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Diary Dates

  • Wednesday 28th October - Splash Theatre
  • Monday 26th - 30th October  - BOOK WEEK
  • Monday 2nd November - Pupil Free Day
  • Wednesday 4th November - Cut-off order date for all commemorative wear for  2021 Year 6 & 7 students 
  • Wednesday 4th November - House 2, 3 and 6West Primary Years Belair National Park Excursion
  • Tuesday 10th November - 7 East incursion Pluka's Art  Studio
  • Tuesday 1st - Wednesday 2nd December - 6 East Zoo Snooze


Dear Parents/Caregivers

DON’T FORGET PUPIL FREE DAY IN WEEK 4 ON MONDAY NOVEMBER 2nd for teachers to work together with other teachers in like year levels to moderate learning in preparation for reporting. OSHC will be available that day for childcare. Please contact Lissy and Sally to book in.


…to the Wakakirri team, Evie Donoghue and Kath Milne for excellence in completing their Wakakirri presentation via film clip after a very different year for the program. Well done everyone!


Next Friday is (Australian) World Teachers’ Day. This day is a wonderful opportunity to draw public attention to the important role of teachers in our local communities. While International World Teachers’ Day is actually celebrated on the first Friday in October this is usually in the Australian school holidays, so Australia celebrates it on the last Friday.

Celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide, World Teachers’ Day acknowledges the efforts of teachers in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological society. It is a day when we hope that students, parents and communities can show their appreciation for the contributions teachers have made to the lives of children and their communities. Please join me in thanking your children’s teachers for their hard work, professionalism and commitment to your children’s learning. I would also like to thank the Governing Council parents and Canteen staff who will be providing morning tea and lunch for staff.


We will shortly begin the process of developing class groupings for 2021. If you would like to provide information relevant to your child’s 2021 placement, please click on this link to download the  “2021 CLASS PLACEMENT PARENT INPUT FORM”. Please complete the proforma and return to me in an envelope marked ATTENTION: Anne Rathjen, Class Placement Process, by no later than Friday November 6th. Letters received after this date will not be able to be considered as our placement process will begin shortly afterwards. Please note that for many reasons, while every request is considered closely, none are able to be guaranteed. Requests about specific teachers are not considered.

If you have a child who will be transferring to another school I ask that you please complete the relevant section of the proforma and return to me as soon as possible. Accurate numbers are required to ensure our correct staffing levels.


Jenny McFadyen will be on leave from the start of Week 4 until the end of Week 9. Imelda Jolly will be the Business Manager and Jo Berry the Finance Officer in Jenny’s absence.

We have now completed the Wellbeing Leader vacancy process. In 2021 we will welcome Naomi Pudney to the position. Naomi is currently the Wellbeing and Inclusive Education Leader at Nairne PS. She is looking forward to working in our school.

Evie Donoghue has indicated to staff that she will be moving on to other things next year. As a staff we will recognise and thank her for her considerable contribution to HCEPS later in the term. We will also farewell and thank her appropriately in our final newsletter.

The vacancy process to choose the new Groundsperson is almost complete and I should be able to announce the successful applicant in the next newsletter.

In late Term 2 and throughout Term 3, we had 3 canteen staff who assisted Helen Jefferson to manage the canteen. I would like to sincerely thank Judy Hart, Kylie Barnes-Sparks and Linda Batten who worked very hard firstly in Helen’s absence and then partly alongside Helen to ensure we were able to continue running our canteen with COVID restrictions.


The Canteen is going along very, very well and even though there has been a limited menu, sales have been very high. This in turn means our canteen adults are very busy. It is very important that we have enough personnel to ensure we can continue to offer our quality service at this level. So we really need volunteers to help Helen. If you are at all interested, please contact either Helen or the Admin team, and we thank you in advance for your interest if you believe you can spare some time.

Anne Rathjen



9W      Kiana & Owen          9N       Kheeley & Tyler        9S       Alannah & Lara        4W      Lucas & Hunter            4E       Lewis & Zara             2N       Joshua & Toby          2S       Roxaun & Zoe          3N            Charlotte & Nikan                3S       Billie & Alex  6W      Aimee & Gabrielle    6E       Lily & Tayte                         7E       Keira & Everyone!    8E       Manraj & Ayra           8W      Evan & Charlotte      7W            Harrison & Chloe     6AS    Sophia & Zimu         6AN    Ebony, Layla & Marley        Music             Japanese      PE/Science   Mila 6AN & Oliver 4W     

Congratulations to all recipients for showing our school values!!



