Clapham Primary School

2021 Newsletter

Term 1, Week 1

WELCOME to 2021- Celebrating Clapham's 60th Year!

A warm welcome to students, parents/carers, teachers and our wider school community to the 2021 school year.  A very special welcome to our new families who have joined our school this year.  This newsletter has a lot of information and we understand that it is "information overload"!!! BUT...we hope it is very helpful for you for the start of the year.  A reminder that this enewsletter can be translated to many different languages (scroll to the bottom and select your preferred language).

This year is also a very special year as Clapham Primary turns 60!  For six decades, our school has been serving the local community. This year we are celebrating our 60th anniversary.  We will be endeavouring to celebrate the 60 years where possible, and in particular we are planning to host our Quiz Night with a sixties theme.  More info to come...

Do you have photos, memorabilia or stories from your time at Clapham? We would love to feature them in the newsletter throughout the year; please email

It’s an exciting time at Clapham as we celebrate the school’s history while looking forward to the future.  The school was officially opened in 1961 by the Minister of Education, Sir Baden Pattinson.  Did you know the school was originally built to be a high school, however in 1961 Clapham Primary began. 

We have had a fantastic start to the term and look forward to a busy and exciting term.  It is lovely to see the bright, happy and eager faces each day and hear about their many adventures during the school holidays.  Students have enjoyed connecting with friends, meeting their new teacher and developing school routines and agreements to set up a successful year of learning.  Please see newsletter article re Staff Update for further information about classroom teachers and support workers.

We warmly welcome our new Reception students and other new students and their families  in Year 1 to Year 7: Aman, Daniel, Olivia, Ruby, Charlie, Harrison, Maddie, Ellie, Nathan, Savannah, Braxton, Kaiyan, Poppy, Bonnee, Itamar, Mia, Tyson, Ismael, Skyelah, Jenson, Zoe, Layla, Jonathan, Charlie M, Charlie N, Sabian, Angus, Isaac, Blake, Charlie R, Liam, Kanav, Aaron, Ashton, Charlotte, Tilly, Yanni, Austin, Graham, Arran, and Emma.

Jodie Kingham, Principal

Clapham Primary QR Code coming - will be available on Monday 8th of February (Week 3)

Our school’s QR code will be available on the 8th of February and it is purely for COVID Tracing purposes for the SA Health Dept.  The QR code will assist visitors with “Checking in” eg for attending events, volunteering.  The QR code will replace completing a ‘Site Entry Form’, you can simply scan the QR code to ‘Check-in’. However, if you do not have the app to ‘Check-in’ you will need to manually complete the “Site Entry Form”. 

    For our record purposes we will still require visitors (as previously) to sign in using our school's register eg for meetings with the teacher, volunteering.  This register can be found just inside Front Office entry.

    Please note: The Front Office has a maximum of 3 non-staff member adults permitted at one time, please check before entering.

    Thank you to our parent volunteers

    During the school holidays we had a number of parents volunteer to water our Indigenous Garden.  Thank you so much for your support in maintaining and improving our school. A big thank you to:    Claire Taylor, Tracy Baron, Leanne Ilcesan, Darren Schutz, Tania Kemp, Anna Wawer and Lorinda Wegener. 


    Upgrades during the holidays - many pinboards installed across the school, Social Space and Canteen surface sealed and library mural/pinboards

    Restrictions to school lunchboxes in fruit fly affected areas. Information from PIRSA

    Dear Parents/Caregivers,

    Please see attached document (below) from PIRSA regarding fruit fly advice for schools. We have been asked to share this information with our school community.  The suburb of Clapham is currently in a suspension area.  If you wish to check if your suburb is in an outbreak/suspension area,  please click on the following link:  

    If in doubt or you want to better understand the rules/boundaries contact PIRSA on 1300666010 or visit

    Some further info from the Facebook page - "Primary Industries and Regions SA" may be of assistance....

    Fruit Fly Information for Schools

    Please see attached document

    We are delighted to share: Facilities Upgrades from 2016-2020 and future works to be completed in 2021-2022

    Staffing Update

    Our amazing staff have worked together collaboratively last week to set up and to prepare for a successful start to the year. We are very grateful for their dedication and effort to prepare classrooms and plan teaching and learning programs together.  It is very rewarding to work in such a great team environment.  In the first three days we have also participated in professional development in Maths Pedagogy and Visible Learning.  We look forward to sharing more with you about this learning this year.  A huge thank you to Justine Langley and Cassie Kopias for preparing and delivering the professional development sessions. Staffing for 2021.  We warmly welcome Reena Aftab and Jenna Campbell to Clapham Primary.  We welcome back Brooke Taylor and Megan Sorrell.  Please see below for class allocations for 2021.  Please also refer to picture to see information about the Leadership Team and their respective responsibilities.

