Virginia Primary School Newsletter

Issue 7, 28/06/2022

From the Principal

Dear Families,

We are looking forward to our Parent Interviews and sharing your children’s mid-year reports. This is an opportunity to discuss and hear about the progress your child has made.

We are also in the process of organising a ‘Christmas in July’ parent morning on the last day of term. We are extremely excited to end the term with parents out in the yard sharing a hot chocolate with your children and staff. Confirmation and more information about the morning will be shared shortly, so please stay tuned, however we’re hoping to extend our morning out in the yard on the last Friday to around 9:15am whereby we can mingle and have the opportunity to purchase some early Christmas gifts in preparation for Christmas.

If you have yet to make a parent interview, could you please do so as student reports will only be sent home during these meetings/interviews. When at your interview please make sure you have supervision of your children, please do not send them out to play with the OSHC students.

In the meantime, please stay warm.

Learning Together, Learning For Our Future.

Warmest Regards,

Voula Pounendis

Don't Forget to Book Your Parent/Teacher Interviews

Interviews begin Tuesday 28th June , these will follow through until Thursday 7th July parents are asked to book in a time for an interview time with your child’s teacher. The interview will be based around providing further depth to the mid-year student report which will be given during your interview. Your child’s teacher will talk to you about your child’s ‘next steps’ in learning to support the second half of the year.

Our late night for interviews will be on Wednesday the 29th June. On this night we will have Vietnamese/Khmer interpreters available. 

We use the school interviews online booking system, you will need to use the following code in the website link below to create a booking Code: bbzca at or the QR code pictured.

Reminder school photos catch up day will be Thursday 30th


What a busy few weeks for SAPSASA sports at Virginia primary school! 

Well done to all students that have been involved, we have had many students try different sports for the first time and you should all be proud of your achievements!

Thank you again to all our parents and caregivers for your support with SAPSASA sports, we couldn’t do it without you.

SAPSASA Girls Football

The girls played two matches, the first against Gawler District College and the second against The Pines Primary. The girls did really well in both matches winning against Gawler and only falling a goal short to the Pines in very windy conditions.

Virginia - 9.7.61

Gawler - 3.2.20

Virginia - 2.9.21

The Pines - 3.9.27

SAPSASA Boys Football

Last week the boys played two matches against Nuriootpa Primary and then Angaston Primary, in a similar story to the girls, winning the first match comfortably and then going down by 2 points in a thriller against Angaston.

Virginia - 7.12.54

Nuriootpa - 1.0.6


Virginia - 3.7.25

Angaston - 3.9.27

SAPSASA Girls Netball

The girls played one match against The Pines Primary. The girls did their best, with many new to the sport, but were beaten by a very good side.

Virginia - 1

The Pines - 37

SAPSASA Boys Netball

The boys played 2 matches against Salisbury North Primary and Ingle Farm Primary. The boys improved with each quarter and enjoyed a win against Ingle Farm in their final game.

Virginia - 11

Salisbury North - 14


Virginia - 13

Ingle Farm - 11

SAPSASA Girls Soccer

Friday of week 7, the girls played a round robin tournament against, Ingle Farm, Northfield and St. Columba. The girls started fantastically well and won against Ingle Farm and then had well contested matches against Northfield and St. Columba.

Virginia - 6

Ingle Farm - 0

Virginia - 2

St. Columba - 3

Virginia - 0

Northfield - 1

SAPSASA Boys Soccer

The boys soccer team will play one match against St. Mary MacKillop College at Virginia Primary, Tuesday, week 9.

SAPSASA Cross Country State Championships

Well done and congratulations again to Georgia Klose, Ellia Jones, Isaac Wallis, Xavier Bentley, Hudson Pilaia and Chase Harris for their fantastic efforts at the Cross Country state championships, which were held at Oakbank Racecourse in week 6.


Volunteering at VPS

We believe that voluntary workers can make a significant contribution to the school community by giving their time and sharing their skills and expertise with others. Volunteers may have a wide range of interests and abilities that complement school programs, thus providing a wider range of interactions and experiences for students.

Volunteers are an integral part of schools and at Virginia, we are keen to further this. Your participation in the work of the school is greatly appreciated and valued. We acknowledge that we have many parents who are able to volunteer their time and support in many different areas. Thus, we believe that it is important to utilise the different skills of people we have in our community.

If you are interested and are able to help out in our school, we would love to hear from you. Whether it be helping in classrooms, preparing special dishes/lunches in the canteen, assisting in the library to organising school fundraising events. To best utilise our wonderful volunteers, we ask you to please fill in the survey so our staff can seek out the best person to support our students. (please see document in the download button). All volunteers in schools are required to have a WWCC - working with children check, which can obtained through an online application , you can also speak to our front office staff for more information

We appreciate your commitment to this. Once we collate the information from this survey you will be contacted.

Looking forward to working with you!


Dates to Remember

  • SAPSASA Boys Soccer - week 9 28th June
  • School photo catch up day - week 9 30th June
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews - week 9
  • Last day of term, early dismissal - week 10 8th July  2:15 finish
  • Pupil Free day - week 1 Monday 25th July (OSCH available via bookings)

Pupil Free Day Term 3 Monday 25th July

On the first day of term 3 (Monday 25th July) there will be a Pupil Free day. On this day teachers will be working with Tierney Kennedy our Numeracy specialist.

OSHC will be available for those that need, however bookings are essential. 
Forms are available through the Front Office, OSHC or via the download button. 


School Card Applications 2022

Families are reminded that School Card applications need to be completed EVERY year as eligibility for School Card does not automatically roll over each year.

Book Fair

Thank you to our families for supporting our Book Fair last week. It was nice to have a little more freedom than the last time. 

Thank you to staff for their support and of course our students for their enthusiasm. But a special thank you to our parents who volunteered to help set-up, run the fair and pack up, Amanda Learmonth, Jesse Atkinson and Jessica St John Starks. It would have been a struggle without you.

I have placed student orders for items which ran out and as soon as they arrive at the school, I will get them out to you.

Once again, thank you.

Ms (Leonie) Watts

New Intakes

Some exciting news for parents of young children, mid-year intakes for preschool and school are coming soon!

    What does this mean?

    • Beginning of the year intakes will continue
    • From 2023, children who turn 4 years old from 1 May to 31 October can start preschool in Term 3 of that year and not wait until the start of the following year.
    • From 2024, mid-year intake will be available for children starting school
    • If your child turns 5 years between May 1 and October 31 2024, they can commence school at the start of term 3 of that year (2024). Students enrolled through a mid-year intake will complete 6 terms of reception/ Foundation.

      Further information in relation to the mid-year intake to schools will be released by the department during 2023. 

    Parenting Ideas Articles -Savvy parenting in a digital world

    Jocelyn Brewer is a Sydney-based psychologist with a special interest in the psychology of technology and staying human in a digital age. Jocelyn is a part of the Cyberpsychology Research Group at Sydney University, where she completed a Masters of Applied Science (Cyberpsychology) exploring the role of self-control and parenting factors in the prevention of Problematic Smartphone Use.

    She created Digital Nutrition in 2013 as a positive framework for addressing digital wellbeing issues and our love-hate relationship with technology.

    In the following article Jocelyn shares ways of having healthy screen time usage.

     Quick tip video by Dr Justin Coulson related to this article


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