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17th of May 2019

Upcoming Events

What's coming up?

  • Tuesday 21st May - Parents Values Brainstorm with Tania - 9:15 Classroom Library
  • Wednesday 22nd May - Open Classrooms Morning Education Week Activities Night 
  • Wednesday 22nd May - 4/5/6 Cross Country 
  • Friday 24th May - Interschool Sports vs Wattle Glen at home
  • Monday 3rd June - Sporting in Schools - Tennis
  • Wednesday 5th June - Cross Country
  • Friday 7th June - Curriculum Day - No School
  • Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday - No School
  • Saturday 22nd June - CFA Cup @ Panton Hill

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Principal News

We've Hit the Halfway Point

We're half way through the term now and WOW, have we been busy!

Today we celebrated IDAHOBIT for the first time and what a colourful day it was... Literally!! It was so lovely having everyone showing their colours of support for the day and we enjoyed creating some inclusivity wings together to end the day. I hear Hurstbridge has some great activities happening tonight and this weekend if you want to join in on the fun!

The students have also been enjoying accessing Sporting in Schools lessons, learning some hockey skills from our coach Hayley. We'll be learning more over the next few weeks before starting with some tennis lessons with local coach Katie.

I have to send out a big congratulations to the students who completed NAPLAN this week. It can be a stressful time for some, but the resilience and persistence we saw in the candle lit testing rooms was a sight to be proud of. Well done everyone!

We're sad to farewell our amazing student teachers today. Charleigh, Hannah, Monique, Olivia and Michaela. You've been an absolute asset to our classrooms over the last three weeks. We wish you all the bets with your studies and hope to see you again soon. 

Don't forget to get out there and sell your Rotary Raffle tickets. The school gets to keep the money made from each ticket sale AND the winner gets a car! What's not to love?! If you've already sold yours, please come into the office and collect another booklet. 

Well done to our Students of the Week

Lunch Orders

We're reviewing the Lunch order menu. Click here to have your say

Education Week

Come along and celebrate being a part of our brilliant learning community with a night full of fun and games!

Each teacher has organised activities that families will able to enjoy together!! You can pop in for a bit or stay the whole night.

Feel free to bring along your friends, family and neighbours.

As always, the more the merrier! 

Classroom News


Last week we got muddy looking at one of the most important things for our lives…check out what it was on the blog:

4/5/6 News

On Monday in Art the Grade 4/5/6’s started a mosaic project. It’s going to last the entire term and they are going to make nature type art that will form a landscape style image. Sonja (Sam's mum) will be helping everyone and the mosaic will go on the P/1 class’s wall, near the basketball court. Next term the 2/3/4’s will work on it and then the P/1’s will finish it off. Here are some designs.

Paper Plane Fun

On the 16th of May the 4/5/6s had a paper plane contest for Maths. They all made 2 paper planes that they got to design themselves. They threw them as hard as they could to see whose could go the furthest. The top 3 planes were thrown by Tom.F (who was 3rd) , Jett (who was 2nd) and Luke, who was 1st with 14 metres. They measured the planes too. They measured how tall it was how wide it was and long it was! They were all shapes different and sizes. They had so much fun making them.

New Values at School - eSurvey - It's not too late to have your say!

We're still in the process of finalising our new school values. If you'd like to have your say, please click on the link above

Community Information

Family Matters

Family Matters is a small Family Therapy program based at the  Berry Street Eaglemont Office, servicing the local government areas of Darebin, Whittlesea, Nillumbik and Banyule. 

Matters work with a range of family issues, most particularly the challenges which parenting an adolescent brings. Often parents and adolescents present feeling frustrated, disconnected, hurt and exhausted with a range of issues within the immediate and extended family compounding their relational experiences.

Parents often express hope of better connection, communication and resourcing leading to less conflict, criticism and mutual understanding. Our experience shows that mostly kids want this too, particularly when challenges have occurred to rupture the attachment experience.

Our systemic training allows us to move between multiple (and often competing) positions within a family in the service of strengthening the relationship. The team often refer to the client as the ‘family relationship’ and family therapy promotes the work with the ‘whole of family’ allowing for differing combinations of family members to be seen.

 The team are happy to be directly contacted to discuss potential referral on 9450 4700.

Kids Assist - from Diamond Valley Community Support

The KidsAssist program aims to support needy families with education expenses, and provide a pathway for schools to refer families and children who require financial assistance. 

All children should have the ability to fully participate in school life regardless of their parents’ financial situation, yet the rising cost of school education has resulted in some children being singled out or excluded from opportunities to learn and grow, and that’s where KidsAssist comes in.

Eligible families will be able to seek KidsAssist funding for school related expenses including Stationery, Text Books, Electronic Devices, Excursions and Camps, School Sports and other essential school items and activities. 


We have brochures and application forms in the office. 

For further information please contact or speak to Michelle.

To apply for KidsAssist please follow the link below:

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