Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter Update

Term 3 Week 10: Monday 21st September 2020

Absent Explanation Reminder

If your child is sick or absent you are required to notify the school. All explanations for absences must be provided within 7 days of the first day of any period of absence. The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta have provided the following fact sheet regarding explanation and regulations around absences. Please ensure you take the time to read the information and are aware of the requirements.

We ask that we work together in providing the best possible schooling experience for each of our children. Should you be having trouble with your child’s attendance please feel free to set up an appointment with our Assistant Principal, Sharon Mizzi to discuss how we can work together to help your child.

Fact Sheet for Parents and Caregivers - Explanation of Absences

CEDP promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. 

If your child is sick or absent you are required to notify their school on the first day of absence if at all possible.  All explanations to the school must be provided within 7 days from the first day of any period of absence.

Absences can be explained using one of the following methods:

  • Online: log the absence directly using (Skool Bag App)
  • Email: the school at
  • Telephone: the school office ph. 9933 7800
  • Note sent with your child
  • Where an explanation has not been received within the 7 day timeframe or the explanation has not been accepted, the school will record the absence as unexplained or unjustified on the student’s record. The school will not be able to accept explanations which are not received within the 7 day timeframe. 

    Justified reasons for student absences may include:

    • being sick or having an infectious disease
    • having an unavoidable medical appointment
    • being required to attend a recognised religious holiday
    • exceptional or urgent family circumstances e.g. attending a funeral

    Why do I need to notify the school if my child is absent?

    Parents of children aged 6 to 17 years are legally required to ensure their children attend school every day or provide an explanation if they are absent. Notifying the school and providing an explanation for your child’s absence will fulfil this legal responsibility.

    The safety and wellbeing of students are the highest priorities for schools. Parents need to know if their child isn’t at school, and schools need to know when and why a child is absent. Notifying the school of your child’s absence helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children in school.

    What is your responsibility?

    • Ensure your child attends school every day
    • Notify the school immediately if your child is absent
    • Provide an explanation for any absences within 7 days
    • Make sure the school has your correct contact details so that you can receive attendance information about your child

    Student Data Validation (SDV) Form

    As part of our annual system and legal requirements, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) is asking families to ensure all relevant contact and student information is up to date and accurate for the purposes of communication and providing relevant support to students. 

    On Monday 19 October, households will receive an email or SMS from CEDP with a link and login details to the Student Data Validation (SDV) form. 

    Once you have logged in you will be able to verify existing information from the school database and update if necessary. The process should not take more than 15 minutes and will need to be completed by 5:00pm on Friday 6 November.

    If you have any questions about the Student Data Validation form, please contact our Community Liaison Team on 9840 5796.

    Debating Week 9!

    Wow! What a super end to our debating season. Congratulations to the 2020 Debating Team on their final debate of the year. The topics were: Laughter is the best medicine and that playing competitive sport does more harm than good for primary school students. Both Affirmative teams came away with the win this week, although the standard of refuting from both sides was inspiring to witness. 

    The Debate Team will celebrate together this Thursday with an award ceremony and pizza party. In previous years we have had parents attend the presentation, however, due to current restrictions this celebration will be for students only. 

    Congratulations once again to the 2020 Debating Team:

    Alaysha G, Jacob G, Madeline C, Gemma P, Chanel Z, Divya P, David G, Campbell S, Mia C, Harrison N, Diva M, Samantha J, Talia G, Olivia S, Lucas W, Cristiano J, Summer S and Kanav S.

    Mrs Kylie Behrens 

    Reduce Fruit and Vegetable Waste

    Reduce fruit and vegetable waste

    Did you know that NSW households waste 1/3 of the fresh food (such as fruit and vegetables) they buy? Not only does this waste money it also wastes all the resources it took to grow and produce that food. And rotting food in landfill produces greenhouse gases. This resource has helpful hints on how to reduce fruit and vegetable waste, save money and help the planet. 

    Read the resource and answer the survey questions to go into the running for a $20 shopping voucher. 

    If you require more information on what our school is doing for Fruit & Veg Month, please contact the school or your child’s teacher. 

    Miss Rowena Benjamin 

    Fruit and Veg Break

    Premier’s Reading Challenge

    Thank you to all students who participated in the 2020 Premier’s Reading Challenge. The challenge has now closed, and certificates will be presented to students during Term 4. I encourage your child to continue reading throughout the holiday break, remembering to access our digital eLibraries- Sora and Wheelers- for a huge range of accessible books- FREE! These can be found via our School Website, under the Library section. 

    Happy reading!

    Mrs Behrens 

    Peer Support Celebration!

    Today, our Peer Support groups celebrated their term of learning with a whole school celebration! Leaders selected a few games to play with their group that theyenjoyed throughout the term. They then finished the celebration with a Zooper Dooper ice block! Thank you Year 6 leaders for your hard work, dedication and positivity throughout the term. You have truly shown exceptional qualities of leadership and this has been reflected each and every week. Well done!

    Mrs Behrens and Miss Benjamin 

    Upcoming Dates

    Friday, 25th September End of Term 3
    Monday, 12th October Term 4 commences - students returning wearing summer uniform.
    Wednesday, 21st october Book Week 2020 - come dressed as a curious creature.

    At Mary Immaculate we communicate with parents via the free Skoolbag app that is available from both the App Store and Google Play Store. Skoolbag can be installed on any iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android device. Downloading the app means you immediately receive updates and reminders to your mobile phone or ipad. Remember to subscribe to your child's Year Group so that you will receive messages relevant to their year.  Instructions on how to download the Skoolbag App are available via this link.