Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

15th August 2019



The Japanese Garden and Crow's Nest are finally open for use! The fence was removed Friday after school and OSHC students were able to play in the area on Monday 12th August. Our SRC are currently working on how to ensure everyone using the spaces feel and stay safe. SRC are also going to work on sourcing wind-chime and plant donations fitting with the Japanese theme.


We are sadly farewelling some of our staff this week..

Donna Dawson (SSO) has won a position outside of education and will be leaving us tomorrow! We wish Donna all the very best with her new career and look forward to being updated on her new adventure. While Donna is leaving our site we know that the strong friendships she has made at our school will ensure that many staff stay connected with her and her family. Best wishes Donna.

Ms Steph Bell (P4 teacher) will be starting her parenting leave next week. Steph will finish her classroom role on Wednesday 21st August, and spend time with her partner Mario preparing  Joe for his role as a big brother. We look forward to sharing their baby news with the community. We cant wait to meet her little bundle of love - we know Ms Bell will visit us as soon as her baby is ready.

While we are a little sad to be waving Donna and Steph off, we are happy and excited for both of them and their new adventures.

Five Cent Coin Drive

Start collecting your 5c term we will be holding a 5 cent coin drive! 

For one week in November students are encouraged to bring along their donations of  5 cent pieces for this fundraiser.  Each class will have their own container set up outside the staffroom before school.  Students bring along their 5 cent coins and put them into their class container. Each day we will count the coins and display how much each class has collected on a graph.  The class that raises the most money (per head) will win a smoothie party from the canteen.

The money raised will go towards new technology for our school.

Fundraising Committee

Year 7/8 Transition Information

Acceptance packages will be distributed to Year 7 students tomorrow (Friday 16th August). Below please find dates and information on Orientation Days and Parent Information days for some of the schools.

Avenues College Orientation Day  - Wednesday 27th November

The Heights School Transition Day  - Tuesday 12th November

Para Hills High School Information Evening - Wednesday 6th November from 7pm in the library 

Orientation Day - Tuesday 26th November

Seaford Secondary College Information Evening - Thursday 21st November from 6pm in the Community Library

Transition Day - Friday 29th November


The following students have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge

P3   Renesh    

P5    Eniko, Chloe

P8    Snehal, Zara, Floyd, Mia

P10  Josh, Ceridwen, Keira, Tianna

P14    Twisha, Rithkrithi, Kiarna, Harrison

Book Week Raffle

To celebrate Book Week raffle tickets are on sale now before and after school in the Early Years and Primary asphalt areas. They will also be available to purchase prior to the Book week Parade outside the gym.

50c per ticket with all proceeds going to new library resources.

There are 3 Book Boxes to be won 






Congratulations to the following students who received an assembly award last Thursday.

J2 - Francesko, J3 - Adam, J4 - Sunny, J5 - Colin, J6 - Max, J7 - Hujjat

P2 - Jayden, P3 - Aabis, P4 - Emma, P5 - Rutva, P8 - Brody, P10 - Dion, P12 - Brooke, P14 - Rimi

Well done!  Our next assembly is Thursday (Term 3 Week 6).  Please be seated by 2:15pm


Hadley and Jack were the lucky winners for the Eco Warrior raffle draw. Both students were awarded a Canteen voucher. 


Ramsay and Kira presented Hilary Sweeney with a cheque on behalf of the SRC.  This money was raised at our last Casual Day. Hilary will pass this cheque onto the Salvation Army.

Thank you to the School Community for your donations.


The crossing monitors for Term 3 are:  

WEEK 5     Sara, Jay, Lianna, Akshat 

WEEK 6     Tom, Aryan, Conner, Willow 

WEEK 7     Reikaya, Dion P, Larissa, Rebekah 

WEEK 8     Ceridwen, Nitya, Dion.W, Liam 

WEEK 9     Teejay, Eliza, Jasmine, Brooke

WEEK 10   Jack, Daniel, Harper, Beth 


Just a thought- have you ever really looked at a $20 note? It is not valuable because of its colour. It is not valuable because of what it is made of and it cannot do anything of its own accord, so it is not valuable because of what it can do. Why is it valuable then? It is valuable because of what it is. You can take the $20 and scrunch it up, and jump on it, or fold it out of shape, but it is still a $20 note, and it is still valuable. The same is so true of each of us. People are valuable, not because of our abilities, but because of whom we are. Sometimes life can distort us out of shape and we feel that we have been jumped on, but we are still who we are despite our crumpled feelings, and we are still valuable. So many books written today speak about this very thought, and encourage us to hold on to fact that whether we are rich or poor, largish or smallish, a blue collar worker or not, that we are valuable in our own right. The next time you look in the mirror, give yourself a smile, stand up tall and remind yourself that you are valuable.




The uniform shop is getting ready for the return of the sun and has plenty of the reversible bucket hats for $15. The navy reversible bucket hats are available with red, yellow, green and blue on the inside and can be worn year old round as a navy hat and on sports day in your house colour! Hats are adjustable, durable and have an SPF 50+ rating! All students must wear a hat on days when the UV rating is 3 or above.

Plain navy wide rim, bucket and legionaires hats are all still in stock but will not be for long, once stocks are sold only the reversible hats will be sold in the shop so get a in quick if these are your preferred hat!

The uniform shop gets busy in term 4 with our new transitioning reception families preparing for 2020 but we are open every Monday from 2.45-3.45pm and Friday 8.30-9.30am so get ready for term 4 early and pick up polo shirts, shorts and school dresses now.

Afterpay is still available for all online orders with cash or card payments accepted in store. All online orders will be packed in store during open hours and delivered to classrooms or available for collection in person.

Thank you.


Messy Monkeys have arrived in the canteen! Messy monkey air popped popcorn in lightly salted or sweet & salty varieties are now available for just .80c a bag! Pop past at recess or lunchtime to check them out!

With the sun making an occasional appearance frozen yoghurt drops, frozen juice drops and frozen fruit are available for just .20c a bag! 

Juicee Crush juice boxes are also now available for purchase over the the counter only for $2.20

Canteen snacks available for purchase at recess and lunchtime range from .20c to $2.20. Thank you to all families who support our canteen and volunteers who help out.