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Term 3 Week 1 - 24th July 2020

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of St Catherine’s, 

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your holiday break and were able to spend quality time with those that you care about. 

I would like to officially welcome Chiara Brown to St Catherine's this term. Chiara is working with our R/1TB class while Catherine Turbill is on long service leave. I am pleased to welcome our new Reception students; Jack, Connor, Xavier, Jack, James and their families to our R/1 classes. I'd also like to welcome Harper who has started in 1J, Finn in 2B and Samantha who joined our Year 5 class part way through last term.  All the children have settled quickly into their new school routine and we look forward to seeing them grow and flourish as part of our community.   

There have been positive signs of a return to a more 'normal' school term, however I think that we are far from free of the 'pandemic climate' we continue to experience. We are certainly very fortunate in South Australia, but there is no escaping the challenges that Victoria and New South Wales, as well as across the globe, continue to face. Let us keep our neighbours, our relatives and friends interstate and overseas, in our thoughts and prayers during this time. We need to proceed with caution over the coming months and it will be important that we adhere to the ongoing advice regarding restrictions. Please note the following with regards to ongoing restrictions (as you would be aware, these can change at any time). 

Currently, the following activities have been permitted to resume as long as government health advice and physical distancing requirements are strictly followed: 

  • parents, volunteers, support and other service providers can enter school and preschool grounds. All external service providers and volunteers must complete appropriate entry declarations. 

  • school assemblies 

  • class photos 

  • all intrastate camps and excursions 

  • all school sport competitions, sports days and carnivals, including inter-school competitions  

  • inter-school choirs, bands and other performing art activities 

  • school formals, socials and discos 

  • playgroups and occasional care 

  • larger face-to-face professional learning activities 

Preventing illness 

Personal hygiene and the hygiene standards in schools and preschools are critical to reducing the risk of infection. 

All children and staff must: 

  • wash their hands regularly, particularly after using the toilet and before eating 

  • avoid spreading infections to others by staying home if they are unwell 

  • cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue 

There are now two new hand sanitiser dispensing stations installed in the school. They are located at the main entrance and in the Treehouse.  

Building works 

On July 16th we achieved 'Project Completion' status for Stage 1 of our Master Plan. This means that we now have a refurbished hall, two new classrooms and new toilet facilities for us to use.  A hive of activity took place throughout the holiday break enabling our Year 5 and 6 classes to start the term in their new classrooms and the feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive. The acoustic treatments that have been included certainly enhance the quality of the learning environment in these spaces.   

I would like to acknowledge and thank the School Board members for their commitment and support throughout the building project as well as the architects at Swanbury Penglase and the builders from Schiavello for their partnership throughout the building process. The majority of this build has taken place through one of the most challenging times society has experienced and I am extremely grateful that we have been able to complete this stage very close to the original date expected. We are planning for an official blessing and opening of the new building in Term 4 when there will be an opportunity to formally thank all those who have been a part of this project. 

School Pick-Up 

Now that the building works have been completed, we have access to our additional car parking spaces again. To support the flow of traffic and to ease congestion on Ayers Hill Rd, please consider parking and collecting your child. I also remind parents and carers that we have staff supervision available after school until 3.30pm and that if you are able to time your pick up to be between 3.15 and 3.30pm that this also helps ease congestion. 

Bambini Program 

It was great to see the children starting our Bambini Program this morning. The children enjoyed touring the school and participating in a range of fun, creative activities. 

Wellbeing resources 

As a parent you know that your child’s success at school is linked to their wellbeing. Wellbeing and learning go hand in hand. When your child feels connected to their family, peers and teachers they feel secure in the knowledge that they will be supported throughout their learning journey. Safe and trusting relationships create a positive learning environment where wellbeing can flourish. There are a wide range of online resources available to parents that can be used to support children's wellbeing.  The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework is one such resource you may like to consider: 

Term 3 Calendar 

Parents and carers should have received the Term 3 Calendar of school events via SkoolBag earlier this week. If you have not received this please contact Cathy Fischle (  who will be able to help. 

