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Hindmarsh Edition 22: Term 1 Week 6

What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • Become a Class Representative
  • Leading the Way - Meet our 2022 Leaders
  • School Fees
  • Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday Gallery
  • Sacramental Program
  • Project Compassion: Anatercia's Story
  • Credit Union: Website to help you choose your family car

Diary Dates

Monday 14th March🐎 Public Holiday - Adelaide Cup
Wednesday 16th March📖 Book Club orders due
Thursday 17th March 🍀 St Patrick's Day
Monday 21st March🧡 Harmony Day & Anti-bullying Day
Friday 25th March🏊 SACPSSA Swimming Carnival
Wed 30th March - Fri 1st April🏕 Year 5/6 Camp to El Shaddai
Monday 11th April✝️ Holy Week begins
Thursday 14th April✝️ Holy Thursday
⏰ Last day of Term 1, finish at 3.00 pm
Friday 15th April✝️ Good Friday
Monday 2nd May😃 Pupil Free Day - OSHC Available
Tuesday 3rd May

🧑‍🏫 Term 2 begins - Winter Uniform

These dates are subject to change.

Term Dates

Term 1Wednesday 2nd January - Thursday 14th April
Term 2Tuesday 3rd May - Friday 8th July
Term 3Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September
Term 4Monday 17th October - Thursday 15th December

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members

Last night some parents gathered in the staff room and others by Microsoft TEAMS for the first Parents and Friends meeting this year. 

It was an opportunity to discuss opportunities for FUNraising(community building) and FUNDraising to enhance the resources available here at St Joseph’s.

The Parents and Friends is an informal way of getting to know others in the community, get involved, make friends and have FUN.  Please come along to our next gathering on 6 April.  Time to be advised. 

Hopefully as the COVID restrictions start to ease and opportunities to gather recommence it will be important to have a conduit between school and home!  Class Representatives are a great way of connecting and supporting the Parent/Teacher partnership.  Please consider being a class representative.

What does a class representative do?

1.     To build and maintain communication links with the parents of the students in the class for which you are carrying out the required duties.

2.      Responsibilities of each Class Representative may include:

    • Assisting the class teacher in the organisation of class events which include parents (eg excursions, Mass etc)
    • Welcoming new parents to the school/classroom.
    • Introducing parents to the role and activities of the P&F committee within the school.
      Inviting parents to support and attend school functions and activities.
      This may include the arrangement of class tables for any particular function or activity.
    • Arranging the distribution of raffle tickets or other fundraising material.
    • Attend P&F gatherings regularly

I look forward to seeing many of you when we meet on 6 April.  In the meantime please support the P&F Easter fundraising by ordering your hot cross buns and other treats via QKR.  More information to follow.

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” Jane D Hull, 


God Bless
Maria D’Aloia

Leadership Contact Details

Maria D'Aloia
APRIM & ICT Coordinator:
Helen Clark
Leader of Learning:
Rita Garreffa

Leading the Way!

Year 5/6 Senior Leaders - School Captains, House and Vice-Captains

All students have the potential to develop leadership skills over time and they also have the right to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.’

What we encourage at St Joseph’s, is for all the senior students to see ‘leadership’ as a role they play in their commitment to their school community. 

They are encouraged to demonstrate a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to their school and local community.

Let's Meet our Senior Leaders

🙋🏾‍♀️ Meet Arsema

My name is Arsema and I’m one of the school captains this year. As a school captain, I have to be a good leader and one of the things I know about a leader, is that they lead the way into the right direction. As your school captain, I need to also say and do positive actions, some of them are…

  • Looking out for the students in the yard
  • Help others when they need it
  • Show the 5 respects
  • Follow our school values

I heard about the opportunity for school captain late last year and didn’t really want to do it but some of my friends encouraged me to go for it because they saw me as a good leader. Some of the skills I have are that I’m a very kind, helpful, encouraging, forgiving and a loving student. Some things I enjoy doing are playing netball and basketball with my friends. I’m also looking forward to making many memories during my last year at St Joseph’s School.

School Captain

🙋🏻‍♂️ Meet Massimo

Hi, my name is Massimo and I like sports like soccer and basketball. I also like to collect rocks, minerals, gemstones and crystals and my hobbies include soccer and swimming.

When I heard they were giving the Year 6’s a chance to nominate themselves as school captain, I did not want to be a captain, but when Isabella showed me her speech for inspiration, I changed my mind and I thought on that day, maybe I can try.

