Term 2, Week 8

From the Principal...

Dear Families, 

As we head towards the end of term and reflect on each student in preparation for reports, it is really exciting to see the progress students have made over the semester. I often think about the range of learning opportunities teachers provide at Basket Range and the effort of students to keep learning, exploring and wondering about the concepts they engage with.  

Developing children with creativity and imagination, who are strong in their literacy and numeracy, demonstrate intrinsic motivation and a strength of character is central to developing the whole child. We want to see children grow to become emotionally intelligent, self-initiators, reflective of themselves and others and strong and articulate communicators. These skills for life work alongside the curriculum skills of literacy, numeracy, the arts, science, language and other curriculum and we look forward to sharing learning progress with families in the coming weeks. 

Thank you to all those families that attended the community forum last week. It was great to have so many families represented at this evening and share their views on our school moving into 2022. Our next steps are for the subcommittee to collate responses from the evening and look at these responses alongside teacher and student views, to see if there are themes that are specific to cohorts and also to the school as a whole. 

A few quick reminders moving into week 9 and 10 of term, please ensure you have enrolled siblings for 2022 if you plan to do so. Due to both year 6 and 7 moving into high school next year, it is required that all schools ascertain continuing numbers and new enrolments sooner than would usually be expected to facilitate staffing across the department. We also have another community event for end of term this Tuesday evening with all classes having made lanterns for the winter solstice. This will be a lovely opportunity to come together share some songs and light up the evening. Notice will be provided on Tuesday if we need to reschedule due to inclement weather otherwise I look forward to seeing you all then. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind Regards Sybila.

Pupil Free Day - Monday 28th June

On Monday 28th June there will be a pupil free day as the staff will be involved in a day of Professional Development.  

Working Bee Wednesday 30th June...

On Wednesday 30th June after school drop off (9am) there will be a mini Working Bee to prepare the front garden for planting.  Come along if you have some spare time.

August & Tha'is

Winter Festival - Tuesday 22nd June 5:30pm

Please join us on Tuesday 22nd June from 5:30pm - 7:00pm for our Winter Festival.  The children have begun work on their lanterns which will be lit for the first time on the evening of our Winter Festival. Each flame representing the light within each one of us, which all together in the dark night, glows with a warm and comforting light. 

The program for the evening –

5:30pm         Children arrive at school and go to their classrooms whilst parents, families and community members gather in the undercover area and enjoy a hot spiced apple juice.   Please can the Reception/1/2 parents bring the children to their room where they will be greeted by Bethany.

5:45pm       Families and friends assemble on the hardcourt. Teachers will lead the children with their lanterns to the hardcourt where families will join their child/children to sing songs and perform a dance. 

Sally's Mural in Learning Support Room

A very big thank you to Sally for the absolutely beautiful Fairy Tale Mural that she has completed in the Learning Support Room.  This room will be used next term for playgroup and the children (and parents) are going to love how this has made the room such a special place.  Thank you Sally!

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.  If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more fairy tales" Albert Einstein

Sally's Mural...


We now have the Absentee component up and running on Skoolbag. This means you are now able to enter absentee details via the app on your phone.  You just need to click on to the School Logo and once you enter the app and then click on the Eforms tab, followed by the Absentee Form.   It will then bring up a Absentee Form for you to add all your details.  

Thank you for your cooperation and helping us to streamline the absentee process.  Thank you, Laren

Upcoming Activities


TERM 2 2021


Tuesday 22ndWinter Festival - 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Monday 28th PUPIL FREE DAY 
Friday 2ndLAST DAY OF TERM 2 - 2:15pm finish
Monday 19thFIRST DAY OF TERM 3