Christ the King North Rocks Newsletter

2019, Term 2 Week 8 : Friday 21st June 2019

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

This Sunday we are celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. We remember with gratitude the celebration of Jesus’ ultimate gift to us all of his Body and Blood through his suffering and death on the cross. Jesus’ giving of his body and blood for us all, encourages each of us as children of God to love others with ‘our heart, mind, soul and strength as St Mark’s identifies in his Gospel writing. This Sunday we focus on Jesus. He gave his body for us. He poured out his life for us. He gave himself, day in and day out, to teach and to heal, to comfort and to challenge, to forgive and to love. In many practical ways, he gave himself to us, showing us what it means for God to hold us in existence. This Sunday “as we receive our Lord’s body and blood in communion, let our hearts fill with gratitude for this amazing gift from the heart of the risen Jesus” [Fr Michel Fallon].


This weekend, the children from our parish community will make their First Holy Communion. This is a very special occasion in the lives of our First Communicants and their families. For the first time these young children will receive our Lord through the Eucharist as they are further initiated into our Catholic community. Thank you to all those from the Parish community who assisted in the preparation of these children over the last six weeks. A special thanks to the Parish Sacramental team -  Di Campbell, Leslie Bosai, Cate Joseph, Ben Horne, Monica Burley and Fr Ian for the time and commitment they all put into preparing the children for the sacrament. Please continue to pray for these children as they grow in the love and image of God.


Each student this Friday will receive their first semester report.  Your child’s report is a summary of your child’s learning acknowledging their achievements and highlighting their learning challenges for the second half of the year. It is encouraged that you sit down with your child over the weekend and celebrate their achievements and discuss the identified areas for improvement. These challenges for next semester can be best formulated into several short term goals that can be jointly constructed by yourselves and your children.  I would like to thank the teachers for the many hours spent over recent weeks marking assessments and writing student reports. On Wednesday all families received an emailed letter explaining why an interim report has been issued today. If you seek further clarification on this matter, please contact me.


Over the next two weeks, teachers will be conducting parent teacher interviews. Thank you to those parents who booked an appointment online. If you have not already booked an appointment, please contact the school office on Monday morning as the online booking facility has already closed. It is important that parents are punctual for their designated interview time. Each interview is ten minutes in duration. If you require additional time to discuss your child’s studies, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher for a follow up meeting. Your co-operation in these matters will be greatly appreciated by staff and other parent.


Thank you to families who are continuing the high standard of uniform compliance during Winter. There are however several children wearing sneakers and joggers with their winter school uniform.  Children are to wear black leather shoes with their school uniform not runners or black sneakers. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Next week [Wk9] I will be away at a professional development training course pertaining to PBL [Problem Based Learning which is a prominent inquiry pedagogy which has been implemented her at CTK over the last few years. Several teachers will be joining me at various stages throughout the week taking part in a variety of workshops. If you have any concerns that need to be addressed next week please see Mrs Walsh or you can contact me via email or via my mobile.


Tony Hughes


Upcoming Events

Term 2 (Week 9) Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 24th June

  • Sports Program - All students in Sport Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 25th June

  • Literacy Club 8am
  • Uniform Shop (8am - 12:30pm)
  • PE: Year 3, Year 2, Year 4 (Group1)
  • Drama Club (Years 3&4) at lunchtime

Wednesday 26th June

  • Maths Olympiad Team session 8am
  • PE: Year 6, Kindergarten
  • Stage 2 combined Soccer Gala Day
  • Drama Club (Years 1&2) at lunchtime
  • Chess (3 - 4pm)

Thursday 27th June

  • PE: Year 5, Year 1, Year 4 (Group 2)
  • Year 6 Reconciliation
  • Drama Club (Yrs 5&6) at lunchtime