I am looking forward to continuing our work together to ensure that the students at St Catherine's experience a quality learning environment that enables them to feel safe, have a sense of belonging and encourages them to be the best version of themselves that they can. 

Warm regards,

John Low


St Catherine's School

Building works - New classrooms

School Photos

School Photos are on Friday 31st July (Term 3 Week 2)

Order forms for school photos were sent home this week and will need to be returned to school no later than Wednesday 29th July.

The school also has forms in the office for families who would like sibling group photos to be taken.  Please contact the office if you would like one for your children.

Term 3 Principal Tours

Principal Tour Bookings & Liturgy/Mass/Assembly Registrations


St Dominic's Feast Day Celebrations

As our school is founded in the Dominican tradition, this term we celebrate the Feast Day of St Dominic,  which falls on Saturday August 8th. 

We will celebrate this with a week of events to commemorate the occasion. Across the week students will take part in a range of activities which focus on the four Pillars of Dominican Spirituality being;  Prayer, Study, Ministry and Community. These continue to be an important part of our rich Dominican history and our celebrations during the week will be an opportunity to share these and understand the example of St Dominic. We aim to serve God by bringing to life the inspiration of St Dominic today.  

We will also head to Morialta Conservation Park and Play Space in buddy classes to mark the occasion. Permission for students to attend is on Skoolbag and it is important that these are completed by Friday 31st July. Parents are welcome to assist. If you have the required Working with Children Checks please email Krystina: The format of the day is as follows and further information can be found within the permission form on Skoolbag.  

Session 1 departing school 9am and returning 12.45pm: R/1T, 3/4L, 1JD, 5KD 

Session 2 departing school 10.30am and returning 2.45pm: R/1OE, 3/4K, 2B, 6H  

Made In The Image of God – Human Sexuality Program for SA Catholic Schools

This term classes will begin working through this developmentally appropriate program. Already this year students have begun to work through the strands of Being Human, Being Connected and Being Moral however this term they will start working through the strand Being Sexual. It is taught at every year level with each strand being incorporated into either the Religious Education or Health program. All staff have received training in order to teach the program. Please take a moment to read through the summary of content below included for each year level. If you have any concerns or would like further information you are encouraged to make a time to meet with your child’s class teacher. I am also available should you have concerns and we also have a number of parent resources that you may find helpful. 

Standard 1: Discovering – Reception to Year 2 

  • A sense of awe and wonder for the gift of life 

  • Ways of thanking God for the gift of new life 

  • An awareness that family structures take many forms 

  • An appreciation of their body as a special gift 

Standard 2: Developing – Year 3 and Year 4 

  • An understanding of how a foetus grows and develops 

  • An appreciation of the different needs of different stages of growth and development 

  • An appreciation of the Catholic understanding of the purpose of sexual intercourse (YEAR 4 ONLY) 

  • An ability to identify and name parts of the body related to the reproductive system and a basic understanding of its function (YEAR 4 ONLY) 

Standard 3: Changing – Year 5 and Year 6 

  • A respectful attitude towards self and other as changes occur during puberty 

  • A recognition of the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth and development that occurs in males and females during puberty 

  • An understanding of sexuality as a gift from God who calls us to use it respectfully  

    Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness....” So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.... God saw everything he had made, and indeed it was very good. Genesis 1:26, 27, 31  


Masses and Liturgies 

With the completion of the Hall and the easing of Covid-19 restrictions we are excited to again celebrate our Masses and Liturgies in the Siena Hall. The dates for each class celebration are on the calendar and parents and relatives will be able to attend class Masses, liturgies and assemblies, however will be required to register prior to attendance via the school website: Those people not registered will not be permitted to attend on the day.  

Our first Whole School Mass will be on Tuesday 4th August to honour the Feast Day of St Dominic. At this Mass we will also welcome our newest members of the school community with their welcome hearts.  

Altar Servers 

We are looking to hear from those who are interested in being Altar Servers for our school Masses. Fr Fred and I will work with interested students to help them through the induction. It is open to both boys and girls in Years 4, 5 and 6. If you have a child that may be interested please let us know and we would be keen to work with them so that they can assist in our celebrations at school. Having completed the Sacramental Program is not essential. Please email any names of those students who are interested. 

