Virginia Primary School Newsletter

Issue 11 , 02/07/2020

From the Principal

Dear Families,

The halfway point of the year is upon us. We would like to thank everyone for your support over the first semester. We would also like to wish you all a happy and safe two week break, and look forward to working with you in supporting your child/ren with their learning for the second half of the year.  We are excited about term 3, as it promises to be a very exciting one, with Sports Day and SAPSASA sport competitions back on track.

Staff worked hard during our Pupil Free Day with Stephen Graham, sorting through resources and planning modelled reading for the second semester. 

It was pleasing to hear and receive such positive feedback from Stephen about how far we have come with our Reading Journey. He reassured us  that we are not just 'doing' literacy, but worked on and achieved a 'whole-school change/approach' to ensure that our literacy practice was consistent across ALL classes. Literacy was the 'vehicle' that we used and as a result, students are achieving goals and continue to make pleasing personal growth across all areas of literacy. Every student knows their reading goals and are aware of what they need to do in order to achieve them.

I am able to confidently share with you, that here at Virginia PS, we have successfully reached our full implementation stage with our whole school literacy approach. There is explicit teaching during Guided, Modelled and Shared Reading and Writing across all classes. We know that our work is not finished and will continue to further evolve. We will continue to reflect, reassess and tweak if and where needed. 

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank Stephen Graham for all his work and support. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and we are fortunate to be able to work with him on such a deep level. We have already booked him for next year so that we can continue to further embed 'quality targeted reading practice'.

Lastly, as you are aware, restrictions are continually being lifted with Covid 19. We continue to follow the guidelines of the Department and SA Health and keep families up to date with the documented processes. In keeping with the guidelines, parents are still not able to enter classrooms and foyers. We are working towards reintroducing our parent volunteers , however we need to abide by the social distancing rules. We also understand that there may be a need for a parent to want to speak to their child's teacher. We request that you organise a time with the teacher as you will need to complete a site access form via the front office to ensure the safety of everyone. I will send out a letter to all families outlining further information which may be useful. 

Our priority is the safety of everyone and we are grateful for the support and understanding demonstrated by our parents and families. Here at VPS, we pride ourselves as 'one community, one family'.

On behalf of Thuy and myself, we would like to thank our amazing teaching staff and students for all their hard work and the high level of  resilience demonstrated and last but not least, thank you to our beautiful families for your support and words of encouragement.

Safe holidays!


Learning Together, Learning For Our Future.

Warmest Regards,

Voula Pounendis

Resilience – bounce back!

Resilience is commonly described as ‘bouncing back from adversity’—the notion of figuratively hitting a wall, and instead of breaking, bouncing back! Resilience can commonly be mistaken for optimism or positivity. However, resilience is a unique concept which requires one to face difficulties and take action to overcome challenges for positive growth. Without a preceding struggle, resilience cannot be cultivated. Consider resilience as climbing a mountain, rather than a walk in the park! It takes commitment, effort and courage to practice resilience!


This term we have definitely seen resilience in action! When challenged with an obstacle such as a pandemic, no less, we are faced with a choice: ‘break or bounce?’ Both choices will include hitting a hard place, but the outcome is dependent on what you are made of! Over the term, we have seen families in our community undergo potential breaking points, and have been proud to see so many make the choice to bounce back! We understand that under regular circumstances, raising a family is a tricky job, adding a pandemic to the mix can prove quite testing. Knowing the challenges occurring across our community, makes us even more grateful for the demonstrated efforts to have children prepared and ready for learning. Furthermore, we understand that by extension, children have been exposed to various changes and challenges. We have been impressed with the level of resilience our students have shown in their efforts to carry on with their learning.


Although term 2 has come to a close, we are aware that the struggles are not over. During this holiday break period, we encourage you to take the time to reflect on how you and your family have been coping recently. Consider if you need to take any action in supporting your family’s well-being. Resilience requires awareness of the challenges and taking action to overcome them. As the school holidays are upon us, we encourage you to consider well-being and support strategies to benefit your family’s resilience during this time. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday break!


Local support services and numbers:


SONDER (Counselling and Mental Health service):

Phone: 8209 0700 | Website: | Address: 2 Peachey Rd, Edinburgh North SA 5113


SALVATION ARMY (Financial assistance):

Phone: 8397 9333 | Address: Cnr Bridge & Maxwell Rd Ingle Farm SA 5098 | Website:



Phone: 1800 55 1800 (free call) | Availability: 24/7 | Website:


ASKPEACE (virtual mental health service for culturally and linguistically diverse people):

Phone: 8245 8110 | Website:


PARENT HELPLINE (South Australia):

Phone: 1300 364 100 (cost of a local call) | Availability: 24/7

Uniform Requirements

A reminder that students need to be in school uniform. Jeans, active wear, black tights/track pants are not a part of uniform, nor are branded track pants (Nike, Puma etc.). Our colours are navy blue and yellow. We have had several children consistently come in other colours and we are now asking them to change into spare uniform if it is a habitual issue. If you need any support with uniform please do not hesitate to contact the front office.

Dental For Schools Visit

Monday we saw Dental for Schools visit our school with their Dental Van.  On the day they saw 22 students, the lovely ladies helped to calm some anxious little ones and will be back in Week 1 Term 3 from July 22nd - Friday 24th to follow up on the rest of the students who have requested a dental check up

Please make sure you have returned your paper work completed with Medicare details and signature, where required. These can be handed into our Front Office. 

Each check-up appointment includes a comprehensive oral examination, removal of plaque and calculus, diagnostic x-rays (If required), preventative fluoride treatment and a dental care plan. They also provide information to patients about the importance of maintaining great oral health. Their services are provided by highly trained staff in a fun, relaxed environment to ensure every patient has a great experience visiting the dentist. 

You can find more information at

Congratulations Mr Yates!!

As many of you are aware Mr Yates our P.E /Science teacher has been away on leave for part of this term.  We are sure you would all like to join us in congratulating James and his wife Crystal on the safe arrival of Harrison. 

Social Media Fact Sheets - SOCIAL PRESSURES linked to 'LIKES'

Be Smart, Play Your Part!

Most teens use some form of social media and have a profile on a social networking site. Many visit these sites every day. As we know 'Likes' are a simple way for for users to show that they like a post or photo on social media platforms. It is often used by children to measure the success of their own social media post and to gauge opinion. However, that can also bring with it a number of social pressures, particularly if users start to question their own levels of popularity.

We have also created an album on our school Facebook page with more fact sheets for you to utilise from National Online Safety and the Carly Ryan Foundation. This fact sheet gives parents some top tips and also has some basic information for those that are new to this.

Take a moment to have a look at the attached SOCIAL PRESSURES fact sheet. You might also be interested in the following Facebook page

Parenting Ideas Articles - Helping Kids Feel Good by Doing Good

We all like to feel good and we also want our children to feel good. Treats such as ice cream, days out and play dates can enhance that feeling, but once they are finished the good feelings often disappear. This article describes how Doing Good  is a key to living a more meaningful and happier existence and how we feel good when we do good.

Click on the download button to read the full article

Get the latest on topics such as resilience, confidence, wellbeing and developing your children into the best they can be, through the following link



Pupil Free Dates & School Closures (approved by Governing Council)

  • Term 3: Week 7 Friday 4th September - School closure  Day - NO OSHC available
  • Term 4: Week 2 Wednesday 21st October - OSHC available
  • Term 4: Week 7 Friday 27th November - OSHC available

Term 2 Calendar 2020


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