Friday 28th June

  • Band (7:45 am) and groups throughout the day
  • Pyjama Day & St Vincent de Paul visit
  • Debating 'v' St Angela's 9.30am
  • Year 6 at Mass
  • CTK Playgroup 10am-11.30am
  • Assembly presented by Year 4 @ 2.15pm - Parents Welcome

Term 2, (Week 10) Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 1st July

  • Sport Program - All students in Sport Uniform
  • Uniform Shop (8am - 12:30pm) PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DAY
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 2nd July

  • Literacy Club 8am
  • PE: Year 3, Year 2, Year 4 (Group1)
  • Life Ed -  Kindy, Year 1, Year 2
  • Drama Club (Years 3&4) at lunchtime

Wednesday 3rd July

  • Maths Olympiad Team session 8am
  • PE: Year 6, Kindergarten
  • Life Ed - Kindy, Year 1, Year 2
  • Drama Club (Years 1&2) at lunchtime
  • Chess (3 - 4pm)
  • Holy Communion Practice Evening

Thursday 4th July

  • PE: Year 5, Year 1, Year 4 (Group 2)
  • Drama Club (Yrs 5&6) at lunchtime

Friday 5th July 

  • Band (7:45 am) and groups throughout the day
  • FAMILY FUN DAY including Family Picnic 1pm
  • CTK Playgroup 10am-11.30am

Advanced Notice: Mark in your diary

June 22nd/June 23rd

First Holy Communion ceremonies

Friday 5th July

Family Fun Day followed by Picnic lunch

Last day of Term 2


Monday 22nd July

School begins

Thursday 25th July

Kindergarten excursion : Calmsley Hill City Farm

Year 2 excursion : Powerhouse Museum

Friday 2nd August


Tuesday 13th August


Friday 30th August

Father's Day celebrations at CTK

Friday 13th September


Friday 27th September

Last day Term 3


Thursday 12th December

Christmas Concert

Wednesday 18th December

Year 6 End of Year Function (Parent/Student Dinner) Last day of school for all Students

Thursday 19th December


Friday 20th December


Important Announcement

Parish News

Parish Office Information, Parish Mass Times, Reconciliation and Rosary

Parish office hours are Mondays - Fridays 9am - 4pm.

Our current contact details are phone: 9871 8710 and email:

Weekend Masses

Saturday         6.00pm

Sunday            8.00am and 10.00am

Weekday Masses

Tuesday          7.30pm

Wednesday    9.00am

Thursday        9.00am

Friday              9.15am


Saturday        9.30am and 4.30pm


Saturday        8.30am

Volunteers needed to clean the Church

School Community,

The CTK House of God needs volunteers for cleaning duties. Should anyone wish to share a contemplative hour in the presence of our Lord then please feel free to contact Brian on 9873 5603 or email me on

Many thanks,

Brian Euhus

Parish Cleaning Ministry Co-ordinator 

Other School News

Everything Starts with a Dream

Everything starts with a dream. Everything started with a spark of hope, a journey, an adventure, anything in the world. Dreams and hopes are the things holding this world together, no matter who you are, it's never too late to make your dreams come true. So aim for the moon and don’t turn back.

Just think, you were that little kid sitting at the window, looking out in the night sky, once dreaming of what you will become, though most people don't exceed what their child self wanted to be. Though you might be thinking your dream can’t come true, you're halfway there by dreaming. Just taking a step outside the box leads to happiness. People are trapped inside a box all the time though they can't find the key to unlock their hope, but the key is you.

Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them. These choices decide your life. One is the key and the other is the box. Can you guess which one is which? There’s no point in dreaming if you aren’t willing to do it. So don’t just be a dreamer be a doer and spark joy in your life once and for all. And remember, you can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

We as leaders have many dreams, some of which are: to be able to help our community, to teach the youth how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, be an outstanding role model, etc. All of these are to help our community because we know our dreams of being there for one another and teaching each other of believing that we can succeed on what we hope for in life.

