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Issue 3 – 6 March 2020

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 9 March: School banking 8.35am outside Room 2
  • 13 March: Canteen open
  • 16 March: School Banking
  • 20 March: Canteen open
  • 20 March: Harmony Day Assembly
  • 20 March: P&C Pizza Night 5.30pm School Oval
  • 25 March: School Board Meeting 6.00pm

Principal's Message

We are officially half way through the term! Please read below for some information on a few upcoming events between now and the end of the term.

Harmony Day Assembly

Harmony Day is officially acknowledged on March 21 each year. We will be holding a Harmony Day assembly starting at 9.00am on Friday 20 March (Week 7). This assembly will be coordinated by our wonderful chaplain, Will, and led by our Year 5/6 Wellness Council. Classes will also be participating in a range of activities leading up to this assembly. It is a week of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come to us from around the world.

I like to think that the message of harmony extends beyond cultural diversity, encompassing all forms of difference between individuals. Here at Scarborough PS we recognize that despite any sort of difference or diversity, everyone has their own unique strengths and talents that need to be embraced and celebrated. It is the combination of all these diverse strengths and talents that make the Scarborough Primary School community such a uniquely warm, caring and welcoming community to belong to.

We are each unique and beautiful, but together we are a masterpiece.

ANZAC Memorial Wall

This year, in commemoration of ANZAC Day we would like to build on the Memorial Wall that was started last year.  This is a place for students to add to the names of family members who have served their country. This memorial will be on display in the undercover area for the weeks leading up to our ANZAC Service, which will be held on April 9 (more details on this will be provided in the next newsletter).

The idea is that this memorial will be added to each year as new families join our school. If you submitted a name last year, there is no need to do so again, but if you are new to our school or have a different name to submit, please look out for a letter going home in the next few weeks on which you can provide details.

It need not matter the war fought in or the country represented. If there is a family member that you would like added to the memorial, please return the slip on the letter that will be going home in the next few weeks. 

Three Way Conferences

As usual, three way conferences are coming up in weeks 9 and 10 of this term. Information on how to book a time for a conference will be included in the next newsletter. The focus of these conferences is to hear about the goals that your children will be focusing on in relation to their learning.

School Board

The Scarborough Primary School Board met for the first time this year on Wednesday evening. We were joined by new parent representatives, Bailey Love and Chris Booth along with new staff representative Bev Martin. Their contributions at this strategic level to the future direction of Scarborough PS, along with those of the rest of the board members are valued and appreciated.

The Board also elected a new chairperson and deputy-chairperson for 2020. We welcome Nicole Stallard and Bailey Love into these positions respectively.  

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Board heard about the 2020 focus on attendance and striving to work towards the current Business Plan target of improving overall attendance in compulsory years to 94%. We are currently sitting at 92%. We discussed the importance of regular attendance and the positive impact that this has not only on short and medium term academic performance, but also the long term benefits for future success in life. The school and board alike will be continuing to work towards improving the culture of attitudes towards attendance to enable our children to access the benefits that regular attendance brings.

School Oval

The use of the school oval by individual community members and families outside of school hours, particularly at the end of the school day, is a feature of the inclusive culture at our school. However, in using this area after school there are a few things that we need to remember:

  • Mulberry Tree after school care have ‘right of way’ on school outdoor facilities after school as per their lease agreement. Whilst there is plenty of room for everyone, we need to respect their staff and keep clear of any areas that they are wishing to use in the afternoons.
  • Please be mindful of taking any litter that you may bring or inadvertently leave behind. At times the presence of rubbish and dog poo has caused some inconvenience to our students when they access the oval and our teachers in their preparation of outdoor learning activities.

  • The kindergarten area is out of bounds after school. This is to ensure safe and easy access for our cleaners in performing their duties and securing the area when they have finished.

As always, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone, email ( or in person.

Mr B's Briefing - Sport

The Little Athletic sessions are halfway through, with only 2 coaching sessions left. It’s great to see the high number of students attending and performing at their very best. Our Running to Tokyo event is in full swing at the moment with the hopes of reaching the distance before the 2020 Olympics. Many laps have been completed already, but there are still lots to go! So lets all get down on Tuesday mornings and help contribute to our goal. 

SPS Choir

Mrs Bird and the SPS Choir would like to extend a big Thank You! to the P&C for contributing funds to purchase our fantastic new choir shirts!  The choir kids are really excited to wear them for our performances this year and look forward to looking fabulous for the One Big Voice Festival in August. They have been busy practising on Monday afternoons from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.

P&C Pizza Night

Date: Friday 20 March 2020

Time: 5.30pm

Where: School Oval

Cost: $6 adults $2 for each child  (siblings and family members are welcome)

Order form has gone home today with all the details so please check your children's bag!

Hot Cross Bun Easter Fundraiser

The hot cross bun fundraiser is on again this year. An order form will go home later in the term and more information will be in the next newsletter. 

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is open every Wednesday morning at 8.45am - 9.15am in the library or by appointment.


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