8 November 2019

From the Principal

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

November is the month of remembrance of the dead. The Church’s calendar begins the month by celebrating All Saints’ Day followed by All Souls’ Day. 

All Saints’ Day is the feast when we commemorate all those we know who may never be publically proclaimed on the canon or list of saints but who nonetheless are in heaven. Some of them may only be known to God. Others are people whose love, sacrifice, and fidelity we have seen for ourselves and who have inspired us.

All Souls’ Day is an opportunity to thank God for those who have died, and to commend some of our family and friends to God’s mercy and forgiveness, while praying for healing of memories and the gift of peace.   

                                          (Preaching to the Converted, Fr Richard Leonard sj)

We will particularly remember those who have died when we pause as a nation on Monday….the 11th of the 11th at 11am to recall the end of World War One. As a College community, we will stop to mark this special day, Remembrance Day.

HSC Exams – Finished!

Our Year 12 students complete their Higher School Certificate examinations on Monday. They will then eagerly await their results at the end of the year. I hope each of our students have finished their examinations with a strong sense of satisfaction with their efforts. Thank you to the families and community members who have supported them in prayer and encouragement during this time. These students will also be looking forward to their formal on 15 November at Dolton House, Darling Wharf.

Parent Engagement at Woolwich

Many thanks to those parents who were present at the Parent Engagement Meeting on Monday night. I particularly thank parents for their feedback regarding the recent Student Mobile Device Policy review. An updated policy will be available in coming weeks.

Parents also began planning for upcoming events. These events are hosted by Year Level parents. It is a ‘pay it forward’ model which has proven highly successful. It has particularly provided the opportunity for parents to come together, engage and build relationships and meet the parents of their daughter’s friends, “parent-friending”.

If you were unable to make it to the meeting but would like to add your name to the Year level list please contact Mr Justin Hodges, Leader of Governance and Communication at the College via email to

Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

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From the Assistant Principal

Let’s Remember!

Within the last couple of weeks, we have had reason to remember!

On 1 November, our Catholic Church celebrates the lives of the Communion of Saints as the Feast of All Saints’ Day. We remember the ordinary people who did extraordinary things in their lives as their way of responding to God’s call to serve others. These people were not born saints and, I suppose, did not die with the title of “Saint” either. They were born as ordinary humans. Humans with an innate goodness and also human frailty that is also present within each and every one of us too. So how did these people end up being recognized as being a saint if they were not born that way?

To my way of thinking, it is about the recognition from the Church in how they lived their lives and responded to God’s call. It is a recognition from us as the Church that identifies their devotion to God and others as exemplary.

Then, on 2 November we celebrate All Souls’ Day. This is also a day of remembering. We pray that our beloved departed are with God. We are heartened by the memories of our times with them and share stories about them.

These two beautiful feast days remind us of the call we have to be in deep relationship with God and to respond in the way we serve and love our families and those within our influence.

Of course, then, we have another day of remembering – Remembrance Day. On 11 November, we remember the fallen who gave their lives so that we can now enjoy the freedoms of this beautiful country of ours. It is a day when we remember the devastation of hostility and war. This, we must never forget!

The men and women who lost their lives in the First World War are saints. Their service was for the sake of all Australians for all time to come.

Let’s give thanks to the service of all saints; our beloved who have gone before us; and the fallen during all wars. We thank them for their example, their service and the legacies they have left for us so that we may have more than what they had and that we can be true instruments of God’s peace to all those we encounter in our day, over the years and in our lifetime.

Ms Marietta Taliana, Assistant Principal

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From the Religious Education Coordinator

Volunteers Needed

Last year 84,000 light meals were prepared and distributed by Sydney Night Patrol: a Special Works project of the St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies). The service consists of two vans, operating seven nights per week (excluding New Year’s Eve), providing a meal, blankets, toiletries, snacks, hot beverages and most importantly, companionship to people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness within the inner city of Sydney.

A service of such magnitude requires an army of volunteers, last year over 2500 people volunteered to help with the preparation and distribution of these light meals. Unfortunately, no longer is it possible for students to assist with the distribution of these services, however, there are other ways to  assist. 

On Thursday 5 December, Marist Sisters’ College has been asked by Vinnies to help with preparing the light meals that will be served to the homeless of Sydney later that night. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a significant contribution to this important service. We are calling for volunteers, both parents and students, to help make the 300 sandwiches required. If you are interested, could you please RSVP by completing the following:
Google Form

As Christmas nears, this is an important time to give back to the community and help those in need. We look forward to receiving your RSVPs.

