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Term Three Week 7 | Wednesday September 4, 2019

From the Principal

My heartfelt congratulations to all the boys and staff for last night's performance. What a huge success and a great way for everyone to tread the boards! They say a picture paints a thousand words so I will say no more and let the great show photos taken by Darren White do the talking for me!

Kind regards

John Dicks


Meanwhile backstage ..................

Quote of the Week

“ Music will show you what to do with your life. It is necessary to know facts, but music will enable you to see past facts to the very essence of things in a way which science cannot do. The arts are the means by which we can look through the magic casements and see what lies beyond.”

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Important Dates

Mandarin Lessons (optional) Monday afternoons from 3-4pm

Jersey Day Thursday September 5

QUAD Athletics (SQUAD only) Friday September 6

Kindergarten Assembly Monday September 9

Year 5 & 6 Country Tour Tuesday September 10 - Friday September 13 NOTES DUE

School Photos Tuesday September 17 - order online now

P&F Annual Fundraiser Saturday September 21 BUY TICKETS HERE

Last day Term 3 Friday September 27

First Day Term 4 Tuesday October 15

Speech Morning  Friday  December 6


Jersey Day Thursday, September 5

On Thursday 5th September, boys and teachers will be wearing their favourite sporting jersey to school to show our support for the DONATE LIFE network, promoting awareness and beginning the conversation about Tissue and Organ Donation.

Jersey Day has been inspired by the story of Nathan Gremmo, who was tragically lost in an accident in May 2015. Nathan’s family chose to give the gift of life to others to honour the legacy of Nathan’s generous personality.

This campaign is all about raising awareness – there is no requirement to raise funds. I’m looking forward to seeing all boys and teachers in their favourite sporting jersey.

House Points

1st   Storey

2nd  McKeown

3rd   Nimmo

Class Captains

Kindergarten     Stephen Chen

Year 1                  Joshua Prazan

Year 2                  Hugo Doble

Year 3                  Dylan Crewe

Year 4                  Gabriel Joseph

Year 5                  Luc Jurgens

Year 6                  Arran Storie

Class Points

Kindergarten       1279

Year 1                   1895

Year 2                    1551

Year 3                    1324

Year 4                    1551

Year 5                     1441

Year 6                      655

Primary Raffle WInners

Year 3      Rugby Mangan

Year 4     Tyler Fieding

Year 5     Brooklyn Lagos

Year 6      Campbell Hathaway 

Infants' STARS of the Week

Kindergarten     Jamie Stergoulis

Year 1                 Enzo Hui

Year 2                 Aiden Kim

Bronze Certificates

Billy Lagos             Year 5

Luc Jurgens           Year 5

Freddie Sharpe    Year 5

Enzo Hui                Year 1

Ethan Storie          Year 1

Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)

A total of 44 boys have now finished their reading challenge which is now closed.

Congratulations to the following boys who have recently finished.

George Young in Year 1

Ethan Zorbas in Year 2

Brooklyn Lagos in Year 5

Aidan Zorbas in Year 6 

All boys who completed the Challenge will receive a Premier’s Certificate at Speech Day

Email Ms Gershon on

School Photos are ordered online

Please do not send in the envelopes for orders. All photo orders are to be done online, using our code – LN1 VAT 1HB when you log onto

Sibling photos and sport and extra-curricular photos can be pre-ordered this year which means you will only need to logon once to the website. 

More details about photo day will be sent out this week. 

Spanish – Languagenut

Teachers have distributed the boys’ logins and passwords for Languagenut so they can logon and practise their Spanish at home


My name is Leo Jreige and I am the Debating Captain for 2019. Over term 2 and 3, selected boys from Year 6 were chosen to debate against other schools in the IPSHA competition.

For those who don’t know, a debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic. In a debate, opposing arguments are prepared by each side, and then speeches are made where everyone states why their debating points are correct.

On each team, there is a 1st speaker, a 2nd speaker, a 3rd speaker, and a 4th speaker. The 4th speaker, does not speak, but is responsible for writing rebuttals for the other speakers throughout the debate. Each speaker has a maximum of 3 minutes and 30 seconds to deliver their case and state their rebuttal. Each school is represented by two teams, an affirmative and a negative, who debate against their opposition.

