all their hard work in supporting our school. As always they have done an amazing job in fundraising for vital resources for our children.  I look forward to another year of friendship and support in 2020.

This year we have celebrated many births.  Mrs Krazinski and Mrs Sultana, and we have wished them God’s blessing as they enjoy the blessings of their new born baby.

Mrs Ross will be taking a years leave in 2020, but she will be back in 2021 refreshed and renewed to tackle the great learning at St Andrew’s. We wish you a safe and relaxing year and we look forward to the stories you will share with us of your adventures next year. God bless and be safe. 

  We also farewell, Mrs Magno as she awaits the birth of her  baby. We will miss her greatly next year, but I am sure we will see her again  in the near future. May God be with you always and we can not wait to hear the news next year when your bundle of joy is in your arms and your new family life begins.

Mrs Antony has only been with us for a very short time but she has really made an impact on the school. Mrs Antony has supported the students and teachers with such compassion and care. She will be missed by all. We say goodbye to you with love and peace in our hearts. 

Mrs Paluzzano is truly inspirational.  When I first began at St Andrew’s this year, Mrs Paluzzano greeted me with such a warm and welcoming smile. Mrs Paluzzano not only shines from the outside but also from within.  She has been sharing her gifts with many children and she is absolutely selfless in the time and energy she gives to her students and the school community. Mrs Paluzzano is now ready for a change of lifestyle,  one with beaches, sand, travel, family and hobbies. Mrs Paluzzano you really have made a mark on St Andrew’s. Your time here will never be forgotten and on behalf of your school family we wish you peace, happiness, joy and abundant love as you journey forth to new and amazing experiences.  

Lastly, I wish to acknowledge a very special man, Mr John Penny. Mr Penny has been our School Counsellor for many years. He is not only a real gentleman with a compassionate spirit and a highly intelligent thinker, but he has a gift for supporting and strengthening the lives of our students and teachers.   You will be missed at St Andrew’s Mr Penny. God Bless you Sir and may God keep you are your beautiful family in the palm of his hands.   

Live in peace and faith

Mrs Baird 

Fundraising Disco

It’s our last fundraiser for the year. 

Our P&F disco fundraising has been a great success. The children have enjoyed the social aspect of dancing and talking with their peers in this fun setting. I wish to sincerely thank the many parents who assisted with the packing of gifts bags for every disco.  I also wish to sincerely thank the teachers for the engagement and enthusiasm displayed so freely at these events. This is a great example of community and relationship building. 

Executive Planning Days

This week the school executive have been busy planning our learning agenda for 2020.  The year ahead is filled with explicit strategic planning geared to improving student learning and building each learner via our learning dispositions. Next year we will begin to consolidate the great work that has happened this year and build upon the skills to continue to raise standards and learning expectations. 

Christmas Concert

I wish to sincerely thank the parents for supporting such a very special night. This time of the year is always filled with love and emotion.  The children performed their songs so beautifully and the atmosphere was reverent and hope filled as we await the birth of Jesus.  

Principal Awards/ Parent Helpers Morning Tea

Just a reminder that we will be congratulating many students on Friday the 13th of December at our Principal’s Awards celebration. Following the awards we have invited our parent helpers to join us for a morning tea to say a BIG thank you for all your additional support and dedication to our great school.

Rewards Day for Year 6

To say a jolly big thank you to our Year 6 students for the great work and achievements over the past 7 years at St Andrew’s, the team will be going out on Tuesday the 17th for a fun day.  I am sure they will have an awesome time. 

Our student leaders will be  going on a special outing with Myself and Ms McDonald. We will be 10 pin bowling on Thursday the 12th of December.  A very well earned excursion. 

School Student Leaders

I wish  to congratulate our student Council leaders for 2020:-

CAPTAINS :-  Jacob Parnis and Nikki Gasendo

STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM :- Deng Malok Deng, Sean Healy, Krish Taneja,Claire Giffney, Monica Luong and Alexis Bigeni.

The Newly elected Student Council was inducted at our St Andrew’s Day Mass last week. 

School Student Leaders 2020

Parent Calendar 2019

Student Of The Week Term 4 Week 6 & 7

Kindergarten Students

  • Taylah R
  • Nathan H
  • Kanav P
  • Keon S
  • Lucas A
  • Elise C
  • Aiden F
  • Thomas Y

Year 1 Students

  • Liam I
  • Patrick R
  • Jinal K
  • Ethan M
  • Cayzer G
  • Irima M
  • Sofia C
  • Jana D

Year 2 Students

  • Ella M
  • Nelisha A
  • Sean W
  • Aaditveer S
  • Jasmine M
  • Tiya R

Year 3 Students

  • Miriam B
  • Emmanuel L
  • Hayden S
  • Chloe M
  • Synthia R
  • Nathan D

Year 4 Students

  • Shaun C
  • Keanna G
  • Jayden S
  • Anthony C
  • Aryan S
  • Isaac C

Year 5 Students

  • Heidi K
  • Darcy C
  • Name Withheld
  • Name Withheld
  • Name Withheld
  • Katelyn W

Year 6 Students

  • Stiffen B
  • Yar L
  • Elyscia B
  • Ada D
  • Gauri P
  • Dwight F

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Summer Reading Challenge

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Parent Helpers' Morning Tea

Important Announcements/News Updates

School Fees 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find below the Fee Increase Schedule for 2020.

A detailed breakdown of the Fee Structure including our School Based Fees will be sent home with the children in the New Year.

Mrs Yalda's Bookshop

Mrs Yalda’s Bookshop - Pre loved Books

Thank you to everyone who donated books this year to “ Mrs Yalda’s Bookshop.” What started off many years ago as a way to make sure all children at St Andrew’s owned a book has expanded into a celebration of literacy. It is wonderful to see the children proudly donating their preloved books to the bookshop and children sharing books on the playground.

We will be continuing our bookshop in 2020.

Over the holiday break when you are busy cleaning out your bookshelves  just remember we would love any of your preloved books. We take picture books, story books, novels, comics, information books, kid’s magazines etc.

Please make sure the books are in good condition - no tears or scribbles and are appropriate for 5 - 12 year olds. 

Can you please send the books in a plastic bag labelled : Attention MRS YALDA 

Wishing you a very happy and safe Christmas, full of hours of holiday reading.

Merry Christmas

Angelina Yalda


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