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Hindmarsh Edition 22: Term 2 Week 10

NAIDOC WEEK | Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! 3-10 July 2022

What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • Ms D'Aloia's Final Newsletter
  • Wellbeing Day on Friday
  • Uniform Shop changes
  • School Fees for 2023
  • Premiers Reading Challenge
  • Celebrating NAIDOC Week
  • Digital Technologies in our STEM Room
  • Arch D Leaders Podcasting Day
  • Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Chevalier Term 2 Spirit Point Winners
  • Preschool Graduation
  • Sport News
  • OSHC News
  • Articles: Do's and don'ts of discipline & Building and maintaining school belonging

Diary Dates

Friday 8th July🧘 Well-being Day
⏰ Last day of term 2, finish at 12.30pm
Monday 11th July - Friday 22nd July🤩 Vacation Care
Monday 25th July🏫 Term 3 begins
These dates are subject to change.

Term Dates

Term 2Tuesday 3rd May - Friday 8th July
Term 3Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September
Term 4Monday 17th October - Thursday 15th December

Dear Parents and Community Members 

I can still recall the warm sense of welcome I received in May 2016 as I began my tenure as Principal of St Joseph’s West Hindmarsh.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks, appreciation, and sincere gratitude for the time I have spent with you all.

Each and every child has been an absolute joy to meet and get to know.  It has been a privilege to have witnessed their growth during their time at St Joseph’s.  Each graduation ceremony has not only filled me with a great sense of pride but as I shook each student’s hand I felt confident that the care, attention and commitment from staff had provided each one with a great foundation for future learning.  And I have no doubt that the St Joseph’s values together with their family values have provided a solid foundation for ongoing success, and will lead them to make positive contributions throughout their lives.

I am grateful for the staff, present and past, who have demonstrated not only a deep commitment to their work but also to the wellbeing of all students.  I have strived to build a culture where the student was at the heart of all decisions.  The dedication of staff members who have demonstrated their concern for the wellbeing and academic success of each child has affirmed that I have been successful in achieving this goal.  The words of Charles Schwab strongly resonate with me; he states; "The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement." Whilst I acknowledge that we (the staff) are not perfect, it is in respecting each other, demonstrating acts of kindness and understanding and working in partnership that we achieve the best outcomes, and in doing so, the best staff are nurtured, developed and retained.  This is my greatest hope – that the community continue to appreciate the staff and work in a respectful, professional and harmonious manner giving witness to our motto – In all things love! 

I would like to acknowledge past staff members, Judith Bowden, Dawn Saleeba, Denise Tarrant and Rose Caire who worked closely with me in their respective administrative roles, undertaking their duties with a sense of service and commitment determined that the Spirit of Mary MacKillop was experienced by all in our community. 

I am also grateful for the members of the leadership team who have assisted in the improvement agenda for the school; Kathy Horan, Helen Clark and Rita Garreffa.

I feel blessed to have worked alongside the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart priests, Fr Bill, Fr Chris, Fr Paul and more recently Fr Lancy and the parish staff.  I thank them for their spiritual guidance and for the trust they had in me in undertaking my role, always supportive and encouraging.  Thank you.

It has been an absolute privilege to have worked alongside the School Boards since 2006!  The parents who have represented you on the school boards have echoed my sentiments- that the welfare of the students must always be the focus.  All initiatives have been to improve the learning environment and opportunities for the students.  I acknowledge and give thanks for the work of all school board members since 2016 and would particularly like to mention school board chairpersons Anne Burke, Tess Ryan, Richard Ellerman and current board chair Craig Costello.

It was evident since commencing my tenure at St Joseph’s that the parent committees were a strong and vibrant group dedicated to building community and creating an inclusive school environment.  Thank you to past and present members.  I am particularly grateful to the Parent Voice, Parent Engagement and P & F Committees who have endeavoured to building, strengthening and improving the school.  Thank you!

Even before I joined St Joseph’s I was aware of the strong sense of community that existed at St Joseph’s- you are renowned for this!  I have witnessed this continue to grow and my hope is that all new members are embraced and welcomed and feel a sense of belonging.

In closing, heartfelt thanks for the honour and privilege of being welcomed and being part of the St Joseph’s community since 2016.  I have very fond memories and enduring friendships that I will treasure.  My prayer for you is that you continue to ensure that the vision of Mary Mackillop – ‘In all things love” be promulgated and lived.  I wish you and your family many blessings for the future.

 “Kindness in words creates confidence. 

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

 Kindness in giving creates love.”  Lao Tzu

God Bless

Maria D’Aloia


Leadership Contact Details

Incoming Principal:
Marrianne Farrugia
Assistant to the Principal
Rita Garreffa

School News

Wellbeing Day

To celebrate wellbeing day and the end of term 2 students have a choice of wearing casual clothes on the last day of term.

