Scarborough Primary School Newsletter

Issue 16 – 12 October 2018


Welcome to Term 4

Wow! What a wonderful start to the term we have had. As I visited the classrooms on Tuesday morning, I could see that learning was already in full swing and that our students were all so keen to be back. I am so grateful to the students, staff and our community for the support that has been shown to me, stepping into the principal position; I feel very fortunate to be part of such a positive community.

A few reminders to help us all through the term ahead:

  • Lunchboxes: we are a nut aware school. This means that nuts are permitted at school, but please ensure your child understands the risks to some students and the need to not share food, for this reason. We have several students with anaphylaxis involving a range of nuts and want to keep them safe.
  • As our school grows, our staff numbers are increasing. Please avoid parking in either car park on the school grounds (front of school and on Deanmore Rd) so that they can be used by staff.
  • After school play: we welcome families to utilise the school grounds after school but it is imperative that all children are fully supervised by a parent/guardian. Please be mindful that staff are still working inside the school. Our toilets are not available for use after school hours due to cleaning schedules and daycare safety restrictions.


This Tuesday, our very first Scarborough PS netball team had their first match at the Matthews Centre. I was fortunate enough to get along for the end of the game and witness the huge smiles on all the team's faces and enthusiasm for the season ahead. Great work, girls!

Huge thanks to Lauren Christensen for setting the team up, Cassie Passmore for taking on the coaching role and the supportive team of parents that have made this team happen.

Teachers as Lifelong Learners

On Monday, when our families were enjoying the last day of the holidays, our staff was back at school doing some learning of their own.

We spent time finalising our Pedagogical Commitment which demonstrates to all our ongoing commitment to our students and their learning. This is available for viewing on our website or via the link below.

I ran a session with staff where we delved deeply into the reasoning behind behavioural choices of our students. We watched a TEDx talk presented by J Stuart Ablon who has worked with families and schools for more than 25 years, tackling challenging behaviour. I share this with you because a lot of what he said resonated with me as a parent as well as as a teacher; his experience has led him to believe that 'Kids do well if they can.' As a concept, this sounds incredibly simple, but I encourage you to watch the talk and let me know your thoughts. If you've ever had that morning battle with your child about getting ready or the afternoon battle over screen time, I think you will find this interesting.

Mrs Salt - Principal

Calendar Update

Our school community calendar is now live and accessible via the new school app (see article below) or via the website.

Via the website, there is the opportunity to subscribe to the calendar at the bottom of the page. This will mean you can link it directly to your phone or device calendar.

Via the Skoolbag app, you can again access the calendar and add individual events to your calendar, if this is your preference.

Term planners will not be available going forward. As a school we commit to updating this calendar with the latest information on event scheduling.


Skoolbag is the Mobile App we use at Scarborough Primary School and it has been redesigned. It has all the features of the previous version, however a few things have been moved around for an improved experience. 

Everyone will need to download the new app but for existing Skoolbag account holders you can use your same email and password to login. Follow the instructions below.

Skoolbag Instructions


P&C News

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 Mango Order Form

Community News