St Monica's Primary North Parramatta Newsletter

Term 2, Week 8 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

Next week is our opportunity to collaborate on reporting on student learning so far this year.  We are looking forward to meeting with you and your child via Zoom, where we will discuss their progress on the learning goals they are currently working towards in Religious Education, English and Mathematics.  

Usually, at this time of year, we would be requesting donations from families for the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal.  However, we understand that with COVID-19 impacting many of our families directly and indirectly, this may put more pressure on some of our families.  We have therefore decided to have a voluntary pyjama day this Friday 19th June.  Students will be invited to donate a gold coin, if able and wear their pyjamas.  Families who are able to contribute more are welcome to do so.  We will pass all donations onto St Vincent de Paul.

Thank you for your ongoing support within the community of St Monica’s.

Lisa Howell


WHS - Lockdown Drill

Last week St Monica’s students participated in a Lockdown Drill. The purpose of a school lockdown drill is to protect the children and adults in the building from a potential emergency such as the presence of an intruder.

As with fire drills and other safety programs, the hope is to acclimate students and teachers to a procedure that they will be able to follow quickly, effectively, and safely.

Lockdown drills are different from evacuation drills. Evacuation drills are designed to prepare students, teachers, administrators, and other people in the school to leave the building quickly and in a pre-planned and organised fashion in the event of danger such as a fire, when conditions outside the building are safer than the conditions inside the building. In a lockdown drill, students are to stay in their classroom where they are to sit on the floor as quietly as possible.

St Monica’s, like most schools, follows similar procedures for lockdown drills:

  • Doors to all school buildings are closed and locked.

  • Students are moved to the safest part of the room, away from windows and doors, to the interior walls.

  • Everyone sits on the floor and remains calm and quiet.

  • Classroom lights are turned off

The students and staff at St Monica’s carried out the lockdown drill in a very calm and sensible manner.

Following our Lockdown Drill teachers gave feedback about what worked well and ways to improve our procedure for next time.

Next term, as in Term 1, we will practice an Evacuation Drill to our Area B location - Daking Street.

If you have any questions, please contact me via the Office.

Mary-Anne Stenning

Assistant Principal

School Starting time

School start time is 8:50 am.  Gates will be closed after the morning bell. Students arriving after 8:50 am will need to be signed in at the office via Daking Street.   

Student Assembly

2:40 pm Monday 29 June (Week 10) via YouTube live.

Students will be receiving our new End of Term Awards for being safe, being respectful and being a learner.  We are also giving an End of Term St Monica’s Award for never giving up. 

Progress Learning Conferences (Weeks 9 and 10)

Progress Learning Conferences (Parent/Teacher/Student interviews) for all students in ES1-Stage 3 will be held in Weeks 9 and 10 of Term 2 commencing on Monday 22 June 2020.  

Interviews will be held via a Zoom meeting (online).  You may need to download the Zoom application prior to your appointment.

Interviews are strictly 15 minutes and spaces are limited. Your child is required to attend the interview.

5 minutes before your appointment starts, click on the VIDEO LINK and follow the instructions on the screen.

 If you have any further enquiries, please contact the school office on 8832 4100.

Bookings are now open.

Go to and enter the code erwgp  

     1.    Enter your details

     2.    Select the teachers you wish to see

     3    Select the appointment times that suit your family best

 When you click FINISH your selected bookings will be emailed to you immediately. If you do not receive your email, please check your junk-mail, or enter the event code again and check your email address spelling. Update your details if email address is incorrect.

DO NOT DELETE the email you receive. Keep it somewhere safe. You may need to refer back to it at a later date.


Bookings must be finalised by Friday 19 June 2020 at 9:00am

 If you need to view, cancel, change or print your bookings:

 ●     Click on the link in the confirmation email you received after you made your bookings

●     OR return to and enter the code and the email address you used when making your bookings.  

Library News

LIBRARY TIMES:  Monday-Thursday: 8.30am-8.50am


Extra Borrowing Times for Classes:

Monday:     YEAR 2  Recess 

Tuesday:    YEAR 1   Lunch 

Wednesday: STAGE 2 & YEAR 5 Recess

Thursday:   ES1 & YEAR 6 Lunch (storytime)

We have a great range of new books in the library to suit all age levels.

Please encourage your children to come & borrow -  a “bee sting” is given when books are borrowed and then another given when books are returned!

The student in each class who borrows the most books this term from the library will be crowned the

 “Bookworm of the Term”. 

These students will win a prize and have their name & face displayed on our Bookworm Farm in the Library

 Our library monitors & Mrs Davino are in the library during these times to help any students.

The St Monica’s message bag or a material/cloth bag can be used  to protect borrowed books.