MSCW Christmas Appeal 2019

Each year the College supports two important communities at Christmas time; St Vincent de Paul and the Baabayn organisation. 

St Vincent de Paul supports those experiencing hardship within our community and Baabayn provides many young indigenous Australians with support and links to services that help inspire them to find a sense of achievement and pride in their future. As a community we are asking that you donate to these worthy causes through the collection of hygiene products and Christmas gifts.   For many children, these will be the only gifts that they will receive at Christmas time. 

The support of Marist families to these causes is life changing for many Australians in need and is greatly appreciated.  Each House has been allocated a particular fundraising area for the 2019 MSCW Christmas Appeal. 

HouseBaabayn or VinniesSuggested items that are requested
ChanelVinniesSoap and Deodorant: Lynx packs (deodorant and bodywash), deodorant, body wash, soap cakes
JaricotVinniesToothpaste/Toothbrushes, face washers/hand towels, aftershave

Shampoo/Conditioner, Lip Balm, hand cream, face wipes, small tissue packs


Infant girls and boys presents (0-5 yrs)

ColinBaabaynChild girls and boys presents (6-10 yrs)

Adolescent girls and boys presents (11-15 yrs)

Baabayn Presents

  • Please wrap presents and label them for either male/female and the age.
  • Gifts cannot be food, perishable items or unsafe (e.g. flammable gifts).

Suggested Baabayn Presents

Newborn - 1 Year Old

Bib, dummy, toy for use in the bath, rattle, t-shirt, book

2 - 4 Years OldStuffed toys, t-shirt, toys, books, clothes, socks
5 - 6 Years Old

Games, t-shirt, toys, books, backpack/bag

7 - 10 Years Old

Games, t-shirt, toys, books, backpack/bag, toiletries

11 - 14 Years Old

Games, t-shirt, toys, books, backpack/bag, toiletries, nail polish, balls

15 Years Old

Nail polish, brush/hair set, socks, t-shirt, games, t-shirt, toys, books, backpack/bag, toiletries, nail polish

 Mr Daniel Ronchetti, Acting Religious Education Coordinator

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From the Leader of Learning & Curriculum

Year 11

Year 11 students had the opportunity to reflect at the end of Term 3 as they moved from Preliminary to HSC Courses and took up the opportunity to discuss their progress at last week’s Parent Student Teacher Interviews. Any parent/carer who were  unable to attend are encouraged to make contact with their daughters subject teachers to assist in understanding their progress thus far. 

2020 Elective Subjects

Patterns of studies for students in Years 9 and 11 in 2020 are now available to students and parents/carers. The vast majority of students have been placed in all of the classes that they have expressed a preference to study.  Every effort has been made to accommodate the greatest number of student choices, and whilst the vast majority have been able to be accommodated, I understand that is not always comfort to the very small number of students who may not have received the first preferences. Should any student wish to discuss any aspect of the Elective Subjects she has received, they are advised to please contact the Curriculum team.

As we approach the middle of our final term in 2019 students in all years need to be fully engaged with their learning to maximise the time remaining.

Term 4 Important Curriculum Dates

Year 11 Awards and HSC Information Night: 18 November 2019

Year 7-11 Showcase of Arts, Design & TDP: 4 December 2019

Year 7-10 Newman Symposium: 5 December 2019

Stage 4 Awards: 11 December 2019

Stage 5 Awards: 12 December 2019

Mrs Melinda Alvarez, Leader of Learning and Curriculum

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A Word from the Counsellor

A Word from the Counsellor

Body image is the perception that people have of their physical self, in addition to the thoughts and feelings that result from this perception. Your own personal beliefs and attitudes, as well as society, media and peers can influence your body image. A healthy body image is about being comfortable in your own skin, happy with the way that you look most of the time and feeling happy with yourself for who you are (ReachOut). A negative body image on the other hand is when someone is not happy with themselves or the way they look and these viewpoints may impact upon their mood, relationships and self-esteem (Raising Children).