Here's a bit more information about the day:

📅 When: Friday 8th July

🎭 Brainstorm Production Performance 'Saving Lil and Archie'

👕 Casual Clothes can be worn, no gold coin donation required as it is to raise awareness of well-being

🤗 Throughout the day their will also be many class and buddy well-being activities. 

Don't forget school finishes at 12.30pm - OSHC available - booking is essential

🏫 Term 3 begins on Monday 25th July

Uniform Shop

Does your child need to be fitted for a school uniform?Uniform fitters are available by appointment only.

Don’t need a uniform fitting?That’s okay, call into the uniform shop and make your selection. Our uniform sales staff are available to assist with processing your order.

Click here to make a booking

Premier's Reading Challenge

Each year our R-6 students participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. The challenge is to read 12 books. Reading records are to be completed by Week 7 Term 3.

Reception to Year 2 classes are supported to do this with their class teacher. 

Years 3 to 6 have their own individual recording sheets. 

Winter holidays are a great opportunity to contribute towards the Premier’s Reading Challenge by relaxing with a book. What could be more perfect than snuggling up on a cold winter’s day with a good book? Happy reading! 

School Fees for 2023

We are pleased to inform our school families that there will be no increase in school fees for the 2023 school year.

As South Australians continue to feel the impact of COVID-19, Catholic Education SA has announced it will freeze fees at its 86 Diocesan schools for the 2023 school year.

“These decisions are part of our continued COVID 19 response as we seek to support families at a time when they are being impacted by rising costs and inflation,” says Dr Neil McGoran, Director, Catholic Education SA.

Since 2019, Catholic Education SA has been implementing the Making Catholic Education More Affordable Initiative to ensure our schools are accessible to any family who wants their child to have a Catholic education.

Dr Neil McGoran said the fee-freeze would not impact the quality of education.

“We’re committed to keeping school fees as low as possible and ensuring a Catholic education is affordable and accessible to all.”

In addition to the fee-freeze, further fee remissions are available to any family who is struggling to pay school fees due to financial pressures. Families should contact Karyn Burlow, School Bursar for more information.

Sibling Enrolments for Preschool in 2023 - Limited Spaces Available

Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! 3-10 July 2022

Each year, NAIDOC Week has a theme, and this year’s theme is ‘Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

It is an annual week-long celebration and an opportunity for us to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society. 

It is also an opportunity for our school, St Joseph’s, to reflect on our ongoing commitment and respect of First Nations peoples of the land, seas and waterways and what we have learned and continue to learn about the history & culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on our Reconciliation Journey.

Classroom Highlights

Digital Technologies in our STEM Room

Arch D Leaders Podcasting Day 🎙

On Monday of Week 9, Miss Taormina along with our school captains, Massimo and Arsema, attended the 'Arch D Leaders Podcasting Day' at Catholic Education Centre. They were joined by ten other schools, with students ranging from Years 5 all the way up to Year 11. Massimo and Arsema were were put in working groups, where they were able to mix with peers from schools all over Adelaide! It was a great opportunity for them to interact and form new friendships. 

The day focused on hearing and learning from some of the best podcast and radio producers in the world - including a live stream from Ira Glass, an American radio personality. Guest speaker, Jodie Oddy, from Nova 919 also surprised them with a visit! She invited some students up to do a 'mock radio' segment where she discussed current world events, some serious and some fun - like what TV shows were trending at the moment! Jodie had lots of advice on how to be confident, deal with making mistakes and how to be resilient. 

Massimo and Arsema worked within their groups to come up with their own podcast, then it was time to head into the recording studio and record! It was a great day and such a fun space to collaborate and create something new! Stay tuned for the podcasts which will be available on the Arch D streaming platforms very soon! 

Learning BEYOND the Classroom!

Year 5/6 Adelaide Botanic Gardens Excursion

Year 5/6 Excursion to the ‘Adelaide Botanic Garden’ on Thursday, 30th June.

PROGRAM: Aboriginal Plant Use Trails

Facilitator: Trent Hill, who is an Indigenous storyteller, educator and guide.

Learning Intention: To know, understand and investigate, through the Australian Forest, the traditional uses of trees and plants of Aboriginal people and relating seasonal movements to the surroundings.