A Few Words from the Deputy Principal

This term, as part of our Professional Development Process for teaching staff, the principal and I have the opportunity to observe our teachers for a lesson which focuses on numeracy. This is also a wonderful opportunity to see our students at work.

 In my observations thus far the students are keen participants in any activity and discussion. Many are articulate and ask questions which are inquisitive and probing. Whilst it is important to talk about our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Fairness it is most impressive to see them in action at all times during these lessons. Well done to our staff and students.

We have many exciting activities coming up for all our students over the remaining weeks of the term including incursions, excursions and even camps for some. We have so many learning opportunities both in the classroom and out.

One of my foci is the transition program for the students who will be our reception students in 2021. On Wednesday 4th November we have a parent meeting and then on the following three Wednesdays the students will visit for part of the morning. We do not have as many receptions enrolled for 2021 as we did for this year and last but it will still be a very busy time. Although many of our 2021 receptions already have a sibling here at school there are a significant number of families who will be new and the parking on these mornings may be more problematic for all.

Remembrance Day is coming up on Wednesday of week 5. Some of our student leaders will conduct a commemoration ceremony with all the classes. A selection of classes have begun talking about the many messages behind this day and some are preparing wreaths and poppies. You may wish to talk about your family’s experiences and views.

When you read last fortnight’s newsletter you may have noticed the gaps in the Canteen Roster. We are still looking for volunteers for this year and next. Please refer to the Canteen section for more information. 

Kind Regards,

Andrea Hayden

Deputy Principal

Finance Information from the Business Manager

2021 Materials and Services charge will be presented at the governing council meeting scheduled for Monday the 2nd of November.

An invitation is extended to the whole school community.

Please click this link to view the Governing Council invitation to Community.   

To view the 2021 Materials and Service charge please click this link.   

REMINDER -  teaching staff are busy planning incursions, excursions and camps for the remainder of the year.  Please ensure you have paid your $60 levy to avoid students not being able to participate.

Due to the unusual circumstances this year there are a number of variance to invoices.  Please make sure you check your statements for any credits that can be applied to your invoices and clear any outstanding debt.  If you are unsure please email the finance officer to verify the total amount to be paid.

If you are yet to pay your 2020 Materials and Services fees we remind families to clear all outstanding accounts, final notices have been issued.   If no contact has been made with the business manager or finance officer debt collection will commence at the end of this month.

If you believe you qualify for the 2020 School Card Scheme and you have not submitted your application as yet please be advise the last date for new applications to be accepted for the 2020 school year is 20th November 2020.

To determine eligibility for School Card please click on this link 

If you are experiencing financial difficulties we ask you contact the Business Manager via email dl.1053.finance@schools.sa.edu.au 

As at the 2nd of November I will be on leave with a view to lead into retirement. 

Imelda Jolly our current Finance Officer will be stepping into my role as Business Manager,  should you have any queries regarding school finances etc please  do not hesitate to pop into the school office to speak with Imelda or contact her via email  dl.1053.finance@schools.sa.edu.au 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the entire school community all the best for the remainder of 2020 and moving forward into what we would all hope to be a much healthier and happy 2021 for all.  

Take Care

Jenny McFadyen

Business Manager

An update from our IT Coordinator

Cyber safety is always an important thing to consider when allowing our children onto devices. The internet has been a wonderful tool for growth and communication over the last few decades but we can’t always trust that it is safe in all areas.  


While we can rely on filters to block some content, they are only one layer of protection and the best way to protect our students and children is to inform them of proper practices online.  


Talk to your children about the things they access online and more importantly discuss what is and isn’t appropriate. Having these discussions will allow you to monitor what they are accessing online and allow you to guide them towards age specific content.  


The governments website at https://www.esafety.gov.au/ is a great tool for any parents wondering how to start these discussions.

Jonathon Warren-White

IT Coordinator



News from our Wellbeing Leader

Dear Parents, 

I have for a few years now participated in my own personal mindfulness journey.  With that, comes an aspect, being grateful.   Every day I try to find those things that I am grateful for.   So to all the parents out there, I am grateful to you for: 

  • Allowing me the privilege to teach your child 
  • Working together collaboratively with the school to ensure positive wellbeing 
  • Understanding that everyone makes mistakes – children, parents and teachers 
  • Keeping your child safe in an unusual and stressful time  
  • Teaching your children character values that help them to become better as human beings 
  • Smiling and saying hello 

Parents are a valued part of our community and from time to time you need to be reminded of this and appreciated.  So....... thank you!! 