Top tips to improve Self-Image:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others – Too often we look around us to other people’s body shapes and image and become upset that we may not have all their good traits. But every person is unique and we must learn to accept our differences to eventually be happy with ourselves.
  2. Recognise media for what it is – Social media image and pictures of models are altered to give a constructed sense of reality. These images are targeted to sell products or lifestyles, therefore are not realistic or sustainable in day-to-day life. This is important to remember when we are bombarded with these images on a daily basis. If you can’t maintain this realistic view, it is best to minimise your contact with such images by choosing who you follow selectively and restrict screen time.
  3. Be positive – A positive mindset means that you are more likely to look for the positive in a situation and in yourself. Focus on your strengths and enhance the features that you like about yourself. Also the people you are around often influence your mindset, your view of others and view of self. It is important to surround yourself with positive people who don’t always focus on the negatives in your life, their own or others' lives.
  4. Find your own style – Try forgetting about what is in style this season – find a style that suits your body shape, as well as character and stick with it. If you feel good in what you wear, you will exude confidence and that is a very attractive attribute.
  5. Accept compliments – It is important to listen to what people say and accept compliments when given. It is too easy for us to brush off such statements from embarrassment, but if someone tells you that you look good or happy - acknowledge it, smile and thank them.
  6. Sunshine - We need Vitamin D - 10 mins a day is all that is required, take a stroll and get some sunshine in your life!
  7. Practice Kindness and Compassion to self and others...what you do tends to come back in spades, you can create your own luck.
  8. Gratitude for Body: Ask yourself, what great things does my body do? Does it helps you walk, run fast, dance, get me to school, can you smell, hear, or see? Can your hands play an instrument, write a story, draw art or cook with love? Do your eyes and mouth smile? Does your body hug others with warmth?
  9. Move your body for pleasure not punishment - moving releases endorphins which improve mood so get surfing, swimming, walking, dancing (in your bedroom with loud music for 20 mins will do the trick).
  10. Sleep - Aiming for a regular 8/9 hours per night will give us the best chance of having a positive mindset and ability to focus on the things that we choose to, and which we know are helpful.
  11. Sing - In the car or shower is fine, laugh at how off key you might be but simply enjoy.
  12. Nourishing food; Listen to what your body needs, like a top performance car you need the right fuel/food to create the right amount of energy for you.
  13. Meditation: Look at an app such as Smiling Mind, Stop Breathe Think, Headspace or Youtube some guided meditations for free, they do not take long and will reduce your heart rate and blood pressure...within minutes.
  14. Stand tall, Shoulders back and Chin up: Even if you do not feel like it, we know that what we do, can improve how we feel and therefore how we think.

A fabulous advocate for positive body image is Australian, Tarry Brumfitt - her award winning, acclaimed documentary from 2016 “Embrace” is worth watching (available for students free on ClickView), or you can hear an interview worth a listen for free from:

If you have any current concerns about your daughter, please contact the College Counsellor Becky Salter via or ph: 0435 659 694

Ms Becky Salter, College Counsellor

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Canteen and Clothing Pool News

Term 4: Weeks 5 & 6 Canteen Specials

Week 5 - Wednesday 13 November & Thursday 14 November
Greek Salad                                    $6.00

Week 6 - Wednesday 20 November & Thursday  21 November
Butter Chicken and Rice            $6.00

Second Hand Clothing Pool

The Second Hand Clothing Pool opening times will be Mondays and Fridays from 8:30-9:30am or by appointment via email from Week 5.

Mrs Elizabeth Campbell, Second Hand Clothing Pool Coordinator

Jarnosse News

Years 7 – 12 Resource Lists

Please find below the link which takes parents/students directly into the Campion website for ordering.

When Ordering via the Campion website, the School Code is... E5Y9

If you follow the link in Student Cloudshare no code is required.

Year 10 HSC: All My Own Work

The second of five HSC: All My Own Work assessment opportunities opened this week for Year 10 students. There is no penalty for failure and students can attempt as many of the 5 tests as they need to. So please encourage your daughter to read over the HSC: All My Own Work program (accessed via her Student Cloudshare) and attempt an early assessment.

Even if she doesn't pass on her first attempt she will become familiar with the material being assessed and, after re-reading the Program on the NESA site, she’ll be better prepared for the next assessment she attempts. 

Assessment Test 2 closes on Sunday 10 November at 10pm, so there is still plenty of time for students to familiarise themselves with the material and attempt this assessment. 

Congratulations to all the girls who attempted Assessment 1, and to the 89 students who passed and have now completed the NESA Program. If you wish to know more about the Program ask your daughter to show you MSCW’s HSC: All My Own Work site. The link to the NESA site is:

Ms Celeste McNicholas, Leader of eLearning & Information Services

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Visual Arts News

Young In Art

Hunters Hill Town Hall was buzzing on Wednesday 23 October at the Opening Night of the annual Young in Art exhibition. Young in Art has been running for over 25 years and exhibits works from students in Kindergarten through to Year 12 from the seven schools within the Hunters Hill Municipality. It is always so wonderful to see the talent within our College and the wider community. We had over 30 students have their work displayed in this prestigious exhibition.  