    R/1 (Rm 1) - Jenna Campbell

    R/1 (Rm 4) - Annika Neuwirth

    1/2 (Rm 7) - Megan Sorrell and Linda Fasoli

    1/2 (Rm 8) - Joanna Richardson

    R-2 Special Options (Rm 17) - Bridget Dyson

    2/3 (Rm 3) - Catherine Howat

    3/4 (Rm 2) - David Tucker

    4/5 (Rm 9) - Danica Klemse

    4/5 (Rm 10) - Ben Hillier

    6/7 (Rm 14) - Megan Toy

    6/7 (Rm 16) - Brooke Taylor

    3-7 Special Options (Rm 13) - Dimi Vitagliano

    PE - Gene Lashchuk

    The Arts - Linda Fasoli

    Science - Angie Francou

    Japanese - Reena Aftab

    Support Staff:

    Sam Topperwien - Front Office

    Tracy Clifford-Clark - Finance

    Diane Burden - Front Office and Classroom support

    Laura Fraser - Pastoral Care Worker (PCW)

    Fiona Clewes - Intervention / Classroom Support

    Karen Fleming - Classroom Support

    Marie Foreman - Classroom Support

    Helen Krinas - Library and After School Sports Administration

    Harrie Thyssen - Groundsperson

    Rosary Peter - Intervention / Classroom Support

    Introducing Reena Aftab

    Konnichiwa Clapham PS Community,

    Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! (Happy New Year).

    My name is Reena Aftab and I am very excited to be joining the welcoming community of Clapham Primary School as a Japanese teacher. I’ll be teaching Japanese in Room 6 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    As someone with a passion for different cultures, I enjoy cooking food from different cuisines, travelling, walking and music.

    My journey as a Japanese teacher started at Reynella East College. Following this, I taught Japanese in a number of State and Catholic schools around SA, and I am now looking forward to working with your child/ren.

    My passion for the Japanese language and culture is reflected through my language program that is designed to be hands-on, fun-filled, and engaging for my students. I am committed to providing my students with varied learning opportunities and experiences through comprehensive immersion in the Japanese language and participation in cultural activities. As a second language educator, I ensure that my students gain an appreciation of other cultures and languages, and they are fostered to develop their international-mindedness.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the next few weeks.

    Please feel free say 'konnicihwa' when you see me around at school.

    Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    Aftab Sensei


    2021 Leadership Team and Responsibilities

    Our Leadership Team is very excited about the 2021 year.  We have been working through the holidays to continue our own learning as well as planning for the 2021 school year! 

    We were very excited to see everyone on Wednesday morning ready for their first day. Please do not hesitate to come and speak with us when you see us! 

    2021Leadership Team and Responsibilities

    In PDF Format

    Introducing our Student Leaders for 2021

    School Captains, House Captains and Eco-Leaders  for 2021, pictures below.

    Did you know that each year all students in Year 5 participate in a 10 week Young Leaders Program in Term 3.  This year our Year 4 and 5 students will participate in this program.  This program helps students to understand and develop their leadership skills and responsibilities.  After the program is completed students receive the "Role Description" for the School's Leadership Roles such as School Captain, House Captain and Eco-Leaders.  All students are encouraged to apply.  Students must submit a written application addressing the "Role Description". There is a selection process where applications are shortlisted and those shortlisted present a speech. Nominees for School Captain are also interviewed by the Principal and Deputy.  Every year we are so proud of how our students demonstrate the ethos of the Leadership Program.  We are amazed when we interview them as they are able to speak articulately when asked a variety of questions.

    Student Leaders for 2021

    Term 1 Planner

    Term 1 Planner for 2021.  Please note this can also be found on Skoolbag/Newsletters/Term Planners/Term 1 Planner 2021.

    Governing Council News/Information- Nominations for Council in 2021

    The Governing Council AGM will be held on Monday, 8th of February in venue TBC at 7pm.  All welcome to join.

    Nominations for Governing Council have been open since the beginning of Week 1 (27 January 2020).  I encourage you to think about nominating for Governing Council to assist with the continual improvement of our school, we cannot do it without your support. Our Governing Council is instrumental in supporting the school and we encourage all to consider applying to be a Governing Council Member.     

    There are 7 positions vacant this year.  The nomination form is available on the app/website, a hard copy was sent home Wednesday and is also attached in the letter linked to this newsletter article. Please fill it out and email to or return to the Front Office by 3pm Thursday, 4th of February. Parent nominations will be posted on the app as they are received.  You may not be able to commit to being a Governing Council member however you are more than welcome to be a parent representative on a sub-committee (Events, OSHC, Finance, After School Sports, Education & Communication - Parent Reps, Facilities).   Further information on how to become a parent representative on a subcommittee will be sent after the AGM.

    Jodie Kingham, Principal


    2021 Material and Services fees for 2021 - $410

    Invoices will arrive in the mail next week, and are due by the end of Term 1, Friday 9th April 2021. 

