Vardys Voice

Term 2 Week 6 - 5th June 2019

Principal’s Report

Congratulations Miss Dunkley and Miss Fuller

Following a tumultuous time due to a number of unavoidable staffing changes, we finally have some good news!

Miss Sarah Dunkley and Miss Lyndall Fuller have been offered permanency at Vardys Road Public School.

Both of these teachers have been working as temporary staff members at Vardys for a number of years. Their passion for teaching, their wonderful rapport with their students and their ongoing commitment and professionalism make them a valuable addition to our school.

It is very exciting to be able to officially welcome Sarah and Lyndall to our staff and the news finally shines some positive light on a difficult year of staffing.

School Mascot

Following a few months of discussions, votes, drafts and adjustments, we are almost at the point of revealing the final digital version of Tilly the Turtle.

A member of our P & C, Jessica Evans, has been working tirelessly on this project and we will be ready to show the community the final version in the next few weeks.

The children have been shown some drafts at the last few assemblies and if their reactions are any guide, our new Tilly the Turtle will symbolise our school behavioural expectations, aspirations and values.

Can’t wait!!

Term Invoicing

Later this week invoices will be sent home with all students clearly outlining individual expenses.

To further assist families in budgeting for school based costs, each itemised invoice will include annual school resource fees, annual voluntary contributions and school based activities. School expenses are itemised making it easier for families to understand their fees and make payments over a period of time.

Payment of these expenses allows the school to continue to provide an innovative and future focused learning program and is always valued. 

Financial assistance will still be offered to families experiencing hardship. Contact the school Administration Manager who will put together a Payment Plan to manage your payments.


As mentioned in previous newsletters and discussed at recent P & C meetings, a few parts of the Vardys Road school uniform are currently under review. After much research and debate, the P & C and the Uniform Subcommittee have developed a number of options for the school community to consider.

A voting form will soon be sent home with each Vardys Road student. Families are encouraged to discuss the uniform options at home, complete the voting forms and return them to school as soon as possible.

Medication at School

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, parents and carers of children who need to be taking medication at school, are asked to ensure that the medication is brought to school in the original packaging with dosage and administration instructions printed clearly on the front of the box.

To ensure that the medication is not inadvertently dropped and/or picked up by another child, families needing to replenish the supplies of ongoing medication at school are asked to ensure that an adult delivers the medication personally to the front office.

Your understanding and cooperation in relation to this matter will help ensure that all children receiving medication at school are given the appropriate dosage at the correct time.

Dental Checks

Notes about the upcoming Teeth On Wheels dental program were recently seen home with every child. The dental providers will check all the returned notes and contact families to explain any uncovered costs before the examinations are undertaken.
The Teeth On Wheels program provides a convenient way to check a child’s dental health.  For most families the dental checks will be free and will provide some important information about the condition of their children’s teeth and what work may be needed in the future.

Semester 1 Reports

It is that time of year when teachers start to prepare the student’s Semester 1 reports. These reports provide information to parents about their child’s progress over the first two terms of this year. Therefore a child’s results may vary from last year’s Semester 2 report.

Parents and carers are reminded that the majority of the students will be graded as Sound.

This grade indicates that the student has sound knowledge and understanding of the semester’s main areas of content and has achieved an adequate level of competence in the related learning processes and skills.

Students who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the content and can apply a high level of competence in the processes and skills in most situations will be allocated a grading of High.

Children exhibiting an extensive knowledge of the semester’s content, a high level of competence in the processes and skills and can apply these skills to new situations will be allocated a grade of Outstanding.

While the school is always trying to extend the children and maintain high expectations of all our students, a grading of Sound is not a concern, in fact it is a reason to celebrate a satisfactory mastery of the concepts taught that semester.

Assessment information has been gathered throughout the semester and will continue to be collected over this term using a variety of strategies. The reports will be sent home to parents in Week 10 of this term.

