St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

8 May 2019

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection

"A different kind of educational funding"


A major issue in this election is school funding.  It is important.  Indeed, education is probably the most important investment we make in our nation’s future.  That said, there is a different kind of funding we need to seriously consider: time and interest.  One experienced teacher said that the two most effective things you can do for your child/ren’s education is to read to them and to listen to their reading.  You might say ‘That’s okay when they are little but what about when they grow older?’  The commitment is still as important. Reading to and listening to reading with little children involves both, adult and child, speaking and listening.  This is a commitment of time and attention through a neutral thing, a book, and the common experience can lead to communion.  Children love this not just because their reading improves but because we are made for communion.  Our God is a community, Father, Son and Spirit.  Being made in the image of God, the desire to be with each other is wired into our heart’s DNA.  We have a deep desire to be with each other.  As children morph into adolescents the desire is still there but we, as adults, have to be more sensitive and creative in finding a ‘neutral’ thing, a hobby or interest, where we can be in communion with our child/ren.    As we work to make connections, to find things that foster communion, we become more loving, more Godlike.  It is not only our child/ren that are transformed.  Our own hearts too are fulfilled. 


Loving God, send me the wisdom of your Spirit so that I make find the best ways to spend time and show interest in my child/ren.  Let our time together lead us into love and a richer life.  I ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb

A message from the Principal

You may recall that our (rather tired-looking and aged) lower years’ playground was removed to accommodate the building of the new administration area and additional classrooms. The P and F have very kindly agreed to make this a priority for our school this year and have anticipated that they would be able to contribute $70 000 towards a new playspace/outdoor learning area by the end of the 2019 school year. Last term, I wrote to our Director, Miss Leesa Jeffcoat and requested her consideration for some capital development financial assistance to meet the predicted shortfall. Leesa has very generously agreed to this request, much to our delight.

Not only will the proposed playspace offer our early years learners a safe place for the important business of play, but will be designed to complement the teaching and learning occurring in our Prep to Year Two classrooms. It will also assist with providing an additional area for our increasing number of enrolled students to utilise; our enrolments have nearly doubled in the last five-year period. We will incorporate the very latest research in outdoor education into the design of this area. 

High Tea - less than three days away!

We look forward to greeting our guests at our High Tea on Saturday. There is still time to donate prizes for the multi draw, purchase tickets and offer your assistance. Thank you to the many, many people who are working very hard behind the scenes this week baking, preparing, decorating and organising to make this event a success.

Tickets were sent home with every school family. These were due back to the school, sold or unsold, today. Please send these along tomorrow.

Mother's Day Stall

Mother’s Day is  this Sunday and we will be holding our Mother’s Day stall here at school, this Friday 9.00am-11.00am. Students are asked to donate a gift to the value of $5-$10. On Friday, students will visit the stall in their class groups, and purchase a gift for their mum (or other special person in their lives) from the stall for $5. This stall is organised and staffed by our parents and all proceeds go to the school. Please note, if your child wishes to purchase two gifts, they are asked to donate two gifts also. If you can offer some time to assist with the very serious business of choosing and wrapping, please contact the school office or just drop in on Friday.

Second Hand and Winter Uniforms

 We have a large number of second hand uniform items available at the moment, including some winter uniform jackets. Please pop into the office if you would like to have a look at the stock available. Kath Petrie has kindly taken on the responsibility of 'manning' the stall this year. Thank you Kath.


Inter-school Sport (Fridays) for Years 4-6

Communication was distributed on Friday containing details for Season B sport for all students in Years 4 – 6, including uniform and  equipment requirements and training details. Please contact our PE teacher, Mrs Andrea Rutherford should you have any queries.


Term Two Fees

Term Two fees will be distributed today, 8 May 2019. Please note that the due date for the payment of fees is 22 May 2019.  Please contact me should you be experiencing any difficulties in meeting your fee commitment.

Prep Enrolments 2020

 Our Prep Parent Information Session has been set for Thursday 25 July at 5.15pm. If you know of any families interested in a place at our school next year, please urge them to complete their enrolment packages as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The interview process for existing families will commence at the end of this term and we will start contacting existing families (who have completed their paperwork) in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson.

From the APRE

Making Jesus Real - Be a giver not a taker

Givers are people who make purposeful actions to serve or help others without expecting anything in return.  These actions can be small and include a simple offering such as, how can I help?

Givers are happy people. Mary Mackillop, inspired by the teachings of Jesus, was a giver and quoted as saying “Find happiness in making others happy”.

Click the link to see student reflections on ways they can be  givers!

Prayer Assembly

Please join both Prep Classes, Mrs McKenzie and Miss Murphy as as they lead prayer this Friday in the Undercover Area at 8.35 am.  Prayer will focus on celebrating Mothers.

Year One will lead a Prayer Celebration on Friday 17 May at 8.35 am.  Prayer will focus on what it means to be a WEST person (Welcoming, Encouraging, Sorry & Thankful).

