Christ the King North Rocks Newsletter

2019, Term 2 Week 10 : Friday 5th July 2019

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

The Gospel of this Sunday’s Mass focuses on the mission of the Church. As parishioners of CTK, the Church exists in our local parish community, sensitive to the call of the risen Lord encouraging us to continue his mission in the world. As missionaries within our church we are empowered to:

·        tell and show the world that the Word was made flesh in Jesus and that Jesus is the one who has the Spirit to love, forgive and empower.

·        spread the gospel as a basic duty of the People of God.

·        unite our Catholic faith through our involvement in our local parishes, school communities and and our daily lives.

·        respect the prayer and the religious life of Christians and non-Christians as stated by Pope John Paul II.

·        respect and acknowledge non-Christian religions because they are the living expression of vast groups of people gathered in God’s name.

·        participate in a dialogue of action, in which Christians and others collaborate for the integral development and liberation of people irrespective of race or socio economic status.

·        seek out our local community reach out to the young, to those with young families and to the old and middle aged whose role in the mission of the church may have lapsed.  

As we enter into this holiday period, let us take this time to examine our hearts and search for the response to share in the mission of the Church on both a local and world level.


As the term draws to a closure I would like to thank you all for your support of the school community, our staff and the education of our students over the last ten weeks. It has been a busy and productive term with many highlights and achievements recorded over the last three months. My thanks and appreciation to the staff for their professionalism and dedication to their teaching roles throughout the term. May the holidays be a relaxing period for all members of our community and a time to renew one’s energy as we embark on the second semester later this month.


Over the past two week teachers have conducted parent teacher interviews. Thank you to our parents who took the time to avail themselves of the opportunity to speak with their children’s teachers. If you require an additional interview or were unable to attend an interview, please make an appointment to see your child’s teachers to organise an interview early next term. Thank you to all the teachers who prepared the student reports over recent weeks and for giving of their time to conduct the interviews.


Last Friday we celebrated the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal Liturgy with the staff and children. We were joined by members of the Parramatta and CTK Chapter of the society, celebrating their work with the homeless and underprivileged in our surrounding community. I extend my thanks to the Vinnies representative who shared with our children the story of St Vincent de Paul, the founder of the society and the work Vinnies do each day of the year. Many thanks to all our families who donated blankets, toiletries and food items that will be distributed to the homeless and needy during these winter months. Your generosity and compassion is greatly appreciated by all concerned. Thank you to Mr Horne for coordinating the school winter appeal and liturgy.

Enjoy the holiday time with your children.


Tony Hughes


Upcoming Events

Term 3 (Week 1)

Monday 22nd July

  • Sports Program - All students in Sport Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 23rd July

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.30pm
  • PE: Year 6, Year 2, Year 4 (Group1)

Wednesday 3rd July

  • PE: Year 5, Kindergarten
  • Chess (3 - 4pm) begins

Thursday 25th July

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1, Year 4 (Group 2)
  • Year 4 Reconciliation
  • Yr 2 excursion Powerhouse Museum
  • Kindergarten excursion Calmsley City Farm

Friday 26th July

  • Band (7:45 am) and groups throughout the day
  • Year 4 at Mass
  • CTK Playgroup 10am-11.30am

Term 3, (Week 2)

Monday 29th July

  • Sport Program - All students in Sport Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 30th July

  • Literacy Club 8am
  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.30pm
  • PE: Year 6, Year 2, Year 4 (Group1)
  • Drama Club (Years 3&4) at lunchtime

Wednesday 31st July

  • Maths Olympiad Team session 8am
  • PE: Year 5, Kindergarten
  • Drama Club (Years 1&2) at lunchtime
  • Chess (3 - 4pm)
  • Sacrament of confirmation 1st session

Thursday 1st August

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1, Year 4 (Group 2)
  • Year 6 Reconciliation
  • Drama Club (Yrs 5&6) at lunchtime

Friday 2nd August

  • Band (7:45 am) and groups throughout the day
  • Year 6 at Mass
  • CTK Playgroup 10am-11.30am

Advanced Notice: Mark in your diary

Tuesday 13th August


Friday 30th August

Father's Day celebrations at CTK

Friday 13th September


Friday 27th September

Last day Term 3


Thursday 12th December

Christmas Concert

Wednesday 18th December

Year 6 End of Year Function (Parent/Student Dinner) Last day of school for all Students

Thursday 19th December


Friday 20th December


Other School News

Family Time

As I am sure most of you know, this Friday the 5th of July, Christ the King will be having a Family Fun Day! This is a day not only to have fun, and play games with Mums, Dads, Grandparents, etc. it is also a great time just to remember how important, vital and special family time is. Family is definitely NOT something that you, I or anyone should take for granted. They are not just there for you, but with you. 