CBCA Book Week has been postponed until TERM 4 (Week 2) 
October 19th - 23rd

      This year’s theme: “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds”

There will be lots of exciting events for our students to enjoy...more details to follow!

Mrs Rita Davino

Pyjama Day - Friday 19 June (Week 8)

This Friday, 19th June, we are inviting the students of St Monica’s to wear their pyjamas to school to raise money for the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal.  We understand that this might be a difficult time for families financially, and so we are inviting all students to participate in our Pyjama Day, however, donations are voluntary and we ask that, if you choose to make a donation, that you determine the amount based on your family’s circumstances. 

On the day, students are welcome to wear their pyjamas, beanies, scarves etc. however, they will need to wear joggers. Slippers and ugg boots are not to be worn as these become a hazard on the playground and in the classroom and may become uncomfortable during the day.  Students must wear their hat.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping the most vulnerable of our community.

Therese Coutinho

Religious Education Coordinator

Sacrament of Confirmation

We would like to congratulate all of the children from St Monica’s Parish, and particularly those who are students at our school, who have made their Confirmation. Under ordinary circumstances the staff of St Monica’s would have attended the Confirmation Masses to support you as you take this very important step in your journey of faith, however, due to the restrictions on the number of people allowed inside the church, we were unable to attend. 

Congratulations to: Liam Sciacca, Ryan Malatag, Gabriela Andrade, Monica Salic, Kristian Romic, Andrew Clark, Aimee-Akiko Loof, William Paterson, Evan Michael, Alicia Youssef, Lola Sloane, Sara Younes, Charlize Cooper, Michael Maffina, L’Lyse Puyat, Max Lukasik and Noah Day.

As a school community, we pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you as you embark on your journey of faith as a mature member of the St Monica’s faith community.

Therese Coutinho

Religious Education Coordinator

St Monica's Lifesavers

Stage 3 have continued to be our Lifesavers in Weeks 7 and 8 this term. They are taking on their responsibilities with maturity and dedication and are very proud of them.

For Week 7, we would like to thank Theo, Ryan, Aimee-Akiko, Siria, Ruby G, Zi Han, Tiara, Riana, Nika, Elizabeth, Alicia, Gabriela, Sophie, Noah, Monica, Madeline, William, Ashton, Ruby K, Aaliyah, Kobe and Yiannis.

For Week 8, we would like to thank:  Tiara, Abbi, Charli, L’Lysse, Kristian, Max, Andrew, Ashleigh, Parmida, Jessica, Manson, Peter, Menuk, Charbel, Samuel, Charlize, Lola, Sara, Maureen, Kenzh, Nathan, Liam, Simon, Sanoy and John.

Therese Coutinho and Lauren Hartz

Religious Education Coordinator and Leader of Learning

Meet some of our Week 7 and Week 8 St Monica's Lifesavers!


Congratulations to the following families on the birth of their new family members!

Nader Family - a baby boy named Brodie 

Meale Family - a baby girl named April 

Kiss ‘n’ Ride

Kiss ‘n’ Ride

Our students’ safety is our priority.  Please follow these procedures to ensure all students are safe in the morning and the afternoon.

MORNING 8:20 - 8:50am

  • There are 2 gates open in the morning - the hall gate and the playground gate.  2 cars can drop off children at the one time - one at each gate.  If you are the first car (at the hall gate), please move forward so that the 2nd vehicle can approach the playground gate.

  • Students are to exit out of the vehicle on the driver’s side ONLY.

  • Parents ARE NOT to get out of their car.  If your child is unable to get themselves out of the car with their bag, please park.

  • An extra staff member will be on duty each morning from 8:30am to monitor this procedure from Monday.

AFTERNOON 3:00 - 3:30pm

  • Kiss ‘n’ Ride commences at 3:00pm for all students.  I strongly encourage parents to delay their pick up times to reduce traffic on Daking Street.  If too many people arrive at 3pm and the traffic is considered unsafe, we will need to consider other options once again.  

  • Parents and students are directed to Bay 1, 2 or 3.  Please do not move from your bay until the car/s in front have moved off.

  • Students are to enter the vehicle on the driver’s side ONLY.

  • Parents ARE NOT to get out of their car.  If your child is unable to get themselves in the car with their bag, please park.

Thank you to the majority of parents who continue to adhere to these safety procedures.

2021 Kindergarten Enrolments

A reminder to any existing families at the school to please contact the Office if your child is ready to commence Kindergarten in 2021 and you have not yet submitted an enrolment form. 

First Round Letters of Offer have now been emailed to parents who have submitted enrolment applications for children commencing ES1 in 2021. 

There are limited vacancies still available for all grades K-6.  ENROL NOW!