Although dreams might not come true, we know that leaders learn from their mistakes and plan bigger and better ideas for their community. That’s why we always say ‘Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up!’

Emma Maroun and Henry Abood

School Captains CTK 2019

Religion in Year 2

This term in Year 2 students are learning about the importance of Baptism and how baptism brings people closer to God. They have been talking about baptism with their parents and have brought in pictures and items from their own baptism which they have used to help in their understanding of this sacrament.

Click here for the full Year 2 item

Advanced life photography - School photos Friday 2nd August 2019.


Friday 2nd August 2019.

ORDER NOW go to and enter the code


School photographs are scheduled to be taken by advancedlife. Whilst an envelope and flyer will be distributed shortly, if possible it is our preference that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo day.

Orders for packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at using our school’s unique 9 digit advancedorder code. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day.

Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to

Family Day Liturgy and picnic lunch

You’re Invited!

Parents are invited to join us on Friday 5th July (Last day of term) for a Family Day Liturgy. The liturgy will take place in the school hall starting at 12:30. After the liturgy parents are welcome to enjoy a picnic lunch with their children at school. Any food you wish to bring is ok but we ask that no foods containing sesame or nuts. Students can be signed out after lunch, 2:00pm onwards.

Pyjama Day & St Vincent de Paul visit

St Vincent de Paul will be visiting our school next Friday (28th June) to speak to the students about the poor and homeless who live in our area and the work that St Vincent de Paul do to help them. This will also be an opportunity for the students to see how their donations (for the winter appeal) make a difference in the lives of the poor in our local area. As part of this day, students are invited to wear their pyjamas to school. Please ensure they are warm. Normal school shoes will need to be worn on that day - no slippers or ugg boots are allowed for safety reasons.

St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal

‘just as you did it to the least of these, you did it to me’ Matt 25:45

With temperatures dropping quickly, Winter can be a very challenging time for the more than 116,000 homeless people in Australia. St Vincent de Paul has been very grateful for the contributions to the poor and homeless from our CTK community in the past and have called on us to assist again this year. The items most desperately needed are blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, beanies and warm socks. All items would need to be new and all donations would be greatly appreciated. Although you may never meet the person that benefits from your generosity please know that your donations make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Thank you to those families who have already answered the call and sent items to school to assist with the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal.

Fire Evacuation Drill Practice

As  part of the compulsory component of our WHS Emergency Procedures, the school is required to have several Evacuation / Lockdown drills throughout the year.

Next week we will be having a routine practice for our fire evacuation plan.

To prepare and reassure students, over the next few days, teachers will be explaining what the drill sounds and looks like. 

Students will rehearse how they respond to the fire alert and practice walking safely to the assembly area.


Celebrating Gifts and Talents

2019 Acrobatic Gymnastics Australian Championships:

Twenty Seven gymnasts from SXL Gymnastics were selected to compete at the 2019 Australian Gymnastics Championships in the field of Acrobatic Gymnastics. SXL Gymnastics’ Head Coach, Xilin Shen, also the 2016 & 2018 Australian World Championship Head Coach, took the team to Melbourne on Friday May 31, 2019.

The club came back with some fantastic results from the competition.

We would like to congratulate Isabella Y from Year 6 who won 12-18 Pair silver  overall.

What an amazing result. Well Done Isabella!!


When: Fridays 10:00am - 11.30am (Term time only)

Where: CTK Hall, Statham Avenue North Rocks

Who: For children aged 0-5 and their carers

What: Play, socialise, create friendships

Come every week or come when you can


To register your interest in coming along or for further information

Contact :


School Notes

Parent Volunteers at CTK - CEDP Volunteer Form

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Volunteer Form’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.

Parent Volunteers at CTK - Child Protection Training Module

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Child Protection Training Module’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.

Application for Extended Leave (other than sick leave)

Click on title, go to Administration, print and complete the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ form to apply for student leave for more than 2 days within term time.

School Term Dates

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Uniform Shop

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