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Term 2 | Week 4 | 19 May 2020

Principal's Column

Hello, Giinagay, Hai

Return to full time on-campus teaching and learning

The Premier and Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning have announced that all staff and students will return to full time on-campus teaching and learning from Monday 25 May (Term 2 Week 5).

The managed return to school which began on Monday 11 May has demonstrated that our education system and our communities are ready for school to go back to full time on-campus teaching and learning, in line with national and NSW Ministry of Health advice.

See links below with more information.

Thanks to Donna Cockbain we are maintaining a cleaning/disinfecting schedule throughout the day. The school is trying to keep our borders closed to external people as much as possible.  

Changes in how students exit the school at 3.00pm.

  • Walkers line up in the normal place. Two rows to be well spaced out.
  • Bikes leave from the bottom gate below the office.
  • Bus travellers are to line up outside the canteen area and will also leave by the bottom gate below the office.

This allows for the social distancing of the adults at pick up times. Please limit social interaction in crowds.


What can parents do to help?

The following social distancing measures at school will be until further notice:

  • Only one family at a time in office area.
  • Stay outside the school gates for pick up and drop off times.
  • Limit physical contact when greeting people around the school.
  • Limit the flow of parents and community members on the school site.

Keeping Children Safe around schools

Children are vulnerable road users. They are at risk in the traffic environment because of their size, their difficulty in judging speed and distance, and the fact that they may behave unpredictably.

Here are some safety steps for parents/carers of school-aged children:

  • Always obey the parking signs around schools. They have been designed to keep your children safe.
  • Double parking at any time is illegal and is particularly dangerous around schools.  It reduces visibility and blocks the road for other motorists. Children stepping on to the road to get into a car which is double parked are not visible to other motorists.
  • Your child should always use the safety door to get in and out of the car. The safety door is the rear passenger side door that opens to the kerb side.
  • Until they are 8 years old, you should always hold a child’s hand when crossing the road, in the carpark and when you are on the footpath.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that each passenger is secured in an appropriate seatbelt or child care sett.  Check before you start the car on every trip.


Muru Mittigar Bushfire Mitigation and Vegetation Management Program

As part of Compliance & Safety’s ongoing management of NSW DoE schools with bushfire management, the Muru Mittigar Bushfire Mitigation & Vegetation Management team have been busy in the school.

Muru Mittigar is a not for profit organisation which seeks to advance Aboriginal culture, and in particular Darug culture, improve the economic and social capacity of Aboriginal people and empower meaningful participation to enhance their role as traditional Custodians of Country.

 The team did a great job, cleaning up more of our bush area, especially our fence line on Vernon Street. See the photos below.


We thank you again for your continued support during this time. Our priority is to ensure all students, staff and the community stay safe and well.  

Thanks, yaarri yaraang, terima kasih.

Bu Gillian
Gillian Stuart - Principal

Muru Mittigar Bushfire Mitigation and Vegetation Management Team have been at our School

Bring your water bottle to school

During the current health climate students will not be able to use the bubblers at school. Please make sure students bring their water bottles to school when they come back.

Here is a great pair

The students from Year 1/2 are still hungry for learning.     

Google Classroom with Year 5/6

Each day at around 8:45am Mrs C and Bu Rebecca have been uploading slides on google classroom these slides direct us to the activities during the time that we are learning from home. The tasks are quite simple, fast, and easy, it keeps the students that are staying home from school occupied and educated. We have also been doing zooms with Mrs C and Pak Karl and those explain every question we have about our work and keep us all in touch through these hard times. Mrs C has chosen for her class to do a personal passion project. This is a chance for Mrs C and all of our teachers to learn a bit more about their students and what they love. These students shall choose a question that they are interested to find out the answer or study it and answer it. 

By Charlotte Gowing

QuickSmart Numeracy Program

Senita shows determination and self discipline in QuickSmart.  She never gives up and puts all the strategies taught into place. All of Senita's effort has now resulted in her answering a whole pack of 65 flashcards in one minute. Senita is the first student at SHPS to achieve this result and she should be very proud of her achievements. Well done Senita, you are a pleasure to have in QuickSmart. Bu Annie Arnaudon.

The Premier's Reading Challenge

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