Year 6 Farewell Parent Committee Meeting

The Year 6 Farewell Parent Committee Meeting (via Zoom) will be held on Tuesday 23 June (Week 9) between 6:30pm-7:30pm .  Any parents wishing to attend the meeting are requested to notifiy the school office via email

The Zoom link will be emailed to parents next Monday.   (Parents who have already notified the office do not need to send another email).


Friday 26 June 2020 (Week 9)

Meat Pies $4.00

Sausage Rolls (110gm) $3.50

Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Roll $4.00

Please Note: Unfortunately, the pies and sausage rolls are not suitable for those who do not eat beef or pork

**NOTE:  All orders/payments MUST be received by 9:00am Tuesday 23 June 2020


as all pies/sausage/cheese rolls are pre-ordered for the day

Parent helpers required. Please contact Trish Forsyth 0402 337 075 

Please note that all parent helpers must complete the Child Protection requirements prior to assisting on the day.


 Child’s Name: __________________________________________

Homeroom:     ___________________________    Stage   _______

 ·        No. of Meat Pies                                          ($4.00 each)     _______

·        No. of Sausage Rolls                                    ($3.50 each)     _______

·        No. of Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Roll    ($4:00 each)    _______

                                                           TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS: _______

                                                                Total Enclosed $ _______________

Nut Free food at school

Anaphylaxis is a serious and rapid allergic reaction usually involving more than one part of the body.

St Monica’s currently has students who can suffer severe allergic reactions (life-threatening) through contact with nuts. As we endeavour to provide for the different needs of all our students your co-operation is invited to assist the school in supporting and catering for the needs of these particular students, and any future students, by providing your child only with foods that are nut free.

Communicating with Teachers

Now that we are teaching all day face-to-face and teachers are accessing their emails less frequently through the day, please contact the office via phone or email if there is anything urgent we need to know.  Please note that teachers may not read emails until the end of the day.  Thank you.

Staff Development Days

   Term 3    to be advised 

   Term 4    Thursday 17 December 2020
                    Friday 18 December 2020


Drink Bottles

A reminder that every student needs to bring a drink bottle to school every day.  Please label your child's drink bottle.

Due to the current guidelines, the bubblers will not be in use until further notice.   



At St Monica’s, we believe that you, the parents and carers of our students, have made a significant contribution to your child’s learning this year and as such, are taking the opportunity to involve you in the reporting process for your child.  Flexibility in this process for Semester 1, 2020 has been provided by the Minister for Education.  However, this opportunity is one in which we anticipate will continue at St Monica’s in 2021 and beyond.

Assessment and reporting at St Monica’s in 2020 is a year-long, collaborative approach, where all major stakeholders are involved:

· In Term One, we established learning goals with every student.  

· In Term Two, we will invite parents to participate in a Progress Learning Conference (via Zoom) with their child and their child’s teacher.  This conference will include students demonstrating evidence of learning, and teachers and parents collaborating to report on progress in Religion, English and Mathematics.  New and/or revised learning goals will be established for every student.  As grades, comparative data and a written report are not a requirement for Semester 1, 2020, reporting will be via the collaborative conference only.  

· In Term Three, students will work with their teachers and parents to continue to meet their learning goals and regularly evaluate and co-construct new ones.  

· Finally, in Term Four, a cumulative written report will be prepared and distributed to students and their parents as an artefact of the year’s learning, including grades from A-E, comparative data and written comments.

The proposed changes to our reporting processes have been developed in consultation with our teachers and we will also be seeking parent feedback after the conclusion of the Progress Learning Conferences.  These conferences (via Zoom) will be held during Weeks 9 and 10 of Term Two with further details regarding times and bookings to be provided soon.

We look forward to meeting with you and continuing the sustainable learning partnerships between students, teachers and parents.


School Fees Relief

We understand that many families are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of loss of income. Please do not hesitate to contact us as there are many ways that we can provide support to families.

Fee Relief information and procedures to apply for Fee Relief can be accessed by clicking this link.

Alternatively you may contact Mrs Lata Rebello, School Finance Officer on 8832 4100 who will be able to assist you.   All conversations will remain strictly private and confidential.

Welcomeasy Winter Menu

Welcomeasy's new Winter Menu is now available. 

Parents can order student lunches online.  Lunches are delivered to school each  day.


Uniform Supplier - Oz Fashions

All school clothing requirements are available for purchase through Oz Fashions  

 Oz Fashions location:   115-127 Parramatta Road, Granville                           Phone:  9897 3121

 Opening Hours:        Monday-Friday   9:00am - 5:30pm                         Saturday  9:00am - 4:00pm

 Parking is available on site.    

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