Lockleys Primary School Newsletter

Week 5, Term 1, 2020

New eNewsletter Format

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

We are trialling a new form of eNewsletter on skoolbag as the majority of our families are happy to receive them online via the skoolbag app. For parents that are not able to access the app we will forward a hard copy as requested. I am happy to receive feedback. You can catch me in the yard or drop me a line to let me know what you think.

Kind regards,

Sharon Brightwell

Principal Lockleys Primary School

Off to a Great Start!


What a sensational start we have had to the year. It has been very busy, very productive and levels of student engagement have been high. Teachers have worked incredibly hard to prepare their classrooms for the year and everyone has settled in with ease. It is difficult to tell our new students from our long term students as everyone is working confidently and collaboratively. It has been wonderful to touch base with so many families over the last few weeks and chat about school and life in general. 

The Acquaintance night saw lots of parents, grandparents, extended family members and friends in attendance to touch base with class teachers and check out classrooms. Students were excited to show everyone around and introduce their teachers. A big thankyou to staff and parents for helping out with the sausage sizzle that followed. It was a windy and slow start to the cooking but we got their in the end.

Acquaintance Night BBQ in Action

New Beginnings at Lockleys Primary School


This year we have had 20 new Reception students enrol at Lockleys Primary School. 15 of these students are in Mrs Metschke's  Reception/Year 1 Class and the remaining 5 students are in our new Intensive Speech and Language Class. In total we have had 38 new students enrol this year which is great to see. All of our new students have settled in really quickly and it seems as though they have been here for much longer. They are working hard and are collaborating well with others in the yard.

(Keep an eye out for more information about the Speech and Language class coming out soon.)

Our new students in Room 1 and 3 are: Jayden, Saanvi, Jorgia, Paige, Arthur, Sarah, Vivian, Riley, Jasmeen, Duke, Bryce, Naysa, Daniella, Dyani, Srinivas, Alexis, Diezel, Hannah, James, Samit, Deklan, Maddison and Finlay. Welcome!

See What Is Happenning in Room 1.

Pupil Free Day - Friday 6th March

A reminder that we will be having our first Pupil Free Day for 2020 on Friday the 6th of March preceding the Adelaide Cup Day on the following Monday (10th of March).            

On this day staff will be combining with staff at Plympton Primary School to do professional development on Brightpath. Brightpath is a formative assessment program that supports staff and students in the development of targeted teaching programs in writing to support the needs of individuals.

Reading With Your Young child

You can support your child in learning to read by reading with your child for up to half an hour every day. Here are some helpful hints.

1. Set the scene

Before you read the story, tell your child the title of the book and a bit about it. Try to relate it to your child’s own experience, if you can. If it is about dogs, talk about a dog they know. You can also discuss what might happen in the story.

2. Read the book

Read the story in a lively way with lots of expression. If you come across unfamiliar words, stop and tell your child what they mean. This improves your child’s vocabulary and helps them to understand the whole story. During the week, you might also like to remind your child of some of the new words from the story book and relate them to your everyday life.

3. Recalling the story

After reading the book, ask your child questions about the story. For example, “What happened at the beginning of the story?” or “What happened at the end of the story?”. If they can’t remember, tell them. You might also want to try asking different types of questions that require more then a yes or no answer. For example, “Why do you think the little green dragon was so sad?” These sorts of questions help to develop your child’s language skills.

You don’t need to read a different book for every session; in fact, rereading the same book several times allows the child to become familiar with the story and helps them to learn new vocabulary.

Finally, being patient and enthusiastic will make reading together a much more positive experience for both you and your child. Have fun!

information from multiLit.com


A reminder that parent teacher interviews will be held in week 9 of this term. (March 23rd to March 27th) Please keep an eye out for information about how to schedule a time with your child's/children's class teacher. This is the perfect opportunity to find out how your child has settled in to the school year and how they are progressing with their learning. We would like to see all parents/caregivers attend the interviews. Bookings will be made via an online app and information will follow soon about how to do this.               

We look forward to seeing you all in week 9.

Swimming Lessons - Week 3

During week 3 all students in Reception to year 5 had the opportunity to attend swimming lessons at Thebarton Swimming Centre. This was a busy, tiring and exciting week for students. Learning to swim is a vitally important part of the Australian Curriculum and a necessity to support students in remaining safe around water. Thank you to all of the parents that went along to support and ensure that the week ran smoothly. Your help was greatly appreciated!

LPS Swimmers in Action.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all of the parents of students in the Heritage Building. Your support in waiting outside of the building until the bell goes at the end of the day has allowed students to pack up at the conclusion of the day with greater ease and less congestion. Similarly students have been able to get ready for their day with greater ease in the mornings. This support has been greatly appreciated.

Lockleys Primary School

Lockleys Primary School is a friendly, community minded school with students attending from beyond our local area. We are located over two sites with plenty of open space for learning. We encourage diversity and as such have students attending with backgrounds from around 30 countries of birth. Lockleys Primary School is not a zoned school and welcomes all enquiries for enrolment.