Term 2 Week 8 - 9th June, 2021

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Athletics Carnival 2021
Tocal Excursion K - 3
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Congratulations to Austin Herrmann
Netball Gala Day
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Principal's Message

Dear Parent & Carers, 

Well done and congratulations to all of our students, particularly those in Years 3 to 6, who have recently participated in some external examinations, namely the NAPLAN Testing and Check in Assessments. These tests are used for various purposes by external agencies to collect data on student and school performance.  When we receive the data, our students' results are analysed by our staff and areas of future focus are pinpointed and addressed. These results are not used to determine our student's rankings on their reports.   

The students at Vacy School are very fortunate to be able to participate in a lot of extra curricula activities. These opportunities are only available because our staff take on the extra responsibility of organising and managing them. It is an enormous amount of work for our office staff and our teachers so we ask that you please take the time to make sure that you have completed permission notes and paid on time so that we do not have to chase parents. 

Last week a pre-service teacher, Mrs Jessie Keevers beginning her practicum in the 5/6 room. Mrs Keevers is the first of 5 teachers in training that will be visiting Vacy during the end of this term and beginning of next. The classes that will have visiting teachers helping in their rooms are: 1/2, 4/5 and 5/6. We welcome Mrs Keevers and hope that she has a positive and rewarding experience here at our lovely school. 

On the weekend, the Paterson Rotary Fireworks Night took place.  Due to the commitment and outstanding support we have from our P & C Association, we managed to sell 700 beef/lamb gravy rolls, roughly 50 serves of sausage hot pot and 200 pieces of corn to the hungry mob. Our Year Six students also raised $215 on their stall selling plaster/paint sets to the kids. Our 'Frozen' photobooth also was a hit. Thanks goes to the following people who worked so hard to make the fundraiser a very successful one: Penny, Josh, Campbell, Dougal & Elsie Evans, Shelly Johnston-Ham, Ann Longley, Kristen Evans, Nikki Hansen, Summah Legettie, Mel Smith, Brigette, Angus Poppy & Beatrix Uren, Duncan, Toby, Rohan & Sam Smith, Kristy Grainger, Rita Melville, Heather Maddox, Roger Biddle, Mark Cant, Rhylee & Kodie Knox, Hayden Biddle, Emily Grainger, and ex-students, Lucy Thompson, Nellie Pereira & Wil Burgmann. Fantastic effort everyone!

I will be taking leave for the last two weeks of Term 2. During this time I have asked Mrs Greaves to step into my role as Principal. Mrs Rogers will then step into the Assistant Principal role taking Mrs Greaves place. I have the utmost confidence in both ladies to maintain the management of the school in my absence. Student reports will be distributed earlier than normal this term due to my leave arrangements. 

To everyone, I thank you for all of your dedication this term.  

Kind regards,

Karen Fonti   

What's coming up?


Athletics Carnival - Paterson

$3.50 due 4th June
11.06.21Sausage Sizzle money Due 9th June


Athletics Carnival - Paterson

Back Up Date

23.06.21Meerkat - Vacy School

$7.00 due 11th June

25.06.21High School MusicalClosed

NAIDOC Day  - Dungog High School

(Year Six, Aboriginal students plus their buddy only)

No cost.

Note due 18th June

Stage 3 Camp - Online Medical and Consent FormNote due 25th June

Athletics Carnival 2021

Our Athletics Carnival is on this week for all students in K - 6. Please make sure that you have paid and filled in your permission note. We will be travelling to Paterson Oval and are expecting that all students attend this fun day. Although a lot of our events will be competitive, we always make sure that all students' capabilities and enthusiasm is catered for. We hope that our parents are able to join us for the fun and laughter too.

If you are unsure what House group your child is in please don't hesitate to contact the office. Our House colours are Gostwyck - Red, Cory - Blue. Students are allowed to wear these colours on the day. Please no crepe paper streamers. 

Remember to put in your sausage sizzle order too.

Payment Difficulties

If your family needs monetary assistance for excursions please call the office on 4938 8153 or email

Tocal Excursion K-3

K-3 Tocal report from Elsie Evans

K-3 from Vacy School went to an old place called Tocal Homestead on Monday morning on an amazing excursion. Tocal house is very old and was built by convicts. Convicts are very naughty people who stole bread from a shop to feed their hungry family.