Evie Donoghue 

HCEPS Wellbeing Coordinator 


Wakakirri 2020

Well done to our Wakakirri team.  We persevered and saw it through to the end.  As many know, COVID-19 has had an impact upon teaching and learning.  Our Wakakirri team was also disrupted and at times it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Eventually we got there.  Well done team for all your hard work.  Thank you to Ms Milne who also championed for our Wakakirri team.  Her support to me personally was very much appreciated. 


Evie Donoghue 

Wakakirri Coordinator 

Next week is Book Week!

This year’s theme is “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’ and we have lots of great activities planned to celebrate the theme and children’s literature. Students have been busy creating curious creatures to display in our Curious Creatures Gallery and we are making curious creature body flip books with our buddies. We are looking forward to this year’s Splash Theatre performance on Wednesday and will take a step back in time to look at a “Museum of Curiosity” in the library where we will have a look at some curious objects which we may not have seen before (or for some of us, seen for quite a while…). There will be daily crafts based on this year’s nominated books in the library at lunchtime and we have our dress up parade and special assembly on Friday. Due to Covid restrictions all events are for staff and students only, but plenty of photos of the Book Week fun will be put in the coming newsletters. We look forward to a great week!

6 East Pasta Tower Engineering and Artistry

Early Years Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Artist Micky Barlow and associate ran a workshop with the children on 22nd-23rd October. The children were introduced to Aboriginal artefact's and a lino printmaking. Each child will create their own artwork to take home.

4 West a Selection of Artwork - Art Gallery Outreach Program introduction to landscape painting

A message from our Pastoral Care Worker

Books and reading 

I love book week for so many reasons. Firstly, I love books. I love getting absorbed in a story and forgetting about the real world for a while. I love discovering new books, authors, ideas, challenges and opportunities. Secondly, I love dressing up. Most importantly though, I love that we are attributing value to books, which doesn’t happen as frequently in this digital age. One of the reasons that I value books so highly is because of their links to wellbeing.

Reading reduces tension levels: A University of Sussex study found that just 6 minutes of silent reading slowed down heart rates and eased muscle tension.

Reading improves sleep: Reading to relax before bed rather than screen time has immense benefits to the quality of sleep and the speed to which someone falls asleep.

Reading increases emotional intelligence and empathy: So much fiction is written to help you feel as though you understand the character, and sometimes even as though you are walking in their shoes.  

Reading improves brain function: When we imagine the things that are happening in a book the same parts of our brain that we use for our senses are actually activated. During these isolating times it is so great to give our brain an experiential workout.

Reading helps you live longer: According to a Yale study, ‘a 20% reduction in mortality was observed for those who read books, compared to those who did not read books.’

Reading can reduce loneliness: Books help us to feel connected to a story or a character, which can lesson social isolation. Reading a book as a family, or as a member of a book club can also provide a common topic for discussion.

I encourage you to read a book together as an entire family this week, just for fun. Maybe this is something that you could make time for every week. It is a great activity to strengthen your family relationships, as well as your individual wellbeing.                                                                                                                                                                   

Joey Traeger,


at HCEPS on Wednesdays and Fridays  


Pictorial of Vacation Care Farm Day...the farm came to us

Pictorial of Vacation Care Junk Day

What's changed during Vacation Break ... our office administration area has had an upgrade

More changes... Canteen cabinetry - out with the old, in with the new

We have also had some plumbing issues ...


Volunteers Wanted !!

Volunteers are important to our school community. Our canteen relies on help from volunteers to deliver a meal service to our pupils.

If you have a spare hour or more we would welcome your support.

Not registered with the school as a volunteer?  Volunteer application packs are available from the front office containing all the information you need to submit your registration as a volunteer...... WE NEED YOU!

ll orders via Qkr! ONLY

  • No counter sales at recess or lunch
  • Limited Lunch menu 
  • Orders by 9.15
  • We thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Our limited menu will be: 

  • Hot dogs $4.00
  • Pizza $4.00
  • Mac and Cheese $5.00
  • Lasagne  $5.00
  • Chicken Nuggets $4.00
  • Meat Pies $4.00
  • Sausage Rolls  $3.50
  • Muffins $1.00
  • Cookies $1.00

There will be no sandwiches, wraps, burgers and potatoes available until further notice.

