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31st of January 2020 - Welcome Back!

Principal News

Welcome back to STAPS for 2020. It has been such a lovely week seeing everyone after the holiday break. To those of you who were or had family effected by the fires, we hope you are well and your family are safe. 

To the new students and their families that joined us this week - Harold, Maxwell, Eve, Amelia and Hazel - WELCOME!! You seem to have had a brilliant start in Prep/One with Felicity. We feel so lucky to have had you join our community. 

It was lovely to have Kristel back here this week as well, and looking so well! I think I speak for everyone when I say our thoughts and best wishes were going out to you over the holidays and we're so happy to see you back and so well!

The staff have had a great start to the year and are all feeling very organised! We've got excursions and camps booked and are really looking forward to an enjoyable and productive year! You'll be receiving a letter home from your child's teacher with specific details of this soon!!

One of our key focuses this year is the whole school roll out of SWPBS - School Wide Positive Behaviour Support! This program allows us to explicitly teach and encourage students who show positive behvaiours, in line with our revised school values. We've got a PBS, Positive Behaviour Support, wall in the office that has plenty of information and it will soon be covered in celebrations as well!

A big thanks to Eliza for creating out Circus STAPS office display. You have outdone yourself again! It really brightens up the space. You may have been contacted by Tania about purchasing the DVD of the performance. These will be available soon. If you would prefer a digital copy, please let us know. 

Lastly, I'm aware that we still have some misunderstandings about when the school is to relocate. We understand the concers, questions and issues but we are also not the experts in charge. In order to explain the Department guidelines, as well as assist with the best way to keep you family safe, we'll be having a Community Forum this Tuesday, February 4th, at school at 7pm. The Department's Emergency Management manager, John Brownstein, will be speaking, as well as our local CFA Captain Matt Ryan. We encourage each family to have a someone attend. 

Join us on Tuesday - 7pm

Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember

2020 Dates

TermStart DateEnd DateLength
Term 129th January  (Wed)27th March9 weeks
Term 214th April (Tues)26th June11 weeks
Term 313th July18th September10 weeks
Term 45th October18th December11 weeks

Curriculum Days 

  • Thursday 19th March
  • Thursday 7th May
  • Friday 24th July
  • Wednesday 25th November

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