Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

Thursday 4 June 2020

From the Leadership Team

Pupil Free Day Tuesday 9th June 2020

As advised earlier, next Tuesday is a Pupil Free Day and our staff will be participating in professional learning. 

Site Improvement Plan - Writing

At times during the term, teachers are released for Training and Development. Last week teachers and undertook on training and development in Brightpath.

 Brightpath is an innovative assessment process that uses typical classroom writing tasks to:

  • develop teacher’s assessment skills
  • help teachers differentiate learning
  • provide teachers with teaching points based on how they have assessed their students.

Brightpath enables teachers to compare their students’ writing with a set of calibrated exemplars to judge performance. The accompanying software provides immediate reporting. Teachers’ judgement data can then be used to evaluate student growth in learning and to inform school programs.

Brightpath facilitates the collection of school-wide writing data to support rigorous evaluation of both teaching and learning. This data can be used to support assessment for, of, and as learning.

Return to school

While we have been supporting family choice with learning from home during the pandemic but it is now expected that all students who are well and not considered vulnerable attend school.

Students are required to attend school unless they are:

  • feeling unwell
  • have a chronic medical condition or compromised immune system and are not able to attend school on advice from their medical practitioner (medical certificate required)
  • live in a household with others that are deemed vulnerable to COVID-19 and are not able to attend on advice of their medical practitioner (medical certificate/letter required)
  • have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been required to self isolate by SA Health.

Written Reports

Mid -Year Reports will be sent home with students on Wednesday 1st July, (Week 10 Term 2) and End of Year Reports will be sent home with students on Friday December (Week 9 Term 4).

If you require two copies of school reports due to family circumstances, please notify our office by completing the Skoolbag eform 'Student Report 2020'.

Did you know?....

Many of the social media apps and platforms that our students become interested in using outside of school are rated for use only by ages 12+ or 13+. Tik Tok is  one of these and is used for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos  and is a favourite at the moment. We have discussed with some students the reasons why it has an age rating and this particularly relates to 12+ content in the songs lyrics, swearing and adult concepts in the provided music. Tik Tok users can also search for other users to view or follow their location. There are parental control settings to assist in maintaining privacy and safety and more information about these can be found at 

What parents need to know...

Reconciliation Week

We are all in this together.

Throughout National Reconciliation Week, classes have prepared a short video clip which we have been combined to make a reconciliation video.    The video represents the essence of Reconciliation-working together, mutual respect and fairness for all. Unfortunately as not all students have permission to have their images shared on the web we are unable to publish this to share with our families, each class has enjoyed watching the video and recognizing the work done in other classes.


Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have received awards using our school values.

J5 - Xinyao

J6Li Ao

J7- Hujjat

P5 - Linda, Zoey, Isabella, Jessie 

P8 - Cecilia 

P12 - Mia

J2, J3, J4  learners all received a special award acknowledging their confidence and independence when arriving at school each day.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge:

J4  Ibrahim

J6   Andrew, Hope, Javish, James, Hugh, Li Ao, Hiromasa, Lucas, Francesko, Christopher, Cherie, Mia, Aria, Alyssa, Ama, Holly, Adam, Thomas.

P2   Elliot, Sunny, Elisha, Lincoln, Renesh, Aisha, Jamelson, Taylor, Akshika, Alice, James.

P3   Kaan, Willem, Madison, Inayah, Grace, Callum, Archie, Samy, Bella, Chelsea, Milly, Tommy, Mia, Noah, Dominic, Saanavi, Parthavi, Coonor, Jacob, Albert, Brooke, Rudra.

P4   Radin, Samson, Seigneur, Colin, Harrison, Aaliyah, Erin, Jakob, Luke, Divya, Devarsh, Max, Ari, Jaiveer, Samarveer, Amelia, Adella, Kaliah, Purcell, Ashton, Audrina, Ryder.

P5   Byron, Jasper, Linda, Jessie, Zoey, Kevin, Ruby, Matilda, Lilley, Mia, Eniko, Isabella, Brody.

P6   Monique, Sarah.

P10 Aiden, Lucas, Massimo, Aarav, Drishti, Aaroosh, Ben, Toby, Kallan, Samuel, Hope, Angel, Scarlett.

P11 Chloe, Odin, Jake, Vanessa, Zara, Myrto.

P14 Floyd, Phoebe, Larissa, Henry, Ceridwen, Erin, Shahanna, Digby.

Qkr App Information

Qkr functionally update for users not able to Connect to Server

Reinstall the app to apply the current changes.

You may need to set your password.

If you need to contact us please email:


Canteen News

Canteen Winter Menu

The full Winter Menu is now available through the canteen and covers Term 2 and Term 3. The menu can be found on the Qkr app, Skoolbag app or on the Dernancourt School R-7 website.

Some of the new exciting canteen made items include Devilled Sausages, Roast Vegetables and Couscous, Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup with bread. Snacks can also be purchased to go with lunch orders.

Reminder: All orders must be placed via the Qkr App before 9:15am. We are unable to accept cash or late orders. Please DO NOT text or phone orders in.

The canteen remains closed to over the counter sales at recess and lunchtime. All snack items must be pre-purchased through the Qkr! app. and will delivered with lunches.

Crossing Monitors

WEEK 7  -  Aisha (P5), Chloe (P11), Kiarna (P12)

WEEK 8  -  Aadil (P12), Floyd (P14), Bradley (P14)

WEEK 9  -  Samantha (P8), Rayhan (P11), Isaac (P12)

WEEK 10 - Emma (P5), Paige (P8), Larissa (P14)