A leader is someone who can lead the way respectfully and can show the way. People look up to you in a positive way as a leader/role model.

I feel that this year is going to be a good year as school captain, just like every other year at St Joseph’s.

My skills and qualities include giving positive feedback and being:

  • Respectful
  • Giving positive feedback
  • Confident
  • Compassionate
  • Resilient
  • Honest
  • Creative

As school captain this year, I will set up activities like donut day, wheels day and more.

I am looking forward to being the leader of the school this year, both inside and outside the school.

School Captain

🙋🏻‍♀️ Meet Alessandrea

Hello Everyone,

My name is Alessandra, and I am the House Captain of team Chevalier. Some of my interests & hobbies are, drawing/art, dancing, gymnastics and playing sports. When I saw the role to be a House Captain as an opportunity, I thought I would fit into the role and be a great House Captain and I got the role; I was very proud of myself and excited that I had achieved my goal. I am looking forward to Sport’s Day this year because if Chevalier all work together as a team and contribute to all activities, we could win Sport’s Day for 2022! Overall, my team is happy, hardworking and meeting targets set out for them.

Kindest Regards,
House Captain

🙋🏽‍♂️ Meet Gurveer

Hello everyone, my name is Gurveer Bhangu and I am house captain for my team which is Chevalier (The Best Team). Firstly, I would like to tell you some things about myself. I like sports (especially soccer⚽), Science, playing with my friends, drawing, or sketching, video games🎮, nature, and pizza🍕

When I was in year 4, I was new to St. Joseph’s and when it was Sport’s Day, I saw 4 people leading our team. I said to myself, ‘If I become a senior of this school, would I also get the opportunity to a captain or vice-captain for my team?’ Well, when I was in year 5, I nominated myself to be vice-captain for my team, there were lots of other people who were trying out, I felt scared. When it was my turn to speak, I was nervous. I stood up and said my speech to everyone and the next day my teacher told me I was vice-captain. I could not believe it! Then this year when the nominations were held again, I tried out for House Captain. And guess what, I got it! I got inspired by a quote, it was....

‘When you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you’

And it is TRUE! ✅

If you ask me, a leader is not someone who shows off because they got selected or they have a badge, to me it is a person who understands what to do and knows how to handle situations. He also gets advice from his peers and inspires them to do things right. A leader never judges people, he knows and shows the right things. A real leader is a person who works hard and never ever cheats.

To become a positive leader, you must be able to,

Listen to your peers, produce, and share ideas, have patience, give effective feedback (positive), treat others how you would be like to be treated, NEVER GIVE UP, always aim towards success, have excellent communication skills, and lastly, treat everyone fairly. If you are confident in using these skills, you will become the leader that everyone wants.

As a leader of this school, I will show respect to all students and staff, lead by example, be a role model, never see a need without doing something about it, show ‘In all things Love’💗, follow and show our school values, help in situations, inspire others to be a leader, never give up, show initiative, be honest, always aim high🗻.

‘An army of sheep led by lion, would win against an army of lions led by a sheep.’ This is my favourite leadership quote because it does not matter how big or small the army is, it matters how their leader acts and how the leader trains them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a lovely day,

House Captain

🙋🏼‍♀️ Meet Ruby

Hello, my name is Ruby and my hobby is calisthenics, I like helping people and my interests are crystals.

When I heard about this opportunity, I knew I was going to try. A leader can be anyone, a leader shows respect, kindness and helps others. My feelings about being a school leader are excitement, happy and confident. The skills you need to be a positive school leader is a positive mindset all the time, not doubting yourself and confidence to lead the school with pride.

As a leader I will show kindness, respect, service, hope and compassion and as a leader, I am looking forward to leading this school at Sport’s Day and helping others. Leadership is an action, not a position!


🙋🏼‍♂️ Meet Henry

Hi, my name is Henry Hawkins.

My likes and interests are Science and scootering.

I am vice-captain of Chevalier.

As the vice-captain, I promise to help keep the campus clean and help people who are hurt or upset.

I wanted to be a vice-captain so I could inspire others to have a leadership role.

Being a good leader is working with everyone to solve problems.