Last week on Friday, we had our last debate against Kincoppal. In all, Coogee Prep had 6 debates, competing against schools such as Kambala (twice), Waverly, Moriah and Kincoppal. We even debated against ourselves one week.

In every round we were very even against our opposing school and we tied most of the rounds. Each debate was more exciting than the last as the experience got better and better.

As well as improving your public speaking, debating allows you to meet so many new people, people that you might even make friends with!

Throughout the year, many Year 6 boys have grown to overcome their fears such as public speaking, being embarrassed in front of a crowd, trying to come up with a wide range of opinions on certain topics as well as writing persuasive arguments in a short space of time. Even though many of us could improve on our eye-contact or speaking in a louder or clearer voice, everyone did an outstanding job!

So, I’d like to thank the debating team for participating this season!

In addition, I would like to thank Mr Davis for guiding us in our speeches and for helping us to learn and achieve higher than we ever thought we would! Also, thank you Mr Dicks for adjudicating our last debate!

Debating is an excellent skill to have. It improves your confidence and makes you think outside the box. I hope lots of boys take up this activity in the future! Thank you.

Leo Jreige

Debating Captain, 2019

Calmsley Farm adventure for Kindergarten

On Friday last week Kindergarten travelled to Calmsley Hill Farm in Abbotsbury for an excursion. We had a fantastic time holding baby animals, feeding the very hungry goats and milking Maggie the cow! We even got to watch the working farm dogs rounding up sheep, and a sheep being shorn. Our Geography lessons this Term have been about special farms in Australia, how farms run and why they are useful. It was great to see a farm in action! 

Wine raffle tickets due by Monday September 9

Sports Update

IPSHA and South Harbour Report by Arron Storie Year 6

On Saturday the 24 of August at the S.O.P.A.C warm up track, coogee prep started warming up for the tough day ahead of them. It was a cool but sunny day with only a light wind. The first events of South-harbour were the field events which started at 7:45 am, with Leo Jreige, Jack Brandtman and Bodhi evans representing Coogee prep for long jump and high jump. After the field events the first track events started. The first track event was the 100m which was very successful for coogee prep as most of the boys walked away with ribbons. Next up was the 200m. With the extra 100m to sprint, boys found themselves tiring at the 100m mark. Representing the 800m was Maximo Di Blasio, Leo Jreige, Ayrton palmer, Jack brandtman, Ned Read and Josh  Capaan. For the 4 by 100m relay there was a bit of confusion on the track of what to do. Luckily in the end none of us came last.

On Monday the 26 of august was the main event, Ipsha. Everyone was feeling a little more nervous as over 20 schools were competing. In contrast to Saturday's event, it was wet and windy, which was not good for fast times. Kicking off Ipsha was the 4 by 100m relay with the field events going on in the background. The only competitor for the field events was Bodhi Evans doing long jump. Then came the individual 100m with a majority of the boys winning ribbons. 800m was a hard race but most of the boys running came a good place with Maximo Di Blasio coming third in his heat. Next up were the 200m with lots of boys also winning a lot of ribbons. In the end only Bodhi Evans made it into the next level of sprints in C.I.S for the 200m.

And they ran! IPSHA and South Harbour Carnivals

Well done Zac

Zac Sperring in Year 5 passed his Level 3 grading on the weekend for Arakan Martial Arts.  It is a great achievement and well deserved.

Joshua Prazan competes for Coogee Prep.

"We would like to wish Joshua Prazan success in their upcoming Judo Junior Sports Cup on September 15th, its the inaugural event so we hope they can bring home the cup for Coogee Boys.

Judo (meaning the gentle way) is a Japanese martial art and Olympic sport where you use your opponents momentum against them to throw them and/or pin them. It teaches kids how to defend themselves as well as valuable life skills such as confidence, discipline and fitness.

For more information check out: have a look at our Judo Kids story: "Regards,Josh RiddettJudo in Schools Administrator (volunteer)

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All non school photos are sourced from a brilliant online photo library