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Term 2 Week 8 - 19 June 2020

Dates for the Diary

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Carers and Community,

As we approach the end of Term 2, it is hard to believe that the children have only been back to full-time face-to-face teaching for 4 weeks. Lots has happened in the past few months and our new “normal” continues to evolve week by week. One area, however, that I feel very confident about is the emphasis on all Key Learning Areas (KLAs). Working across all six KLAs is strongly back on the agenda at our school. Our teachers have been re-assessing all their students once they returned, and our meetings have a very strong emphasis on the learning and well-being of all our students. Our Specialist Teachers are working collaboratively with the class teachers to ensure that gaps in the students’ learning are being addressed.

The Semester 1 reports will be a very different report format from what we are used to. However, they will reflect our students’ on-line learning from home period. There will be a comment on English, Mathematics and a general comment. Even though we will not be conducting face-to-face parent/teacher interviews this semester, parents and carers are more than welcome to contact the school to arrange a telephone or on-line discussion with their child’s teacher. Reports will be issued to the students to take home on Wednesday, 1st July. If you prefer to have your child’s report sent to your home address, please contact the office as soon as possible to have this arranged.

As I am sure you are aware, the P&C Committee is a group of wonderful parent and community volunteers, working in collaboration with the school. Recently, two of their highly valued volunteers made the difficult decision to pass their reigns on to someone else, as they embark on new commitments.  Thank you to Chiara Montosi and Leah Wicks for their many hours of hard work. Your service and commitment to the school are highly appreciated by the whole school community. Good luck with your new endeavours!

As a result, the P&C are desperately seeking a canteen and a uniform shop co-ordinator. If you are able to assist in any way, please contact one of the P&C members below:

·         Uniform Shop - Leah Wicks on 0423 002 660

·         Canteen - Chiara Montosi on 0406 355 792

·         President - Malcolm Buchan (Text is best) on 0425 231 082

 Ms A. Vountoulas


Concord Public School 

Parking and Traffic Rules

Driving Offences in School Zones

Student Awards


To the following students who have or will be receiving a Principal Award or Principal Pennant.

Principal's AwardsPrincipal's Pennant

Will H - 1-KZ

Hunter S - 1-KZ

Gabriella G - 5M

Connor M - 5M

Ruby J - 1-KZ

Daniel J - 3VM

Cyril B - 2T


World Environment Day

Update - Year 5 entry to an Opportunity Class in 2021

The Opportunity Class Placement Test has been rescheduled to Wednesday 16 September 2020. Due to the postponed test, changes have been made to the placement process for this year only to ensure students are placed in Year 5 opportunity classes as early in 2021 as possible.

Applications will open on Tuesday 9 June 2020 and close on Friday 26 June 2020.

Parents are advised to ensure an application is submitted by the closing date for their child to be eligible to sit the placement test. Late applications cannot be accepted. Please continue to monitor the department's website via to remain up to date with information relating to opportunity classes.


2021 Kindergarten Enrolments

Applications are now being accepted for Kindergarten 2021. If your child turns 5 before July 31, 2021 they are eligible to start school next year. Telephone the school on 9744 8427 to make an appointment with Mrs Coco. 

From the Office

Entering onto the School Grounds During School Hours

Please ensure that you come into the office, if you need to give something to your child, or if they have forgotten to bring something to school. The office staff are more than happy to pass the item on.

If you need to see your child or pass on a message to them, the office staff can help with that too. We encourage parents to allow us to pass on messages during break times, so that your child's learning is not interrupted. All visitors must sign-in at the office and wear a visitor's sticker. This is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all.


When making a payment online you can only pay up to 3 DAYS before the due date of the payment. This is due to online transactions taking 48 hours to process. 

Other payment methods such as cash or cheque can also be sent to the front office and placed in the blue box labelled “School Post”.

Please note that we do not accept online payment for uniform or canteen orders. Please see the uniform or canteen order  form for payment details.

Permission Notes 

If you have more than one child we need to have a note for each child, not all on one note please.

Change of Contact/Address details  

Please inform the office immediately if you have changed your contact or address details, so we can contact you in case of an emergency. 

Bicycle and Scooter Guidelines

If you give permission for your child to ride a bicycle or scooter to and/or from school, and store it on the school grounds, please carefully read and sign the ‘Bicycle and Scooter Guidelines’ document (obtained from the Front Office). These signed forms are to be returned to the office. Once we have received the signed documentation, the school will record that your child has permission from you to ride to school. Please see Mrs Vermiglio or the office for details.


Uniform Shop & Canteen Coordinators required

As we move forward into term 3, two very long standing volunteers move onto new stages of family life and their associated responsibilities. It is appropriate that we acknowledge their service to the school community and give them due thanks as we are all indebted to them. While still associated with the school, they have offered to pass on their knowledge and skills before the end of term. We acknowledge our outgoing Canteen Convenor - Chiara Montosi and our Uniform Shop Convenor - Leah Wicks for their contributions. We wish them every happiness.

We urgently need replacement coordinators who can develop into the role with the support of the P&C Executive. It is urgent we find these replacements now so that we can still provide these two vital services that the whole school community benefits from. If we cannot fill these roles, we will need to pause delivery of the service. Further, if that is an ongoing situation, we will discontinue the service which would be a terrible outcome. Can you volunteer?  Please advise us if you are interested by Tuesday 23rd June 4.00pm.

We have a hand out we can email or SMS to you or it can be picked up from the office explaining the roles. We would ask that any interest be shown by contacting: Uniform Shop - Leah Wicks on 0423 002 660 Canteen - Chiara Montosi on 0406 355 792 President - Malcolm Buchan (Text is best) on 0425 231 082

Looking at our community, we do have lots of parents and carers who may be able to help. It is our hope that parents and carers can look at any time they have to volunteer and consider to contribute to their children’s lives in these two service areas.

Thank you

Malcolm Buchan

P&C President