Newsletter Number 12 • Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Welcome to our new look eNewsletter!

Welcome back to Term 3 and welcome to our new look eNewsletter! With families accessing school news on so many different platforms, we're hoping the new eNewsletter will be easier to read, access and share across mobile, tablet and desktop. 

From the Principal

I hope you have all enjoyed some down time with your families over the recent school holidays. The three week break enabled us all to have a well earned rest after a stressful and unprecedented time over the past six months.

As we all know South Australia has done very well in regard to stopping the spread of COVID-19 resulting in continued stable low to zero cases, and subsequently we have enjoyed some of the restrictions being lifted in our state.  However, watching our Victorian neighbours suffering a frightening surge is a real reminder to us all that we cannot be complacent with this disease.

Subsequently school management has considered the information provided to us and we have also considered our school context and the needs of our students, staff and community.  Hence we have made the decision to continue to be cautious and we ask that families adhere to the COVID-19 protocols that have been communicated to parents via a letter sent out at the end of the holidays.  Procedures will continue to be regularly reviewed and adjusted as required.

In brief those procedures are as follows:

  • We ask that parents and carers continue to limit their time within the school grounds.  Please continue to drop your child off at the gate if at all possible.  Parents are asked to promptly exit the school as soon as practicable after drop off and not to congregate in the courtyard.
  • We ask that Primary and Middle School parents continue not to enter the classrooms before or after school (unless pre-arranged). 
  • Preschool parents/carers need to drop their child off and pick them up from the Preschool so they can sign them in and out – this is a legal requirement.  We ask that Preschool parents continue not to enter the Preschool classrooms.  
  • Cycle 1 Primary students will continue to be taken to the gate at 3.20pm and will be supervised at the gate whilst parents/carers collect their child from the drive through area of the car park.
  • If you need to communicate or speak with your child’s teacher or the office, please phone or email directly or email to arrange a meeting.  Face to face meetings between staff and parents can occur if they are prearranged and follow social distancing protocols.  
  • If your child shows any signs of being unwell, PLEASE DO NOT send them to school. 

  • Due to recommended physical distancing protocols, we will continue to defer activities and school events with large gatherings.  

    We really appreciate the support and understanding that parents and school families continue to show during this unprecedented time.  We need to continue to be vigilant and work together to ensure that we keep everyone safe and healthy.  

      As a staff we have been pleased with the way our students have ‘stepped up’ in light of these changes, as they develop and demonstrate resilience, independence and fortitude.

      Here’s to a productive, happy and healthy Term 3!

      Cathy France


      Term 3 staffing

      We welcome Alexis Winslow to our staff this term.  Alexis will be working three days a fortnight as a receptionist joining our Admin team.

      We welcome back Maree Clarke after three terms of extended leave.  Maree will resume teaching Music to all classes from the Preschool through to Cycle 3.  We thank Bonnie Scott for teaching Music during Maree's absence.

      We welcome Katie Moore, who will be teaching voice lessons and the Cycles 2 & 3 choirs.  Please contact Katie directly for all bookings, costs and availability on

      We welcome three student teachers this term:

      Clinton Donald working in Rosi & Sam's Cycle 2 class

      Maddy Ryan working in Lisa & Debbie's Cycle 1 class.

      Laren Taverna working in Ruth & Lauren's Cycle 1 class.

      LET'S CELEBRATE! Celebrating the new Preschool front yard

      We are delighted to announce that the second stage of our preschool front yard development has been completed during the recent holidays. The preschool students were pleased to be able to 'try out' the new equipment and structures on the first day of term.  We are very pleased with the outcome and that the whole design is very much in keeping with the natural beauty of our school.  

      We would like to thank Paul Noon, our Business Administrator, for all of his work in overseeing the development and construction phase, managing the grant requirements and liaising with the contractors.

      Thanks also to a second State Government capital work grant of $40,000 which has gone towards the construction and completion of the play space. 

      New Preschool Yard

      Vacation Care News

      “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble” …. “Alohomora” ….”Open Sesame” …. “Expecto Patronum.”

      I think we can say that there has simply been too much myth and magic over the last three weeks, my head is full of creatures, symbols, legends and glitter- so much glitter. We have managed to weave Egyptian and Greek myth and legend into our daily fun through baking, art, craft, stories, games, puzzles and more. We have explored more magic in the form of the King Arthur legends, mythical creatures and ending of course with Harry Potter. We have box crafted, nature crafted, pom pommed and coloured. We’ve created fire and shelter, hieroglyphs and pyramids, impromptu plays, cubbies, a castle and mini gardens.

