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Term 4, Week 2

From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 4, it has been a very smooth return and student numbers are averaging a little over 96% daily.

COVID 19 Arrangements

We have had a gradual loosening of requirements regarding COVID restrictions to allow more student based activities both on and off the site. We have still been asked to restrict adult access to the site to essential visitors only so unfortunately the drop off and pick up will remain as it is until the end of the year. 

At school

Regular handwashing and/or sanitising is vital for students and staff always before eating or returning to the classroom from breaks. Despite the much improved cleaning it is impossible to guarantee the virus is not lingering on surfaces so we need to do whatever we can from children picking up any lingering virus around.

In the outside world

Minimise your contact in hotspots regularly updated by NSW Health, on public transport and in confined busy inside spaces.

Current COVID arrangements for school events

School Overnight Excursions:

Student Camps for Year 4 - 11 & 12 November, Year 5 - 16, 17 & 18 November and Year 6 - 7, 8 & 9 December are planned to go ahead this term. The school has secured the various extensive COVID safety plans from the camps and bus companies and information has already been sent out for Year 4 as the camp is in Week 5. The School Office Manager, Karen Birrell, has a large job to do in reallocating unspent funds that parents may have already paid for sport or camps. Parents are only charged the balance remaining. Hopefully for most parents this will be manageable, but the school always seeks information if parents are experiencing financial hardship to see how we can help.

Year 6 activities

Mini Fair - 3 December:

This will go ahead with no food or close contact activities with a grade at a time and a gold coin donation for the Year 6 fundraising gift to the school.

Year 6 Farewell - Tuesday 15 December:

This will go ahead as planned under a COVID safe plan at school relevant at the time of the event. Minimal parent contact and an outside disco are being planned.

Year 6 Ringing the bell - 16 December:

This will be modified with possibly a ticket invitation for Year 6 parents.

Kindergarten 2021

Transition will be held on the first two days of 2021 and Best Start will take place in Week 2.

Miss Valenti is planning an after school visit for parents and students after school later in this term. ZOOM meetings will continue.

School Presentation Days

At this stage we believe these can be modified to Stage based ticketed events for parents with award winners. We will try to include some minimal events with bands, dance and small groups of singers but these may be virtual. Children will not be able to sing on mass but there may be some small groups who can sing the school song and anthem. We will clarify dates with parents as soon as possible but as with all planning this will be subject to more opening up or closing down with circumstances.

  • Monday 7 December: Kinder 9.30am-10.30am; Stage 1 11.40am-12.40pm
  • Monday 14 December: Stage 2 9.30am-10.30am; Stage 3 11.40am-12.40pm​

School Picnic day

Centennial Park is being planned in a modified format, and will likely be in the last week of term.

Whole School Colour Fun Run - 10 December

Returning to Randwick

Thank you to everyone who has replied to Care Monkey for 2021. We only have about 200 outstanding replies and would appreciate your attention to this to assist in planning for next year.

At this stage we have around 140 Kinder enrolments. Transition and Best Start will go ahead at the beginning of 2021 as planned. We are planning informal (but registered) after school visits to the playground and class towards the end of the year.

The Term dates for 2021 are a little different with the Department making the decision for two School Development Days (Staff only) at the beginning of the year and only one at the end.

Dates for 2021 are:

Term 1 

School Development Days: Wednesday 27 January and Thursday 28 January

Friday 29th January: Students return; Conclude 1 April

Friday 5th February: Kindergarten first full day: Transition/Best Start as advised 29 January - 4 February.

Term 2 

School Development Day: Monday 19 April 

Tuesday 20 April: Students return; Conclude 25 June

Term 3 

School Development Day: Monday 12 July

Tuesday 13 July Students return; Conclude 17 September

Term 4

Tuesday 5 October Students return​; Conclude 16 December

Term 4 School Development Day: Friday 17 December


Susan Allen


Information for parents and carers about the changes to school operations because of COVID-19 health advice current from 17 August 2020 is available.

    New School Sport Shirts

    Randwick is on an exciting journey...

    In conjunction with the new invigorated School Houses we have also designed a Randwick sport shirt with a unique Indigenous design.

    This shirt will be worn by all students in Years 3-6 on Fridays when they attend PSSA or School Sport.

    You will be able to order the new sport shirt very soon!

    What's on?

    Book Fair

    Date and Time

    From Monday, October. 26th to Friday, October. 30th


    See information below

    Book Fair

    Placement in selective high schools for Year 7 entry in 2022

    What Parents need to know about Cyberbullying

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    "The playground BE RESPECTFUL BE RESPONSIBLE BE A LEARNER is a great and very clever initiative Our child put her little card she received in the playground right up on the fridge proudly Well done on this."

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