St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

11 September 2019

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection

Patience and Passion

Some of the best wisdom comes from people in their old age, especially when death is approaching.  St Benedict in his old age edited over the Rule he had written, when he was younger, for his monks, adding a few nuggetty bits of wisdom.  One of the best was ‘for it is by patience that we share in the suffering of Christ.’ As Christians, the Cross is our sign of love in the most awful of circumstances and we know that we are called to carry our own cross, sharing in Christ’s self-giving love.  When we think of a cross, we usually think of some hard, dramatic challenge.  Yes, that sometimes is the case but St Benedict’s wisdom points us to a more mundane, realistic experience.  More often than not we know our cross when we have to be patient with those around us. 

The word for ‘patient’ shares the same Latin root as the word for ‘passion’ – which is a word that describes both strong emotion and the sufferings of Christ.  The implication for us is that when we are being patient, kind, caring, even when we don’t feel like, or rather especially then, we are actually being passionately in love. Our best love may well be given in the most hidden of ways.  And what is more, we are allowing the same gracious love that was unleashed in Christ’s passion to flow through us and be a reality in our families, friendships and community.  This is our triumph of the Cross.

Loving Father, you know how those I love can try my patience.  Send me your Holy Spirit that I might show in my loving the wisdom and strength that Jesus shows in his.  I ask this in his name confident that you will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb


From The Principal

On behalf of the entire St Joseph’s Wandal community I extend my sincere condolences to Miss Janette McLennan, on the passing of her father, Ken. We keep Janette, her mum Pam, and her sister, Lisa, in our thoughts and prayers this week. May Mr McLennan rest in peace. A number of staff will attend Mr McLennan's funeral on Thursday at 2pm. Some classes may combine, or have adjusted supervision for the last hour of school to accommodate this.

This week, we welcomed Mrs Jess Capra to our year 4S classroom. Jess will be completing some voluntary hours in Year 4 as she works towards receiving her Teacher Aide qualifications. Welcome, Jess.

Parent Teacher Interviews – BOOKINGS CLOSE FRIDAY MIDDAY

 Thank you to those who have booked their Parent Teacher interviews for next week. These interviews are held twice yearly and are important conversations which focus on the progress your child is making. Bookings are made via Parent Lounge, and will close this Friday. If you are unsure how to access Parent Lounge, or are requiring some help, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. Whilst our teachers are always willing to chat with parents, these will be the final ‘formal’ learning conversations offered before the distribution of Semester Two report cards at the end of next term.

 Discussing your child’s progress is of vital importance to continue the key educational partnership between parents and teachers. What are some key questions to ask your child’s teacher?

 How is my child performing when compared to the year level expectations?

 Is my child an independent learner?

 Does my child relate effectively to his or her peers?

 What important learning experiences are coming up in Term 4?

 Does my child work effectively as part of a group?

 What are areas of strength? What are challenges?

 How can I help?


Literature Festival

Our Literature festival has taken place over the last three days. Students have enjoyed the many workshops on offer. I acknowledge the work of the teachers in designing and running workshops to inspire a love of literature in our students. Some of the workshops have included Indigenous Storytelling, Cooking up Revolting Rymes, Poetry Picnics, Literature Game Shows, Speed Debating, Nature Poems, writing an episode of the child favourite TV show "Bluey" and Fairytale Focusses. Today we welcomed, via Skype, children's author Peter Carnarvous. WIN TV paid us a visit too as part of their School of the Week segment. Don't forget to watch for us on the news tonight at 6pm!

Third Chamber Music Concert

The third Chamber Music Concert of the year was held last Sunday. Thank you to Father Bryan who hosted the concert in St Joseph’s Cathedral. This beautiful sacred space was appreciated by the students and their families. Over 100 parents, friends and students attended the concert. The following students are commended for their participation: Lara G, Kitty T, Marcus B, Charlotte C, Hannah D, Ewen L, Zyann S, Sophie B, Harriet D, Georgia DeV, Alexander D, Sophia B and Elsie T.

Photos of the event can be sourced here:

Date Change - Debating Competition Round 2

Please note that the 2nd round of Debating has changed.  Please find below the updates:

Friday 20th September at St Joseph’s, Wandal

12:30pm Topic -Recycling should be mandatory in all schools.

St Peter’s 2 vs

St Joseph’s, Wandal 2

 1:00pm Topic - The plastic bag ban in shops should be stopped.

St Joseph’s, Wandal 3 vs

St Peter’s 1



Max is back!

After a little break, our much-loved Reading Dog, Max is back. Max visits classrooms and helps our students with their reading. Last week, Year One told me they think Max should have his own desk and stay for the day. I questioned whether Max would be any good at handwriting, but was assured by the Year One students that this wouldn’t be a problem, and that ‘practice makes perfect!’

Thank you to Mrs Jody Murphy who is assisting Max during his reading sessions. It is wonderful seeing our (sometimes reluctant), emerging readers enthusiastically share their books with Max.