🙋🏼‍♀️ Meet Week

Grace the House Captain for Joseph is unfortunately absent this week, she will introduce herself in the next newsletter. 😊

🙋🏾‍♂️ Meet Roshan

Hi, my name is Roshan and I am one of the 2 Joseph captains. I really like soccer, cooking, cycling, cricket, anime, and having fun. When I heard about the opportunity to nominate myself, I was excited since I had been waiting to nominate myself as a candidate. The reason I nominated myself as a candidate is because I think that I can show all the qualities that St Joseph and St Mary Mackillop have shown.

 A leader to me is a person who gives normal people the ability to do extraordinary things. As a newly elected house captain, I feel motivated since people trust that I can lead our house team properly by voting for me as one of their captains. I feel like I can lead this house by showing positive skills such as having great sportsmanship, making sure that everything is fair, and always being kind to everyone.

For this community I will make sure that all sports equipment is there and if the equipment is damaged, I will talk to the current PE teacher about it. I will make sure that in the yard, every game is going all right and no one has a problem and listens to requests about sports or anything else. I will offer any emotional or moral support to anyone who needs it.

I am looking forward to leading Joseph on Sport’s Day and creating the beat chant in the four teams…and remember, ‘Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality.’ by Warren G. Bennis.

House Captain

🙋🏿‍♀️ Meet Anna

My name is Anna and I am vice-captain for the blue team this year. As a vice captain of the blue team, I must be a good leader to everyone around me and show respect to all my teachers and peers. A leader to me is someone who you can look up to and help people in any way you can. As a vice captain, I must be nice and caring to others and show actions like showing the ‘5 respects’ to everyone, and also show our school values all the time and to help my peers in any way I can. I first heard about house/vice-captain in Year 3 and ever since then, I always wanted to be one. I also picked the role because it’s my last year in Primary School and it would be fun to have a role to remember. Here some of my skills, I am kind, caring and respectful and I like playing netball and singing.

I can’t wait to make this year, my year in Primary School. 


🙋🏾‍♀️ Meet Mikal

My name is Mikal and I like to do gymnastics and hang out with my family.

When I heard about the chance to nominate myself for house or vice-captain, I felt that I had an opportunity to show people that I could lead responsibly but also in a fun and friendly way.

I think a leader is a person who guides others on the right path, they respect others and help them become the best versions of themselves as they can be.

I feel thankful to the people who voted for me and I will do my best to be a good role model for them. I also feel a big responsibility that a know I can uphold.

I am respectful and willing to listen to people, I am always available if anyone needs my help, and I am always happy to create a loving St. Joseph’s environment.

I will help, lead and volunteer more to make a good impression on everyone but I also like to live by “never see a need without doing something about it.”

I am excited for the roles and responsibilities I get to help with, to make everyone feel safe at this school.


🙋🏼‍♀️ Meet Leila

Hi everyone,

My name is Leila and this year I will be your MacKillop house captain! Some of my hobbies are swimming, dancing, and drawing. When I heard about the opportunity of becoming a sport captain, I thought it would be a great new opportunity for me! I’m not the fastest runner or the best at ball games but I wanted to become a leader.

A leader to me is kind, loyal, caring, respectful, and a great role model, and I think I am all these things.

When I got elected to be a house captain, I was happy and excited to be your leader. I will be the best role model I can for you, and I look forward to having a great year with you all!!

Leaders don’t make followers; they make more leaders!  

Leila Vrbanac
House Captain

🙋🏼‍♂️ Meet Sebastian

Hello everyone, my name is Sebastian Maio and I am House Captain for Mackillop, the red team. I like sports (especially soccer), fishing, friends and my family.

I nominated myself for this role as house captain because I have always wanted to be a respectful leader for this school. For me, a leader is someone who is always respectful, kind, helpful, generous and always shows Mary Mackillop’s saying, “In all things love.”

When I got elected as house captain, I felt happy and proud of myself and I know I can help this school in many ways. Some positive leadership skills I have are good leadership, good sportsmanship, I am athletic, and friendly. I will help when possible and try to be involved in most of the school activities and I will make sure all the sport’s equipment is safe so we can play with them. I will bring out the best of others and myself whenever anyone is feeling upset or unmotivated. I will always show the 5 respects and be as kind as possible.

I am looking forward to leading my sport’s team with pride this year and remember… ‘a leader is someone who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way!’