Kindergarten 2020 - Reminder

Parents who are considering enrolling their child into Kindergarten for 2020 need to come to the front office and start the enrolment process.  It is a chance for the school to make preparations for individual students and organise the 2020 cohort.

I look forward to meeting our new kindergarten students and their families.



1/2 Emerald Nathan  1/2 Shamrock Ryan


1/2 Apple Layla, Lucas, Shah Zaib  1/2 Clover Abigail  1/2 Emerald Nathan, Amelia, Vishagan

1/2 Jade Sithuga  1/2 Shamrock Harliv  3/4 Crimson Jemima 

Early Stage 1 Awards

K Buttercup Presley, Jessica, Nishant  K Marigold Mackenzie K Sunflower Tvisha, Heath, Yena

K Wattle Audrey, Thomas

Stage 1 Awards

1/2 Apple Layla  1/2 Clover Abigail, Hamish 

1/2 Fern Abby, Jackson, Emma, Grace, Nameer, Emma  1/2 Jade Sithuga  1/2 Mint Caitlin 

1/2 Shamrock Ryan, Thomas

Stage 2 Awards

3/4  Crimson Lachlan, Madeline, Jemima, Dinukshi, Emma, Lily  3/4 Cherry Layla 

3/4 Rose Charlotte  3/4 Rose Daniel, Deniz, Callum  3/4 Ruby Nicholas, Iris, Marcus (2), Isabella 

3/4 Scarlet Ivy

Stage 3 Awards

5/6 Aqua Emily, Chris, Lachlan S, Manaaf, Ahmed, Matilda  5/6 Cobalt Willie, Landon, Kobi, Skarla 5/6 Indigo Ben, Hannah, Sky, Riley  5/6 Sapphire Connor, Joel, Arka 

Sport Results


Game date: 24/5/19

Versus: Caddies Creek Maroon

Result: Seniors lost 6-3, Juniors won 8-1
Sports Awards:   Juniors – Cyrus & Harley    Seniors – Willie & James

Game date: 31/5/19

Versus: Kings Langley Green

Result: Seniors won 15-3, Juniors won 9-5
Sports Awards:   Juniors – Laura & Brandon    Seniors – Cooper & Ben


Game date: 24/5/19

Versus: Caddies Creek A

Result: Seniors lost 6-3, Juniors won 12nil
Sports Awards: Seniors -  William & Marcus   Juniors- Liam & Jasper

Game date: 31/5/19

Versus: Seven Hills West

Result: Seniors won 5-3, Juniors won 8nil
Sports Awards:  Seniors- Ruben & Aydin, Juniors- Jhy and Jeremy   


Game date: 24/5/19

Versus: Seven Hills

Result: Seniors won 7-1, Juniors had a BYE due to forfeit and spent the hour training.
Sports Awards:   Juniors – Aristea & Paige    Seniors – Milla & Evie

Game date: 31/5/19

Versus: Caddies Creek Maroons

Result: Seniors lost 6-1, Juniors won 5-1
Sports Awards:   Juniors – Iris & Ananya    Seniors – Lynn & Layaan


Game date: 24/5/19

Versus: Caddies Creek 1

Result: Juniors lost, Seniors lost
Sports Awards: Juniors - Aiden, Seniors - Tahli

Game date: 31/5/19

Versus: Seven Hills North

Result: Juniors won 13-3, Seniors lost 7-10
Sports Awards: Juniors - Te Awhi, Seniors - Lile

GRIP Leadership Conference

Our Year 6 Prefects attended the GRIP Leadership Conference on Wednesday 22nd May. This workshop provided our leaders with an opportunity to discuss and evaluate the ways they can make a difference to their team, school and society. The GRIP team used a range of games and activities to help develop these ideas and assess the ways all Primary Leaders can make a difference within their school.

