Mount Kanwary Public School Newsletter

Term 4 Week 10 2022

Principal Message

Dear Parents and Carers

Presentation Day Assembly

Thank you to all of our families who were able to attend our Presentation Day assembly on Wednesday.

The growth and success of our students was definitely on display and they all certainly know how to entertain, the performances were excellent!!!

A special mention to our very special visitors from Francis Greenway, who presented three Aboriginal dances, and thank you to Holly for explaining the cultural significance of each dance. The students had a lovely morning with the students making badges, weaving, painting and connecting.

I will post photos onto our Facebook page shortly.

Congratulations to every single one of the students for their achievements in 2022!

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Thank you to all the community, students and staff who contributed to surveys on establishing school values for our PBL program. I have included in the newsletter a wordcloud with all of the values contributed, the larger the word the more times it was listed in the survey.

Our three new core values are:

  • Connect
  • Respect
  • Strive

Staff will now establish the expectations that sit under these core values and create lessons for our students to explicitly teach to the students in 2023. We will then list how these expectations can be demonstrated by students in all areas of the school e.g. classroom, playground, library, office.

The school is still looking for a member of our school community to join our PBL team as a community representative. If you would like to join our team speak to a staff member or the office, we will meet approximately twice a term.

A HUGE congratulations to ALL Mount Kanwary students for achieveing their badge this year. The staff were astounded and full of PRIDE!

Staffing 2023

Please see below the confirmed staffing at Mount Kanwary PS in 2023:

Principal: Mrs Katrina Cameron

Assistant Principal (Curriculum & Instruction): TBA (Mrs Fisher has been successful in attaining a Curriculum Advisor position with DoE)

Wattles (K-2)

  • Mrs Keryn Vickers: Monday-Friday

Banksias (3-6)

  • Mrs Kate Greedy: Monday-Tuesday
  • Mrs Lauren Trappel- Wednesday-Friday

Aboriginal Education Officer

  • Mr Nick Cook- Monday


  • Mrs Greedy- TBA

Learning and Support Teacher & COVID ILSP

  • Mrs Katrina Cameron: Monday-Wednesday

School Administrative Manager (SAM)

  • Mrs Tammy Crouch (Mrs Lyn Jones is relieving at a larger school in T1)

Student Learning Support Officer (SLSO)

  • Miss Holly- Monday-Thursday
  •  Miss Tara- Friday

General Assistant (GA)

  • Mr Barry Shearman- Thursday

2023 Enrolments

If you have a child for 2023 or know of anyone who may wish to join our lovely school, please ask them to phone the Office on 49872596, and we will happily talk them through the process.

We would love more students so please spread the word that we are able to take non-local enrolments (following DoE policies) anytime!!

Skoolbag App

Just a reminder that the school uses the Skoolbag app to communicate with our whole school community:

  • please download the app and add our school as this is the dominant form of communication, particularly if there needs to be last minute changes and/or reminders. Please see the Office if you need support in accessing the app. If you are not receiving our notifications you may need to re-log into the app.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday! We will see you all again next year!

Katrina Cameron


Snack Canteen

Our Snack canteen will be operating every Friday for recess.

Students can purchase: small packet chips, chocolates, lollies, paddle pops or flavoured milk.  All money raised will go towards  our school end of year gift.

Up Coming Events

9 DecFinal Day for Swimmingnil
14 DecPresentation Day- 9-10amnil
15 DecStudent Reports- homenil
16 DecParty Day- note pendingTBA
16 DecLast Day Term 4- studentsnil
19 DecStaff Development Daynil
20 DecStaff Development Daynil

Tweet Awards

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) brings together the whole-school community to contribute to developing a positive, safe and supportive learning culture. The framework assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people.

Congratulations to the following students for receiving their Purple Feather:

* Lillianah and Archie

Congratulations to the following students for receiving their Green Feather:

* Tenealle, Maddy, Nia, Zavier, Hayley, Maddison and Vincent

Congratulation to the following students for receiving their GOLD Feather:

* Xavier, Emi, Riley K, Jessika and Tiarna

Mount Kanwary PS core vales of Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best are explicitly taught in classroom lessons in term one and are regularly revisited throughout the year.

Positive behaviour is rewarded in all school settings including the classroom, playground, library and office with a number of strategies, including TWEET tokens which are displayed in class. When students collect 10 tokens they will receive a feather on their TWEET mascot and receive a certificate. To receive the final gold feather students must collect 15 tokens. 

At the final year presentation day students who have achieved their gold feather will also be presented with their year badge, each year receives a different coloured badge.

2023 New Enrolments

If you have, or know a family who has, a child/children seeking enrolment in 2023, please let them know to contact the school on 4987 2596 or email

Our school is one of the few that is still able to offer 'non-local' (Out of Zone') applications, so please spread the word about this inclusive school!!

Mount Kanwary PS Contact

Mount Kanwary Public School is a small school with immense pride in the quality of educational opportunities offered to students.