Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

2nd July, 2020

From the Leadership Team

End of Term 2

As we come to the end of Term 2, it goes without saying that every member of our school community has been affected by the events of terms 1 and 2. The demands and pressures that were suddenly placed on each of us as a result of COVID-19 were extraordinary and indeed unprecedented (this word definitely sums it up). Physical distancing and zoom/teams meetings have become our 'new normal'.

It is a credit to every member of our staff for how the way that they kept our school safe, managed to undertake new learning platforms and deliver learning at home as well as at school learning strategies, navigated the regular shifting of ‘restrictions and rules’ for dealing with the changes and at the same time demonstrated our school value of commitment, being present each day for the students in their care. Although during this time, there were times of frustration, anxiety, and deep worry about the well-being of their own loved ones,  in true Dernancourt style, our staff soldiered on and presented each day at their workplace with smiles on their faces.

We are also acutely aware that the past few months have taken its toll on families who have lost their jobs, have been unable to physically see their extended family members and have had to suddenly undertake home schooling which was thrust upon them without much warning.

We are extremely proud of the way that our students have managed and responded to all of the changes. They have demonstrated resilience and the ability to adapt to the change.

We would like to thank you all once again for the  way you have  worked with us, as we navigated our way forward together,  through all of the uncertainty and change. We hope that over the next two weeks, all students and their families have the opportunity to stop and recharge themselves in readiness for Terms 3 & 4.

2020 Calendar Changes

As we mentioned in our last newsletter we are working towards a new calendar of events for terms 3 and 4. We are just unable to fit it all in and unfortunately some things will have to be postponed until 2021. Our students have told us that the event that they do not want to lose is Sports Day, the good news is that this has been scheduled for Term 4 2020. More information will be available next term. An initial planner is included below. 

Mid Year Reports

Yesterday your child should have come home with his/her Mid Year Report. We hope that you have had the opportunity to read the report with your child, discuss and reflect on their learning so far this year and celebrate their achievements, it has been a year of new learning or us all.

We would like to remind you that next term we offer parent teacher discussions to allow families to ask questions and discuss mid year reports further. Details on booking times will be available next term.

Parents are welcome to make contact with teachers at anytime to discuss their child please book appointments with teachers via class communication platforms, teacher email or through the front office.

Contact Details

We would like to ensure that all members of our community are kept up to date with the changes and ask again that you ensure we have your current email, phone numbers and address in the event that we need to contact you.

This can be done via our Skoolbag app.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge:

J7   Tai-Reece, Elise, Alex, Sina, Hujat, Chayce, Joel, Corbin 

P3   Riley

P5   Ellie

P6   Saiman, Alex, Bableen

P8   Jaxen, Marcus, Jorawar, Jaskirt, Nishka, Cooper, Cecilia, Koen, Grace, Chelsea

P10  James, Matthew, Jason, Radin, Sihang, Kota, Harrison

P11  Martin, Tanvi, Lucas, Oscar, Emma, Rayhan

P12  Sky, Nitya, Riley, Aadil

P14  Reikaya

Assembly Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received an Assembly Award this week.

P2    Sujan

P3    Inayah

P4    Luke

P5    Mahyala

P6    Amelia, Alex

P8    Paige

P10  Jason

P11  Emma

P12   Jack & Isabelle


J2      Grace D

J3       Zac

J4       Taylor

J5       Lynton

J6       Javish 

J7       Joel

Crossing Monitors

WEEK 10 - Emma (P5), Paige (P8), Larissa (P14)

Term 3

Week 1 - TBA - A Skoolbag notification will be sent out notifying students on

                 Week 1, Term 3 Traffic Duties.

SRC News

Working Bee

On Wednesday 24th June (week 9) our SRC and Eco-Warriors worked together with Kellie, Anita and Greg to replace the mulch, soft fall sand and stones in the Japanese Garden. They also participated in the planting of 40 new trees along the perimeter of our school oval.

This was an exciting opportunity for our pro-active students, who are always exploring new ways to improve our school and who regularly express their desire to participate in hands on activities.

Casual Day Tomorrow - Friday 3rd July


Canteen News

Uniform Shop News

Uniform Shop News - Term 3

Term 3 Uniform shop News


Monday 2:45pm-3:45pm

Friday 8:30-9:30am

With the easing of some of the COVID-19 restrictions we are excited to return opening the Uniform shop 2 days a week!

However with some restrictions still in place the uniform shop is by appointment only in those times. You can book your appointment through School interviews or by emailing Michelle at

If you know what you want, place an online order at, list your child’s name and class in notes and it will be delivered to the classroom during the shops open hours.




Early childhood services and immunisation requirements

Family Zone News

Nature Play SA