Confirmation Preparation Afternoon

A reminder that on Saturday 11 May a Confirmation workshop will be held from 2.00 pm- 4.00 pm at the Kevin Castles Centre for families to attend in preparation for the Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Please also add these dates to your diary:

18 May St Joseph's Cathedral 2pm to 3pm Family Practise for Confirmation

19 May St Joseph's Cathedral 9.30am Mass Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation

Easter to Pentecost

Easter to Pentecost

Easter to Pentecost begins on Easter Sunday and continues for 50 days.  During this time we are invited to reflect on the risen Christ as we deepen our understanding and love of our faith.  To access the resources visit –  

Children's Liturgy of the Word

A reminder that Children’s Liturgy is held most Sundays at St Joseph’s Cathedral at 9.30am during the school term.   Please click on the link to access Mass times.

With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr.

From the APC


NAPLAN will take place next week 14 - 16 May for students in years 3 and 5.   This video provides additional information.  Preparing for NAPLAN happens in classrooms.  Teachers are ensuring students are familiar with the types of questions they may encounter in the assessment.  St Joseph's Wandal does not require parents to use commercial products to help your child prepare for the assessments.  The best preparation for NAPLAN includes:

  • ensuring your child gets adequate sleep
  • making sure they have a variety of healthy foods for lunches and snacks;  this may include extra snacks for test days
  • encouraging all students to do the best they can on the day
  • discussing with your child that it is natural and normal to feel some nerves, but ensuring that the students are not feeling too much pressure

Testing at St Joseph's Wandal will take place on 14 - 16 May.  There is the potential for catch up tests to take place after those dates, but this is not encouraged.  The best testing environment for your child to take these tests in is the classroom.  Please ensure children are at school by 8:30 a.m. and please do not schedule appointments during those days. 

Please check previous newsletters for additional information.

Factsheet for parents and caregivers.

Internet Safe Education - Parent Session 21 May

Internet Safe Education also provides a community where parents, carers and those interested in the health, safety and well-being of children in an online environment can access the most credible, up to date resources available worldwide. Our simple yet powerful advice will have a positive impact on how your family lives within the digital world.

The Internet Safe Education speakers will visit our school to provide student, staff and parent sessions on Tuesday 21 May. This has been generously funded by our P and F. We are hoping that the parent session (to commence at 5.15pm) will be strongly supported by our school parents.

For further information please visit

Weekly Awards

Congratulations to our Award Winners. Follow this link for details 

Eisteddfod News

Year Three and Four Novelty Choirs

Students in Years Three and Four will be competing in the local eisteddfod in novelty choir sections.  

Year Three will be competing in the P to 3 choir section on 20 May at 1:30 p.m. 

The students will need to wear beach gear (not swimwear) - board shorts, sarongs, snorkels etc.

Year Four will be competing in the 4 to 6 section on 22 May at 10:00 a.m.  The students will need to wear something that gives the impression that they are a musician - something formal as a classical musician, or something punk, or rock inspired.  It is up to (you) and your child.

Students can come to school ready for the performance, and do not need to change upon our return, unless they wish to.  Students will travel to and from the Pilbeam Theatre by bus.

Calendar Dates

Please follow this link for term dates.

National Road Safety Week




News from our OSHC (Outside School Hours Care)

A couple of reminders and information updates for families about OSHC:

-          A reminder that when booking and cancelling your child from OSHC, this is a process required to be carried out in writing through either a text to the service on 0429 316 543 or an email to

-          Please be advised that our cancellation process is changing at OSHC. Currently, when cancelling your child from OSHC with no fees applied, notice is required to OSHC staff by no later than 6pm the working day before your child is due to attend OSHC. As of Monday the 26th of May 2019, written notice will be required to OSHC staff by no later than 12pm the working day before your child is due to attend. This is due to our increase in numbers and to allow for staffing arrangements to be organised according to the number of children attending the service.

-          Due to the OSHC rebate system changing (CCS), child enrolments are now ceased after eight weeks of non-attendance. This is nothing to worry about as this is easily able to be updated again in the system. When this occurs, you will however, need to ensure you log back into your MyGov account and re-confirm your child’s enrolment at the service. This will then ensure any rebate that you are entitled to is accounted for in your fees.


If you have any questions or concerns with any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.

 Hailey Svensen

OSHC Coordinator

Invitation to all Year 1 parents and grandparents

On Tuesday 21st May at 9am-10am, we will be holding a ‘sewing workshop’ in the Year 1 classes. During this time, parents or family members will be working with small groups of Year 1 students to assist them with simple sewing tasks such as threading a needle, hand sewing a simple line of stitching and how to tie off thread when finished. Please RSVP to Mrs Egan or Miss McDonald at your earliest convenience to assist in working out group numbers. 

Sporting News

Congratulations to all Prep to Year 2 students who participated in mini sprints and relays during their PE lesson on Tuesday. All students should be very proud of their efforts and the sportsmanship they displayed towards their peers. 

 Good luck to our students competing in the District Athletics Carnival at Emmaus College today and tomorrow. We look forward cheering you on and hearing about the fun you have had, representing our school.

Over the next four weeks, Shaun Bruce, who has played 8 years in the National Basketball League and is the current point guard for the Sydney Kings, as well as the mighty Rockets, will be visiting and assisting with teaching basketball skills to all students during their normal PE lesson.  

Mrs Rutherford