Students’ overall insights, experiences and what they learned on the excursion

  • Amazing, wonderful and adventurous because we explored lots of things
  • The tour guide, Trent Hill, was nice and always open to questions.
  • Interesting because we saw new things and found out the correct Aboriginal names of plants as well as correct Botanical names of plants.
  • It was a useful excursion because we learned a lot of things from Trent like how to make things from nature e.g. a ‘wardli’ (Aboriginal shelter/home) and weapons for the purpose of gathering and hunting food.
  • It’s important to ask questions if you’re unsure about anything in nature because you might touch and/or eat something that could be poisonous.
  • The environment was peaceful and therapeutic
  • We learned about various trees like the Banksia tree; makes a sweet cordial drink
  • The Yucca plant or ‘grass trees’ only grows 1mm a year! WOW, that’s very, v…   e…   r …  y…   s..  l…  o…  w  ! 
  • I learned that the witchetty grub is approximately 90% water so good to eat when you’re thirsty.
  • The seeds (nuts) of cycad (Sago) palm can be poisonous
  • We learned about the Bunya pine which is native to QL, it has pinecones that Aboriginal people ate for a long time.  You NEVER want to stand under one of these pines because each pinecone weighs a lot and can probably knock you out, so you always have to watch out for falling nuts.
  • It was great because we learned a lot of information from Trent Hill. We learned that the biggest and oldest trees, the River Red Gum, were growing before people were there and the city was made.
  • The experience at the Botanic Garden was good and we learned ways to start a fire. A boomerang can be made from a River Red Gum tree using the branches.
  • I think the excursion was very good because it was nice and beautiful there, much better than learning in the classroom.  I learned about the grass tree that grows only 1mm per year and the living River Red Gum tree was approximately 400 years old, that’s very old!!!!! 
  • It was very exciting because I learned that the grass tree was used for making fires. I enjoyed the excursion because I learned new things that I didn’t know before.
  • I learned quite a bit! I learned that there is only one native rat in Australia and that also the soft wood on soft wood will light a fire but hard wood on hard wood, won’t! I also learned that you can use tree sap to make glue!
  • I think it was very educational. I learned a lot of things about native plants such as how Aboriginal people used to utilise trees to make living supplies and tools.
  • I really liked how Trent Hill talked about how the Aboriginal people used to live for example, how they hunted for bees in the trees so they can have a drink.
  • It was pretty fun and I learned how nature knew how to spread itself around like the sticky bark, (can’t recall its name) was able to carry itself around on birds and when the bird dies, the bark acts like a seed and grows a whole new tree.
  • It was a fun day for me and interesting because we got to learn about all the native Aboriginal plants and what they were called like the ‘supermarket tree’ also known as the ‘River Red Gum’ tree because you can collect berries, nuts and make lots of things out of it.
  • It was enjoyable because I’ve never been to the Adelaide Botanic Garden and I learned a lot of new things. I learned how Aboriginal people survived on the land like how they stripped down trees to make things like bowls to carry water.

Enjoy these photos that highlight our time at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

It was an absolutely enjoyable and culturally rich experience! 😊

Beautiful photos courtesy of Cooper, who has an obvious hidden talent!!!

Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative

Supporting good leadership and a respectful and happy school community

Congratulations Chevalier (Yellow House Team)

for achieving the greatest number of spirit points in Term 2, 178 points!!!

The points were accumulated by receiving the greatest number of ‘thumbs up’ cards during play time this term.

These ‘thumbs up’ tokens are distributed to children (by Year 5/6 School Captains, House and vice- sport captains) who demonstrate positive and respectful behaviours whilst interacting with each other. 

NB House captain, Alessandra & Vice- captain, Ruby absent for this photo.

Each card is exchanged for a plastic lid which equates to a spirit point for their respective House Team.

The best part is watching their House spirit points grow and grow and grow each term, until Sport’s Day! 😊

Team Chevalier, wear something yellow on Thursday!

To celebrate and acknowledge Chevalier’s positive efforts in Term 2, this Thursday, 7th July, all children who are in Chevalier, are lucky enough to wear their sport uniform with a yellow coloured t-shirt or the like!

Well done Chevalier ! 😊

Next term, we begin a new tally.

I wonder which House team will lead in term 3????

Remember, each team’s spirit points awarded during the year, will go towards the final teams’ spirit points on

Sport’s Day, which is just around the corner, in Term 3.

Preschool Graduation

Congratulations to our Preschoolers who graduated this week. They will be starting Reception next term.

We'll miss you next term, all the best for Reception, Claire , Jordan, Jacob, Zainab, Jensen, Eva, Prisha, Stephanie, Deborah, Georgia, Evan, Xavier, Dominik, Jazleen, Xavier, Harper and Charlie!

🏑 SAPSASA Hockey

Congratulations to Tilly in 5/6TDP who made the SAPSASA hockey team and competed a few weeks ago. 

⚽️ SAPSASA Soccer

Congratulations to Sebastian in 5/6TDP who was selected as an emergency for the SAPSASA soccer team. Training starts on 28th July.

Vacation Care Update

The Adelaide Oval tour and Popeye Excursion on July 14th is totally booked out and we are unable to take any more bookings. If care is needed for any other days please contact the OSHC Team.

Don't forget OSHC Available for half day on Friday 8th July - when school concludes at 12.30pm

Parenting Ideas

Article: Do's and don'ts of discipline

Discipline is one the of the most confusing - and challenging - topics that parents grapple with. But it doesn't have to be so hard.

Article: Building and maintaining school belonging

Though there have been a few positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the loss of traditional school routines has not been one of them. Studies have shown that a positive...

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