Canteen Roster

Please download and view the CANTEEN ROSTER,  you will see there are many blank spaces on the roster, we would love you to select a time slot and become part of our team.

We would welcome and thank you for volunteering your time to help prepare and serve in the canteen.





Helen Jefferson : 8322 3677

(9.30 am - 1.30 pm)

RECESS ROSTER APPROX TIME 10.00 am - 11.30 am

LUNCH ROSTER APPROX TIME 11.30 am - 1.30 pm


A message from Karrara kindy

The Director of Karrara Kindy has asked us to alert the community to the danger of falling pine cones from the large tree on the corner of Barrumundi Drive and Quailo Avenue.  Several of our school community and pedestrians access the footpath located outside the kindy where the tree overhangs.  Black cockatoos are nesting in the tree causing the pine cones to fall and a danger of injury to foot traffic .  Please be aware and the Kindy director is working towards resolving the problem as soon as possible. 

Uniform Price List

Did you know we have not had a Uniform price increase since 2015. Unfortunately our suppliers have and we are unable to cover these expenses with our current pricing.  Please find our new prices attached. For purchases please order via the QKR App or contact the Administration Office.


Secondhand Uniform Shop

Opening hours will be Wednesday morning 8.30-9.00 & Wednesday afternoon 3.00-3.30.

There is a lot in stock across all sizes.


Support us today! 20% of every Entertainment Membership sold goes to our fundraiser.  Buy a Membership and download the Entertainment App today.

Hallett Cove East Primary School 

Order your Memberships online today!


School Banking is Back

 Monday is School Banking at our school . 

For every deposit made at school, students will receive a silver Dollarmites token. Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can redeem them for an exclusive School Banking reward item in recognition of their regular savings habits. 

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year. 

If your child has lost their book, please contact your School Banking Co-ordinator for a replacement or visit any Commbank Branch. 

If you would like to know more about School Banking, please ask for a 2020 School Banking program information pack from the school office or visit www.commbank.com.au/schoolbanking

Community News and Events


Season runs October to March at Hallett Cove R-12 School.

Friday Night Events start at 6:00 pm.  Free Come & Try Friday 16th October 2020.  U6's - U17's.

Find us on Facebook or visit hclac.org.au. Register at littleathleticssa.com.au 


Water Awareness, Water Safety, Water Confidence, Water Skills & Water FUN!

SA's longest running Summer holiday program giving our kids confidence in and around water.  Over 120 beach & pool locations. 

Register your children at vacswimsa.com.au 


A free ten month savings program providing financial education, budgeting and saving tips.  Offered in communities across Australia.

Find out more - phone 1300 610 355. Email saverplus@bsl.org.au

Hallett Cove East Primary School


Hallett Cove East Primary School:

  • Learning for tomorrow’s world
  • Working together
  • Valuing each other and our future

Our Mission is to ensure that our students are able to successfully interact and achieve within andbeyond their own community, now and in the future.

This may be evidenced by:

A Strong Sense of Identity
  • Students will be resilient and reflective, confident in their own opinions and provide leadership.
Creative Thinking
  • Students will be creative and critical thinkers who draw upon a range of strategies to deal with new situations or information.
Success in Interactions
  • Students will value diversity and successfully interact with others within and beyond their community in a collaborative manner.
Preparedness for the Future
  • Students will demonstrate initiative, enterprise and adaptability and will be able to successfully manage change within their own lives and as part of a global community.
Skill in Communication
  • Students will be able to successfully communicate in a range of settings within and beyond their own community.
Success in Learning
  • Students will develop and apply knowledge, competencies and skills, which enable them to be successful now and in the future.
Self-Directed Learners
  • Students will be able to initiate and implement their own learning plans. Based on constructivist theory, students will be supported in self-assessment procedures in order to reflect on and guide future learning.

The school Values identified by the school community are reflected in the everyday language atschool by staff, parents, students and community members. The Values are

  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Our ongoing commitment to our Values is reflected in our Student and Staff Wellbeing programs including the Year 7 Student Leaders program, Buddy and assembly programs.

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