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Issue 15 – 18 September 2020

Upcoming Events and Reminders



  • 21 September: P&C Meeting 6.30pm
  • 25 September: Crazy Hair Day - Last Day of Term


Principal's Message

Dear Community

This week we had the bulk of our Faction Festival for 2020. We were lucky enough to have glorious weather which helped make it such an enjoyable experience for spectators and participants alike. I would like to thank our parents for being so flexible around the changes to the format that we had to implement this year. Whilst nothing quite captures the atmosphere of a traditional carnival day, there was a lovely vibe each afternoon this week and it was fantastic to still see so many parents come and cheer on our students. The priority for us this year was to still be able to have parents come onto site and spectate as close as possible to the events, and I think we achieved that.

A special edition newsletter will go out next week with a more comprehensive selection of photos and updates, however, please see below for a few initial snaps of the week so far.

School Board

We are pleased to announce that we have filled the position of Parent Representative that was open for nomination. Claire Prenter will be joining us as a board member next term. Welcome, Claire!

At last week’s meeting, Board members did a classroom walkthrough to identify what some of the focus points and strategies in our current business plan look like in practice. We also looked at the school’s data collection schedule and data hub and discussed how this is used to monitor progress and inform future planning. Through Stephen Caddy, our community representative, we also made note of some of the new links that the school is forming with the City of Stirling, including development of the Brighton Road Community Garden and the Cash for Containers scheme.

The next meeting is scheduled for 4 November. As always, all meetings are open to the public.

Cyber Safety

As we head towards the school holidays, a time where some students may be spending extra time on computers and mobile devices, I thought it may be timely to have a general reminder about cyber safety. It is good to reinforce with your children the safe practice of not giving out any personal information online, particularly in chat groups, and also to be mindful of chatting with people that they don’t know personally. People may not be who they seem to be online. Further on in this newsletter are a couple of information fact sheets around Snapchat and YOLO that may provide some interesting insight to parents.

Book Fair

The 2020 Book Fair will be held in week 2 of Term 4, October 20-22. This year, to accommodate COVID guidelines, there will be a booking system for parents who wish to come and view the books. This is to enable us to manage the number of adults inside the library at any given times. There are 120 slots available, so with a little flexibility there should be plenty of opportunity for every family who may wish to view the books.

To make a booking:

·         Parents need to search for

·         Then they need to hit the Make a Booking tab.

·         From there they will be asked to enter a code –    w8yvr

Further on in the newsletter there is more information around the timing and set up of the Book Fair.

As always, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sarah Dawson


Faction Festival Photos

Cyber Safety

Celebration Time

Last weekend, one of our students, Oliver Hogarth, was involved in the state championships for his chosen sport: Judo. 

And he won Bronze!

So I gave Ollie a little interview to find out a bit more about his achievement.

JD – So what is Judo?

OH – It’s a martial art that involves grappling and trying to get your opponent down using throws over your shoulder and hip.

JD - Where did the State Judo Championship take place?

OH – It happened at the Gold Netball Centre in Jolimont.

JD – How long have you been doing Judo?

OH – For about 5 years – since I was about 5 or 6.

JD – What level are you in Judo?

OH – I am currently Orange belt but at my next grading I will be going for Orange belt Black tip.

JD - Who were you competing against in the State Championships?

OH – The competition is held in weight classes. I thought I was going to compete in one class but they put me into another so I had to go up against some really big kids.

JD – So you earned a bronze medal. That makes you the 3rd best “Judoka” for your weight class in the whole state. How does that make you feel.

OH – It’s pretty good. I now get to go to the National Championships on the Gold Coast – they have been postponed due to Covid – 19 so I have to wait to see when they will be happening.

Well thanks for sharing this with us Ollie. Well done. 
Josh Dorozenko.

Dad Joke Friday Competition

Our seventh entry in the competition:

This is one for the mum's out there.... 

If there are any Dads out there that want to contribute an appropriate dad joke, please send them to;

We will be having a vote at the end of year for the best Dad joke with the winner receiving a Bunnings gift voucher. Are you going to be the punniest Dad at Scarborough Primary?

Book Fair 2020

P&C News

Hello SPS Families

Where did the term go? One more week till the school holidays!

Let’s celebrate the last day of term 3, Friday 25 September, with Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy Hair Day is a fundraising initiative so a gold coin donation would be appreciated. A P&C representative will go around to the classrooms collecting the money. Thank you for your support, and we can’t wait to see all the wild hair creations!

Next Meeting

The next P&C General Meeting will be held Monday 21 September at 6.30pm in the school library. We will be discussing the upgrade to the school library and Booktober.

We welcome all Scarborough Primary families and community members to come along. It is a gold coin donation to become a paying member of the P&C.  Only a financial member can participate in the democratic decision making processes of a P&C Association, so please remember your gold coin!


Canteen is continuously looking for canteen volunteers.  If you have any Friday mornings available, Laura would love some assistance in the SPS canteen.

Follow the link below to pick a day and lock it in.

Visit our SignUp page:

You will be taken through to our dedicated canteen page, and you can choose the days that work best for you.

Please also note that all canteen orders need to be placed via QuickCliq prior to 8.30am on Friday. Cash is not accepted.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open online only. Please email orders through to Sarah Firth at and your order will be delivered to your child’s classroom.

Order forms can be downloaded from the school website at

Entertainment Books

Don’t forget to purchase this year’s Entertainment Book to receive great offers and also support the P&C. Memberships are now available online and on the app. Remember to select “Scarborough Primary School” to ensure we receive the 20% value from each purchase.

Follow Scarborough Primary P&C on Facebook!

Any questions and/or suggestions please don’t hesitate to email us


Community News

Please see the Community News section on the school website for courses and events going on around the community. 

The advertising material in the Community News section does not represent endorsement by Scarborough Primary School.  For further information please contact the company directly.

Term 3 Planner 2020


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