Sebastian Maio
House Captain

🙋🏾‍♀️ Meet Shagun

Hello, my name is Shagun and I am the vice-captain of Mackillop. My hobbies are dancing, gardening and cooking. I nominated myself for vice-captain because I was inspired by the previous captains. I think a leader is one ‘who shows the way and leads the way.’ I am proud of myself for being elected as a vice-captain because people thought that I would be great for that role which makes me happy. I am responsible and always helping the community. I will do my best, show compassion and respect to the community. I am looking forward to seeing everyone around. Leadership is an action, not a position!


🙋🏻‍♂️ Meet Roxson

Hi, my name is Roxson Healey

I like watching anime, gaming, reading and relaxing. When I heard about the opportunity for this role, I thought about helping this school to be the best school it can be, and that is the same reason I applied, because I wanted to help this school and community become better than it is already. To me, a leader is not just something you can be or do, it is also a state of mind, a state of mind that anyone can have.

I am happy that I have been elected to be vice house captain for Mackillop, and I am proud to be part of Mackillop. My skills to be a positive leader would be being able to have clever ideas (yes someone has told me that). I can offer ideas and a great listening ear if you have any problems you want to talk about.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone in Mackillop and learning about them.

Leadership is something everyone can have, and I believe you have it as well.


🙋🏻‍♀️ Meet Adele

Hello, my name’s Adele and I am House Captain for Tenison woods.

Let me tell you about myself, my hobbies are drawing, athletics and violin.

When I heard about the opportunity to be house captain, I didn’t hesitate about going for house captain because I knew that I wanted to be someone who the younger students could look up to like the students I looked up to when I was in Junior Primary. When I got the role, I felt happy that people elected me and trusted me to be a responsible captain. I’m looking forward to helping the school community by looking after every single one of the students.

‘Leadership is something you show, not tell.’

House Captain

🙋🏼‍♂️ Meet Cooper

My name is Cooper Margrie. I like basketball, soccer, camping, hiking, fishing, and many other things. When I heard about this position and opportunity, I thought to apply because ever since I was in reception, I looked up to and wanted to be a house captain. To me a leader is someone who has the ability to do extraordinary things with ordinary people. I feel really thankful and grateful that I got this role, because like I said, it was a role/position I wanted ever since I was in reception. I believe that I have many skills to be a positive leader at St Joseph’s, some of these skills include, smartness, loyalty, leadership, kindness and more.  This year, being my last at St Joseph’s, you can expect that I will leave a good impression. Together with my other peers, I am going to do my hardest to lead Tenison to victory this year. I am looking forward to getting to know and working with all of the people in Tenison and the other houses.

“Leadership is not a position or a badge, it is an action or example”

House Captain

🙋🏻‍♀️ Meet Lina-Marie

Hi, my name is Lina-Marie and I like drawing, swimming, karate and dancing. When I heard that I had an opportunity to nominate myself for vice-captain in Tenison woods, I was thinking that I’d be great at that role and some of the teachers came up to me and said that I should go for it because I’d be a great captain which gave me the confidence to nominate myself. To me, being a leader is when you’re a good role model and people look up to you and want to follow in your footsteps because you treat everyone with kindness and show respect to everyone and anyone.

When I got elected for vice-captain, I was so happy and excited at the same time, I thought I wasn’t going to get it but I was wrong. I will try being my best self at St Joseph’s and do as much as I can for the school, I will respect and support the house captains and everyone else in the school. I will do school crossing, choir and include myself wherever I may be needed. I can’t wait until Sport’s Day when I can show my leadership skills by doing our chants and the whole school health hustle and cheering our team by encouraging and praising other students when they’re participating in the games and help and support the house captains, but don’t forget… being a leader is not just being better than everyone, it’s about being respectful to everyone and being your best self.


🙋🏻‍♀️ Meet Claire

My name is Claire and I am this year’s Vice-Captain for Tenison Woods. My hobbies are running, playing volleyball, reading and watching cartoons. I like tarot cards, cartoons and my friends.

When I heard about Sport Captains and Vice Captains, I was ecstatic and I knew that I would apply for any leadership role that would come my way and it paid off, years of trying to be a role model paid off! For me a leader is someone who leads people to greatness, they are the maker of amazing people.

Having this role has been so exciting for me and has been a goal for most of my life. I am so grateful for everyone who voted for me.

As leader I will demonstrate the school values.

I am honoured to be your vice-captain this year.


