Weekly Awards

Congratulations to the following students -

“Striving for Excellence” Award – (for a student who has exhibited academic improvements and / or has been applying themselves to the very best of their ability)

Cormac - McC - For the responsible choices you have made during class this week.It is lovely to see you focusing on your own learning and taking ownership of your behaviour. Keep it up.

Blake H - For your focus and dedication to achieving your best this week. You have aimed for excellence and should be proud of your results.

Thomas C - For the positive attitude you have displayed towards your learning. Keep it up!

Camden McC - For your efforts in reading and writing this week. Your hard work on your sentences has been impressive. 

“MacKillop Award” – (for a student who exhibited Gospel values in their words and actions)

Emily P - For showing the spirit of Jesus this week. You have been a kind and helpful classmate.

“To Love is to Serve” Award – (for a student who has consistently displayed leadership qualities)

Havana O'B - For being a quiet achiever who always tries her best. Mrs Egan has noticed that you have put in a huge effort to share your ideas and understandings this week! Well done for the great example you set.

Logan S - For your kindness, cheeriness and eagerness to learn. You are leading by example. Well done Logan!