Congratulations to Ruby Lewis for receiving the following awards:

Ruby Lewis-“Early Bird gets the plastic” SCULPTURE  HIGHLY COMMENDED

Ruby Lewis -“The Mushroom Garden” COMMENDED

Ruby Lewis

Artist in Residence

Our artist-in-residency program starts Monday 18 November through to Friday 29 November - 9am-2pm) in the art rooms. This is a first ever at the College, which will allow three talented artists to carry out their creative artworks.

The artists are Natasha Junmanee, Marilou Palazon and Teresa Small.  We welcome these gifted and talented practitioners to our MSCW community and thank them for their time.

The students at the College are consistently given opportunities to engage in purposeful and productive learning that caters for their learning needs and this program is one that is eagerly anticipated by the whole school community.

These artists enrich their teaching practices by passing on skills and knowledge through formal or informal teacher professional learning sessions.

As a teacher this has been one of the many goals and to see this come to fruition is so exciting.

Mrs Helen Landas, Creative Arts Coordinator

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Food Technology News

The year 9 Food Technology classes have just completed their "Food for Special Occasions" Assessment Task this week. This involved the girls researching an occasion of their choice & preparing and presenting a food representative of the special occasion. The girls displayed enthusiasm and skill in creating a range of delicious dishes, desserts & amazing cakes. The students really enjoyed this task & delighted in sharing & tasting the food.  Please enjoy a sample of some of the creations made by 9FT2. Fabulous work Girls. 

Mrs Vanessa Stewart, Food Technology Teacher

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Sports News


The MSCW Tennis team competed at the annual CGSSSA Tennis Championships on Thursday 31 October. The weather was hot and the competition was tough. Marist Sisters' students showed great determination, Sportswomanship and were an absolute credit to the school.

Congratulations must go to the following students: 

Junior Singles – Quarter Finals - Sienna Chambers

Junior Doubles - 3rd place - Lauren Bertie and Isabella Cicciari

Intermediate Singles - Quarter finals - Madison Mides

Intermediate Doubles  – 3rd place in Pool A - Anastasia Lakic and Bronte Fisher

Open Singles - 3rd place in Pool A - Charlotte Chambers

Open Doubles – Equal 2nd place narrowly missing out on the finals due to 'for and against' count back - Laura Suine and Madison Bertie

Ms Deborah Kellert

PDHPE Coordinator/ Sports Teacher


School Sport Australia Touch Football Championships

The NSW under 15 girls team consisted of 14 students from a range of schools in NSW.

Ms Mia Rodgers (Year 9) represented New South Wales at the School Sport Australia Touch Football Championships in Canberra from the 28 October to 1 November, in which she was captain of the team. The competition included 7 round games, 1 quarter, 1 semi-final and a grand finale, all of which lasted 40 minutes. 

NSW had made it through the round games comfortably, only losing one game to their rivals, Queensland, 8-3. As they finished in 2nd place, they played Victoria in the quarter final, winning 19-0. They then advanced to play ACT in the semi-final, winning 11-1. In the grand finale, Queensland proved to be too strong and unfortunately beat NSW 7-1.

Below are the full results:

Day 1

NSW 25 v Northern Territory 1

NSW 19 v Tasmania 0 

Day 2

NSW 9 v ACT 2

NSW 3 v Queensland 8

NSW 16 v Western Australia 0 

Day 3

NSW 20 v Victoria 2

NSW 11 v South Australia 1

NSW 19 v Victoria 0 (quarter final)

Day 4

NSW 11 v ACT 1 (semi-final)

NSW 1 v Queensland 7 (grand final)

A fantastic effort!

Mr Daniel Watts, Sport Coordinator

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MCCS Oztag

Week 2


Cancelled due to bad air quality


Cancelled due to bad air quality

Week 3

MSCW 3 v St Patrick's 1
MSCW 5 v Bethlehem 0

MSCW 3 v St Patrick's 1
MSCW 0 v Bethlehem 2  

MCCS Cricket

Week 3


Cancelled due to bad air quality


Cancelled due to bad air quality

Week 4


MSCW (39/1)  v McAuley (4/28)


MSCW  (44/3)  v St Patricks (5/36)

MCCS Junior Waterpolo

Week 2

Junior (Year 7 & 8)

Cancelled due to bad air quality

Week 3

Junior (Year 7 & 8)

MSCW 14  v  Trinity 1