Issue 6 Thursday 19 May 2022


Some Important Dates For Term 2

Walk Safely to School DayFriday 20 May
Scholastic Book Orders Due - please order onlineFriday 20 May
Registration of Interest Forms for Year 6 Students Going to High School in 2023 Due DateFriday 27 May
Reconciliation WeekMonday 30 May - Friday 3 June
Queen's Birthday Public HolidayMonday 13 June
Pupil Free DayTuesday 14 June
Governing Council MeetingTuesday 21 June
Last Day of Term Early Dismissal at 2:10pmFriday 8 July

From the Principal

From The Principal

Farewell Debbie

Debbie has been our school cleaner for the last five years. During COVID, she has undertaken all our daily cleans and became a very familiar face to all our students. Debbie loves children and enjoyed being here during the day to chat to the kids at recess time. With the department ending the daily COVID cleans, Debbie has had to leave us. Last Friday, we had a special assembly to farewell her. The staff presented her with a gift: a camellia named ‘Debbie’! All the students wrote personal ‘thank you and farewell’ notes within the card they gave her. Debbie’s kindness and the care she has shown towards all the students has had a great impact and there were many tears shed at her departure.

Meet your Governing Council

Your Governing Council is made up of a dedicated group of parents who represent your voice within the school. This year, we have welcomed back a number of continuing members, as well as having the pleasure of including quite a few parents who are new to the school and/or new to the Governing Council.

Governing CouncilOffice BearersClass Reps
Rebecca KochChairperson
Jesse Castle

Deputy Chairperson

Yr2/3 Class
Suzanne EbertSecretary
Michelle DillonTreasurerYr1/2 Class
Courtney Mackie
Yr3/4 Class
Paula Menzel

Danielle Schmaal

Michella Smith
Yr5/6 Class
Samuel Wight
Reception Class

If you’d like to be involved on a more casual basis, there are various committees you can join or events that you can help out with. The committees include Fundraising, Grounds and Environment and FOG (Friends of Greenock). Each of these groups often need volunteers; more information about their roles will be sent home soon. The Governing Council are also exploring ways in which you can communicate with them more easily: this includes via your class reps, through a dedicated email address and by establishing a ‘suggestion box’. Keep an eye out for these developments.  

The latest fundraising venture by the Governing Council is a sausage sizzle at the Greenock Institute on Election Day (this Saturday). They are still looking for helpers, so if you have an hour or two to spare, please let one of the members know. If you are not able to help, then please ensure you pop along and buy a democracy sausage to support our school!

Gail Holland


Registration of Interest Form - Year 6 students

This is an online process whereby parents register their Year 6 child for secondary school in 2023.

Parents need to do this by clicking on their child's unique link in the email sent at the beginning of Term 2, complete the form and submit it no later than Friday 27 May.

If you have not seen this email, please check your junk mail.  

If you did not receive the email, it could be that the school does not hold your current email address and this will need to be updated in order to complete the form.

If you do not have the email, or you are unsure about the process, or if you need help completing the form please contact Mari in the Front Office (Wed - Fri).

Online Registration of Interest closes off after Friday 27 May and you will have no access via the link provided.

Term 2 Week 2 Assembly Awards

Student Health - reminder

Parents/Caregivers please make sure you have provided the school with an updated healthcare plan and current medication if your child needs support at school for a medical condition.

Asthma Care, Allergic Reaction plans and Medication Agreement forms are available on the Skoolbag App for parents to access and take to your doctor or you can ask at the Front Office.    

Nettie's Natter

Nettie’s Natter

May 19th 2022

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another ‘natter’. This is coming to you from the front office. I am working on the front desk today, Tuesday, due to illness and oh my, has there been a lot of that lately. Jolly Covid keeps rearing its ugly head. One day, we’ll all ‘live with it’ like we do the flu but for now, it’s a right pain! The rules are confusing, too and no one is really sure what to do.

I don’t know about you, but I find it really frustrating when rules keep changing. Even watching the footy can be confusing because they keep changing the rules. Some of the new rules are fine, good in fact, like protecting players’ heads etc. but some really are strange and I think even the umpires have trouble deciphering them. For example the ‘deliberate’ rule. Sometimes it is obvious when a player deliberately kicks or pushes a ball over the boundary line but other times it’s not and of course, if decisions are not consistent, that makes it even more confusing.

Of course, rules are made to protect us and guide us and help us to make good or better decisions and there will always be those who like to challenge the rules, be defiant and push the boundaries but imagine if we didn’t have rules! It would be total chaos, madness, just plain horrid!

Explaining some of our farm rules to my grandies can be interesting (and amusing sometimes). I’ll explain a rule to them, like ‘you can’t go near the dam’ and I’ll get, ‘but why?’ So, I explain to them ‘why’, that it’s not safe etc., and they come back with, ‘but why?’ and this can go on for quite some time. I’ve been thinking of putting a big sign near the house dam saying, “No grandchildren allowed here!” or “I’m watching you. Don’t come any closer.” But I actually think that will entice them even more.

Yep, rules can be difficult to understand, difficult to follow but they do have a purpose and there will always be those rules that we will break, after all we’re human and not all rules suit. But usually, if we understand that purpose, they are easier to follow, easier to understand or easier to break. So, when we make rules, there needs to be a genuine reason and purpose for them and we need to make the reasons clear so that understanding and following those rules is easier. Consider who has to abide by those rules and be consistent.

For me, I think the ‘golden rule’, is be kind. Always, be kind. 



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