School News

School Fees

 Term 1 school fee statements have been sent out via the post.  The due date for payment of Term 1 charges is Thursday 31stMarch.  Please refer to the 2022 School Fee structure information available on the school website for payment amounts.  

Existing direct debits have been adjusted in accordance with the fee structure.  If you wish to pay your account via regular deduction forms are available on the website or from the Front Office.  To calculate the amount payable per deduction divide the amount owing on your statement by the relevant number of deductions (i.e. weeks, fortnights, months, terms) remaining for the year.  

School Card Approved Lower Income Fee discounts will not be applied to accounts without a completed School Card Application form (available on the school website or from the Front Office) and after approval from the Department of Education has been granted.  Forms are due urgently so we can submit our applications.  The approval process takes several weeks and accounts may not be adjusted until late in Term 2.

Please contact our Bursar, Karyn Burlow at  if you have any questions regarding your school fees.

Have you placed an order yet?

It's not too late, orders close on Wednesday 16th March. Ordering is easy, follow the link below, create an account and place an order. It's that easy!

Happy reading!

COVID Reminder

Personal hygiene and the hygiene standards in our school is critical to reducing the risk of infection.

All children and staff will need to continue to:

  • wash their hands regularly, particularly after using the toilet and before eating
  • avoid spreading infections to others by staying home if they are unwell
  • cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue
  • year 3-6 students to wear masks in classrooms

SA Health encourages parents to provide children with their own personal, labelled and named drink water bottles. These can then be refilled at the drink fountains or water taps, rather than children drinking directly from the taps.

Parents will need to maintain social distancing when in the school yard.

Let’s care for each other and be kind!

Religious Education News

🥞 Shrove Tuesday 🥞

✝️ Ash Wednesday ✝️

Sacramental Program 2022

Information and registration forms regarding the 2022 Hindmarsh-Findon Parish Sacramental Program have been distributed via SeeSaw and Skoolbag.

Preparation will begin in Week 7 with children receiving this Sacrament this term.

Children who are baptised in the Catholic faith and are in Year 3 or above are invited to register and be involved in this program.

The sacrament of Reconciliation preparation will be undertaken in Term 1, with students receiving this Sacrament here at school after Mass on Wednesday the 6th of April.

Please contact Helen Clark ( or the Parish Office if you have any queries regarding the 2022 Sacramental Program.

Project Compasion: Anatercia's Story

Anatercia is 12. She lives with her brother, mother and elderly grandparents in a small hut in southern Mozambique. Like many rural communities, Anatercia’s village has no electricity, hospital, secondary school or supermarket.

Anatercia’s family are farmers. They grow crops of corn, beans, sweet potato and cassava. But with her mother’s illness and her grandparent’s old age, Anatercia’s family couldn’t look after their farm as they wanted to and, with limited access to water, their crops withered. Poor harvests meant that they were unable to sell food to earn an income and the family often went hungry.

This is a common in Anatercia’s country. Nearly two million people currently face severe food insecurity in Mozambique, due to the combined effects of frequent natural disasters (including droughts and floods), the conflict in northern part of the country and COVID-19. 1

Anatercia wanted to support her family. She worked hard, taking up more and more responsibilities around the home. She even travelled up to five hours every day just to collect water!

But Anatercia is still a child and, after a while, she struggled to cope with the burden of adult responsibilities. Her education began to suffer.

Something had to change.

In 2017, Anatercia’s family decided to join a program run by Caritas Australia’s local partner, Caritas Regional Chokwe. The program provided initial support to the family through food baskets, seeds, school supplies and a school uniform for Anatercia. Caritas also helped Anatercia's community install a gravity irrigation system on their farm, as well as water taps for households in the village. Even Anatercia’s grandmother learnt about more sustainable farming techniques to help the family produce enough food to eat and sell.

“After completing the program, we managed to have food from our irrigated farm, even without rain,” Anatercia says. “I have enough time to take care of my mother because I have water close to the house, I am studying here in the community, and the farm gives us food all year round.”

Now, Anatercia can easily access clean drinking water, local families are able to grow crops all year round and there is enough to eat. Anatercia is better supported by her community and has more time to study. She hopes to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse, to help care for people like her mother and so that community members don’t have to walk long distances for medical care.

With Caritas’ support, Anatercia’s health, education and quality of life have improved, along with the outlook of her community for all future generations.

Thank you for your generous donations to our first Project Compassion Fundraiser.

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