Our Lady of the Rosary Primary Newsletter

19 February 2020 - Week 4 Term 1


Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, I would like to personally welcome all our  2020 Kindergarten students and their families who have now settled into "big school" life.  A big welcome also to our other students across the grades to Our Lady of the Rosary.  We hope that your time here will enable you to reach your full potential and prepare you for life through learning.

It is lovely to see that so many of our families have  taken the opportunity to meet their child's teachers. Our committed and caring teachers and staff will be here to support and challenge you throughout your journey.

I would like to invite many of our OLOR Families, new potential families you may know and the greater community to our Open Day on 3 March commencing at 9am. Although visibly the school is still undergoing major building works, we are here to showcase our new "state of the art" classrooms and building.  If you know of any potential new enrolments, please ask them to come along.

Last week we held our Parent Information sessions and I thank all the staff for their efforts in preparing for these gatherings.  To that end, it has come to the attention of the Teachers and Office Staff that many of our Parent Helpers will need to renew their Working For Children.  Instructions are listed below.

Again I would like to draw your attention to entering our school with a vehicle.  Both carparks are 10Km/h zones and many cars are exiting way over the speed limit.  Could you please be mindful of the speed you are travelling even outside of school hours through the school.

I wish the students swimming at the Diocesan Swimming Carnival all the best for today.  I am sure you will make your families and your school proud.

I leave you with this thought:

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.  Mother Teresa.


Annelise Stockey


Please remember to update your Working With Children



Kiss and Drop      or      Park and Walk

There are a number of safety rules we need to remember when entering and exiting the two carparks at Our Lady of the Rosary.

·       Both Carparks are 10km/h zones- this applies in and out of school hours

·       Both have car parking spaces. All cars are expected to park only in the spaces marked. Please do not park across pedestrian crossings or at the front of the school entrance.

·       When walking to and from the parked cars, please hold your child’s hand


Kiss and Drop Carpark

·       Please have patience when moving in and out of the Kiss and Drop Zone – don’t overtake once you have dropped or picked up your children

·       The driveway coming into the Kiss and Drop Carpark is a no parking zone at the beginning and end of the day – please check the signage. This allows the cars to drive slowly through the line

·       This is the only area to drop your children


Church Carpark- PARK and WALK

·       Please be aware of the crossing in front of the gate

·       There is no parking in the turning circle in front of the church

·       Please do not use the end of the driveway (near the closed gate) as a drop off point- park and walk in.

·       There is no parking or drop off in front of the parish office

Please do not wait in this carpark if there are no parking spaces left. You will need to find an alternate place to park on the street. 

There are teachers on duty in Hi-Vis jackets. Please adhere to their instructions.


Its great to see the rain that has brought the grass on the Friary back to life and filled our underground water tank, which we will now use to water the Friary and gardens.

However it has not been kind to our new building - delaying the footings and sub floors from being poured. We thank God for the rain but now pray for a little break so the building can get underway.


Yesterday, notes were sent home regarding the OLOR Parish Sacramental Programes for 2020.  If you have any further queries, please contact the Sacramental Co-Ordinator at the OLOR Parish on 9629 2595 or sacraments@olorparishkellyville.org.au

Term 1 OLOR Masses and Liturgies





Mass / Liturgy



Wednesday 26th February

Ash Wednesday Mass (3-6) 9:15am

and Liturgy (K-2) 11:30am



Wednesday 4th March

Catholic Schools Week Mass 9:15am



Thursday 9th April

Holy Week Reflection (All day timetable K-6)

Stations of the Cross at the Shrine

News from Sr Antoinette

Dear Parents,

I came across this great article “ About Family Relationships “ last week . I would like to share a few snippets with you and mainly affirm you in the great work you are doing with your children.

“Children thrive on feelings of belonging and affection that come from having caring and supportive families. Research affirms that the quality of family relationships is more important for children’s well being than the size or composition of the family. Whether families have one parent or two, whether they include step-parents, grand-parents or other carers, they can build strong positive family relationships that promote family well being and support children’s mental health.”    “Kids Matter” – “ About Family Relationships”


Thought for the Week


 “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.  “

Ralph Waldo Emerson


LOST PROPERTY: A new building means a new start. I am delighted to report that very little lost property has been handed in this year. Congratulations and thank you for your support in this matter.

There is a lost property tub on each level of our new building where you will find lost articles. Just another gentle reminder to ensure that everything is clearly marked with your child’s name. 


PBS4L NEWS for 2020

Focus : Respect for Others – Speak and Act with Kindness


It is expected that all students will show respect for others at all times.  Children are encouraged to ask these questions. Is it true? Is in inspiring? is it necessary? Is it kind? It is important to stop and think before we say or do the wrong thing.


Please be advised that School Fees for Term 1, 2020 have been posted to all OLOR families. Thank you to those families who have already set up their payment plans for 2020 . Instalment 1 of school fees is due by 18 March 2020, unless you are on arrangement for the year.

If you are experiencing any financial difficulties, please call me for a confidential chat or email me on nelliott1@parra.catholic.edu.au. It is better for you to come in and speak to me so that we can develop a support plan rather than allowing a debt to accumulate. We are here to support you.

Many Thanks

Nicole Elliott

School Fee Liaison

Ph: 8664 7800


Zone Swimming Carnival Update

On Friday a team of 25 students from OLOR went to Mt Druitt pool to compete in the Zone swimming carnival. We had a very successful day with 6 children being selected to represent our Zone at the Diocesan Carnival next Thursday. 

Our team members were;

Jake H, Emma P, Kiara F, Sarah H, Aiden J. M., Cameron K, Zoe McD, Matthew S, Ally P, Olivia W, Luke K, Indiana B, Christian McB, Alina R, Irina X, Kai R, Xander A, Samuel H, Lauren L, Christian K, Amelia S, Tyler B, Charlie B, Callum B and Sofia C.

The following children will be representing our OLOR and the Hills Zone in the following events at the Diocesan carnival;

Open 100m Freestyle 

Callum B. 2nd 

Emma P. 4th

50m Freestyle

Christian M. 1st

Emma P. 2nd

50m Breastroke

Christian M. 3rd

Cameron K. 4th

Callum B. 4th

Emma P. 4th

50m Butterfly

Kiara F. 4th

Sarah H. 4th

Also a big congratulations must go to Luke K, Charlie B, and Christian K, who just missed out on Zone team selection. Better luck next year boys!

Well done on a fantastic day of swimming and all the very best to the children off to Diocesan. We are all very proud of your efforts.

Mrs McBrien.

Congratulations Zone Swimmers


School Photo Day - Monday 2nd March

OLOR Kellyville OPEN DAY - Tuesday 3rd March 9am - 10.45am

Catholic Schools Week Mass - Wednesday 4th March 9am

School Cross Country -Yrs 2 (8yrs) - Yr6- Thursday 19th March

END OF TERM 1 - Last day of school Thursday 9 April 2020


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