Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter Update

Term 4 Week 4: Monday 2nd November 2020

Catholic Mission 2020

A huge thank you to our MIPS community for our FUNDRAISING effort for Catholic Mission 2020. We wore our crazy socks to ADVOCATE and raise awareness for the children of Cambodia. The students participated in many activities such as Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6) working through Project Based Learning to produce a promotional video for our Socktober Day and presented these to the rest of the school. Mrs. Cooper created a "sock" ball and played soccer - “the world’s game” - with Year 1 and Year 2 to highlight sport’s service to humanity. Each day the whole school joined together in prayer to PRAY the rosary, focusing on the day’s mystery and the World Mission rosary. It was our first time going fully online with our donations and we thank you for the extra effort with this. The Catholic Mission donation portal will remain open until the end of November. We hope to continue our work to truly become the head, heart and hands of Christ in our world today.

Mrs Helen Moore

Religious Coordinator

Socktober Day


May we congratulate the following students and keep them in our prayers for making their final Sacrament of Initiation, Confirmation. May the gifts of the Holy Spirit and God's grace, guide our students throughout their lives and call them to a life of "love and service" in the Good News of the Lord! 

Chelsea S, Shenaya N, Levi F, Nevin P, Ryan C, Mererewiti J, Trystan D, Edward C, Rhys P, Lily G, Kiani A, Francine M, Ashton H, Brandon D, Sarah L, Keiran K, Erik S, Jackson L, Noah M, Joseph O, Jake T, Lilian D, Brayden M, Jayden P, Christina S, Laura C, Zara H, Gabriel d, Emma O, Rosco L, Savannah W, Zoe P, Nikhel R, Matthew B, Siobhan M, Spencer W, Zoe B, Aleisha B, Erin F, Stephanie C, Lucas c, Lexi H.

Mrs Helen Moore

Religiious Coordinator

Fruit & Vegetable Break

This term, the students at MIPS will continue to have a fruit and vegetable break during their class time. We ask that you continue to pack your children something fresh to snack on and a bottle of water to sip during their allocated learning time. This will give students a chance to refuel, stay hydrated and focused as well as build healthy eating habits for their future. 

MIPS Composting

Blacktown City Council have kindly donated a compost bin for our school garden! The compost bin will help teach our students how to reduce waste and greenhouse gases from the environment. The purpose is to collect all organic waste, place it in the compost bin which will be fed back into our garden soil and help to grow our garden vegetables. It serves as a great way of educating our MIPS students on ways of turning our school organic waste into natural fertiliser and in turn reducing landfill.

Miss Benjamin

PDHPE Coordinator

Thank you to Blacktown City Council for your donation!

Exciting Book Fair News...

Our Book Fair is being delivered Thursday 5th November 2020.

Because 2020 is different. This is how it will work this year…

  • Students will go for a walk through the library Friday to have a look.

  • From Monday students will have a chance in their class groups to have another look and fill out their wish list.

  • The wish list is used by parents to order online. Please be sure to write your 8 digit receipt number on the back of your Student wish list and fill out the details in either blue or black pen. 

  • Once ordered online the children return their wish list  to the teacher for orders to be processed and books sent home. 

  • The school is able to put in an extra order if we run out of the item on the shelf that is ordered. We will fill the order as soon as possible.

The rewards the school received from the 2019 Book Fair allowed us to order our Literacy online Programme for the students. We would like our parents to know how your help is valued in helping us purchase these programmes and resources. 

We will do our best to put photos of the shelves and the products in the newsletter and skoolbag. It’s different for all of us so once again thank you for being involved.

Happy Birthday to the Following Students Celebrating Their Birthday in November 2020

Hayden R, Curtis M, Ryan T, Patrick I, Xavion H, Sofia S, Rebecca M, Dominik G, Gabriel M, Ryan S, Neil B, Ruby M, Liam D, Arnab P, Sachshivreet S, Akweng M, Lachlan G, Talia G, Preston M, James E, Samantha S, Scarlett N, Mohammad M, Travis M, Kiana K, Rayan P, Angel O, Sophia A, Isabella B, Lucas W, Anatasios L, Bronte S, Marcus J, Olivia S, Lea M, John S, Veronika A, Teagan N, Karlee S, Aria P, Emma S, Elizabeth C, Angleica D, Noah S, Paige L, Julian J, Jake L, Nikhil G, Allegra G, Lucas P, Ryan M.

Upcoming Dates

5th and 12th November Kinder 2021 Orientation Day
9th to 13th NovemberBook Fair Online
11th & 12th NovemberYear 5 Camp

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