      Fun was had with old friends and new connections were made, at times it felt like an all in play date. The weather has been superb and allowed for heaps of outdoor play.

      I have learnt that glitter gets locked away in a box within a box, in the darkest depths of the cupboard. I have learnt that vegan biscuits are quite tasty and that digestives make the best smores. I learnt that you can buy vegetarian marshmallows but they are near  impossible to find. I have learnt never to program potion making on the last day of Vacation Care and that King Arthur and Merlin stories can be adapted for children of any age.

      We welcomed Charlie Evans as a brilliant new addition to the staff team and were thrilled to have Sammi come in and do some shifts for us; it was lovely having her back under the Vac Care umbrella. We farewelled Jen from the team and wish her every happiness moving forward with her career.

      Please check in with me regarding your bookings and let me know if any details need to be changed. I am currently reviewing enrolment details and information and trying to update and collate; I will email families as required. A reminder, we are back to a paid service.

      I’ll finish with a little spell of my own.........

      Bibbity Bobbity Boo, The Owl says Who.

      Bibbity Bobbity Book, Your bookings please do look.

      Bibbity Bobbity Beep, So exhausted, time to sleep.

      Bibbity Bobbity Bee, Welcome to term three.

      Megan Lynch

      OSHC Coordinator

      Vacation Care News

      Parent / Teacher Interviews

      Roundtable Interviews at Wairoa

      Roundtable Interviews will be held in Week 2 at Wairoa for Cycle 4 students and parents.  An email was sent out giving parents more information about these and providing a step by step guide as to how to make an on-line booking.  

      The Roundtable Interviews are an opportunity to discuss your child’s achievements and areas for further learning.  Wairoa Term 2 reports were posted to families during the holidays.

      Yultiwirra Collaborative interviews

      Yultiwirra Collaborative interviews will be held in Weeks 3  & 4 this term  for Cycle 1 Primary, Cycles 2 & 3 students and parents.  An email will be sent out later this week giving parents more information about these and providing a step by step guide as to how to make an on-line booking. Documentation from the collaborative interviews will form our Mid Year report.  These will be sent home in Week 5.

      Child Care at Yultiwirra during interviews

      If you require child care for your child and/or siblings during your collaborative interview time please complete the eForm which will be sent out via Skoolbag.  Free Child Care is available for students 3 years and over during your interview time but BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.  If you do not book you will be charged for this service as we need to know numbers for staff:student ratios. You must also sign your child/ren in and out when using this service, to avoid being charged.  Please note: this child care is separate to any previous OSHC bookings you may already have.

      Government Accountability

      As part of our funding agreement with the Australian Government, we are required to ensure that specific “School Performance Information” is made publicly available to the school community.  This information is provided to the school community in various forms such as newsletters, school directory and the Annual Report throughout each year.


      A collated version of this information under the headings specified by the Australian Government is now accessible on our school website for perusal by parents and the general public.  The information relates to the 2019 school year.  You may note that some of the information may be slightly different to the information provided on the government’s My School website due to the month of the year the data was captured or the inclusion/exclusion of preschool/infant program students.

      Diary Dates

      Monday July 27 – Friday July 31

      Roundtable Interviews - Wairoa

      Tuesday July 28

      I & PC meeting 8am - Yultiwirra

      Parent Rep meeting 2pm - Zoom meeting

      Executive Meeting 6pm - Zoom meeting

      Board meeting 7.00pm - Zoom meeting

      Thursday July 30

      Policy meeting 4pm

      WHS Meeting - 4pm

      Friday July 31

      Fundraising meeting 9.30am - Zoom meeting

      Monday August 3

      Year 6 visit to Wairoa 

      Monday August 3– Friday August 14

      Collaborative Interviews – Yultiwirra

      Tuesday August 4

      Marketing meeting 4pm

      Thursday August 20

      Online parent/staff Zoom presentation –

      ‘Positive Parenting’ presented by Madhavi Nawana Parker 4.30pm – 6.00pm

      “The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.”

      Maria Montessori

      2020 TERM DATES

      Term 1:  29 January – 9 April
      Term 2: 28 April – 26 June
      Term 3: 20 July – 25 September
      Term 4: 13 October – 9 December