Earlier this term Year 6 spoke and learnt about priorities within their life, and why we chose certain priorities. Personally, we both had family as our number one priority. We never want to look back on the time we have spent with a family member and think, “I wish I spent more time doing this, or doing that.” Family is like nothing else, and they know more about you than anyone. Therefore, we believe that there is not a strong enough word in the English language to describe how important family is, the time spent together is vital and special.

Families help keep traditions alive, traditions or rituals can give us a sense of belonging and identity. For example, all of us will have our own unique way of celebrating events such as Christmas and Easter that makes us feel this way. They also help to create memories, and of course memories will always stay with us. That is why family time is so important, vital, and special.

Henry Abood & Emma Maroun

School Captains CTK 2019

Eisteddfod News

Parramatta Eisteddfod – That’s a Wrap

Congratulations to all of our CTK students who prepared so well for the Parramatta Eisteddfod.

The children in Drama Club gave up their lunchtimes week after week, to rehearse and encourage each other, as well as spending many hours at home practising.

All of our students looked great on stage representing our school in their uniforms. They all tried their hardest and I am extremely proud of each and every student. Well Done!!!

Click here for more information

CTK Infants Visit Life Education Van

Infant students at Christ the King visited the Life Education mobile learning centre this week as a part of their Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus.

Please click here to read the full

Library News

Premier's Reading Challenge 2019

The PRC finishes on the 30th August this year. The winter break is a perfect time to visit your local library and complete the challenge. Remember K - 2 need to read 30 books and Primary need to read 20. Log in details will be sent home early Term 3.

eLibrary The CEDP subscribe to two different ebook libraries which are available to all students at CTK. Click on the link and follow the instructions or go to our CTK webpage and navigate to Holy Faith Library under the Learning tab. Children might like to read a science magazine as wellTry reading an ebook together over the holidays!

CTK Subscriptions

All student have accounts with both Reading Eggs and Mathletics. The holidays are an excellent time to use these databases to keep young minds fresh and ready to learn at the beginning of Term 3. Links to these subscriptions can be found on the Holy Faith Library page under the Learning tab on the CTK webpage.

Advanced life photography - School photos Friday 2nd August 2019.


Friday 2nd August 2019.

ORDER NOW go to and enter the code


School photographs are scheduled to be taken by advancedlife. Whilst an envelope and flyer will be distributed shortly, if possible it is our preference that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo day.

Orders for packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at using our school’s unique 9 digit advancedorder code. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day.

Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to

Celebrating Gifts and Talents

Last weekend Samuel and the team played in the U12 Thunder Conference Division 2 Grand Final of the Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Competition. Samuel is the wicket keeper for his team, the Western Sydney Hurricanes. The game came down to the last ball, with the opposing team needing 4 runs off the last ball to win. But the Western Sydney Hurricanes came out victorious.

What a fabulous achievement. Congratulations to Samuel and his Team mates.

St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal

A BIG thank you!

Thank you very much to all the families who donated warm items to the St Vincent de Paul Winter appeal. St Vincent de Paul were overwhelmed with the generosity of the CTK community and wish to extend their heart felt thanks to all who helped make this cold winter more comfortable for the homeless in the community. You have made a positive difference in the lives of many people - Thank you :)

Ben Horne

Parish News

Parish Office Information, Parish Mass Times, Reconciliation and Rosary

Parish office hours are Mondays - Fridays 9am - 4pm.

Our current contact details are phone: 9871 8710 and email:

Weekend Masses

Saturday         6.00pm

Sunday            8.00am and 10.00am

Weekday Masses

Tuesday          7.30pm

Wednesday    9.00am

Thursday        9.00am

Friday              9.15am


Saturday        9.30am and 4.30pm


Saturday        8.30am


When: Fridays 10:00am - 11.30am (Term time only)

Where: CTK Hall, Statham Avenue North Rocks

Who: For children aged 0-5 and their carers

What: Play, socialise, create friendships

Come every week or come when you can


To register your interest in coming along or for further information

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School Notes

Parent Volunteers at CTK - CEDP Volunteer Form

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Volunteer Form’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.

Parent Volunteers at CTK - Child Protection Training Module

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Child Protection Training Module’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.

Application for Extended Leave (other than sick leave)

Click on title, go to Administration, print and complete the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ form to apply for student leave for