    Payment can be made by the following methods:

    QKR Payment: The Qkr! App is available to download from App Store for Apple Devices or Google Play for Android Devices. 

    Direct Deposit: Clapham Primary School, BSB: 065140, Account No:  10265182 – Reference: Child’s surname and initial.

    Credit Card: Please pay at the front office or call 82765633 to pay over the phone.

    Cash Payment: Place correct money into a sealed envelope, write child’s name, room number on the front of the envelope and place in the payment box located in the front office or the entrance to west wing.

    Option to pay by instalments (Instalment Agreement Required please see Tracy in front office):  If you would like to pay the Material and Services Fees by instalments as per the dates below please contact the finance office to complete an instalment agreement.   

    Amount: $102.50                Date: 03/03/2021 (Term 1)

    Amount: $102.50                Date: 07/04/2021 (Term 1)

    Amount: $102.50                Date: 12/05/2021 (Term 2)

    Amount: $102.50                Date: 16/06/2021 (Term 2 Final)

    If the above options does not suit your circumstances please contact Tracy at or call 82765633 to arrange an alternative fee schedule for you.

    Applying for School Card - Changes to school card eligibility. “The state government is raising the school card income threshold from next year to help families with the cost of living. This means that families with 1 child and a gross income of $60,867 in the 2019-20 financial year will be able to apply for a school card.

    Please apply online at

    Other Charges eg excrusions/incursion charges

    Other charges issued by the school such as incursions and excursions will be posted on the Skoolbag App to provide information about the excursions and payment options eg Qkr! App, direct deposit, credit card and cash.  We are seeking parent support to ensure payments are made by the due date, so we are able to confirm numbers with the venue and or visitor prior to the event (to meet their terms and conditions).  We are unable to accept payment after the due date.  Please ensure payment and permission is completed prior to the due date.  Please note:  if a payment is not received by the due date, your child will not be able to attend.

    We hope it’s been a great start to 2021 for you.  We look forward to seeing you all throughout the year!

    Tracy (M, Tu, Th, Fri) & Samantha (Fri)


    Uniform Policy inc hats on in Term 1

    Please see the Uniform Policy for your information. Please note the Other, Optional and Jewellery and Other sections in this policy.  It is important to note that students should not have unnatural colours in hair.

    The decision to have students wearing hats has been under the direction of the Cancer Council’s Sun Smart Program. Please ensure your child has their hat at school. Information about our Sun Smart Program is also included on the App under policies.


    Pupil Free Days and School Closures 2021

    Please see confirmed Pupil Free Days and School Closure for 2021.  Please note this has also been posted on the Skoolbag App/Newsletters/Pupil Free Days and School Closures for 2021.


    2021 Parent Information Sessions

    We warmly invite parents to attend the 2021 Parent Information Sessions in Week 2.   We understand that some parents may not be able to make these times so we have ensured that you will be able to access the information shared. Just let your child's classroom teacher know that you are unable to make the session and they will get the information to you.  

    Each class will be seeking nominations for Parent Representatives. This role is highly valued by parents and staff and is another way that our school can listen and respond to parents as well as communicate to our community.  Parent Representatives meet once per term.  Times for Parent Information Sessions are available for download in attachment below.       

    2021 Parent Information Session Flyer


    Communication Channels

    Please see important documents in regards to different modes of communication. Instructions for SkoolBag included.

    2021 Staff Contact Details (email) for your information

    Please see attached information for staff contact details (email).

    Parent Representative Information

    Please see attachment for further information about Parent Representatives Role.

    Welcome to 2021 After School Sport!

    This year Helen Krinas will be the point of contact as she will take on the role of After School Sports Administrator. Justine Langley will be the Leadership contact. Many thanks to Mr L for his efforts and support of our After School Sports program in previous years. Mr L will oversee SAPSASA and continue his excellent curriculum delivery in his role as PE teacher.

    Basketball and Cricket registrations are now closed. Information including teams, fixtures, coaches plus invoices will be sent home next week and payment is required by due date on form. Years 4-7 Basketball training started yesterday, however we still require volunteers to coach our 2/3 Basketball. Training and mini games will occur on Mondays in the school gym. If we don’t have parent volunteers we will be unable to proceed. We also still require coaches and team managers for cricket. Please consider getting involved! FSA soccer and SACA Girls cricket clinics will also be happening this term.


    School Banking

    School Banking will resume in Week 2 (next week).  We would like to thank our School Banking volunteers for their support with the program.

    Important Dates

    1 Feb - 4 FebParent Information Sessions
    4 Feb

    Clapham Café - Max 50 guests (must register)

    8 FebGoverning Council AGM 7pm
    12 FebAssembly (total 18 guests/parents from host classes - combined Rms 14 & 16, must register with teacher)