Term 2, Week 7

From the Principal...

Dear Families, 

It has been a really busy week and I would just like to thank all the staff for stepping up to meet the teaching and learning requirements in such a collaborative way, whilst we navigate staff vacancies. All staff have gone above and beyond this week to maintain consistency for our students and the children have enjoyed the learning opportunities presented to them. I have really enjoyed watching the early years students make scones, welcome visitors to their class and encourage each other with positive language. Bethany’s huge effort in maintaining routines and adding her own strengths to the program has ensured the students have been engaged and happy this week and this is reflected in her newsletter article this week.

The year 3/4 class have also been taking a look at cephalopods this week and I am always amazed by the exploration of this class and their willingness to share their learning with those on school tours. Pleasantly the enthusiasm for learning demonstrated by our students and creativity is generating positive interest in our school, with several new enrolments proceeding next term and a stronger reception intake anticipated for 2022. 

The older students have also undertaken such amazing design thinking for their businesses and I am consistently inspired by their new creations. The biscuits sold today in the class cafe were fantastic and I am putting in an order for the natural fire lighters that smell of cinnamon and rosemary. What a fabulous way to start the winter months!  I have to also thank our senior years students who are working hard to create positive learning spaces and are assisting with the clean out of the front admin building to create a streamlined work space for all, they are truly amazing organisers! I also enjoy sharing student led conversations around sustainability and recycling of materials, as we move through each space and look at how to reduce our impact on the environment, including reducing paper and plastics consumption.

This week I had the privilege of meeting with David Booth a local Indigenous artist. I have worked with David in the past and he brings a wealth of knowledge and an enthusiasm for sharing his culture and country that leads to greater cultural awareness and connection. David is going to work with us in the coming term to create a mural for the front of our school that uses traditional symbols and story elements to represent our school values and local area. This is a really exciting opportunity with students being able to all participate in workshops to facilitate a collaborative mural that will complement the planting that will be undertaken in the coming week. 

Community Consultation Update

This week we have also held a student forum with the year 3-7 students who have shared many fantastic ideas about their learning and environment. It is really important for us as educators to create opportunities for student agency in learning and value their positive contribution of ideas for the future of Basket Range a Primary School. Next week we will also seek input from our R-2 students about their learning and what they enjoy about our unique school. We also look forward this week to our community forum on Tuesday evening 6:30-8:30pm for current families at Basket Range Primary School. Please RSVP as soon as possible to the office if you have not already done so, as we would like as much input as possible in developing our strategic vision moving forward. Thank you to all those parents who have emailed me with their positivity about school based programs and developments lately, your feedback is much appreciated by all.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.

Kind Regards Sybila.

Reception to Year 2...

Reception & Year 1 / 2 Overview

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your warm support and patience as we re-establish the daily lesson routines to continue the R-2 Program. A special ‘Thank You’ to all my colleagues for their wonderful assistance over the past weeks.


R-7 Winter Festival Music & Song Repertoire

At present our school day begins with a whole school R-7 Choral Rehearsal for the Winter Festival.


Morning Greetings and Verses

We now begin the day in the Reception room with all R- 2 students singing verses, finger rhymes, songs, group discussion with Show & Tell or a story. Once settled, the Year 1 / 2 students  move into Sue's room for their Main lesson work. 


A Narrative for Maths Activities and Games 

I have focused on the Maths Main lesson notes left by Sue, with extensions for Year 2 students. This week's program of Maths was centered around the apple tree in the story of Mother Holle. We counted (with ‘Palash Plus’ - a fictional character representing the process of addition) all the apples that fell to the ground eg 1 + 2 +3 = ? You can see examples  photos  of Year 1 students counting apples (glass beads). Year 2 students focused on Math’s activities ie number patterns, counting and multiplication. Next week we’ll focus on number placement - Units /Tens Year 1 & extensions for Year 2.


A Winter Theme for Writing & Reading  written work 

We had fun writing short repetitive stories to read, write and draw. Year 2 students, as an extension,  wrote their own stories and will finish their little books next week.          


The Frog

 The frog sat on the log.

 The frog sat on the log in the fog.

 The frog sat on the log in the fog with a dog. 


The Bat 

The bat lay on the mat..etc

Another writing activity: “When I look out of my Winter window I see.....(eg frost, mist, clouds, rain etc)


Art & Craft Activities

We drew a colorful 'Winter window' and discussed the characteristics of a Winter scene. Fog, wind, storms etc. 

Auntie Chris continues her productive craft activities on Mondays. We have made all our Winter lantern woolen handles.


Winter Festival Songs and Lanterns

The R-2 students have painted or drawn (each student's choice) their Winter lantern. We will construct the lanterns with the year 3 - 7 students and Uni placement teachers next Thursday. 


The paintings this weeks were stunning! 

Baking on Wednesdays

We baked a successful double recipe of vegan friendly scones on Wednesday. This will continue throughout Term 2.  

Spontaneous Ukulele Song &  Dance Performances 

We had a group of reception / year 1’s spontaneously decide to form a ukulele band, rehearse and perform to all classes.

Story & Reception Drama Plays

I was delighted to observe the Drama Plays that naturally arose from students creating a puppet show or story this week.

Fruit Time 

Reception families, please remember to bring 2 extra pieces of fruit per week for fruit time. Fruit time is really treasured by the reception students.

Finding a Friend/s During Playtimes

Sometimes students prefer their own company during playtimes. This is perfectly fine. Other times a student will approach the teacher on duty (or I’ll enquire if a student would like help in finding a playmate). I’m encouraging the R-2 students to approach a friendly group or special buddy to join their play

Forest Play

Making cubbies or pine villages in the forest is a great way for students to imaginatively play…and the teacher to relax!

Enjoy the long weekend & ensure you have my updated mobile number.

Ring or text: 0466 106930

All the very Best,

Bethany Neck 

MA. B. Special ED. Dip. Primary. Ed

R-2 Photos Cont...

Sally's Class...

Dear Parents

In the Steiner Year 3/4 class there is a happy, cooperative and productive atmosphere!  We have just finished our 'Time' Main Lesson and have moved onto the 'Human and Animal' Main lesson with both the Year 3's and 4's working together on these topics.  We have also been feeling into the season of Winter by preparing for the Midwinter Festival with songs drawings and poetry.  Here are a selection of photographs from our work.

I hope you all have a restful long weekend.  Stay warm,



Sally's Class 3/4 Photos...

Mobile Library...

The Stirling Mobile Library will be visiting us on Wednesday 16th June from 9.30am-11am.  It great to have the Mobile Library Service up and running again as the children really enjoy it.  They will be visiting us every fortnight.


We now have the Absentee component up and running on Skoolbag. This means you are now able to enter absentee details via the app on your phone.  You just need to click on to the School Logo and once you enter the app and then click on the Eforms tab, followed by the Absentee Form.   It will then bring up a Absentee Form for you to add all your details.  

Thank you for your cooperation and helping us to streamline the absentee process.  Thank you, Laren

Siblings at Basket Range Primary...

Hi everyone,

If you have child that is coming to Basket Range Primary School in 2022 or beyond, can you please send a quick email to Laren - to ensure your child is on the list.

Thank you :) 


Upcoming Activities


TERM 2 2021


Tuesday 15thGoverning Council & Open Community Forum 6:30pm
Tuesday 22ndWinter Festival - 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Monday 28th PUPIL FREE DAY 
Friday 2ndLAST DAY OF TERM 2 - 2:15pm finish
Monday 19thFIRST DAY OF TERM 3