If you have a dog, or know of a dog who is well-trained, patient and loves to read (!!) then we would love them to join our reading program. An hour per week would be ideal. For further information, please give our Learning Support Teacher, Mrs Christine Gawne a call on 49948230 or email the office at

Learning Support Teachers' Gathering

On Monday, we welcomed the Rockhampton area Catholic Schools' Learning Support Teachers for their Term 3 meeting. We were delighted to host this gathering in our Be-Hive. Agenda items for the day included: transitioning from kindy, disability funding, tools for dyslexia and speech and language and the importance of reading aloud to children.


Robotics Competition

On Friday 13 September a Robotics Competition will be held from 10.30am at The Kevin Castles Centre.  This is a great opportunity for our students to support competitors from other Catholic Schools and talk with students about their robotics journey.  Students will have the opportunity to begin conversations about entering the 2020 Central Queensland RoboCup Competition hosted by the Central Queensland University. A small group of Year Five students have been invited to attend the event with Mrs Rheanna Starr and we look  forward to entering this competition next year.

Outstanding School Fees

Thank you to those families who have contacted me regarding their outstanding school fee accounts. At this point in time, we have a significant number of accounts in arrears and this has the potential to impact on the school budget and planned resources and activities for our students. Please finalise your Term Three accounts at your earliest convenience. As always, please do not hesitate to give me a call to discuss your account, or payment options.


Before School Care and Vacation Care

As of Term 4 this year, any students arriving early will be expected to be at Before School Care where formal supervision will be provided. Our OSHC coordinator, Hailey Svensen, can answer any questions you may have, provide you with enrolment paperwork  and can be reached on 0429316543.

Our next school holiday period is less than two weeks away and spots are filling quickly! If you are interested in your child attending our Vacation Care program, please do not hesitate to give Hailey, a call on 0429316543.

September Vacation Care Program


Before School Care Form


P and F Meeting and School Board Meeting

Please join us for our next P and F Meeting, to be held in the staffroom on Thursday 12 September at 5pm. All members of our school community are welcome to come along. Parent engagement has been shown in research to have significant positive impacts on children’s academic achievements – and new faces are always welcome!

The School Board will meet immediately afterwards at 6pm.

Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson.

From the APRE

Prayer Corner

Great is the strength we possess in our unity.

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop 1874

Prayer Celebration

This Friday Year 6 will be leading prayer and sharing their experiences at camp. Amongst all of the challenges, connections and excitement of camp, students witnessed Jesus in action.  

Year 4C and Mrs Clark will lead prayer next Friday.

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Acts of Solidarity

During our Monday morning whole school assembly we have been investigating our social and moral obligation of solidarity and how our decisions impact others globally and locally.

Acts of solidarity at St Joseph's Wandal:

We are collecting:

Lids for Kids to print 3D prosthetic limbs for children

Pencils for Fijian schools

10c Bottles, cans or poppers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Awards

The annual Aboriginal land Torres Strait Islander Student Awards night has been running for 13 years. The event is primarily aimed at our Indigenous students, their families, schools and the community.  Congratulations to Maddyson Frankish and Taylor Bartlem who were nominated for  Citizenship Awards.  Both Maddyson and Taylor will receive a certificate and trophy in recognition of their contributions from Darumbal Community Youth Services on Friday 13 September.

Parenting Ideas - Helping your child make sense of natural disasters

Michael Grose, a leading parenting educator provides some simple tips to support children's understanding and spark productive conversation regarding the effect of natural disasters.  Click the PDF below. 

Parent Insight 11 September 2019


Children's Liturgy of the Word

A reminder that Children’s Liturgy is held most Sundays at St Joseph’s Cathedral at 9.30am during the school term.   Please click on the link to access Mass times.

With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr.

Weekly Awards

Congratulations to our Award Winners. Follow this link details 

Calendar Dates

Please follow this link for term dates.

Junior Touch Football

Please see follow link for this week's draw.

Skipping Update

We’ve skipped through the term and now it is time to celebrate!

With only 1 week to go till our Jump Off Day on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th, it’s great to see so many children out in the playground practicing our skipping tricks with smiles on their faces. We have currently raised $3150. 

A reminder that parents are more than welcome to come along to your child’s PE lesson and show us what you can do and assist with the skipping. (please sign in at the office)

Prizes will be order next Tuesday afternoon,, for any eligible participants so all fundraising will need to be finalised by Monday 16th September please. Prizes will be distributed once they arrive early in Term 4.

Thank you once again for all your support and fundraising for this worthy cause. 

Andrea Rutherford

PE Teacher

Updates to Bus Fare Assistance Scheme

The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme provides financial assistance to families transporting children to non-state schools in Queensland.

The Scheme’s Bus Fare Assistance Program (BFAP) provides a rebate above a threshold amount to eligible families whose students attend schools outside the Brisbane City Council boundary. Funding for this program is capped and thresholds set based on forecast demand.

The NSSTAS Reference Committee endorsed the Semester 1, 2020 weekly threshold that families pay before the BFAP rebate as follows:

• $25 (up from $20 in 2019)

• $20 concession* (up from $15 in 2019)

*applicants who hold a current Health Care, Pensioner or Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner card

Further information about the Scheme is available at Applications can be made online at that website in May (for Semester 1) and October (for Semester 2).