Mrs Reynolds farmhand became a bushranger and he called himself Captain Thunderbolt and he stole lots of horses. One day Mrs Reynolds heard that Captain Thunderbolt was coming so she put all her special jewellery in a little bag and put the bag under a broody chook. When captain Thunderbolt came he looked all around and he said “No jewellery, I expected more”, then he just stole a famous race horse instead of jewellery.

Washing was hard work back then because it had to be done by hand. So every time there was dirty or wet washing they would take the yoke to get the water. A yoke is something that goes around your neck and there are hooks on each side to carry the bucket and they have to go down to the river to get water. Then they walk up the hill and tip the water in the bucket. The good thing is that you didn’t have to go to the gym because you get a great work out doing your chores.

The Tocal house is very old and we had to set the table perfect and I saw the sitting room. A sitting room is a loungeroom and there is no T.V or technology so there were other activities to keep you entertained.

There is a bath tub, it is pretty small and there is one bad thing. If you are the youngest you’ll have to go in last and it will be dirty, if you have lots of people in your family.

At Tocal we got to play old games like knuckles, skipping and horse shoe throwing.

Tocal was heaps of fun and I learnt a lot.

By Elsie Evans Year 2


Tocal Excursion 4-6

4, 5 & 6 Tocal Homestead

Years 4, 5 & 6 had a blast of a day at Tocal Homestead. We learnt the amazing story of Captain Thunderbolt who once worked at Tocal training horses. We also learnt about the Wonnarua people who lived on this land. They believed in sharing their land and food with anyone who was hungry. The farmers at Tocal believed in owning the land and animals and not sharing.

We separated into five groups and walked to the different places on the farm. We pretended to be horses on a horse wheel that cuts hay and chaff. We learned about two women who lived inside the house until they died five days apart. They were over 90 years old and they are buried at Tocal.

At different spots around Tocal we saw different animals like sheep and pigs but the poor chickens got eaten by the foxes. Lots of different people have lived at Tocal Homestead but now anyone can go and visit. We had a wonderful day. 

By Layla M and Penny A Year 4 

News from K/1

News From K-1

K/1 have been very busy exploring what a good friend is and learning about being safe. Healthy Harold helped us with some of this.  

We have been trying to get better at using our mindful bodies, thinking about what we are grateful for and listening to how our body feels during mindfulness with Kylie.

Our first gymnastics session was a lot of fun and I look forward to watching them all develop some skills while having a great time on some different equipment over the coming weeks.

A reminder that our library day is Monday and students must have a library bag to borrow a book.  Monday is also the day to return home readers for me to swap over for you.

Kindergarten have almost completed all their sounds and will spend the next couple of weeks revising them before next term where we go back and deepen our knowledge whilst developing our decoding and encoding skills.

Year 1 have been learning alternative sounds and this will continue for the rest of the term.

Kristy Grainger​


Each week 5/6 spend time in the K-2 classes assisting students with their technology program. As well as teaching the younger students the necessary skills to be able to use the computers and Ipads, they are also honing their leadership and mentoring skills.

They have also taught the younger students how to enter their login details in order to access their student portal. Once the students mastered this they were then taught how to use Google Classroom. During the technology session, the K-2 students have created PowerPoint presentations and published work in Google Docs. They have learnt how to change fonts, manipulate text and insert pictures. Without the assistance of the 5/6 group to work one to one with the younger students this program would not be possible. The class teachers would like to thank them very much for their assistance and efforts each week. 

Congratulations to Austin Herrmann

Austin has been selected in the Under 10's Hunter Junior Wildfires Development Squad. He will be participating in the NSW State Championships on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of July at Tuggerah.

Congratulations, Austin and all the best for the competition ahead. 

Netball Gala Day

Netball Gala Day

A chilly start to a great day of fun and development. We took 3 mixed teams to Singleton Gala day which is the most we have ever taken.  We all did a great job of developing skills, playing netball and meeting new friends.  We won a few, lost a few, even had a draw, but most important... a lot of laughs.

Thankyou to all the parents who drove us there and help Mrs Grainger organise the teams.  Thank you to our 2 umpires who came along and helped us. 

Vacation Care Program


The Smith Family Saver Plus Program

Please see attached brochure for more information.