Masses at the Adelaide Hills Parish

Masses at the Adelaide Hills Parish are continuing to be available via face to face delivery.

Mass times this weekend – 25 and 26 July are Lobethal 4.30 pm (Vigil), Bridgewater 8.30 am and 10.30 am, and OLOR 5.30 pm.

However, as of August 1 and 2, Mass in the Adelaide Hills Parish will return to the usual times and be celebrated as follows:

  • Bridgewater 6 pm Vigil Mass
  • Lobethal/Birdwood 8.30 am (alternate weeks)
  • Bridgewater 10.30 am
  • Our Lady of the Rosary Stirling East 5.30 pm.

Due to the current restrictions all attendees are required to register so if you are interested please make contact prior to attending via 

Many Blessings,

Krystina Dawe

Other School News

School Banking is back (with some changes)

School Banking is back!! 

School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way to help young Australians learn about money and practice good savings habits. For each weekly deposit made at school, students will receive an electronic Dollarmites token. Once they collect 10 tokens, they can redeem them for a School Banking reward.

Because of COVID-19 St Catherine’s has decided to utilise the Commonwealth Bank School Banking Portal to track tokens and no longer issue physical tokens making it safer for kids, parents and your volunteer school banking coordinator.  Students will be notified when they are eligible to redeem a reward.

To assist us in the transition,if you haven’t already, could you please return any Dollarmites tokens the next time your child participates in School Banking.

New rewards available this term: Treetop stationary kit, Handball, Tomato seed kit, Magic mist drink bottle

If your child has previously participated in School Banking, or has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account, they can start banking straight away by bringing their Dollarmites deposit wallet to school on Thursday’s.

If your child has lost their deposit wallet, please contact your School Banking Co-ordinator or visit any Commonwealth Bank branch for a replacement.

If you would like to know more about School Banking, please ask for a 2020 School Banking program parent guide from the school office or visit


Jacinta Toy

Parent volunteer school banking coordinator

Forest Friends Playgroup commencing next Monday July 27

Leaders for the World God Desires

At St Catherine’s School, and as a Catholic community, we are guided by the Living, Learning, Leading Framework. The Framework is designed to help us understand who we are, what we value and how we work with families to ensure our students thrive.

Underpinning the framework is the Key Capabilities Continua. The key capabilities help students to develop their knowledge, lifelong skills and attributes to thrive in our complex world, and this preparation is vital for our student’s future and in meeting the demands of Australia’s future workforce. The Continua helps students to reflect on, plan for and evidence their growth in the seven capabilities.

The seven Key Capabilities are:

1.      Moral, compassionate, ecologically aware

2.      Literate, numerate and effective communicators

3.      Spiritually aware and inspired by faith

4.      Self-aware, collaborative and socially adept

5.      Interculturally and globally minded

6.      Knowledgeable, inquisitive and innovate

7.      Confident and careful creators and users of ICT’s

Staff at St Catherine’s are reviewing their own understanding of the key capabilities and developing ways we can give authentic learning opportunities for our students to access them in the classroom, the yard and in the community. Each class has committed to focus on one sub-element of a capability this term. Year R-4 will be looking at being ecologically aware, Year 5 and 6 are delving into how to be a careful user of and creator of ICT, and in Music all students will be investigating becoming self-aware, collaborative and socially adept. The Key Capabilities Continua can be used in conjunction with school and families to enable students to reflect on their development of the capabilities.

What you can do at home

You can help your child at home by looking at the capabilities, discussing with your child their capabilities and suggesting ways they can grow in their capabilities. To access the Key Capabilities Continua go to

Corey Lewis

Leader of Professional Practice

Scholastic Book Club order forms coming home today!

Scholastic Book Club Gift Intructions

Save the Date!

Community Notices

Ink Pot Workshops for Term 3

Mt Lofty Cricket Club - under 10 and under 12 Players needed