We all had an excellent time! Here is a recount from our School Vice- Captain Victoria:

The best thing that happened to me this week was the GRIP Leadership Conference. We learned about the qualities of being a leader, what it takes to be a leader and how we make contributions as a leader. They explained that each leader should have a CORE character, meaning they should have Confidence with humility, be Others focused, be Reliable and show Empathy. The team got us to play games involving direction, guidance and leading. The experience was one that I’ll remember through the years, as it has shown me how to be an honest and faithful leader. 

 A special thank you to Mrs Bowerman who came along to help supervise for the day!

As always, our Prefects represented our school with the upmost respect and participated wholeheartedly. Didn’t we look smart in our new blazers! This was the gift our 2018 Year 6 students purchased for the school with the money fundraised from Year 6 Games Day!

 Thank you for such a wonderful day Prefects! We really learned how to ‘Get a GRIP!’

 Beck Anderson

Stage 3 Assistant Principal (Relieving)

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge is still going. Don’t forget to enter the books you have been reading onto the online reading log. We already have quite a number of students who have finished, which is fantastic.  Keep on reading everyone!
Book Club

Book Club brochures were handed out on Monday.

We have a very short turnaround this issue. Orders for Issue 4 (the current issue) will close at midnight Monday 10th June. To ensure you get your books you will need to order by this date and time.    

Please note we now only accept online orders.
Mrs Andrea Brock                                                                                                                               Teacher Librarian    
“Reading for pleasure is the most important way to advance literacy attainment in children.”     National Literacy Trust UK 2006

PBL - focus area - lines

At Vardys Road we are learners with Values

In Lines

I show RESPECT when:

·       I finish my game when the music starts

·       I am prompt to lines

·       I wait quietly

·       I listen to the announcements

·       I follow teacher’s directions

I show PRIDE when:

·       I tuck my shirt in   

 I show SAFETY when:

·       I walk calmly and quietly to the toilets and lines

·       I keep my hat on my head

·       I stay in the same position in my class line

Spelling Bee

2019 Spelling Bee

Vardys Road is participating in the annual Premier’s Spelling Bee! Class finals will be held during Week 10 of this term. There are two ways to get your hands on the word lists:

1.       Ask your child to log into their ‘Student Portal’ and open the email with the subject 2019 Spelling Bee. The Spelling Bee lists and password needed to read the documents are attached.

2.       Go to: to find the links to both the simple word list and the annotated spelling word list. You’ll need to ask your child’s teacher for the password in person.

Remember, Stage 2 is using the Junior word list and Stage 3 is using the Senior word list. Classes will be selecting two winners to represent them in the school final which will be held on Monday 29th July. Our two best spellers from each Stage will then go on to represent Vardys Road in the regional final!

Good luck and happy Spelling!

Beck Anderson

Stage 3 Assistant Principal (Relieving)

P & C Report - download link below

Trivia Night Update

A massive thanks to our community for making the 2019 trivia night a  huge success! The night raised over $6000 for our school. Another huge thank you goes to our incredible Sponsors! We received a number of cash donations from Commonwealth bank $500, Jigsaw OOSH $200, Impact Conveyancing $100 and Wing Shack $50 donations. Along with some exceptional prizes that included Hunter Valley Escape from Alistair Agius our local Realtor who also used his excellent auctioneer experience to auction off many great prizes on the night. Ben from Planet Trivia, kept us thinking and laughing throughout the night. This was his second Vardys Trivia Night donating his time and brain to our school. A huge thank you to all those that helped set up, pack down and clean up at the end of the night. And a massive shout out and thank you to Alyssia, Jannelle and Pricilla for all your help behind the scenes. Not to mention your epic hosts Natalie and Kelly for organising the incredible 2019 Trivia Night.

Uniform Shop News  - see the report for special offer.

Next general meeting - Monday 17th June, 7:30pm in the library.

End of term sausage sizzle - Thursday 4th July

Special thanks to all of the sponsors - please see the report.

P & C Report (PDF 1.06Mb)