Newsletter Term 3 - Week 2

Message from Ms D'Aloia

Dear Parents and Carers,

Term 3 is certainly underway!  Students have returned to school full of enthusiasm and eager to reconnect with friends and teachers.  It was fabulous to gather as a school community in the hall for Assembly last week and welcome our new students, as well as, revisiting the 5 Respects that underpin all that we do at St Joseph’s.

Respect for Self, Others, Staff, Learning and the Environment. 

I’m sure if you asked your child(ren) they could provide you with many examples of how respectful behaviour is evident throughout the school.

The staff and I are very grateful to all parents, grandparents and carers who have demonstrated care and respect to teachers and administration staff by maintaining social distancing requirements in classrooms, corridors, outdoor space, front office and outdoor areas.  Thank you for demonstrating that you care for all staff!  We really appreciate it!!

As we come to acknowledge and celebrate the Feast of Mary MacKillop next week let us ponder on the words of Micah: the verse of Micah is at the beginning of the Constitution of the Sisters of St Joseph and names values and relationships underpinning Josephite Spirituality.

This is what he Living God asks of you;

Only this,

To Act Justly,

To Love tenderly,

To Walk Humbly with your God

With a grateful heart God Bless,

Maria D'Aloia & St Joseph's Staff

Welcome to our New Students

PreschoolReceptionsNew Students
EskadmasKinaazreetYear 2 - Alessio
NanaatiMariaYear 3 - Nicholas
Zoe ElliotYear 5 - Jake

Welcome to our New Receptions

Road Safety

It has been noted that some parents/carers are still performing three point turns at both kiss and drop areas AND leaving their vehicles in the ‘kiss and drop’ zones to collect children.  Please take note of the signs on gates and fences – if council traffic officers are patrolling the area you will be FINED if you have left your vehicle!  Every child is precious!  You may be a little inconvenienced by having to park further away or move your vehicle but please remember unsafe behaviour could result in a catastrophic incident occurring.  That will be devastating for the entire community.

Professional Learning

The staff are committed to continually improving their teaching to ensure the students receive the best learning opportunities to continue to develop and grow and achieve good learning outcomes. 

As outlined in the 2020 School Annual Improvement Plan, Spelling and Mathematics are the areas that staff will focus on throughout this year.  In Semester 1, staff have been working earnestly and enthusiastically with consultant Tony Hole to review and refine the teaching of Spelling across the school. 

This Semester the focus is Mathematics.  The conversation began with the President of Primary Mathematics Association, Lisa – Jane O’Connor on Monday 20 July.  Her insights and provocations have stimulated significant professional dialogue and whilst affirming many aspects of the Mathematics curriculum including pedagogical practices here at St Joseph’s we are excited to review and enhance the curriculum delivery in this area.  Staff will continue the conversation with Lisa – Jane in planning meetings this term and next!  

Students with Disability Review

Take part in the Catholic Education SA Survey and contribute to the 'Students with Disability Review'.

The survey is open until August 3rd 2020.

School Fees

Term 3 school fee statements will be sent out via the post in the next week.  The due date for payment will be 4 weeks from the date of the invoice unless you have a regular payment plan in place. 

Overseas Born Students

If your child was born in a country other than Australia we are required to hold copies of current VISA’s.  If your resident status has changed to ‘citizen’ it is imperative that you provide us with copies of your Australian Passport and Citizen certificate.   

Every August we are required to complete an Australian Government Census which includes reporting how many students attend our school who hold VISA’s to determine eligibility to attend Government funded schools.

If your VISA has expired, conditions have changed or you status is now that of an Australian citizen please bring your original documents into the Office as a matter of priority so we can update our records.  If our records are not current or we are unable to determine your eligibility to access Government funded schooling you may be charged the overseas full fee paying student rate per year.

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Class Masses and Liturgies

Sacramental Program

On Wednesday, Sebastian M, Ruby, Lina-Marie, Maria, Alexander C, Shayla and Luca received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to receive the Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation over the coming months.

Important Dates

Confirmation Parent Meeting: Tuesday 25th August @ 6:30pm in St Joseph’s School Hall

Confirmation Practice: 7th September @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

Confirmation: Saturday 12th September @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

First Communion Parent Meeting: 20th October @ 6:30pm in St Joseph’s School Hall

First Communion: 22nd November @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

St Vincent de Paul Cooking

Thank you for your generous donations on the last day of term. Many of these ingredients will be used for cooking that will be distributed by St Vincent de Paul. The remaining items will be donated to St Vincent de Paul Charities.

Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

The feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop falls on Saturday, August the 8th.  In 1866, a young woman, Mary MacKillop, together with Fr Julian Tenison Woods, began the Sisters of St Joseph. Both Mary and Fr Julian saw the need to provide an education for children whose families were poor.

The first Josephite school was opened in a stable in the South Australian town of Penola in 1866. Over the years, the number of Sisters grew as did their schools. Schools were opened as the needs arose: in country towns, mining towns and cities. The Sisters also became involved in other areas of need including setting up a refuge for women in need and orphanages for children, visiting prisons and working with the sick.

Today the Sisters of St Joseph are involved in many areas of ministry in Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Cambodia. Mary Mackillop was canonized as Australia’s first Saint in 2011. Our school is a proud Josephite school.



Mary MacKillop Prayer

Ever generous God,You inspired Saint Mary MacKillop
To live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and constant in bringing hope and encouragement
to those who were disheartened, lonely or needy.
With confidence in your generous providence
and through the intercession of Saint Mary MacKillop
We ask that you bless our St Joseph’s Community with love.We ask that our faith and hope be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit
so that we too, like Mary MacKillop, may live with courage, trust and openness.Ever generous God hear our prayer.We ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Always remember to love one another. (Mary MacKillop 1888)

More School News

Coffee Shop

The Coffee shop is now open - Tuesdays to Fridays

Parents will need to maintain social distancing.  Only one person, other than the canteen manager is able to be in the canteen, to ensure hygiene practices are maintained.

School Events

Learning Journey/Art Show/Cultural Day & Evening /Grandparents Day/Book Week are ALL on hold as the management of these events will need to be determined, ensuring all regulations are met.  More information to follow.

Of course if restrictions are lifted every attempt will be made to hold as many of these events that can be accommodated.

Tuckshop Open for Lunch time Sales

The tuckshop will be open for over the counter sales during lunch only.

To reduce handling of money we ask that all coins are to be sent to school with children in a ziplock bag. Please have as close to correct change as possible.

Lunch and recess orders are still to be ordered through the Qkr app.

Lunch time Items for Sale 

Juices/Quelch Tubes50c
Orange Juice Tubes$1.00
Bulla frozen yoghurt$1.00
Choc Ice-cream Cones$1.00
Vanilla Cups$1.00
Small Slushies$1.00
Large Slushies$2.00
Hot Chocolate (20c - 2 marshmellows)$1.00

We are Catholic Education South Australia. We have More than 6,000 staff caring for over 45,000 students in 101 Catholic schools. Visit our school directory or inquire about employment.

School Photos

Book Club - Issue 5

Enjoy looking through your choices. Any queries please see Ms Carmody.

View the Catalogue here

Order Online Today >

Orders need to be in by: Week 4, Monday 10th August

Playgroup is Back!

Welcome to our New Preschoolers

This week our third term intake of Preschool children joined us. It is a time to learn new routines, explore and get to know each other.

Welcome to Samuel, Gurfateh, Sebastian, Angus, Leo, Macy, Zoe, Aleah, Nanaati and Eskadmas.

Eat a Rainbow

This term we will introduce “Eating a Rainbow” where we explore the types of food we eat, the reasons why we eat these foods, their colours, appearance and taste. ‘Eat a Rainbow’ of fruits and vegetables is a simple and effective concept promoting fruit and vegetables to young children and their families. Eat a Rainbow encourages the exploration of a range of fruits and vegetables of many colours in a childfriendly way. Our first focus colour will be green fruits and vegetables.

Learning at Preschool

The fine winter weather this week enabled the children to take their learning and investigations outdoors. Problem solving and designing in the sand and with loose parts to make ramps and slides enabled collaborative play. Minibeasts were discovered in the garden and the children played with bats, balls, hoops, the trampoline and balance beam to utilise their fundamental movement skills.

Preschool Highlights

Preschool Come and Try

Sport News

Athlete of the Week

Today we would like to recognise the efforts of Marcus Clinch. Marcus is a dedicated swimmer and his swimming prowess was on show when he won Age Champion at the SACPSSA Swimming Carnival in Term 1. Marcus has also been selected to participate in the Western SAPSASA Swimming Team at the State Carnival later this year. Congratulations Marcus!

SACPSSA Cross Country

The  SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival got the all clear from SA Health to proceed as usual!

The carnival is being held on Thursday 6th August in the Adelaide Parklands (alongside Bartels Rd and Dequetteville Tce.)

The Cross Country is a 2km race for students in Yr 3-6.

Please fill in the eForm available via the SkoolBag app. Due to the short turn around the form will be closing on Friday night (31st July) at the latest. We will not be able to accept any late submissions.

Parent Volunteers Needed
We need several parent volunteers (who are school registered with the appropriate clearances) to attend with us on the day. We will travel by private bus, departing at 9am and returning at 2pm. In the event that we have too many participants register, first priority will be given to students with a parent who volunteers to attend. It is my understanding that ONLY official volunteers are able to attend this event.

Thanks for your understanding and patience, this is an extremely busy time to be coordinating sport!

Results: SACPSSA Netball Carnival

On Monday 27th July, 19 students from Yr 3-6 attended the SACPSSA Netball Carnival. Both teams had a great day out in the sunshine and it was brilliant to see their skills improve throughout the day. Well done to the Yr 5 girls team for winning all 5 games!

Results: SAPSASA Girls Knockout Netball

On Wednesday 29th July, Molly, Victoria, Tahlia, Francesca, Darcy, Grace, Isabella, Madeline and Sienna represented our school for Knockout Netball at Flinders Park Primary. The girls played 3 games for the day and despite their enthusiasm and hard work, lost each game to much taller and more experienced opponents.

Well done girls on a fun day out!

SAPSASA Boys Knockout Soccer

Good luck to our Yr 6 boys who are travelling to Woodside for Knockout Soccer today! 

OSHC is Moving

Over the next week OSHC will be transitioning into their new home in the Hall. Please keep in mind that parents will now have to pick their children up from Albemarle Street instead via the Preschool gate. OSHC will send out more information soon. If you have any questions in the meantime please ask the Catherine or the OSHC Staff.

Vacation Care Highlights

Welcome to Term 3. I hope you had fantastic break with your children. During the recent Vacation Care, the children had an amazing time each day. There were several activities on offer every day. The main themes were Soccer Clinic, Slime making & sensory play, MasterChef, Egyptian Knitting, Community Day, School of Rock, Winter Pop Science, STEM Craft, Pirate Day and Technology Day.

On the Community Day, we asked the children to make thank you cards for people who have kept us safe during this pandemic. They made serval thank you cards for our doctors and nurses and some of them even made cards for our PM, which we are yet to post them.

On the Pirate Day, many children came dressed up and we did a lot of fun treasure hunts. On the Winter pop science day, we made apple volcano explosion. The children were very fascinated. We also built our own terrariums.

Collection of Children from OSHC

A kind reminder that if you are unable to collect your children after school and they are brought over to OSHC by the yard duty teachers,  they will be booked in and an authorised adult who comes to collect them must sign them out. This is to ensure that your children under our care are accounted for and are leaving the service only with authorised adults as per Australian Education and Care Laws (NQS Reg 99).

For children who are booked in, please let us know if your child/ren are not going to attend OSHC. Every minute counts, to ensure your child is with the right person, if they do not show up at OSHC.

Due to safety reasons, we are unable to let children leave the service with unauthorised persons who is not on the parents’ collection lists and we have not been notified of the collection authorisation.

Volunteers Needed for Breakfast Club

Breakfast club will be running for the whole school in Week 4.

We are looking for volunteers who can serve breakfast between 8:30am-8:45:am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during this term.

If you are able to volunteers, please speak with Catherine or front office and we will be happy to assist you find a day that you can help.

OSHC Committee Members Needed

We welcome the involvement of parents and caregivers at St Joseph’s School OSHC Committee.

Please speak to the OSHC Director or the School Principal if you would like to be part of our OSHC Committee. We meet once per term to discuss matters relating to the running and the operation of the OSHC service.

Please note that the members of the Committee are to be families who are currently utilising the OSHC service for care of their children and they must also have genuine interest in supporting and improving the OSHC service.   

Parenting Insights

Article: Developing young people's emotional smarts

The coronavirus period has been an emotional roller coaster for many young people. However it provides a wonderful background for parents to enhance the emotional learning of young people.


Article: Standing behind difficult decisions

Family-school partnerships are strongest when parents stand behind the difficult decisions that teachers make, even though the wisdom behind them may not be immediately evident.